Rap Artist Trina Demonstrates Why Black Women Stay Losing!

Please take a look at the following foolishness the rap artist known as Trina decided to post on social media:

Where does a person even commence with such folly? Practically everything on that list is a guaranteed recipe for a woman to remain single unto death. The worst thing about it is the fact that most black women will pay heed to the crackpot advice that this numbskull is handing out. Is it any surprise that Trina is single? In 2016 black women as a collective are the absolute experts when it comes down to walking the road of failure, this woman truly believes that what she has typed is platinum and that it should be embraced and cherished.

As I have stated many times before aswell as written about in my book Negro Wars, black women will typically embrace and exalt the worst attributes and behaviours possible.

Exactly what is attractive about being loud and gross? Exactly what is attractive about being crass and rude? Exactly what is attractive about being snide and sarcastic? Exactly what is attractive about wearing somebody else’s hair upon your head and 10 tons of make up? Exactly what is attractive about a woman exhibiting masculine traits? Exactly what is attractive about a woman with a potty mouth? Exactly what is attractive about a woman who is constantly whining and is perpetually miserable?

Trina is your typical modern-day black woman, check out her Facebook page and you will see exactly what I am talking about. This woman wallows in decadent and dysfunctional behaviour and she enjoys it, everything that is off-putting in a man’s eyes she openly embraces. Trina can easily be used as the quintessential example of the type of black female that has now become commonplace within black societies worldwide, especially in the west.

Here is yet another dysfunctional message that she posted on her Facebook page:

This is one of many reasons why I can no longer recommend black women as viable dating and marriage options for black men. Black women become “offended” when black men call them bitches, yet when they bestow the same title upon themselves the same word now becomes acceptable? Make that make sense. However another crazy twist to this conundrum is the fact that black women at the same time will accept black men calling them bitches and hoes as long as it done with an instrumental playing in the background.

It is dysfunctional buzzards such as Trina who are leading black women and black society into further ruin, as I have told black men before and will continue to repeat again, walk away black men, simply walk away. You are under no obligation to accept the sub-standards these $5 black females bring to the table, you deserve better and by all means you can achieve a much higher standard for yourselves.

Negro Wars

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

19 thoughts on “Rap Artist Trina Demonstrates Why Black Women Stay Losing!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As I have stated before, most black women will stay single until they hit the grave. They hate the fact that we as black men are now refusing to put up with their rubbish and are beginning to exercise other options. Let them stay thinking that destructive behaviour is attractive, I don’t know who they believe is going to put up with such garbage now that more black men are jumping ship.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Indeed, this is because the woman is busy zapping and feeding off the man’s spirit/energy. This is one of many reasons why I refer to black women as witches, they literally are.

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  2. It sounds like a woman trying to stand out in a very competitive field. But is that what you want as your legacy, vitriolic and caustic behavior? Oh I forgot, this is a BW.

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  3. Trick Daddy in his own way attempted to throw a hail mary pass to black women, but in typical fashion their pride blinded them to reason (Pride goeth before the fall). It’s not surprising Trina would voice such a toxic message for black women. Trina has always been one of the worst examples of black women along with Karrine “Superhead” Steffans (black girls love to read her book when I was in middle school, yuck).

    YouTuber Mumia Obsidian called it. This so called online gender-war is the last go around black men will attempt with black women before going their separate ways. Almost a decade to try and reason and persuade black women to change and there’s nothing to show for it. Trick Daddy sure as hell got nothing to show for his efforts. No, the Derrick Jaxns, Angel Ramirezs, poverty pimp black preachers, and hucksters like Steve Harvey will continue to exploit and enable black women into further ruin.

    Down in the south you already see most black women either in groups with other black women or with some dyke. You seldom see them with a man and if you do it’s some useless simp or a dude who’s sexuality is questionable. It truly is sad what many of their fates will be. Their pursuit for validation from white society and to be disassociated from black men has led them to this point. You sold your men and race out for coin and a pat on the head. Yet the brightest among you like Viola Davis are crying on award shows when they get a smidge of white validation.

    Saddest people on the planet dude…

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  4. Also, shameless plug, but here’s the first of one of my video game play through videos. If you’d like to see more, as well as some social commentary videos, watch the vid, share it, post it on facebook, write comments, and thumbs it up. Also, check out my wordpress and do the same there. Once again, this is how we’ll grow.

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  5. Looks like the hair-hatted weave heads in the U.S. just took another BIG LOSS as the GOP took the White House and BOTH houses of Congress from their meal-ticket party, the Democrats. Hopefully this will accelerate the process of dismantling the liberal welfare-state which sent the so-called black community into a tailspin to hell.

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    • Exactly. Whether u like Trump or not, he is a key in destroying the political correctness of the nation. Also, the black lives matter stooges protesting and whining over his victory are indicative of the products of black single mothers.

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  6. Generalization, that’s the problem with people. Taking something one person says and generalizing a whole group of people. As a black woman who owns my own home, has a credit score of 725 and rising, has an extremely high I.Q. and has no problem getting any man of any race, this is just a sad and pathetic attempt to demean and entire group of people. I am so sad that I do not think this way, because I have seen the good and the bad in many races and am intelligent enough to realize that there are good and bad in every race and gender.


    • Kay,

      You say you have a high I.Q yet here you are using an oxymoron. The word “general” does not mean all, this is common sense and logic 101. General statements are allowed to be made whenever you have a certain demographic within any group that makes up at least 51% or more.

      Dysfunctional behaviour amongst black women well exceeds 51% of black female society whether it be nationally or worldwide, in western countries I personally would estimate the figure at around 90-95%.

      So what, exceptions do not override the general rule, your claim that you can get any man of any race(which I personally don’t believe is totally accurate) and your additional statement claiming you do not think in a dysfunctional manner still does not reflect on black women as a whole.

      Also, attempting to bring in other races and genders does not help your case here either as this article is dealing with black women and black women alone. You’ll notice that it is only black women who will immediately make references to other races and genders whenever their feet are held to the fire, this is truly sad and pathetic.


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