Kali Muscle Divorces His “Laquanda” And Upgrades To A Becky!

For those of you who don’t know Kali Muscle is a well-known body builder who hails from Oakland, California. Recently he has filed for divorce after 6 years of marriage. Kali muscle was married to this woman here whose name is Dvyne, you can check out her Instagram page for yourselves:


I recently watched a video Kali Muscle made concerning his divorce and to be honest I wasn’t surprised as to the reasons behind the separation. The main reason why Kali is divorcing Dvyne is the fact that she doesn’t have any financially responsible bones within her body, he complained about the fact that she was constantly stealing from their joint account and spending money on frivolous nonsense.

Indeed, when you actually view her Instagram page you can see many pictures and videos of this woman bragging about how many designer clothes, bags and footwear she has in her possession. Of course this comes as no surprise to me, you already know that I wrote in Negro Wars how most black women are complete and utter numbskulls when it comes down to finances and that they typically expect black men to satisfy their childish lusts for money aswell as material possessions.

Kali also talked about the fact that his ex-wife was stressing him out due to her reckless spending which as a result was driving him very close to filing for bankruptcy. I have no doubt in my mind that she exhibited the usual traits of your modern-day black female, loud, miserable, belligerent, demanding, money hungry, never satisfied, whiny, violent, greedy, selfish, irritating etc.

Remember what I stated in a few of my previous posts, how black women view black men as slaves and how they typically expect you to fully cater to them whilst at the same time you receive little to nothing in return. This was the situation with Kali Muscle, he was working hard bringing home the bacon and Dvyne was using his money irresponsibly. I have watched videos where she has aired her side of the story, however quite frankly I do not believe a word coming out her mouth because most black women are prolific liars and criminals by trade.

Recently Kali Muscle has started dating a beautiful Caucasian woman by the name of Helena who hails from Croatia, Eastern Europe. Here is her Instagram page which you can view at your leisure:


Straight away one thing I noticed between both women’s Instagram accounts is the fact that in the short time that Helena has been dating Kali, she has posted almost as many pictures of him and them together as Dvyne his ex-wife did, look at both accounts for yourselves, you will see exactly what I am talking about. You see with black women it is all about themselves, hence why Dvyne is constantly posting pictures of herself, her make up products or her material possessions.

You’ll notice that Helena is not concerned with showing off the designer clothes, shoes, bags etc that she has(if any). Do you see how the priorities of black women vs white women are vastly different? Black women as a group have their priorities completely backwards which is one of the main reasons why the majority of them will remain single. This is yet another L for the modern-day black witch, Becky has struck once again.

No doubt Kali Muscle will now be able to live a life of peace and tranquillity, it’s taken him 6 years to finally realise that this modern-day $5 black female simply isn’t worth the trouble. Please see the video below concerning his divorce. Well done Kali Muscle, another brother who has seen the light concerning the modern-day black witch. I salute you sir.

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67 thoughts on “Kali Muscle Divorces His “Laquanda” And Upgrades To A Becky!

  1. First, notice which woman is more attractive.

    Secondly, is it any wonder that black women ages 24-40 have an average net worth of $5?

    Secondly, notice how this man had no kids by this woman. This made the fact that she seemingly did nothing for work yet was frivolous in spending his money all the worse.

    I’m assuming that the Croatian woman is a model herself, thus will have her own money. I am also sure she and Mr. Kali will eventually have some lovely children together.

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    • You dont know shit about me but speaking on me you must be a black man thus my lawyer will be contacting you if you was looking really all i posted was kali scroll down and see i put him in designer and Kali and I lost twins his steriod use made it hard for us you sound like a black man hater its the black women who help men like kali xcon who helena would have never gave the time too she been waiting to get my husband we still married I filed for divorce kali is committing adultery since may ask Kali how did he get to LA? Who managed him and got him the deals he has today the black men be so dumb finally a white women comes and he upgrades? Helena has 2 criminal record Me none she hasn’t put a dime in kali he pays for helena citizenship even tho she been in the us for 20yrs? You a fool I’ve been betrayed and you praising the white women and put the black women down and you as a black man is helping with degrading your own race since you all in my business scroll down to 2010 until now i have post of kali saying he would be Dead without his wife something you overlooked trying to tear are me down. God is watching so stay tuned every negative article about me will get a deformation case you dont know kali or I and never asked questions


    • You sound dumb we still married all you guys will hear about it next court date Sept 21st la courthouse bring your ass Dvyne was awarded half and I have receipts of my investment and my husband cant have kids why his new girl not pregnant and they planned a baby? Shut up at the end the right one will win and his girlfriend is a mistress and if anyone wants a interview contract my lawyer Maclean chung law firm for facts dummy Burbank ca Google the #


  2. How dare you write a article about me and not ask me anything Kali was cheating hence to throw off you all he did the divorce video we been together 9yrs ask kali how he got to LA ask him who invested in his career and her comes the white girl after all my money was spent and I always had money my whole life family owned several businesses in Oakland since you worried about my page scroll down to see all that I have done from2010 until now its the black women who labor and help the black men overcome fears kali was a xcon he couldn’t get a job bodybuilding ate up our money so i put him acting school. So nobody looking at the fact of Becky beong the golddigger kali paid for her citizenship even tho she been in the us for 20yrs if you want the truth with emails from the companies and business deals I have gotten it was hard being a black.women going to bat for a xcon so his commercials is what caught people attention you want the truth contact me because what your saying is a lie yes I have bags amd all mostly thing’s I had for over 10yrs my furs and all i had a fur coat worth 10grand my mama bought me and jewelry I put kali in the game he was working out in Versace I bought him. He rarely bought me things but from every deal I close i got me something like a manager getting a % but black men get money and her comes the Becky’s after years of marriage and how can one steal from a joint account? That’s ours and we still have them now we still married I filed for divorce but he say he did and we already divorce? Oh No not until i get mine back


    • Dvyne Kirkendall,

      Having already written a short and detailed book on the modern day black woman, your Kansas City shuffle attempts to play the victim will certainly not work here. Almost everything that Kali talked about pertaining to you I already wrote about in Negro Wars in relation to your average black woman. I understand how long you were together with the man, he went over your history together briefly and I was immediately ticking boxes in reference to things I had written about in the book.

      I’m a black man with intelligence and common sense, I read between the lines. You stated how you have had money all of your life and how your family has owned several businesses, however this doesn’t mean that you had a lot of money before you met Kali, neither does owning a business mean that it is a successful one. Typically most black women label anything where there is an exchange of money for a service as a business, even if there is only one transaction involved.

      Black women who labour to help black men in 2016 are extremely few and far between, most black women instead perform their state duties and have black men shafted by and entangled in the system as per the instructions of their white father. I had already scrolled through your Instagram page, most of the profile was about yourself which is typically the way most black women operate, me, me, me, me, me, look at me.

      The fact of the matter is he is the body builder, not you, he built up his body building brand because he is the one who needed to work out in order to grow his body and thus his image. He is the one who put in the major grafting, I haven’t seen you in any videos lifting weights in the gym on his behalf, he is the one doing it. I don’t understand how you can claim to have built up the man, yet he is the one who at the end has to put in the hard work in order to grow his brand.

      No, there are no lies here, again, I compared what he said about you to what I wrote about in the book and based upon the comparison I tend to believe what he has stated. I wrote in Negro Wars how black women typically drive black men to realms of depression, anger and frustration they never knew existed. I have no doubt that you spent the man’s money frivolously, I have no doubt that you couldn’t control your childish lusts for money and material possessions which is typically how the average black woman works.

      I have no doubt that you drove the man to depression, I have no doubt that as a result of your reckless spending of his money he had to see the doctor as a result of deteriorating health. Black women typically see black men as assets, commodities ie slaves, it is all about what they can bring to the table for you with no reciprocation. Once you saw the money rolling in I’m sure you jumped in with both feet and spent to your heart’s content.

      You purchased Versace for him and? His brand is Kali Muscle, not Versace. He could just as easily work out in some no name brands which wouldn’t make any difference, his brand is the focus of attention not what designer clothes he is wearing.

      At the end of the day Becky wouldn’t have been able to steal Kali away from you if you were doing what you were supposed to be doing and performing your role as a wife correctly, I personally believe that you created a severe rift somewhere along the line, most probably in relation to your irresponsible, unaccountable and dishonest spending habits, this and maybe more was probably how Becky was able to swoop in and pick Kali up.

      You’re attempting to paint a picture as if this white woman just popped up out of nowhere and they starting “having an adulterous affair” as you have called it. I talked about in Negro Wars how black women through their reckless, selfish and narcissistic behaviour drive black men into the hands of non black women. I’m certain that you did something to push this guy into the hands of another woman, your attempt to play the victim simply isn’t washing with me.

      Yes, you can steal money out of a joint account, especially when you are spending money dishonestly, recklessly and irresponsibly to the point where money that is needed for necessities, important and vital essentials is not available, that I’m sure was your transgression. By the way, at least “white hoes” are not working hand in glove with the government to shaft black men and keep black society flat on its face.

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    • Ms Kirkendall,

      Please use the so-called money you have earned to evaluate your spelling and grammar in an English course. And please get some elocution lessons too. If this is how you send e-mails and letters to clients, no wonder all that you claim to have done for your ex-husband failed miserably. One thing human beings have to do from time to time is take time and really have a look at ourselves and our lives. Listen to what people are saying and see what you can do to improve the situation. Say sorry every now and again. Have remorse and compassion for people, whose lives they have said you have destroyed. Take a look back and see the damage you have caused and clean it up before you move on. I am not trying to insult you. But it’s just a tip……….

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      • You sound dumb I am still hi wife dummy I got something for you soon from my lawyer on writing lies and I get half go online dummy see la courthouse defamation suit coming for you take all your lil money and Kali is quiet now I got him by the balls hahahaha shut up you took a man u don’t know word no facts you have on me none in the end he still married and I win so kiss my black ass all you did was make it hard for him in court not 1 thing been said since that video and Kali is being sued unless he fix it so stay tuned this black woman who took care of a black man xcon 10yrs on my money stupid Google and see my resume you a bitter piece of shit and black women was the highest paid in Forbes 2016 to now so we on top the uncle Tom make sure u got some money not what my life is yes my lawyer will be coming so I hope u can afford a lawyer and I will make you travel to me for court on you’re expense keep talking bitch ass nigga this a nigga bitter nigga article go support Kali and his girl go buy something have u tried hyphymud? Have u bought things from our clothing line? Did you buy both our books? Did you see i had 2 shops make up line 2002 on the burbank chamber of commerce bitch do some homework like a good journalist I will be the 1st black woman to take you to the cleaners I bet give me a min once im done with Kali Kirkendall my husband lol paperwork don’t lie if you ask Kali he will tell you I don’t play and his girl just got her citizenship thanks to Kali the Becky is a U.S citizen and I’m cool with both of them they made me alot more income spousal support started back pay too go online type in our name la county courthouse and everything you wrote was and is a lie and I am a public figure stupid I can sue you STUPID my husband is a celebrity dummy


      • Davina Kirkendall,

        I would strongly suggest that for once you actually study the laws you are threatening another person with as opposed to talking out of your rear end and assuming that the law is on your side. Kali talked about his life living with you and his separation from you, I compared the behaviours he stated you regularly engaged in to the same dysfunctional antics talked about in my book Negro Wars which primarily deals with black women and the destruction they have wrought upon black society, the behaviours fitted the dysfunctional black female demographic. This is how stupid you are, it is NOT illegal to make comparisons. Save your empty legal threats, this is not Tyrone or J Boogie from the block you are dealing with here.

        Yes, I am already familiar with the laws of the west and how they favour women, yes, if he goes through with the divorce unfortunately you would get at least half possibly more. However, the fact of the matter is Kali is no longer with you and to insinuate that you took care of the man for 10 years is nothing short of a joke. Black women as a collective don’t take care of black men, they suck them dry like a parasite and then move onto the next host. The bottom line is regardless of what money you managed to syphon from the man in court, your blackside still got kicked to the curb for a Becky. This article is nigh on two years old, I thought that you would’ve moved on from this by now. What’s the problem, still scorned and bitter eh Kirkendall?


      • you can go to hell punk that’s my thoughts on you and them tips all in my business and have no facts no papers only from a video STUPID you not even his fan you sound like you got women issues black at that bitter niggas produce bitterness sad you condemn me with no facts none have that ready when I come for you this blog didn’t get no hits hardly until you brought me and my husband up lol now 1 yr and I’m still his wife online we legally seperated and I filed its all public records dummy everything stupid go look up his new girl Becky who came thinking she was gone spend our money but now they see she got a restraining order after talking shit like a Becky would and case dismissed you didn’t even know that stupid I got time to take down anyone who slander me come bring you’re sorry ass to court see us in person like a good uncle Tom I bet you won’t Kali wouldn’t give you the time or day facts and stepping to me is dangerous ask Kali and her STUPID I’m from Oakland a female Kali that’s why we stayed in 10yrs I don’t take a abuse on the video he said we are divorce he filed but online it says i filed lol STUPID and I filed 1mon after the video you made it hard for him now he got to pay me so we really mad? Who really on top? Me all this and still married and still getting my spousal and I got music coming yes I sing hosted red carpets and all dummy in 37 own homes what you got? Worry about not being homeless then black women we on top 2018 bitch ass stay in you’re lane or feel my raft I’m done I will be back tho you will be taught a lesson by the time I finish with you I neber lost a case never ask my husband if he answer you Kalimuscle@gmail.com


  3. Typical Lynch Papers divide and conquer bullshit. To the heathens who wrote this article I’m sure you’re dick riders. Adultery is wrong despite race moral integrity obviously lacks amongst those who agree its better to steal from your wife to spend on a Becky then to bless the one who stood by your side from day one… backwards af then claim to be Afrocentric.


      • Hella ignorant don’t knw wht the hell he’s talking abt maybe a black queen took half of his shit cause he fucked up & that’s why he’s sooooooooo SALTY !!!


      • He don’t knw wht the hell he’s talking abt maybe a black queen took half of his shit cause he fucked up & that’s why he’s sooooooooo SALTY !!!


      • Contentious black women as described in the book of Proverbs, written and collated by King Solomon to his son, as the one who tear down their own house and those with THEIR OWN HANDS. Stop complaining about the white woman and look at your own responsibilities. How are you supposed to get things right if you are constantly distracted about who are not of the same culture as yourself………………as Christ said, “first remove the beam from your own eye before removing the speck from the eye of your brother” or something like that……………

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      • Dvyne,keep doing your thing and please have success,don’t let anyone tear you down. Black (whites too) men love to insult black women. Saying mammy rags and stuff,I can’t believe the things I’m seeing written here. Also they don’t know anything about his new lady and already she’s a “upgrade” because she’s white ?? Both you and Kali need to move on and find happiness.


    • Miss Ward,

      Dvyne Kirkendall is attempting to paint a picture of a white woman coming in and stealing her husband randomly without her having some kind of involvement in the process and you expect me to believe this rubbish? Steal from who, Kali Muscle is the brand here, Dvyne Kirkendall is not. I’m not an Afrocentric, pro black, red, black and green squad member, beside where is your proof that he is spending his money on Becky? Its obvious that something changed in the marriage and I believe that Mrs Kirkendall is telling quarter truths and omitting information in relation to the true breakdown of the marriage itself.

      I’m not stupid, for whatever reason the marriage was already trundling downhill before Becky arrived on the scene and I believe that Mrs Kirkendall has some responsibility to bear in relation to the failure. Black women are the last group of people who should be talking about adultery, you are the most disease ridden women on the planet, you are frequently being caught jumping from penis to penis even when you are involved in relationships where the man is looking after you and treating you well.

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      • How in the heck can this person defend a woman who seemingly drive her man into the arms of another? They are victims, they’re witches!

        Thus other woman is at lest a model, what did this Sharkeisha bring besides debt, mammy rags, and heartache?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        This is my whole point, she is attempting to roll in and like the typical feminist play the victim card, that is not running here. We already know that black women typically bring nothing to the table but drama and headache.

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      • Shut up dummy Kali did the video not me I could expose alot but I will NEVER mess up my money U never met us didn’t know shit but a video but you got something coming from a black women and you still have no facts she didn’t steal Kali we been seperated in the same house dummy did you ever think to wonder if he the bitter black man? I still love my black men no matter what and any other race you started a race thing not me putting a foreigner over a 10yr wife? You gone die a slow death no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every lying tongue that rise up against me shall rise up in judgement ✌


      • Davina Kirkendall,

        How can you quote scriptures on the one hand but yet be threatening to remove the food and resources from your “husband” on the other? See, this is the true nature of most black harridans like yourself, you constantly use God, Christ and the bible as a cover and a shield to carry out your evil bidding. I’m not fooled, nor is the Most High.


  4. First of all ths whole write up is a bunch of BS even your responses are BS no matter the situation that brought Dvyne and Kali to where they are now HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!! However you are titled to your opinion (which is like an asshole) Everything don’t last forever (sad but true) instead of Kali going out and cheating on Dvyne he should of just told her it wasn’t working out and filed for divorce the audacity of him to embarrass her like this after he made a vow to God and her that he would be faithfull & be there through sickness and health !!!! but he LIED ! & God will deal with him for that.For you @Verbs2015 to put Dvyne down and make her seem like a low life, slouch, broke, uneducated black woman is out of line you know nothing abt her! You don’t know her background(she don’t come from a broke family) you’re are going off what you see on Social Media (which is the Devil) Dvyne been having her own ! (EVERYTHING) it’s not like she got with Kali and he brought her from rags to riches !! #Honestly #Truly Dvyne have always had/held her OWN way before Kali came in the picture she’s educated, independent, loyal, classy, and loving !! If she wasn’t don’t you think Kali would of been did it moving??!! It’s fine if Kali isn’t in love with Dvyne anymore but the way he went about things are disrespectful and so mean spirited !! Helena is also wrong because this awesome Becky that you speak of is with a man that is married I mean how desperate can she be from the outside looking in she wanted Dvyne’s life and probably been plotting I dont trust white people I’m not abt to give you a history lesson but from the beginning of time they have been LIARS, THIEVES, ENVIOUS, BACKSTABBERS, EVIL, JUST OUT RIGHT NOT COOL !!!! Helena doesn’t respect her self because if she did she wouldn’t be with a married man !!! Shes’s a DESPERATE blonde BIRD !!! I went to Helena’s page and it seems to me she’s TRYING to taunt Dvyne but if I was Dvyne I wouldn’t pay that wanna be NO ATTENTION!! Because at the end of the day Dvyne will have the last laugh God don’t like ugly and he isn’t too found of pretty. What goes around comes around and if he can do what he did to his WIFE of 9yrs I hope BECKY don’t think just because she’s white she’s EXEMPT no no no the universe don’t work like that you lose’em how you get em he’s all hers I’m sure Dvyen don’t want him back….You say Dvyne didn’t lift a weight wasn’t in the gym blah blah blah however she did invest & make major move and kick down doors because she believed her husband she was loyal to him she didn’t have hidden motives/hidden agendas !!! everything she did was out of love he was the muscle but she was the mind behind the muscle,, And this is the thanks she get??!! WOW !!! Kali knew from jump Dvyne was a diva liked nice things (who doesn’t) but that she already had it when they met so PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU FONT BS!!! And for you to speak on the fact that they don’t have children is way out of line !!! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABT THAT SITUATION AND SHOULD’T SPEAK ON SITUATIONS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT !! LIKE YOUR WHOLE WRITE UP !! GOD BLESS YOU,


    • I’m Just Being Honest,

      Since Kali and his wife decided to made the divorce and some of the reasons behind it public knowledge, we the public now have a right to put our opinions forward concerning the situation. Your attempts to paint his wife as some kind of victim are pathetic, as I have stated before, I wrote the book Negro Wars breaking down you black women and your dysfunction, you cannot get anything past me.

      You black women have a nerve talking about God, mind you these are the same individuals who have no problems slaughtering over 56,000 unborn children per month in abortion clinics, yes we know who the real god of the black woman is, none other than Satan himself.

      See how you black women come in here and make up rubbish, nobody stated that Dvyne was broke and uneducated, I simply stated that I didn’t believe that she had a huge amount of money before she met Kali, not having a lot of money doesn’t mean she was broke, where do you black females get off with constantly misinterpreting clear information?

      You black women tout the label of “independence” as if it is something to be proud of, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves using such a title, only foolish women would exalt being independent as a good thing.

      You black women are the last individuals who should be attempting to take the moral high ground seeing that you are the most immoral group of women on the planet. Again, this white woman would not have been able to swoop in on Kali had Dvyne been doing what she was supposed to be doing as a wife, Dvyne is not an innocent victim here, she is culpable in the events that transpired.

      How on earth can black women claim that they do not trust white people yet they are the same ones who are most reliant upon the same white system? EBT cards, section 8, welfare, middle management jobs within the corporate structure and numerous other benefits this “white devil” as you call him hands down and you black women have no problems partaking in these gifts. If white people are so bad then why do you have no problems accepting the above and more from them? Hypocrites, you black women love this white system and you wouldn’t have things any other way.

      Black women as a collective simply aren’t loyal to black men, they are only loyal to themselves. Black women will only hang around black men if they can get something from them ie syphon off their resources and build up their own wealth off the backs of black males. Again, it doesn’t matter what moves Dvyne is doing behind the scenes, Kali is the one who has to turn up and put in the overwhelming majority of the work, he is the product, he is the brand, not Dvyne.

      I’ve already done my fact checking, this is how I was able to write the masterpiece Negro Wars thoroughly deconstructing the modern day black female and her incredible dysfunction.

      You’ll have to show me the sentence/paragraph in which I talked about Kali and Dvyne not having any children. As far as I can see that issue was never mentioned in the article, however you are more than welcome to prove me wrong. Stop attempting to defend the woman, she did something to cause him to fall into the hands of another woman, I don’t believe for a second that he just decided to go with another woman randomly and a white woman at that, sorry.

      The same black women talking about God in one breath are the same ones using profanity and cursing at grown men whom they don’t even know in the next, you black women tell on yourselves.

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      • Another thing black men should do is AVOID highly religious black women like the plague. I’ve dated several Christian black women in my past. Usually, they have some mental issues and have EXTREME examples of hedonism and promiscuity in their past. They also tend to be very hypocritical as well. They’ll get upset about you not want to to get more involved in the church, but they have no problems smoking, drinking, and having sex at the drop of a hat. You’re better off avoiding them entirely.

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      • Buckdodgers1906,

        These black women who attend church are some of the worst delinquents walking planet earth engaging in all forms of debauchery and using the Most High, Christ and the bible as their shield whenever scrutinised and criticised concerning their slutty behaviour. A lot of these same women additionally are being dicked down by the pastor, the ushers and other members of the church administration. Black women stay hypocritical for life, just looks at their reactions concerning Prince Harry’s engagement to his mixed race girlfriend Meghan Markle, calling her a black woman when she is clearly biracial, yet these same sirens rejected Samantha Gibson (Tyrese’s mixed wife) stating that she wasn’t black.

        We understand how black women as a group work, if a mixed race woman gets with or marries a white man she’s black, however if the same woman gets with or marries a black man to black women she is everything but black, smh.


  5. Verb2015 you’re a VERY ignorant person she’s not playing victim but bayyybeee in the end she will be the victor !!! you’re fonting out the side of your neck the things you are saying makes NO sense at ALL !!! give it a break you sound like a #tamponFuckBoy #ObsessedMUCH? GO PLAY ON THE FREEWAY WITH A BLINDFOLD ON!

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  6. I know I’m fashionably late to the party here, but who the hell do you think you are writing about someone’s personal life that you know NOTHING about. Great so you wrote a book. It’s not the Bible, it is your opinion, but the way you keep referencing it you make it sound like it’s law. It’s your opinion because some black women wronged you. And because you watched a video of Kali and stalked the wife’s Instagram page you are suddenly an expert. You don’t know what either has been through, you don’t know the health issues she has dealt with and you don’t know either of them personally. And if you did, you still wouldn’t have the right to write such garbage. You should be ashamed for adding more trash reading in this world and if your book was anything like this trash above, you shouldn’t be allowed to publish another book. There’s enough bullshit out there, mind your own damn business.

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    • You Should Be Ashamed,

      Both Kali and his wife made public announcements concerning the divorce. It seems to me that there is validity to what I am saying otherwise you wouldn’t be so salty. The book is based upon, stats, studies, visual and observational facts, when I have an opinion then I will make it known as one. Yes, I’m an expert on black women, I know exactly how they behave and operate so when Kali mentioned certain behaviours in his video, I immediately correlated those with what I have written in Negro Wars.

      Negro Wars is the bible concerning the mentally damaged, dysfunctional modern day black female, the fact that not one black woman has been able to step forward and refute its contents speaks volumes. What do health issues have to do with the divorce, she was a greedy slob who couldn’t control her spending habits which is the typical behaviour for most black women today.

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  7. one thing i dont like is when women dont want to admit there wrong like black women you blame men for everything but when it comes down to what you did you never admit it now with that being said men are wrong too it is 20% chace of finding a faith black women who doesnt want a man for his money people dont lie and you yeah you ex wife for you to be a upset women i feel no feelings behind your arguement i thought you was the most beautiful wife he had and i still think your beautiful but talking about things no one knows about i can tell he didnt want to leave you he hated makeing that video of you i seen it in his eyes how much he loved you and you didnt make him fuck what every body else saying im talking to you you should talk to him and work this out ik you can be a good person ik you up in life you was kail muscles wife or still is his wife based on what you said but something cant be right in your words because i feel only excuses what really happened is non of my business or how i feel is not important but ask your self was you telling the truth or are you lieing to yourself to make yourself feel better


  8. to his ex wife i want you to hear my story and how stupid i was i been friends with a girl i new for 3 years and dated her for 6 months well we was going through alot of point less argueing and i did something stupid i texted my ex sexaul and she found out now im sorry to you and to black women all over the world the reason i say that is because i became the one thing black women didnt like in us black men i cheated and i hate cheating and cheaters and i promise to you and to all black women reading this i will never be like our normal black men today or ever again me and her are friends and she wants to trust me but she doesnt and i will try to get her back and do better and i feel the same with you and kali its not over you can work things out ik you can i will be there for both of you no matter what from demarcusford 20


  9. ps we as men are to blame to its hard to find a good black women and its hard to find a real loyal black man i hope what i sad helped im not hear to start trouble but to kali musles ex wife or wife imma always be a fan of you and ik you can be a even greater leader to be honest you look like a model and actress isnt time for fan base or spotlight i just think you can make things right again and sorry if i put it in a wrong way to make you think i was being rude to you i wasnt hope you get this message lots of love and respect to you and thank you black women for being there for us when you didnt have to cooking and cleaning and makeing sure we went to work and growing together just thank you not for your body but for who you really are

    remember behind every strong man is a stronger women


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  11. Verbs2015,

    There are three sides to every story. This was clearly a bitter divorce. However, your summarization or analogy of black women clearly comes from a painful place. Your uneducated and miseducation of black women is first insulting to your mother. I am lead to believe you were an orphan, abused by your mother, abandoned or just an ignorant individual. There are many good black men in this world as there are black women. For all the effort you placed into writing and publishing a “FICTION” story demoralizing black women was an absolute waste of energy. Perhaps you should invest your energy into authoring a book for ALL men on how to develop and nurture healthy relationships. Take your tired self to a prison and mentor the many broken incarcerated men that were abandoned by their fathers, start a non profit program that educate black boys and girls on developing positive social and life skills since you know so damn much. You are a poor representation of a man and a black man. I have been married to my black husband for 25 years. I fell in love with him when he had nothing to offer me but his love. We supported each other through college and continue to build each other up. Sadly, black families have always been depicted as less than, uneducated, classless and the list goes on. It is absolutely disgusting for you to write a book that perpetuates negative opinions of black women. I hope you did not procreate any children. That video this Kali guy posted of his new girlfriend is also insulting to women. She’s clearly so desperate and dumb she doesn’t know any better. They say ignorance is bliss, meaning her lack of knowledge means his happiness. Would it be fair to say “Kali is a typical black man, unable to control his sexual nature on camera, humping and bumping on his girlfriend trying to prove his manhood? Well, I would never allow any man to disrespect me like that. Would it be the truth if I stated “ALL white women are weak and slutty black men prefer to be with them because they’ll tolerate that nonsense?” Absolutely not! I have interracial couple friends and that is not the case. Kali is a different caliber of man that met a women that believed in his potential and elevated him from prison to prosperity. Sadly, the marriage failed as many marriages. However, that does not validate your ignorant “methodology”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Genevieve Marie,

      How predictable, you black women never fail to introduce a person’s mother into the equation, however this shaming tactic doesn’t work on me plus no black females are exempt from being scrutinised and examined, black mothers can also be held under the microscope. I have to laugh at your false designations, as per usual with most black women they believe that just because something proceeds from their mouth, therefore it must be true.

      Most black children today are abused, ignored and neglected by their mothers because most black children are raised in single mother households, what you are saying is nothing new, however already residing and comfortable inside your own bubble, you seem to believe that these issues are not widespread. Newsflash, your world paradigm is not reality. By the way, for your information a person’s background is irrelevant, the truth remains the same regardless of their upbringing.

      If Negro Wars were indeed fiction then so called “educated” black women such as yourself would have refuted the contents a long time ago. However the all to familiar pattern I am now seeing is black women attempting to debate me based upon the title of the book only, not based upon its contents. If black women like yourself were actually quoting page numbers or specific paragraphs out of the book then I would be inclined to take you more seriously.

      Black women demoralise themselves without assistance, I simply report on what they are doing. The individuals actually taking part in the demoralisation are the ones you should be focused on, not the folks who are merely talking about it. Here is an example of a black woman demoralising herself, I hope you will go and talk to her:

      I suppose that you will say that the above video is fiction, well let me just add another two in here for good measure:

      Do you see how you are beginning to look foolish? The words that proceed from your mouth do not change reality, you are not a sorceress even though I’m sure you wish your were one right now. Black men have no problems engaging in healthy relationships when dealing with non black women, black on black relationships typically fail because black women are the common denominator in the failure equation.

      I know this much, the black woman is the problem hence why I wrote the book dealing with the problem. These common Kansas City shuffles black women play still attempting to evade accountability and responsibility no longer work. Its funny you should mention prison because most of those broken black men are there because of black women. This is exactly why I focus on black women, they are the root cause of the problem which is what I focus on, not the end results/effects.

      This is the problem right here, you’ve been married for 25 years and so what? What does that have to do with most of black society which is crumbling? A typical black female manoeuvre, always believing that the exceptional examples they introduce will somehow override the general rule. Sorry, exceptions to the rule do not buck the general trend, your marriage is an exception, it doesn’t alter the common negative trend of black society.

      Here we go again, yet you won’t talk to the black women who are actually engaging in the negative behaviour, those who are actually supplying their critics with the ammunition. Surely you can see how retarded and backwards your approach is. This is part of the mental illness most black women suffer from that I talk about in my book. Just from your comments alone you are proving that my book is extremely valid and a much needed tool in the hands of thinking black men.

      Seeing that black women are the most disease ridden individuals currently walking planet earth(something else I talked about in Negro Wars), I really don’t see how you can talk about black men being unable to control their sexual nature on camera, I can show you black women engaging in much worse behaviour. Black women are the ones who channel Jezebel all day every day, this is part of the black woman’s feminist creed.

      Kali is now a cheerful and satisfied man, he is finally experiencing joy and happiness, things that he didn’t get to taste when he was with his ex wife because most black women are miserable, bitter and grumpy as standard.

      Here we go again with another straw-man argument, why are you introducing the word ALL when it was neither mentioned nor implied? Another typical black woman Texas Two Step, accuse the examiner of talking about ALL black women when the word ALL is nowhere to be found in the article nor in any of the comments. And I thought that you were educated, now you’re resorting to clutching at straws and deliberately attempting to inject false contentions, sad.

      Kali carries all of the weight behind his brand, his former wife was a money hungry, irresponsible female. Most black women are numbskulls when it comes down to finances and managing money. Kali finally realised that this was the kind of black woman he was dealing with and rightly so he cut her off. As I have stated before your slogans, labels and false designations do not alter the facts.

      If you wish to successfully debate with me then you are going to have to quote specifics from my work, whether they be from here on the website or from my book Negro Wars. Other than that I simply cannot take you seriously. At the end of the day black women are running scared from Negro Wars, they don’t have a chicken leg to stand on when it comes down to the contents therein.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Genevieve Marie,

      Just as I suspected, another pseudo intelectual black female with nothing constructive to bring to the table. You really believed that you could blag your way through here using good grammar alone instead of actually dealing with and tackling the points raised, pathetic though I am not surprised.

      Liked by 2 people

  12. Verb2015,

    The videos you posted above does not define me or every black woman. So I guess that microcephaly of a brain you have only has so little space that you can only hold so much information. Soooo… black women are the only group or race engaging in demeaning deplorable behaviors that disgusting men like you use and exploit? Hmmmmm

    FYI, I don’t have any friends that conduct themselves in this manner. So sorry to disappoint you and inform your moronic, imbecilic, unconscious and uncultured ass that we all don’t fit the ratchet stereotype you’ve tried to place us all in. Perhaps you should check your own credentials or upgrade yourself if these are the types of women you end up with. I’m 100% sure your ignorant book wouldn’t enlighten or stimulate my intellect. You’ve limited yourself but truly you’re doing black woman a favor by publishing your stupidity. It’s better to be yourself than faking and shaking like you’re smart. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Genevieve Marie,

      Here you go again with the straw-man arguments, you continue to state that I am referencing ALL black women yet you have miserable failed thus far to illustrate this, neither in the article itself nor in my comments. You are attempting to imply that I have a low thinking brain capacity yet here you are continuously injecting issues into the conversation that either aren’t present or simply are not relevant.

      Yep, like clockwork black women will always attempt to introduce other races into the equation as if this somehow excuses their own shoddy behaviour. I’m not interested in other races because their deplorable behaviours are a negative reflection upon their own people, not black folks. This is my point, most black women like yourself no longer have a moral compass, you attempt to reprimand those who call out the degeneracy taking place within black society before those who are actually engaging in it, your backwards logic on display once again.

      Your attempts to shame me out of speaking about the widespread dysfunction amongst black women as a collective are not working by the way, I just thought that you should know that. He you go again trying to use your exceptional examples to override the general rule. As I told you yesterday your friends are exceptions, there are always exceptions to the rule, however exceptions do not overrule the general trend.

      You ought to be ashamed, you came here purporting yourself to be a black female with intellect, however with every comment you make we are discovering otherwise. This is why it is vitally important for you to think before engaging your fingers to that keyboard. Most black women today are scum, this may not be the case with the groups of women you hang out with, however as I stated before exceptions do not buck the general trend. Welcome to the real state of black women and black society as a whole.

      Just as I suspected, you just like the rest of the black female dissenters lack the estrogenic fortitude to challenge me on my work. Instead like a typical cowardly black siren you take pot shots at the title only from a distance because already witnessing the solid content on this site, you know full well that the book is going to be more of the same.

      By the way as the saying goes, when you defend scum bag black females you become a scum bag yourself, you would do well to keep that in mind the next time you attempt to jump to the defence of dysfunctional black women.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Genevieve Marie,

        My career is waking up thinking black men and dysfunctional black women conveniently supply me with the ammunition required which I then present as evidence. If the vast majority of black women weren’t such reprobates wallowing in total degeneracy then I wouldn’t have any evidence nor a case against them. Still attempting to defend the scum eh scum? Make yourself useful and talk to those who are actually the problem, not those who are merely reporting on the issues.

        Liked by 2 people

    • This is some funny shit. It explains why NBA teams are getting lighter-skinned. Partially black player’s fathers want nothing to do with black women. I’ve noticed Black women are similarly undesirable as Asian men.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Scum,
    You try to sound so intelligent but it doesn’t help mask your stupidity. You’re a NIGGER. Definitely not because you’re black, but because you are so so ignorant. You really think bashing black women as a whole is doing good. You’re an uncle Tom to the highest. Hopefully your BLACK mother doesn’t know how much of a disappointment you are to not only to her, but your whole race. Idk why I’m writing this because your underdeveloped brain can’t comprehend the message I’m trying to send you. Anyway keep masquerading behind “intelligence”(you must’ve been that kid in class that tries to get a good grade by writing extra and using words most wouldn’t while you lack actual knowledge) and good luck with your defamation of black women, whitey. Glad to see you chose to make a career through damaging people rather than helping them.
    P.s. I’m not a black woman. I’m a REAL black man who cares about the progression of ALL his people. Not some uneducated nigger who sees how black women are portrayed in media then rights a book about how terrible they are.


    • F**k Uncle Toms,

      So that’s how you help ALL of your people, call them niggers when they raise points you disagree with, and you have the audacity to label me as stupid. I see you’re still stuck in the stone age, what layer of strata did they dig you up from, the Jurassic era?
      Calling other black folks Uncle Toms just because they don’t share the same opinion as you concerning black women, are you retarded?

      I’m only looking out for the thinking black man, something obviously you’re not. You’re even resorting to using black female talking points and shaming tactics, you are a disgrace to manhood. Do everybody a favour and castrate yourself. I couldn’t care less about the welfare of most black women since they aren’t even concerned about their own gutter condition themselves. I don’t look out for scum, uplifting scum within a society is an action that has always been to its detriment, not benefit.

      It’s not my fault I was raised to a higher standard than yourself. This is why thinking black men leave black society because of scum bags like yourself who mock those of higher education and higher intelligence. Black women are putting their own dysfunctions on display via social media and you are still trying to play as if the mainstream media is making them look bad, this is why you are still stuck in the stone age. You are as far from a real black man as the east is from the west.

      If you wanted to make yourself look more intelligent than I then you should’ve tackled the points raised instead of bleeding all over my comment section like a bitter, scorned, menstruating mangina. Keep building nothing and “helping” black people only through talk and no action, numbskull.


      • You know what’s funny, Verbs2015…? These so called “Pro Blacks” and “Red, Black and Green Warriors” almost NEVER have a black woman that they’re dating or married to. Why should they be upset about a man not liking a certain type or most black women? That means more women for HIM to pick from. That’s like a guy complaining about another man not wanting to deal with certain gold mine/diamond mine claims? That means more gold and diamonds for YOU. Black Men (SIMPS) like this have ulterior motives. They want to have sex with a black women, but they’re not trying to lock them down long term. They see the same bs that you’re talking about Verbs, but they won’t admit it openly. They’re using the “I love black women unlike these simps” stratagem so they can get some “Scooby Snacks” and get sex. It usually doesn’t work, but they’re too stupid to figure that out.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Buckdodgers1906,

        Yes sir, I also believe that a lot of these simps are afraid to cross the fence. They typically receive nothing from black women, but yet they won’t hesitate to berate a thinking black man who is getting nothing but love, affection and cooperation from Becky, Ming, Patel, Suzuki and Lopez. They keep on talking about “loving black women”, however if we are honest with ourselves in 2018 what exactly is there to love about the overwhelming majority of black women today?


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  17. Wow! This is a horrible hateful article! Your are DEFINITELY A BLACK NEGATIVE DARK MAN (and I don’t mean your how you are defined as a person…I mean character)… Perhaps You Are Even A Homosexual Male Who Wished He Was A Divine Melanin Woman! The Abhor You Portray Is Definitely Not Discreet! You Definitely Don’t Help Humanity With Your Words! May The Light One Day Shine Upon You!


  18. You sound so dumb. Guess who gave birth to Kali… a black woman. Guess what him and his current girl having a black girl. This is the most ignorant article I ever read. Fuck you and his new cock sucking girl.


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