Thinking Of Grabbing A Woman From Africa – You’d Better Think Again!

Please take a look at following black female monstrosity hailing from the Ivory Coast, West Africa:


If black men honestly believe that they can easily escape the synthetic, mentally ill black female of western society by heading over to Africa and snagging themselves a clean black woman from there then they had better think again. I told you in my book Negro Wars that the ongoing mental illness, mental instability and mental insanity of the modern-day black woman is an INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM. I also reminded black men particular from the US not to believe that the problems they were and still are experiencing with local black women are exclusive to the United States alone.

This black woman goes by the name of Eudoxie Yao and has become quite a sensation on Instagram(the most common and popular place black women flock to, to show off their assets). Analysing the pictures we can immediately see the same traits as the Afro-American female manifesting themselves in this black woman from west Africa, of course in 2016 black women won’t be seen dead without a devil’s nest aka a weave upon their heads, wearing weave has now become the standard protocol for black women worldwide.

Additionally we have the excessive make up which is a typical symbol of feminism aswell as a sign of a deeply insecure nature. This woman much like many westernised black women has gone in so heavy on the make up that you actually cannot see her real face(which I strongly suspect is of a dark complexion), nobody has any idea what this woman really looks like underneath her clown mask. She of course has the fake eye lashes which most black women today won’t been seen dead without. She has the fake long nails aka the witch’s claws which again are a classic sign of a mentally unstable and insane woman. Last but no means least we have the butt implants which look absolutely ridiculous. It would be safe to say that her breasts have also been surgically enhanced.

I wrote in Negro Wars how the African-American female is the mascot of debauchery, reprobation and degeneracy that black women all around the world are now starting to gravitate towards. Most black women on planet earth are beginning to throw off their own cultures in favour of the decadent, plastic culture they see coming from the black woman of the United States. In essence, the black woman of the US is leading black women from other countries astray with her pseudo glamourous image of living the high life and indulging in childish lusts pertaining to money and material possessions.

As per usual where would an Instagram model be without labelling herself as a “God”. Again, as I stated in my previous post, a God is supposed to be a clean, holy and pure individual who does not indulge himself in the carnal fantasies and pursuits of men. Are you beginning to see why I prefer to use the term “westernised” when referring to defective black women as a whole? That way black women like this hideous Frankenstein who do not live in western countries are still covered, call it killing two birds with one stone.

If black men believe that the road to finding a decent black woman in Africa is going to be an easy one then they had better think again, these kinds of contaminated woman are rife throughout the continent. Don’t forget that African women too are wearing weaves at a high rate, they are also involving themselves in skin bleaching aswell as a variety of surgical procedures to enhance their looks and certain parts of the body. African women(especially those residing in west Africa) to a large degree have been tainted by western culture, they are determined to live out the lifestyles of the black women they see on the American screen(both big and small) making fools and buffoons of themselves on the daily.

Again, as I stated before black men should immediately walk away from black women and look for love and companionship elsewhere, you simply cannot build with women who find themselves constantly engaging in vain, mindless, nonsensical, egotistical behaviours, those black men who believe otherwise will have to learn their lesson the hard way.

For your own safety, security and peace of mind, walk away black men, simply walk away. This woman does not look attractive at all, remove the make up, the fake eye lashes, the fake nails, the weave, the butt injections and the breast implants and I am 100% positive that this woman would rank as a 3-4, and that is me being generous. As I will continue to say to black men, you deserve better and can do much better than the above. There is no hope and no change for the modern-day black female. A big behind and more time a synthetic one is all these common black women can bring to the table. #SYSBM.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Thinking Of Grabbing A Woman From Africa – You’d Better Think Again!

  1. Holy crap, it’s a mutant lol!

    Also, don’t forget to mention how these African women are even more abusive to their children than black American women.

    I also recently found a store that sold African and carribbean goods. They had some movies on DVD and so I looked them up to see if they were worth buying. these movies are basically pornos!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, I wrote about African women and the barbaric way they typically treat their children in Negro Wars. Yes they can be very brutal especially in the discipline department which is really physical abuse when dealing with most black mothers.

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    • I notice more and more so called non-black women or even less pure “black” women are having legit curves and booty, though there are still some fake out there just as BW. Most women who get butt enhancements are guess who? If you look at Irene Verasio a light Latina or this Indian chick Suheet Sahni you would see they can replace those women easily in the thick, curvy or booty department.

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  2. Hey Guys don’t worry! Once the black manosphere has thoroughly called out the “black female fuckery” then we can start on that nation building good ol Sarge WP can’t shut up about but won’t do himself. Before that we have to find a way to reform the bastard hell spawn of single black mothers, ya know the Pookie and Ray Rays of the world so we can take our communities back from the white supremacy. Then uz’s black queenz will repsect uz.

    The only thing I’m going to build is a log cabin in the words so I’ll be far away from these hellish nightmares from a Fallout game. But don’t worry Alphaman and his Alphasphere will do another hangout with the king simp to discuss solutions XD

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    • Lol anyone who looks at blacks and think the majority of blacks can be saved is and idiot. But let em do it though, just don’t involve yourself.

      And if black men are so defective, how are black women not even more so that way?

      You can not build a nation with someone who likes defective products

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      • Agreed and if you have the time check a youtuber called Hardcore Tito and his latest video. Dude it’s so depressing how evil and twisted black women are. I don’t know how verbs does it. But I couldn’t talk about the evil’s of black women frequently as he does. It’s too depressing and maddening.

        Thank God for Becky lol

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      • Whtgrlsrawsome,

        I here you bro. Once the main bases have been covered anything else that black women do I simply use to drive the point home even further.

        My position is that black women should now be abandoned and be replaced with non black women, I purposely keep posting new material about them to show black men why they must walk away from black women immediately.

        At the beginning I found it was quite depressing, however now it has become funny and enjoyable having them constantly prove me right, lol.

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    • I love you because you have shown Verbs et al. that they have nowhere to hide. Most women are deginerate whores/non thinkers. White women will not serve as a savior as the “Black” male must practice a moral mindset in order to be salvaged.

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      • lOngjOhnz,

        The problem black women are having is that nobody is accepting them as victims anymore, black men can do much better for themselves, we don’t have to tolerate substandard females.

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      • There’s a term in white supremacist circles called “ghetto lobster”. This is them making fun of a disgustingly common trend if you will of black babies being boiled alive in hot water. This is especially prevalent up north, but seems to have started in the south. Do you think these murders happen in homes with both parents or even just single fathers?

        I’ll be getting a new computer for Christmas to make lets play game videos with. I should be able to get a camera, and up will go some news and social commentary videos. Every time you guys post a blog, I’ll make a vid to promote it.

        This is how we’ll build the so called nation. By propping each other up, feeding off of each other’s success, promoting our ideas in the free market, and exposing the corruption of the black female.

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  3. She looks like that fat Mexican chick Tommy got on Tina Turnup (on YT, Tina Turnup Live) from the face. Body wise she may be photoshopping or using trickery to make her look with curves and not just globs of fat no shape. Yes some fat (not extreme) women can look good body-wise but I’m sus on her, damn blond weave/wig. She may even be a Hamite. The only African women who are wife material in comparison are Abyssinian women who look good in the face but body is another issue, followed by Afro-Asiatic and that’s about it.

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  4. I have recently done the first blog I’ve done in a while promoting SYSBM. This is the first of many blog posts that will soon be accompanied with YouTube videos. Check it out, comment, promote yourself and your platform, and sysbm!

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  5. I’ve battled with this topic within myself over the last three years. I am from the Caribbean and I’ve been around various groups of black women, and recently I’ve recognized that anywhere in the world where there is significant amount of black women, you’ll realize that their character traits are very similar to that of the African American female. It’s obviously not all of them, but the majority of them. Don’t be fooled by those who tell you it’s just African American ones…..look closely for yourself….the majority of them act the same way. You’d be better off ditching them all together. By the way, they have ditched the black man since slavery…it’s just more apparent these days.

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    • Jabari,

      Good to hear from you brother, I’m afraid it’s true. That same spirit of sisterhood is very strong within black women as a group regardless of which countries in the world they come from.

      SYSBM is the only way to go. By the way I’ve heard a lot of brothers who are attending college/university in the US talk about the abundance of beautiful non black women. I’ve been watching some prank videos and I now see exactly what black men are talking about:

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      • Verbs,

        Thank you brother, you know it’s always a pleasure. I happen to be one of those brothers who are experiencing what it’s like to be around beautiful non-black women in college in the U.S and it’s no turning back at this point. Black women are near finished out here and it’s not too surprising.

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    • Yep, the state of any place that blacks populate being a dump is undeniable, but also undeniable is that this is on the women. Black men thrive when with other women, so our failure can very much be blamed on being shackled to black women.

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  6. None of you monkeys figured out that the reason black women wear weaves and bleach their skin and try to look white is because no one appreciates black female features, not even black men. Black women believe that everyone likes non-black features which is why black women try their best not to look black. They are trying to please black men by trying to look white.


    • Then who was dating these hoes before weave?

      And black women don’t give a damn about pleasing black men, that’s why they don’t change their attitudes.

      And if that’s the case and black women are paying all this money to look non black, just get a woman that looks that way for free.

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    • Yasmine Cuellar,

      I have to laugh at is the fact that you honestly believe that hurling insults at me is somehow negating the facts. Here you are in the about section of my blog claiming that my website is a joke, yet through all of this you have managed to post 6 comments here aswell as 10 comments and counting so far on my Negro Wars Facebook fan page. You say that you are 60% Latina, however your behaviour is classic and indicative of the modern day black witch.

      If this blog is such a joke and I am a stupid monkey and a coon, then why are you bothering to engage one whom you claim is lower than yourself? Why are you putting in so much effort to be heard on a site that you claim is so insignificant? Black women are trying to please white men, this is why they wear weaves and all of the other circus clown apparatus. The Kansas City shuffle about black women wearing weave and bleaching their skin to please black men will not fly here, us black men at SlayingEvil know better.

      I have looked over the rest of the garbage that you have posted, I have already dealt with your various points numerous times over. At the end of the day black women are losing out to other races of women and your disparaging remarks aren’t changing a damn thing. Perhaps you should focus more upon black women who are actually engaging in destructive and degenerate behaviours rather than attempting to reprimand those who are merely pointing them out.

      Black women and their advocates are just like a pestilence, you will come out of every gap and corner attempting to defend reprobate and dysfunctional behaviour. Sorry, your mentally ill foolishness will not pass here, keep it moving and thanks for proving me right. #SYSBM.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Do you see how no matter where you are black women and their advocates will somehow sniff you out and find you? They continue to add fuel to the fire as to why black men must walk away from them.

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      • You stupid retarded nigger: It’s funny how you like to talk so lowly of black females thinking that it’s going to get you accepted by non-black races when the good majority of white people and other races are saying the same shit that you’re saying about black females. Lmfao you are the prime example why black males arent worth shit. You’re all retarded, evil and ugly as fuck and only someone who enjoys bestiality would sleep with you. If you look around online you will find plenty of websites talking shit about black males and they are talking about how they should exterminate all of you. And stop trying to sound smart you retarded dindu nuffin’; you think your use of long sentences and big words that you don’t understand are intimidating somebody when in actuality you just further demonstrated that you’re just another retarded, pretentious blowhard nigger piece of shit that’s stealing all of our air while using his ugly greasy super cooler lips to say big words which are actually word-filler. All black males are worthless evil ugly bottom feeding cockroaches who leech off of the industriousness of other races. You’ve never built shit or accomplished anything. Men are supposed to be the pillars of society, but black males have never accomplished shit except spread disease and strife among all human beings. As the saying goes: you give a black man a city and he will give you a pile of bricks, but give a white man a pile of bricks and he will give you a city.

        And don’t start with that “we wuz kangz and shiet!!” because it’s been debunked time and time again that Egyptians were never black.


      • Oh and you stupid waste of protoplasm (your dumb black ass doesn’t even know what protoplasm is), I wasn’t defending dysfunctional behavior in black women. Where have I defended dysfunctional behavior in black women? I will defend decent black women though. I simply pointed out the dysfunctional behavior in blacks males. How the fuck is pointing out dysfunctional behavior in black males defending dysfunctional black females? You’re a Grade A retard.

        I will be glad when 99% of black males are exterminated. That will be the day. 🙂


    • Black women are “…trying to please black men…” LOL. Since when do black women seek to please black men ? LOL !!!!!!!!!!!! Black women are only trying to please themselves.

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  7. @Verbs

    They seem out not only drama, but also black men building something. They wish to destroy anything black men put together, including families. They just be exposed further for the demon wives they are.

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    • You retard black males don’t know shit about fatherhood. If anything they destroy families because they are filthy homewrecker whores. Black men don’t put families together. Stay off the crack, bitch. The middle name of every black male is “destruction and crime”. The black male is the debil himself. They all need to ne exterminated.


      • Yasmine Cuellar,

        Go and walk it off woman, you sleep with Ray Ray, Dey Dey and J Boogie from the block and expect fatherhood to spring forth from such individuals, this is how stupid most black women are. Not to mention the fact that it was you black women that created these black male monsters to begin with, deal with your own mess instead of attempting to blame others for your own calamities dummy.

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    • Stupid monkey, I didn’t claim the fact that I am mixed to brag, you retatded simian. I stated that fact just in case you morons would call me another “dark skinned hair hatted hooligan”. I stated the fact that I am mixed to make it known that even the mixed black sisters are standing up for darker women with kinkier hair. I stated the fact that I am mixed to let you know I wear my own hair, because mixed girls usually wear their own hair and the darker girls usually do not. I did state the fact that i am mixed to put down black women or to brag, you schizophrenic idiot. It’s funny how you want to accuse me of bragging about me being mixed when your retarded ass spends your life here talking about how superior white women’s hair is to black women’s.


    • It’s a warning (like the poison dart frog) that these women are toxic and not to be approached under any circumstances!

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      • And like all black males are primadonnas? 99% of black males are evil synagogues of Satan. And black males are stupid as fuck. All great philosophers and scientists were European: Plato, Hermes Trismegistus, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell…..

        Only good black male is a dead one. 🙂


  8. ……WHATTA FAKE ASS……AYAAAAS!! What the……what? Smmfh+facepalm….
    Man lemme put this goddamn mic down before I throw it as this f*ckin….Welp???

    According to the po-bwacks…”dats gaaaawdt righ durr!!!”

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  9. Please note that the USA is, by far, the leader in culture. The world does not follow what is done in Russia, China, or Brazil. The black women of Africa follow the lead of USA black women. Getting an African hair weave head is not an upgrade over a USA black female. In fact, it may be a downgrade to get an African hair weave head.

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  10. The writer of this blog is an idiot. Sounds jealous and insecure. The black woman is the most beautiful of all races. And this woman in which you speak so negative of is actually beautiful and she’s as real as they get. Stop hating. And to haters commenting, know this, all other race strive continuously to look like the black woman. No white, no Chinese, no Japanese, No Russian, etc. is born ad sexy and thick like the black woman, and that’s why all these white woman are doing surgeries. To the writer, I say this also, guh suck yuh big pussy mada and stop speak negative of the black people.


    • Black People Defender,

      Weaves, fake eye lashes, fake eyebrows, shaves off eyebrows just to draw them on with crayon, thick layers of make up, skin bleaching, blue/green/grey contact lenses, butt implants by the truckload. The modern day black female is a complete and utter disgrace and a blemish upon the image of blackness. Don’t even roll up in here and attempt to defend trash by labelling it as beautiful, nobody here is falling for that Kansas City shuffle. The woman above is as fake as they come, originality is more beautiful. Learn to speak proper English too.


  11. Our man Verbs, always ahead of the curve. Tommy Sotomayor just did a show on this sideshow freak a couple of days ago, yet this thread is from a couple of YEARS ago.

    Eudoxie is fat, ugly and looks like she stinks. Self-hatred on the hoof. I can see one or more of those thirsty African dudes hittin’ it and quittin’ it, in the dead of night, but not be seen with the chick in public, and definitely not wifing it up. Western reality TV and Instagram have socially engineered and brainwashed these hoes, Africa is no exception. Not that they were much good to begin with.

    Also funny is the scumbags and simps like “Yasmine Cuellar” & “Black People Defender” who claim to not care what black men do, yet can always find their way to this obscure blog to spew their garbage. Why is that?

    “Defender” is especially pathetic.

    Non-black women are the way forward. SYSBM, leave them all behind.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      These black sirens always seem to find their way to blogs and forums that they claim are insignificant, yet if this is the case then why are they here, lol?


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