The Hatred Continues – Black Women And Racist White Men Now Resorting To Distributing Racist Propaganda Fliers Against Black Men On University Campus!

Please take a look at this racist propaganda flier that was found in a dorm at the South Methodist University in Dallas, Texas:


Always remember that black women and racist white men are two sides of the same rusty decadent coin, they work hand in glove to keep black men and black society broken and under their feet. Fortunately a Youtuber by the name of the Advise Show TV went through the 2015 FBI statistics which clearly demonstrate the fact that black folks in the US do not lead the nation in crime. He also illustrated the fact that it is actually white men who lead in all forms of rape, not black men. Here is the video for you to peruse at your own leisure:

Remember, these statistics are not based upon population figures, they are based upon the number of those who have been arrested. Do not allow black women and racist white men to trick you into believing otherwise. I found this racist propaganda piece very interesting when it talked about black men and STDs, however the fliers neglects to mention the fact that the majority of white women choose upstanding black men to date and marry, unlike black women who instead home in on the dregs of black male society.

Typically, the only time you will see a white woman choosing a poor black man for dating or marriage is if she is of that same poor lower class herself. I also find it very interesting with regards to where these fliers were distributed. As I have seen for myself university campuses in the US are filled to brim with a wide variety of beautiful non black women. Obviously the producers of this flier are extremely ticked off at the fact that black men are taking full advantage of the situation.

Racist white men and black women do themselves absolutely no justice putting out material like this, placing their insecurities on display for all to see will only serve to increase non black women/black men relations. White women overall and those who date black men will see this flier as a sign of weakness on the part of white men, black men who date white and other non black women will view this flier as yet one more reason why they must avoid dealing with black women at all costs.

Black women and racist white men have actually shot themselves in the foot with this manoeuvre, they ought to have thought this strategy through before engagement. The producer(s) of the flier bragged about the fallacy of white folks being more intelligent than blacks, however you really have to wonder how intelligent they are in producing racist propaganda like this believing that it would drive a wedge between black men and white women.

I informed you in my book Negro Wars about the deep insecurities of black women, how they are on the ropes bleeding heavily and how they are desperate to curtail the explosion of interracial dating between black men and white women which is now reaching new heights. Both racist white man and black women ought to examine themselves, obviously there are various reasons behind the increase in black men/non black women relations and fliers like this will not stop the onslaught.

Black women, racist white men, this was a noble attempt at disrupting the interracial dating flow, however you both have cannonballed yourselves in the feet miserably. As you will see for yourselves in time to come, you have only given black men and white women who date them more of a reason to come together. Interracial relations between white women and black men cannot be stopped no matter what racist white men and black women attempt to pull out of their degenerate hats. This form of jealously displayed by both parties is pathetic. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

11 thoughts on “The Hatred Continues – Black Women And Racist White Men Now Resorting To Distributing Racist Propaganda Fliers Against Black Men On University Campus!

  1. I think there will be a sort of silent segregation in the coming years, with whites who want to preserve themselves (not an evil desire) staying away from blacks while more open white women are snatched up by black men. Black society as we know it will crumble, but a better breed will replace it.

    Think black women will get the hint?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women will continue to ride the road of destruction until their demise. At this point I believe that the majority of black women are incapable of seeing anything yet alone their grim future which is fast approaching.

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  2. MBD pointed something out in one of his videos about the S. Carolina shooting a while back. The insecurities of racist white men are only going to encourage more white women to be with black men. Feminism has finally caught up to white people and racist white men don’t like it.

    What woman (of any race) would want to be with a man that is that insecure about his women being with a race of other men? If that was the case, these simps would be drowning with black women surrounding them. But we know that’s a lie lol. These racist white men better step their game up or else they’ll be left out of the gene pool.

    As for us black men, SYSBM. Stuff like this will only encourage more non-black women to seek us out for companionship as we do the same for them.

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