Pregnant Woman Bashes Her Unborn Baby With A Hammer!

Please take a look at this vile and sickening video:

Yet another despicable black female barbarian who needs to be exposed and arrested immediately. Do you know the reason why I continually refer to my book Negro Wars everytime I present examples to demonstrate the modern-day black woman’s dysfunctional behaviour? It’s because everything that I am illustrating I have already documented in the book. I already informed you in Negro Wars that most black women hate black children, they have no emotional connection to their offspring, most only have children as a means to get on the government payroll or to use their children as a weapon to ensnare the father.

Do you see how the evidence against black women continues to pile in? These are the brain damaged, mentally unstable individuals that we as black men are being instructed to address via titles of royalty and nobility by the pro black squads. Didn’t I write in Negro Wars how most black females today are not fit to be mothers? These are the fruits of feminism on display right here. Expect more of this barbarism to surface from black women in the near future, as I have stated before the bottom hasn’t fallen out with them yet, things will get progressively worse with the black female.

Yet another example of a black woman engaging in despicable, evil behaviour and uploading it to social media for the whole world to view. I don’t understand how this brutal savagery can be justified, however I have no doubt that some will still attempt to excuse this woman’s actions in some way, shape or form. I already told you that most black women enjoy spilling the blood of innocents, children especially the unborn provide easy victims for them to quench their thirst for blood.

The most dangerous place for a black child to be is in the womb, this is a fact. How on earth can a black male unify with individuals such as this woman? According to the black nationalist mantra we ought to be promoting black love in order to promote black families. Where I do not have a problem with the concept I do take issue with the fact that because of the type of black women we are currently dealing with, in 2016 that lifestyle is almost impossible to implement successfully. What, are we as black men obligated to accept women who exhibit these kinds of disjointed behavioural traits?

I simply cannot and refuse to deal with a group of women whose hearts are filled to the brim with so much malice, hatred, spite, murder and all round evil. Regrettably this is your modern-day black woman in a nutshell, she is a miserable soul who wishes to draw all those around her into her vortex of gloom and darkness. No thanks, I am a man who has standards, integrity and respect for myself, I will not degrade myself in the attempt to keep the impractical ideology of black love and black unity alive.

Besides, how can you even begin to start building black families once again when you have black women in your midst engaging in destructive behaviour such as that above? Remember, black women assassinate on average over 1800 unborn children per day in abortion clinics, what is that telling you? It means that black women overall are simply not interested in creating strong black families(or families at all for that matter), communities and societies, they have signed onto the agenda to keep black society fragmented and broken as per the instructions of their white father.

Those black men who are still on the fence or those who are still giving black women space and time in the hopes that they will one day see the error of their ways and change for the better need to wake up and smell the coffee quickly, the majority of black women are broken beyond repair. The sooner you accept this fact is the sooner you can put in the effort to seek love and companionship elsewhere. Remember, I document this and more barbarism at the hands of black women in my book Negro Wars.

At minimum this woman needs to be arrested, sectioned and placed in a straight jacket asap, I personally believe that she ought to be executed after the child is born and the child instead be handed over to the father. As I stated in my previous post, this type of dysfunctional behaviour is common among black women, this is the norm not a rarity. Black women as it stands today are the primary enforcers of white supremacy within black society, how much more proof do you need? For you own safety, security, sanity and peace of mind, walk away black men, just walk away. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Bashes Her Unborn Baby With A Hammer!

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  2. This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen online. No, black lives don’t matter especially to black mothers and black women. We can’t do this anymore. It’s just an endless cycle of failure and death procreating with these women and the system knows it. Dude, the community is beyond hope. And I’m thankful that we have these platforms to help others see reason and to choose better in women.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      It was done a along time ago brother, this black woman is now sinking into new depths of the abyss. It would be totally irresponsible of me to pretend that black women are still a viable option and recommend them to black men. Again, the worst is yet to come, we haven’t seen anything yet with this black female.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        They are of their father Satan now, he will take them into the lowest depths of hell. This has all been prophesied in the scriptures, I wrote about the horrid future of the black woman sometime back in one of my posts. They’re cursed individuals, this is the reason why they continue to worsen and refuse to listen to reason and sound advice. The majority of them are doomed for heavy destruction, a sad fate but nethertheless the inevitable outcome according to their transgressions.

        Most black women today are simply empty shells walking among us, the real individuals checked out a long time ago, evil spirits now inhabit their bodies and control them.

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  3. I like say, im a black woman. I would never do such a thing to my babies. There are many woman of color do this and worst. I will not put myself in same situation as he stated aboit black woman. What about black men who beat on woman? What about men who harm the children by raping girls and boys!! What about these contirlling men that cheat on there wifes and hate her cause there evil wickedness. I can go on and on about black men or men period. Many of you are Gay!! So how can you produce family. Again it starts with self. Im not points fingers at no one. Research races on abortion. It the individuals spirit. Im not taking up for no one or throwing stones. No one is holy or prefect. Its starts with you making a change. I witness on everything, speaking. No i didnt see the signs of domestic partners. Church in all ..ministers…violent men. Ok engough spoken. If you like to write books ….write about uplifting people. Being leader to other men not hate black woman we are not all the same.


    • Tiffany,

      You are attempting to deflect from the subject at hand by trying to introduce topics that simply aren’t relevant. This post is about a black woman who is bashing her unborn child with a hammer, black men have nothing to do with what the woman in this video is doing to her unborn baby. This is the problem with most black women today, they can never come out and admit when something is wrong, they will always attempt to use a scapegoat(normally black men) to excuse their wicked, evil deeds.

      As for uplifting people, I refuse to uplift scum, scum must always be exposed and shunned, not uplifted. No society can prosper where the dysfunctional and the decadent are permitted a free reign unchallenged. The overwhelming majority of black women are 2016 are scum who need to be purged out, they embrace the worst traits imaginable and attempt to pass them off as normal, this is a fact.

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      • And where I’m from, men who are caught raping ‘anybody’, can find no safe haven from the deed, black men don’t defend or condone that kind of behavior,…they love to throw the gay thing in don’t they! Observe black women as they relate to themselves, you will notice a lot of gay tendencies


      • My opinion is mine…i dont read no playboy book. I see with my own eyes. You talking black wombman. When you are born from Melanin womban. Negative brings negative. You think this ok to talk about a black woman negative. Your mouth will get you in trouble. Alot of black men are gay…lost people…do your homework…those slave master raped black men..woman…children….again you following how to degrade our black people. Woe on to you and all who open up there mouth. I dont agree what she done. Re read. Im Queen good day.


      • Tiffanym32,

        Do you see how stupid the majority of you black women are? Rather than condemn the actions of this reprobate you now instead attempt to justify her evil works by finding a white woman engaging in the same behaviour. Well guess what, white women will condemn this behaviour, they won’t sit there and attempt to justify barbaric actions unlike most of you black women who seem to relish carrying out the most heinous crimes imaginable.

        Black women are 5 times more likely to assassinate their children in abortion clinics than white women. Also note that the white woman was being filmed by somebody else, unlike the black witch here who decided to set up her own recording. You claim to be a Hotep, conscious black female yet you are wearing a weave on your head, is this supposed to be some kind of joke? One of the main traits of being conscious is wearing your hair natural.

        By the way, thank you for showing the world that white women are superior to you and that they are your moral barometer. It seems that black women cannot take the fall for their own stupidity, they without fail with always look for examples of white women engaging in the same degenerate behaviour in order to justify themselves, pathetic.

        Again, I do not uplift scumbags, societies do not prosper when scum buckets are permitted a free reign. Scumbag black women as far as I am concerned are only fit for and can burn in the fire.


      • Its funny how you point out my hair…yes it was some weave..but im natural woman. You ask for video then claim…acting like you didnt ask…it doesmt matter what color you are if you was intune with nature. You self hate yourself not black woman. Dont try use any type of words at me, again you have been worn. You only looking for others to join your negative spirit….you will weep what you sow. Im done speaking. Im far from your level….


      • Tiffany32,

        Of course I am going to refer to your hair because it is a direct reflection of where you are mentally. You cannot stir the Hotep/black love cauldron while at the same time rocking European hair on your head, that is a contradiction of your lifestyle.

        I find it funny how you black women always have convenient slogans, words, terms and phrases ready to throw out in order to excuse and defend your evil works.

        You have the cheek to accuse me of self hatred whilst wearing a weave, are you serious woman, lol? Your recompense is coming, in fact it is already here.

        Black women are going to have to drink down their judgement undiluted at full strength and nobody is going to save them.


      • I told you to watch your mouth but no you will weep what you sow. That picture is very much old…i dont have validate my self to self hatred people. You not a man but boy trying gain brownie points. I dont have time for little boys ok…im way ahead of you…actions speak.lounder than words…you hide behind computer texting like you really going do something. Trust me your not even ready for real black queen. You to toxic


      • Tiffany32,

        Reap what, it’s not as if I am lying on black women, they put their dysfunctional antics in the public eye for all to see but I notice how you are not reprimanding those negative individuals.

        You can never talk to anybody else about self hate until you stop wearing European hair on your head, that is the biggest form of self hatred there is, a black woman who is trying her best to look white.

        Brownie points from who exactly? You do realise that your insults are not bolstering your position nor winning you the argument. Calling me a boy is not helping your cause.

        This is my blog which is located on the Internet, I’m supposed to use a computer or a mobile phone to access it aswell as to respond to comments.

        There are no black queens, black women today are nothing short of a mockery, a complete and utter disgrace to blackness and a pestilence upon black society, as I have stated before the overwhelming majority of black women will burn in the fire for the death and destruction they have brought upon black society.


      • You apparently is lost soul trying find his way through other people life. Im far from whom you think…I am!!! Your mouth is the reason for you will not making in this life time. The curses you speaking out will return back to you 10 fold Ase. You will not make Mockery out of no Melinan Queen…Or Anyone is done…Prayer works!!!


      • Tiffany32,

        The prayers that come from the mouths of you black women always amount to nothing because of your wicked and evil deeds.

        You modern day black women are of your father Satan, it is his bidding you enjoy carrying out.

        As I have stated before your recompense is here, I hope you like it hot. This is exactly what you Satanic black women deserve.


    • Kushite Kingdom,

      This is only the tip of the iceberg, I’m running into material like this on the daily, I don’t even need to look for it, thesedays it simply falls into my lap. Black women as a collective are in serious dire straits.

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      • Yeah I’ve seen similar videos. Mostly fighting videos. Something is seriously wrong. I have noticed that too many of our people are entertained by videos with dance crazes,ghetto fights and other silliness. It shows that white culture has destroyed the minds of our people. If it took hundreds of years to brainwash us to hate ourselves…then it will take many years to reverse it. You know it’s bad when we are looking to marry our open enemy. But this is what the oppressor does. He makes you love him…and hate yourself. Many of our sistas are out of their minds. Many love white men and see them as a better choice. And we has black men have to be leaders in our community and reject black women who act like whores. Maybe if we change our mentality they will change their behavior. Too many brothers like ignorant ghetto ass black women. And they keep having sex with these women and making babies. Protection is on the man and woman though. But I don’t date ignorant black women anyway. I’m very choosy about the sistas I date. They have to bring something to the table in a relationship. She has to understand our role as a woman and let me be the man. If you’re a strong black man you will stand your ground and your woman will respect you for it. If she can’t…then you move on. It doesn’t matter about her education or how much money she makes. I’ve dated women that made 50,000 and some that made 100,000 a year. It’s about her mindset and letting the man be a MAN. I’m kind of old school myself. I love black women but I always keep my manhood in tact. I’m not a mangina or some ass kissing simp. Keep in mind that just because a black man is more attracted to his own race doesn’t make him a simp. And to be honest I’ve never really been into white women anyway. And I don’t want any biracial confused babies. So I don’t have much choice but to try to make it work with sistas. It just may take some brothers awhile to find the right one.


      • Kushite Prince,

        The unfortunate situation we have is the fact that the overwhelming majority of black folks today are house Negroes, they are now a part of the state and wouldn’t have things any other way. They enjoy being slaves to the system, they enjoy the dysfunctional status quo, they enjoy being conned, pimped and merchandised by the democrats aswell as so called “black leadership” and most of all they enjoy not having to think and reason for themselves. These folks cannot be helped, they must be abandoned completely no matter how large the number of them, there is no other way.

        You refer to white women as the open enemy, however what about the black woman who is clearly the enemy within? Remember it has been black women who have systematically destroyed black society at the behest of their white father, white women handed black women feminism but apart from that they haven’t played an active roll in the destruction of the black nation, this has solely been the black woman’s doing through state sponsorship.

        I agree with you 100% concerning black men stepping up and being leaders, the problem however is the fact that the black woman within our midst has been given the specific task of ensuring that black men can never rise up and once again take control of the community. Again, black women as a collective love being the pawns and the puppets of the system, they enjoy carrying out massa’s bidding no matter how much death and destruction they leave behind them. Their 94% vote for Hillary Clinton made that abundantly clear.

        Agree, dysfunctional black women must be rejected, this means the overwhelming majority of them which in turn now means that there are an insufficient amount of good black women to go around, the picking are slim to none. This is the main reason why I now encourage black men to explore other options. It would be dishonest and irresponsible of me to recommend defective beyond repair goods or to instruct black men to wait for the right one to come along, they would be waiting until they hit the grave.

        I once again agree, there are way too many black men dealing with scumbag black females, however we must always remember who raised them. The overwhelming majority of these black men grew up in single mother households where their mothers were loose cannons and typically played the harlot, thus dysfunctional, degenerate black women is all these black men know, they do not believe that they can achieve better.

        You simply cannot build anything with modern day black women in the midst, their exclusive task is to sabotage anything black men attempt to construct, this is the primary reason why black society has remained flat on its face for the past 50 plus years. White women and other non black women do not have a personal and sponsored vendetta against black men. I resisted recommending non black women to black men for a very long time, however I simply got to a point where I had to be honest and accept the writing on the wall.

        Agreed, liking black women does not not make you a simp, the simpology comes into play where black men unconditionally defend and exalt dysfunctional black women instead of exposing and shunning/rejecting them. The fact of the matter is until the cosy, comfortable and convenient relationship black women have with the state is broken, they will continue to do their own things and disrespect black men at every turn knowing that they have an alternative entity already in place.

        Most black men who call themselves pro black/black nationalist are single, things have been this way for the longest while. This ought to be ringing some bells in your mind. You’re going to have to entertain the possibility that things may not be as smooth as you believe them to be. Dealing specifically with black women and their dysfunction I can tell you firsthand without any doubt that things are so much worse than what you have been lead to believe. Please excuse the lengthy response.

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  4. This is horrible. I couldn’t even watch it completely, I had to just see if it were true. There are so many mental illnesses that go unaddressed and it’s sad. Who would want to do that to their unborn child??? OMG. She must hate herself and is crying out by posting that video. That or seriously fucked up in the head. I know many white women suffer from postpartum depression after giving birth so why is this community of black men and white women pretending that only black women can be bad mothers? Wow, I didn’t know you guys flocked together like that. That’s sick. Go run off then, why talk about it? If you have a baby, it’ll be half black anyway. And I hope it’s a girl! Lol


    • Patrice,

      Stop bringing white women into the equation. Do you see any white women in this video? This black woman is a mentally damaged individual, the same type that I deal with in my book Negro Wars and that I talk about here on my blog. Attempting to introduce white women into the equation will avail you nothing.

      However, since you want to introduce white women, can you please show me a video of a white woman attempting to abort her unborn child using a hammer? I’ll wait.


      • I only brought up white women because you guys keep comparing black and white women. I think there is no point in comparing.

        See how you say show you a video with a white woman harming her unborn child?

        As if it hasn’t happened. What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you seriously think white women never harm their children or their unborn children??

        That’s not a black thing, it’s a fucked up thing that happens to babies period!

        Most white women suffer from depresssion after giving birth. White women are more likely to murder their children than black women. White men are more likely to murder their children and spouse than black women and men.

        But black men harm their partners and black men harm their children too.

        I remember a story not too long ago where a white woman killed her unborn baby for insurance money.

        You are wrong.


    • Let’s see black women are telling other black women to abort black male fetuses. Yes white women do it but these are bat shit crazy feminists.

      Yes because white women harm them babies too doesn’t mean it’s ok for black women to do it. Most men don’t think white women are better at least in some cases. As an Asian male there is a perception that white women are better and Asian women are better than both black and white women.
      Both black males and black females should be accountable.
      You have no right to be angry when black women starting bashing black women on talk shows complaining black men ain’t shit. Only recently black men have been calling out black women while black women been doing for 20 to 30 years.
      Instead of being arugmenative listen to these guys and do better. Some black women are doing that by listening what black men are saying.
      I think under all that frustration with black men, deep down black men want to love and take of black women but black women aren’t allowing the men to do so.

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      • MikeTO,

        What you stated is exactly correct, most black men would have actually preferred to deal with black women, however because of their choice to form an allegiance with the state over the black nation, many black men recognising that a partnership cannot be formed with such an individual have turned away from black women and instead chosen to pursue love and companionship elsewhere.

        The black men like myself who have turned away from black women have done so because of the continuous deep hostility and rough treatment we have received at their hands. As I have stated before, black men and black women as a collective at this point are incompatible.


      • You are using “talk shows” to prove your invalid argument. Talk shows are entertainment and can’t be taken seriously. The black women on those talk shows are ignorant and are only after money and fame. They are told how to behave and what to say.

        I was almost on an episode of a show, but the producer along with a white woman I thought was a friend (she worked for the show) kept telling me to “act more loud and angry” I refused and declined to be on the show.

        That’s just an example of how that industry works with women of color.

        Now back to the other things you mentioned… I agree that black men and women should be held accountable for their actions. Though, it’s unreasonable for all black men to be held responsible for the actions of a group of black men. It’s also unreasonable for all black women to be held responsible for the actions of a group of black women.

        What is shown on television can’t be trusted and no one should base their opinions on t.v., adults should know that t.v. isn’t a reliable source of factual information.

        As you have stated you are an Asian man, I’m not sure what country you are from since Asia is a continent, however, I’m not sure if you can speak for any black man or black woman.

        Which race of women is “better” as perceived by anyone is neither here nor there. Keyword —> perception.

        You have no authority over me to tell me what I don’t have a right to be angry about. I’m not sure you’ve even seen me “angry.”

        With that being said, the woman in the video is mentally ill, and many other black women, women in general, and people in general are mentally ill. When someone views this video, they don’t think, “Wow, look at how all black women are,” though, some of you seem to feel this way. My only argument is that all black women are not like the woman in this video; Most black women are not like the woman in this video.

        “Small minds think alike, great minds are the outcasts.”


      • I live in Canada. What you don’t realize is that media has huge influence on people. If something is said or shown repeatedly even if it’s not accurate people will tend to believe it. That’s why companies spend huge money on advertising.
        What is shown on television can’t be trusted and no one should base their opinions on t.v., adults should know that t.v. isn’t a reliable source of factual information.

        My experiences and conversation with white women are enough. A male tourist telling me how women are generally disrespecting men are enough. Women tend to be aggressive in North America.
        I have had a few black female neighbors. I can’t say anything good to say. I did meet some kind black women so I guess it depends on the person.
        There’s some truth on those tv shows, like anything else. Look at the Swilers how they acted and got a white man fired for his opinons and continue to harass people. Look at BWGTOW who doxed a black mgtow. No other race of women are doing that. No other race of white are attacking men. White women do try to shame men by calling men children and stuff.
        I wasn’t using tv shows as an argument. I was using it because black women want to silence black men. If men are being bashed for 20 to 30 years don’t be surprised to get it back.
        Black women has the highest rate of divorce whereas Asian women has the lowest.
        Let’s not forget majority of black women voted for Hillary who is against men.

        “The data indicate how deeply divided Americans are by race and gender: 94 percent of black women who voted and 68 percent of Hispanic or Latino female voters chose Hillary Clinton, but 53 percent of all white female voters picked Mr. Trump.”

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  5. I know you are reglious person using the word Satan..only Christians speak such language. The hate you hold in your heart is entity that is of from where you came…your words a deadless…you hold no light in you only darkness…


    • Tiffany32,

      I see you changed the picture to hide your weave huh, lol. Satan is an entity who is internationally known, in religious circles aswell as outside of them. Your pseudo spirituality will not pass here, we at Slaying Evil are already wise to black women and their many tricks.


      • You still on my hair topic….my hair is natural never was perm. You dont have any clue about hair. Its called blowout…I dont have time for your nonsense. I will change my post if i chose too. After my ancestors and the most high deal with you…you want have time pled your case!!!


      • Tiffany32,

        Of course, again, your hair is a direct reflection of your mentality. Wearing the hair of another race upon your head while claiming to be Hotep/goddess, you ought to be hanging your head in complete and utter shame. No weaves allowed while Hotepping.

        You do realise that the Most High will punish dysfunctional black women who condone sin such as yourself well before he deals with me.


    • It’s demons that control people not Satan. Satan tricks people into worshiping him into different forms. These demons are in another dimension but they are able to control us from their deminision and they can also see our dimension.
      The demons from other dimension have come to ours which causing a lot of problems.
      it’s funny how you want to silence black men when black women are running to the media to bash black men even to this day. For 20 to 30 years of black men but you black women didn’t bat an eye lash.

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  6. I’m sorry I am a mixed woman who is black and Native American and all these racist comments disgust me. You can not judge all black women based on the the psycho idiots that are posted online of course the idiots get posted because it’s entertaining but the black woman that takes care of her children and works to provide and protect get overlooked. Learn about those black women before you judge.


    • Angel Wade,

      You’ll have to show me the sentence in which I judged “all black women” because I don’t see those particular words anywhere in this post. Secondly, black women who take care of and provide for their children and very few and far between. Most black women who have children fit the demographic of the savage above, this is the truth that many black women like yourself are still attempting to hide. When you jump up to defend scum you become scum yourself, remember that!


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