Even Pro Black Men Are Now Turning Against The Sisterhood – Becky Gives Another Warning To Black Women

Take a look at this short video clip:

I have been stating for the longest while that modern black women as a collective have become unsuitable candidates for fellowship, companionship, love and marriage, yet the pro black nationalists have been adamant in the defence of their “queens” and “gods”………..until now. Enter Brother Polight and Sa-Neter, these two black men were at the forefront when it came down to defending the bitter black sisterhood of dysfunctional queans(yes, “quean” is actually a word), even going as far as labelling other black men who didn’t concur with their positions as coons and sellouts.

Well, oh how the tables have turned. The red, black and green squads are finally having to acknowledge what I wrote about in Negro Wars aswell as what other like-minded black men have also been stating, that most black women today are defective beyond repair, in other words they cannot be redeemed. Polight and Sa-Neter are beginning to realise that no matter how much they prop up this black woman with various titles of nobility and godhood, at the end of the day she is still trash and folks can see through their weak rhetoric.

The modern-day black female is not “god” neither a “queen” nor “mother earth”, what she is however is a mockery, an utter disgrace to blackness and a woman who cannot be defended on any level. Of course the above video hasn’t gone down well with the bitter sisterhood of black queans aswell as their simp/mangina/white knight advocates, Polight is now being referred to as Hoe-Light and Sa-Neter is also receiving his fair share of criticism, take a look for yourselves:

The fact of the matter is black women are not loyal to black men under any capacity, they simply used these guys and fellows like them as a defence shield blocking criticism and rebuke from black men who are beginning to call out black women on their dysfunctional and degenerate antics. Black women as a collective have a comradery of illusion with black men, they will pretend to be your friends until you begin to reprimand them on their unacceptable behaviours and sub par standards.

A woman in the comments talked about how Polight is a con artist, of course he is, I have been saying this for the longest while, however black women themselves are grade A hypocrites in that they do not have a problem accepting other con artists who make them feel good and who are not holding them accountable for their wicked deeds, Steve Harvey, Derrick Jaxn, Ebrahim Aseem, Jacob Michael Mason, Angel Ramirez Jordan, black pastors, any of these names or figureheads ring a bell eh black women?

At the end of the day black women enjoy being conned, pimped and merchandised, the only reason why they are kicking up fuss in this case is because Sa-Neter and Polight are finally putting them on notice and they’ve used a Becky to do it. Do you see in the video how they pointed to the fact that Polight is all “hugged up” with Becky, quite frankly I wouldn’t have minded being hugged up to her or her friend as they both are extremely attractive white women. I will call out beautiful women wherever I see them, the race of the woman is irrelevant.

Something else I wanted to point out, did you noticed how friendly and open these white women were to both of these black men? When was the last time you encountered a black woman who was so open and friendly like these two women? I’ll wait. The fact of the matter is Becky is winning on all fronts, she is surpassing Shaniqua in leaps and bounds and there is nothing that Shaniqua can do about it. Black women would much prefer to get run over by an 18 wheeler Mac truck rather than treat black men kindly and with respect, it’s that simple.

Black men, this will continue to happen, more pro blacks are going to begin abandoning ship on the one they call the black woman and more Beckys and Lucys will be swooping in to pick up the good black men black women so readily reject. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

20 thoughts on “Even Pro Black Men Are Now Turning Against The Sisterhood – Becky Gives Another Warning To Black Women

  1. Hilarious!
    I recognized these two jokers’ names from their little spat with Tommy Sotomayor. It’s hilarious how even they are turning on their “queens”, especially with their old sparring partner just releasing a video defending Michelle Obama of all people.

    I truly believe that the cracks are beginning to become evident not only in black women in most people’s eyes, but also this faux black manosphere that loves to play tough love when it suits them, and Mr. Nice Guy whenever they can get a piece of @$$. Sellouts indeed, but they already were…..:

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Defending Michelle Obama??? From what angle is that even possible? At this point black women simply cannot be defended on any level, their sins are evident and are spilling over the cauldron, they have been for a long while now.

      Pro blacks have been trying to give the black woman more space and time to change for the better, however it is clearly evident that this is not going to happen.

      I believe one of their biggest mistakes has been their attempts to persuade others(namely other black men) that problematic black women are a minority within black society, however any person can use their own two eyes and see that this is clearly not the case.

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      • I truly believe that much of the undiagnosed mental illness and schizophrenia that these men hint at in the black community is suffered most by them, as they are extremely flaky on who they criticize, defend, and go after.

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  2. Is Polight going to get himself a snowflake???lol This guy is hilarious. Both Sa-Nigga and Polight are just con artists pimping the black conscious community. Polight has already been exposed by In The Black Media. They had a guy on their show that proved that Polight stole thousands of dollars from him. They pressured Polight enough to make him give the money back. In my book if a man claims to be pro-black but jumps the fence to white girls….he was NEVER pro-black in the first place. I could understand not having knowledge of self early in life then WAKING up later on. Malcolm X dated white girls before he became conscious. I can understand that to a degree. But to have consciousness then go back to white girls???? Just doesn’t compute in my mind.lol

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    • Kushite Prince,

      In Malcolm’s day there was a much greater abundance of good black women to choose from, in 2016 however the situation is completely the opposite. I’ve always been suspect of Polight and Sa-Neter, exalting black women unconditionally when anybody with two eyes can see that the majority of black women are no longer fit for companionship or marriage is blatant dishonesty at its height.

      I myself personally avoid the title of pro black because the title itself provides little to no room for changes in circumstances, the environment or the people around you. For example, a black man who declares himself a pro black can only date and marry a woman who is black, however with the current degenerate condition of black women as a collective, this will never be taken into consideration.

      He is obligated to stick with that rule even if he never runs into a good black woman ever while at the same time he is constantly being propositioned by decent non black women. His hands are tied. That seems backwards to me. To me the meaning of the term “pro black” is outdated, it doesn’t take into account and adjust to the current environment and climate.

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    • To Kushite Prince,
      The thing is black is a so called white man’s term and made up concept of color and race. All dark peoples are not the same. Problem is low level minded people so go with the so called white man’s flow. Realistically pro-black is the so called white man because it is his way of thinking.


    • We should really watch how we talk about our great leaders. It seems that the only people who would talk about them is the people that haven’t done any work. You don’t have to agree with everything our leaders say but they have still help the community. And the leaders that get talk about the most, help the most while we criticize them from our living rooms. Bro Polite, Dr Omar Johnson, honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are not the problem, we are the problem. If you are not willing to sit down and find out the real reason a person did something from them, you should shut up. A person doesn’t have to be perfect to help you. If I go to a doctor that saves my liver he could be a Alcoholic but he saved my liver. We really need to grow up and stop hating on our people success and get some success of our own. So people will then have the chance to hate on us.


  3. There are good black women — plenty of them. Most of them are abroad, however. Countries like Panama, Cuba, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Guyana, Haiti, Colombia. The pickings are extremely thin in the U.S., however. I pray for the American black male.


  4. Do not fool yourself. The white race is a race of devils. Always have and always will be. no matter how bad our women behave we must never abandon them. Any man of color who promotes or encourages his fellow brother to mix with edomite cave dwelling seedlings of the Devil are just as bad as the bloodline of Esau and should be either punished and re-educated or exterminated if he is beyond redemption to kill the coonery and preserve black consciousness and keep the struggle strong. Coonery contributes to the downfall of our growing uprising and should be scrutinized as much as scrutinizing these tricky whites and jews. These racist whites are evil,they will not accept you no matter how much they smile or say things that sound positive or empathetic to our plight. This is an old trick in their father(the devil)’s book to earn our trust and destroy us from the inside. Only weak uncle tom simps hug and be friendly towards white females who have been known time and time again to be the matriarch and architect in the black man’s suffering From slavery era to Jim crow era till now. A wise black man knows that the devil transforms himself into an angel of light to deceive. Whites and Jews are all the same.


    • Dondopa,

      Sorry sir, speak for yourself, I don’t and refuse to breed with a bunch of devil spawn black witches who’s only objective in life is to destroy black men and black society. You cannot forge an alliance with a group of women who are directly working against you. I have standards, I have integrity, I have self respect, I also have intelligence and can recognise that black women are on the losing team.

      Black women are not YOUR women, they haven’t been YOUR women for a very long time, they belong to the white man through the state, they are state owned, state funded and state run. The problem is a lot of black men like yourself are deliberately choosing to remain in denial about the true state and the true nature of this black woman. Black women as a collective are wedded to feminism, not the black man.

      What part of the black woman belongs to you, she refuses to listen to black men, she has no problems disrespecting, humiliating and emasculating black men in public, she holds a deep hatred for black men, however because no other race of men will accept her on a massive scale like we will, she has no other choice but to settle for the black man and at the same time she attempts to keep her deep hatred for us on the hush.

      You black male simps/manginas/white knights in 2016 are a serious problem within black society, I sometimes wonder between yourselves and black women who is the worst. Licking the muddy boots of the modern day black female will profit you nothing, I have post after post on this site clearly demonstrating the hatred and the non interest black women have for black men.

      Black women must be severely punished for the innumerable crimes, the death and destruction that they have brought upon black men and black society, abandonment is the best way forward in order to execute their just recompense. Black men have so many alternatives available to them, white women are not the only other women on this planet.

      There is a special place in hell reserved for black women and those like yourself who choose to turn a blind eye to their transgressions instead of reprimanding and putting them straight, I hope you like it hot. I am not looking to be accepted by anyone, I am simply forging an alternative path in life due to this modern day black witch and her treacherous nature.

      This black woman has already destroyed the majority of black society from the inside out, it is too late for anybody to redeem the situation, you have two choices, separate yourself from the black witch and allow her to perish by herself or continue to walk by her side and become a casualty and a victim in the up and coming judgement, its up to you.

      You sir are the real coon here because you allow black women to continue running amuck unchecked, you are the person white people feel most comfortable with, they do not feel comfortable with a black man like myself who is calling out black women on their dysfunctional behaviour and who is also advising black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere. Real coons give black women a pass on their foul behaviour instead of checking them, remember that.

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