Young Boy Evicted From Home By Mother Because He Voted For Trump At School

Take a look at this appalling video an incredibly irresponsible black mother decided to post on Facebook:

This is the black witch responsible for this atrocious act:

The dumb harridan actually believed that this type of cruelty was funny and that it would provide for good entertainment and viewing on social media. This is the stupidity, the mental illness and the mental insanity of the modern-day black female on display right here, you proceed to throw your son out of the house because he voted for Trump at school, really, are you that stupid woman? Remember, these are the same black women we as black men are being told to worship and look upon as “gods” by the pro black squads.

As far as I am concerned black women who engage in utterly stupid and destructive practices must be exposed at every turn, this fool above is no exception to the rule. To those of you who have read my book Negro Wars this type of reprobate conduct will come as no surprise, remember how I wrote about black women operating their households through fear, intimidation and bullying?

Do you see how there are no longer any maternal instincts residing in the overwhelming majority of black women? For a black child growing up this is the typical single mother household, each day is a struggle to survive, youngsters are constantly on edge and afraid of upsetting their mothers fearing the wrath that most commonly follows. Typically, growing up in black single mother household is no different to walking though a mine field blind folded. Remember most black women find pleasure in inflicting pain and misery upon others, hence their children become prime, convenient and easy targets.

At this stage the modern-day black female is a complete and utter disgrace to black society and the black nation as a whole, westernised black women are the primary culprits for defacing and graffiting the image and the reputation of blackness, especially the head mascot of dysfunction, the Afro-American female. Those black men who continue to hold out, giving this black women more space and more time believing that one day she will realise the error of her ways and change for the better are simply wasting valuable time that could be better spent in searching for love and companionship elsewhere.

You simply cannot build with these types of women and anybody attempting to do so is simply embarking upon a fool’s errand. Black men, is this what you really want, is this the low standard and the abysmal quality of women you believe you deserve? If so where is your self-respect and your integrity? I told you that black women as a group are a complete write off, I thoroughly document behaviour like this and more in Negro Wars which though the actions of this woman has been vindicated once again. If black men are to successfully build and move forward then they are going to have to completely remove black women from the equation.

This dysfunctional buzzard of a woman additionally revealed yet another major problem that is prevalent within black society, the fact that everybody is expected to conform to the same thought patterns. In the black community nobody is permitted to be an individual and express themselves in his/her unique manner, doing so will most certainly see you ousted and banished from black society. This is why black folks who wish to be successful must separate themselves from the contaminated fruits of the black community and instead reach out to and connect with progressive like-minded individuals.

The modern-day black woman’s thirst for attention has now gotten to ridiculous levels and the worst thing about this is the fact that the bottom hasn’t even fallen out yet. At this stage I personally cannot see how anybody can defend black women on any level, the fact that pro black men will have nothing to say about this terrible behaviour speaks volumes to the reality that this modern-day black female can be likened to a sunken ship.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

42 thoughts on “Young Boy Evicted From Home By Mother Because He Voted For Trump At School

  1. Just disgusting.
    First, look at not only how monolithic blacks make themselves, but how stupidly they go about it.
    Secondly, look at how the black female looked.
    Third, look at the ridiculous lengths the black female will go to for some attention.

    Making boss moves…….
    Who wants to bet she’s on public assistance?

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      • What is with these grown black women putting themselves as ceos of fake companies and actually acting like its an accomplishment? Black chicks will be worth 2 cents and a piece of bubble gum yet expect black men to be doctors and drive cadillacs.

        SSYBM! MAGA!

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      • Let’s hope Trump dismantles the very support systems that the weave heads thrive on to accelerate their fade into irrelevance.


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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        At minimal he is going to make it very difficult for them to live the gravy train lazy slob lifestyle that they have become so accustomed to. Their fun in the sun is coming to an end.

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  2. black, white, red or any color, this is not acceptable at any level, this creature should have those poor little kids taken away, and never returned to her, after she gets out of jail, from doing 20 years.damn people, get a brain, you had them love them, no matter what.

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  3. We are not all “write off’s”. I try not to take offense to this, this woman definitely takes the cake. I do not agree with what she did at all. She obviously does NOT know about herself and has the mind frame that this is what it takes to make it work. She is very WRONG. Being a victim of similar tactics myself, I see that there are some ways we as Black Women have adopted as normal and necessary. It’s not. I have developed a mind at a young age that this is not the type of behavior I want to show my son, beating them physically, emotionally, mentally, stripping them of their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs is wrong. Our boys have to become men and this is cursing them in the future. Some of today’s men developed this same mindset and feel this type of behavior is what it takes! It’s not.
    I hope, strongly hope our women wake up and our men for that matter too!

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  4. Thank you for publishing this article. I am on hold with Houston CPS right now-going to make a report. This breaks my heart and I want to put this kid in my lap and hug him tightly for at least 24 hours. Poor sweet baby.

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  5. Whoa. So this is what you do? You take this one woman and group all black American women together because of the actions of a few? We as black men have to man up and be there for our women. Guide them. Yea a lot of black women are feisty and strong willed, but we are suppose to be strong enough to handle that. There’s an underlying pain in our community. It’s deep rooted. And we have to heal ourselves collectively but doing this is not going to help. It’ll further divid us and we need each other believe it or not. A real black man uplifts his black queens. Not degrade them. I can’t believe I actually read what I’ve read. It’s crazy. Nonetheless, this video was disgraceful and she alone needs a wake up call.


    • Brollik,

      No, we as black men are not obligated to accept any dysfunctional behaviour from black women whatsoever, I have no idea who is feeding you such information to the contrary. Where is your self respect and integrity?

      You cannot guide that which is defective beyond repair. Black women are degrading themselves by taking part in degenerate activities, their own actions are responsible for the degradation, not the words of an outside examiner.

      At this point there is no healing black society as a whole, the damage is too severe. Black women have sold black men out for the treats and the benefits of the state, thus they have now become state property, they are no longer “your queens” and haven’t been for the longest while.

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    • Problem is, I don’t think it’s the actions of a few. This kind of mindset is very widespread. The author is spot on. Turning back to Jesus would be a good start.

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  6. How about removing those children from the home to teach this moron a lesson and what happens when you psychologically abuse your children. I wonder if she beat him prior to filming this. This is not just the poor boy but his siblings are being traumatized too. He will grow up to hate his mother, kids don’t forget this. And where is the dad in all this? Never mind. Needless to say, the media will not report on this and if they did, they will find a way to justify what this snowflake is doing to her child. But imagine if Hillary had won and this was a Trump supporter doing this. The FBI would have been in that home with swat gear and tear gas.

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  7. Another story about a kid fake-voting for Trump, ending up being more about liberal parents being child abusers.

    I’ll put this one in my “omg I’m so surprised” folder.

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    Legally, What Child Abuse and Neglect Are

    In Texas, the definitions of child abuse and neglect include specific acts or omissions by a person responsible for a child’s care, custody or welfare. Here are important legal definitions from Section 261.001 of the Texas Family Code.

    “Abuse” includes the following acts or omissions by a person:
    •Mental or emotional injury to a child that results in an observable and material impairment in the child’s growth, development, or psychological functioning.
    •Causing or permitting the child to be in a situation in which the child sustains a mental or emotional injury that results in an observable and material impairment in the child’s growth, development, or psychological functioning.

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    • Child abuse is always a bad thing. I was raised by good parents but my dad was a little too tough.
      Physical abuse from him came on a daily basis. I can remember times in grade school when I would act like I was sick to get out of gym class. My legs would have stripes and welts on them and look like candy canes. I never told my boys about it, and that’s why I never hit them or even spanked them.
      I was a good kid and didn’t deserve years of getting slapped around and whipped with a switch.
      My sons grew up to be wonderful fathers. “Get over it” has always been my mindset.
      But when I see an article like this it puts me to thinking and stirs up some emotion inside me.

      Maybe I never got over it. I thought that I had.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is the deception right here, we as black men already know that it is the overwhelming majority of black women who behave in such a manner, in fact this type of abuse is a walk in the park compared to some of the cases I document in my book Negro Wars.

      This is the pestilence that black folks as a whole are forced to deal with on a daily, most folks outside of black society are completely unaware of the reprobate practices that most black women commonly engage in, especially when it comes down to their children.

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      • Also, why must we lift up these dysfunctional queens?

        If you had a choice between a groups of “queens” who can be lead by men to lead gracefully and with tact who were also good mothers, and a group of “queens” who are much more like failed court jesters and a pestilence and detriment to their children and men and have to be dealt with and put up with in everyday life, who would choose?

        Sadly, to simps, the latter is very attractive, namely because that’s who raised them. This attraction to dysfunctional traits found in their mothers and aunts might also stem from the through the roof inbreeding in the black community that no one talks about.

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      • Verbs2015

        Thanks for your thoughtful insight. I’ve never been to this site before.
        I enjoyed your posts. I’m going to have to find your book.
        Maybe your book should be made into a movie too.
        Keep doing what you’re doing.

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      • Mopar2016,

        In 2016 black women in general are barbaric and brutal savages when it comes down to raising children, the worst black mothers tend to come out of Africa, especially in the west. The video above is what most black children have to go through in a single parent household on a daily basis. The worst thing about it is the fact that black women deceitfully weave into the mind of the child that this type of foul treatment is a normal part of everyday life and must be accepted.

        This is why the black community today is filled with so many blacks both male and female who are black women apologists. In black society black women are either the abusers of children or they purposely allow the abuse of children to take place, either way they are guilty. I’m sorry to hear about your rough childhood, this is why I write hard articles like this, so at least black children growing up can recognise that this is not normal behaviour aswell as folks who may have experienced treatment like this in their younger years.

        Much appreciated for your kind words, you can pick up Negro Wars from Amazon and all leading book stores worldwide. Take care, God bless.


  9. I’m in Australia watching this. Please, someone please, anyone, get that kid out of there. I could feel his terror and despair.


  10. What has happened to the boy? Did he get to go back home? If not, where did he go? Did any neighbors help the boy? Has anyone reported this incident? Was the mother held responsible for shutting her child out of the home? That poor child. I feel so sorry for him. And, I am so angry with that mother. She should be ashamed of herself.


    • I have reported it to CPS. There is a story on a TV station in Houston. The Sherrif investigated and said the boy is in “good shape” which means there has been no physical abuse. CPS is investigating, but my guess is that they can’t do anything except make the report on record. If there are more incidents and if the incidents go physical, they can take the children away. But its even in some cases worse. Once they go into the foster care system, it might not be any better, as they become “owned” by the state. My heart goes out to this boy. If anyone wants to make another report to CPS, here is her basic information, although she does list herself as single on her facebook profile:

      Ashley Tchenavia Stallworth
      2423 Orchard Run, Fresno, TX 77545
      (281) 281-8625
      Age ~30yo.
      Lived in Selma, AL
      Relations: Timothy Stallworth II, Rould Stallworth (~39), Amanda Stallworth (~37), Peggy Alford (~45), Angela Stallworth (~47).
      Husband (Timothy Stallworth II) is a gang-banger/thug by the looks of his arrest record. 6’6″ 250-300lbs. …Unlicensed carrying of weapon. Carrying switchblade/brass-knuckles (switchblades are now legal in TX, were not at the time). Domestic Violence. Driving without license. etc etc.
      She was driving a vehicle without Inspection / Registration / Insurance in March of 2014

      CPS: 1-800-252-5400 or

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      • Deborah,

        What she did to her son was beyond horrible and a complete and utter disgrace, however this type of behaviour and worst is all too common within black single mother households. I’ve talked about this at length in my book Negro Wars under the chapter entitled Black Women And Children.

        This unfortunately is just one of many secrets that black women as a collective have been trying to hide from the public eye.


      • I am sure there are exceptions. I have known many wonderful educated black mothers. I think the problems for this have deep underlying causes, such as the feeling of hopelessness that the welfare system offers, or even just the feeling of hopelessness of being a single mom. I know that feeling, as I was a single mom, and my x-husband did not bother to pay child support, so I was completely on my own. It all turned out amazing though! I started a business at home, I got my daughter in a private Christian School, I ran the before/after school day care there which paid for her tuition, and allowed me to be with her at all times. I raised my daughter on purpose. So it all turned out amazing. But if you feel hopeless, than you might get into drugs, unhealthy serial relationships, and take it out on the kid. She is taking her frustrations out on the baby. In the end, we’ve got to get our people off the welfare system, and into a working situation, where they feel good about themselves. Welfare should be limited to a few years, while the person is getting training of a skill or even starting a small business. There are deep underlying causes of all this, and the cycle needs to be broken. Black women are still on “the planatation” and we need to get them back into society, as a loving, giving, contributing person, so they feel good about themselves again. This will of course, influence the Children. Throwing her in jail, taking away the kid, these are only temporary solutions. Hopefully, this will be a wake up call to this woman. I pray for the child–his name is Clarence.


      • Authoryourdreams,

        The problem is that the exceptions to the rule are too few and far between. On the contrary, you have to understand that unlike white and other non black societies black women love and embrace single motherhood, they wear it like a badge of honour. They love the state because it allows them a free reign of the yard unsupervised and unchallenged.

        The difference between yourself and most black women is you had ambition which drove you to achieve better, most black women today are feminists which drives them instead to inflict pain and misery upon others aswell as to destroy, that has now become their ambition.

        A better solution is for black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere, until that cosy, comfortable and convenient relationship they have with the state is completely broken, black women will never change. The overwhelming majority of black women must be purged out in order for black society to rebuild itself. This is a harsh truth but nethertheless it is the truth.


  11. I’m glad this witch is getting targeted. Now if more reports would go out of the terrorism within the homes of most black Women, they would be locked up just as much if not more than the men.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        This is the key right here, actually giving black women their due recompense when they transgress would bring about so much change for the better. They mustn’t be allowed to continue sinning with impunity.

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  13. I believe that a new dawn is coming on 01/17/17, and that much of this will be cracked down on and the hoods emptied. They compare Trump somewhat to Reagan, and what did Ronnie call them?

    Yep, welfare queens!

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  14. Let her know what you think. She’s an agent of Satan!

    Ashley Tchenavia Stallworth
    2423 Orchard Run, Fresno, TX 77545
    (281) 281-8625

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