Black Women Are Utter Trash – Pro Blacks Please Explain This!

Please take a look at the following images:


It was recently brought to my attention that Amber Rose organised a slut walk which took place in Los Angeles at the beginning of the month(October). Of course black women having already crowned Rose with a black pass of honour were only too willing to partake in her decadent festivities. As I wrote in my book Negro Wars, there is no level to which the modern day black woman will not stoop to, which is one of the main reasons why black men must immediately walk away from such contaminated, toxic and putrid individuals.

However this one here is for the pro black, red, black and green squads, how do you explain these images of your so called “queens”? Isn’t YOUR black woman supposed to be a cut above the rest? At this point I’m sure that the pro blacks will quickly point out the fact that non black women also partook in the walk, however there is still a problem.

According to you pro blacks YOUR black woman is supposed to be a queen, an empress, a god and whatever other silly titles of nobility you red, black and green squaddies bestow upon her, however you do realise that queens, gods and other forms of nobility live a completely different lifestyle to that of the serfs and the common people don’t you? A queen is supposed to live the life of an upstanding figurehead setting a GOOD example for the rest of the people within the kingdom to follow.

Question pro blacks, why is YOUR black woman involving herself in degenerate activities such as slut walking instead of setting a responsible and upstanding example for others to follow? Remember, black women claim that they are above non black women in that they do not exalt them as queens and gods like they do themselves. Why are your queens involving themselves in the behaviours of peasants, serfs and common folks eh pro blacks?

The joke really becomes apparent when you begin to examine the ridiculous pro black doctrine of “the black woman is god”. A God is supposed to be living a lifestyle which is so far above his creation, a God is meant to be pure, clean and holy, most of all a God is certainly not to involve himself in the dysfunctional and degenerate activities of men. Is anybody else beginning to see a serious problem here? So called “gods” walking the streets of Los Angeles holding up banners that read “My Pussy My Choice”, “I Do What I Want With My Hot Body”, “Reclaim The Word Slut”, “Don’t Tell Me To Cover Up”, “Don’t Tell Me How To Dress”, “We’re Taking Sluts Back” etc, is this what godhood has now been reduced to?

In 2016 black women are a complete and utter disgrace, black men should treat black women the same they would sites of nuclear fallout, distance themselves as far away from them as possible. On a spiritual level, can you even begin to fathom the serious spiritual ramifications that would befall any man dealing with such adulterated, tainted and corrupt women? No thanks I’ll pass, black women can keep their contaminated vaginas and their polluted philosophies to themselves.

As per usual black women are the last to know what is going on yet the first to partake in anything that looks good on the surface. At the end of the day as I stated in my previous post, when it is time to get serious and white men crack the whip, white women will immediately fall into line and support them because to white folks the preservation of their race comes first above all. The same applies to other non black men, their women will follow them in like manner, however the $5 black female will be the only one left holding the bag alone. To her preserving herself and her white father’s kingdom is of much more importance than sustaining and keeping the black nation strong.

Black men need to get serious, double down and stop holding onto that small piece of hope in their hearts believing that black women will one day see the error of their ways and change for the better, we can clearly see that things are getting worse and that black women are determined to ride the road of destruction until they hit the grave. The preservation of the black male is at stake here, there is no more time for playing games, black men must immediately abandon ship on black women and seek out love and companionship elsewhere. Black men can do much better for themselves and they most certainly deserve better.

Negro Wars

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

15 thoughts on “Black Women Are Utter Trash – Pro Blacks Please Explain This!

  1. Keep in mind, if you showed such things to white women 28 years or older (and some quite younger ones who are conservative) they will be disgusted. White gated communities are not filled with women who do slut walks, nor would white housewives who volunteer at the church and do bake sales for the homeless condone them. God knows Asian, Indian, and middle eastern women would be disgusted.

    The biggest difference is, even with feminism, other men can and will still call their women out and put them in their place.

    Black women LIVE slut walks for most of their lives. Literally, black women will be in their 60s and 70s still flashing leg and running the damn streets, then by the time she’s 89 (because this evil b1tch never dies) she decides it’s time to settle down and get married lol.

    Our women are a joke. They complain about overpopulation so much in those Asian countries. Go and get some of their women!!

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    • Afrofuturism1 ,

      Black women can keep their degeneracy in their own back yard, I want no part of such decadent behaviour. At this point I would be completely disingenuous to still be recommending black women as a viable option for black men, I simply cannot do it. Now they are openly declaring and titling themselves as sluts as opposed to just going through the motions of slutdom, what a disgrace.

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  2. Even these pro-Black love simps are slowly getting it. It must be embarrassing to support a million thot march. The support of this fringe behavior is fast getting old…..fringe in when considering the totality of women around the world.

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    • Eddie,

      Indeed, what an embarrassment. The pro black love simp squads have given the black woman time and space to change her ways and improve herself, yet she has only gotten worse. You’re right, though many of them are afraid to admit it in public, behind closed doors they are painfully having to accept the fact that as a collective their “queens” will have to be written off as goods that are damaged beyond repair.

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  3. Lmfao at Afro man Asian women would be utterly mortified as this trash they have strong moral codes. The funny thing is especially in Thailand and the Philippines those women have more of a conscious backbone about what black men go through in our country than black women. These Asians have Facebook groups dedicated to dating black men uplifting black men calling us kings. You think these scum of the earth degenerate black women would ever give us such props they will be left all alone in the end rotting in society the Vultures will eat good at their demise.

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  5. Remember, gents. It is only self hate if you believe you aren’t worthy of better than a black female.
    How degraded would you feel if someone offered you a bowl of dog food claiming this is the best meal you deserve?


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