White Woman Steals Black Man From Under The Nose Of A Black Woman – Becky Strikes!


I had a feeling that this form of sniper strike would start occurring, to be honest in 2016 it isn’t very difficult for many black men to cross the fence and start dealing with non black women, with black women as a collective openly engaging in dysfunctional and destructive behaviour on the daily, the decision to abandon them has been made so much easier.

What Emma witnessed in the mall is an all too common scenario, black women have absolutely no decorum whatsoever, they always feel the need to instigate arguments with black men in public, in fact in the average black woman’s eyes the more spectators there are the better. Emma also talked about the fact that this black woman was going off on the man over nothing.

We also know this to be true because honest black men can attest to the fact that black women as a whole are the most petty and miserable individuals on the planet, as I stated in my book Negro Wars black women hate peace, tranquillity and harmony, they function at their best in environments of war, strife, beef, chaos, unrest, contention, volatility etc. Black women will typically go out of their way nitpick and gripe over the most trivial and insignificant issues.

Notice how the black male concerned called her the very same night, he obviously wants out of a relationship that is filled with nothing but war, conflict, pain and misery. This is all the modern-day black woman brings to the table, warfare, conflict, misery and strife. The most embarrassing part of the post above is the fact that white women are fully aware that black women generally treat black men horribly, mind you this is the same treatment that black women have been passing off to black men as “normal and acceptable” for years.

The “this is normal behaviour, just accept it” Kansas City shuffle simply isn’t working anymore, black men are waking up to and embracing the fact that they are under no obligation to accept belligerent, violent, rude, rebellious, dysfunctional and degenerate behaviour from black women. Since black women have already made it abundantly clear that are not interested in good black men, white women and other non black women are free to snatch up black men using any and all techniques at their disposal.

Non black women are fully aware of the fact that at any time they can swoop in, pick up any black male of their choosing and there is nothing black women can do about it. Black women hate the fact that black men have much more flexibility and access to non black women than they do to non black men, this is the main reason why they will immediately resort to shaming tactics, guilt tripping and insults every time they see a black man with a non black woman. It’s an insecurity and jealousy issue with black women when they see black men dating outside the race.

As I stated in my previous post, black women as a whole have lost, non black women will continue to launch tactical sniper operations such as the one above and more black men will put themselves out in the open as non black women’s willing hostages. It is simply a fact that non black women overall treat black men better than black women do. Black women want to talk about white women stealing good black men, oh, the theft is on and popping big time now.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “White Woman Steals Black Man From Under The Nose Of A Black Woman – Becky Strikes!

  1. Another great article! And watch this black man will be called a coon or an uncle Tom for trying to leave a miserable relationship for a better one. Growing up I was always treated better by non-black but white women in particular when it came to feeling wanted, desired and like a man. Black women don’t want to wake up to this fact, and fine, I’ve decided never to date one over a decade ago. Hope this girl and this man end up in a happy relationship. And hopefully we see this sorta thing happen more and more in college.

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    • Reggie James,

      Well said. I too was treated with more respect and shown more appreciation when I was a youth by non black girls, at the same time I remember being scolded, berated and insulted randomly by black girls for no reason at all.

      I broke away from dealing with black women 8 years ago though I wish I’d done so much earlier. At this late stage black women must be abandoned and left alone to their own devices.

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    • Eddie,

      Much appreciated for your kind words. Black men have simply had enough of the continual garbage that black women bring to the table. Since black women are too prideful and stubborn to change their ways for the better, #SYSBM all the way.

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  2. I was told I was “lame” today by a black girl at a MUSEUM no less. Later, while at Walmart, a white woman told me how she just had to tell me how handsome I was and offered her number. Also, one woman in the story was attractive. The other looked like a nigga I used to get shot at dragging kids through the zoo with. Guess which was which!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Oh, I already know who is who, the black witch will go out of her way to denigrate, belittle and insult a black male at any opportunity that presents itself to her. And to think that we were brought up and instructed to be unconditionally loyal to such an foul and nasty individual.

      I’ve got a post coming soon where I am going to be showcasing various posts from social media where black women are speaking their minds about how they truly feel about black men.

      Becky and Suzy overall have always been warmer, friendlier and more receptive to black men than Lequanda and Keisha, what an embarrassment on the part of black women, the fact that non black women treat black men far better than they do.

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  3. Yeah I saw a BEAUTIFUL white woman today and was absolutely taken aback. She was dating a black man, and he seemed legitimately happy. Which, if you saw her, you’d be too. If she were my wife, she’d of been getting D’d down lol, excuse the statement.

    But the point is, there was a sense of joy and “lovey dovey” ness that just isn’t present in black relationships. And keep in mind, this was a fairly hood looking, dread head black guy, it wasn’t even a “Carlton”. Notice how black men thrive and enjoy life when removed from the shackles of black women.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The black woman is the modern day slave master and overseer of the black male, she operates a regime of pure misery with a stone cold heart. Black women typically don’t connect emotionally with black men, the only time they wish to make their feelings known is when it’s time to whine and complain about something trivial and insignificant.

      Black men who date white women and other non black women look at ease and have peace within their heart, this can clearly be observed and cannot be denied.

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  4. @verbs

    Biles is an Olympic athlete. She’s a dark skinned black Woman who was recently in some no name white guy’s music video. Despite being more popular than him, she’s basically lusting for him in the video, and black women’s wet dreams have come true on social media.

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  5. Hahaha! That story is brilliant, and a harbinger of things to come for the near future. #SYSBM is no longer a solo mountain climb, is now a cakewalk, thanks to them white girls!

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    • Michel,

      SYSBM is the only way forward for the thinking black man at this point. Black men must walk away from black women immediately. They have been given ample time to change their ways for the better, yet they have only sunk deeper into degeneracy.

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  6. As a fellow black man graduating from a university, since I’ve been exposed to many non-black women and their feminine nature, I will never going back to black women. Black women, along with their help from the media, try to paint black men as unsuitable for marriage with any woman since we won’t commit to them. But any black man that have gotten interests from many different non-black women (especially Asian women) has proven that narrative is false. What rationale black man would want to go back to some so-called woman who won’t even respect you as a man, let alone a black man?

    As a proud member of SYSBM, it is alright with me if Becky and Chun-Li are snatching up the good black men. The simps and hoodlums can have all the black women they want. I’ll admit I did give black women a chance back in my youth, but they didn’t want me back then. So their cries and hatred will fall on deaf ears when I put a ring on Chun-Li’s finger lol.

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    • Great to know you’re marriage minded, bro. And hopefully, simps and vile negresses will engage in their antics toward each other at super speed, eventually being killed off faster than the vermin can screw and produce another brood.

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      • Oh believe me, I tell most black men every chance I get when in private. I tell them that a college education is not a requirement to be with a non-black woman. But if you want a quality non-black woman and are marriage-minded, it can only help. In my case, a black man with a mathematics degree? I am a hot commodity to non-black women lol.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      I’m encouraged to see more black men taking the non black woman route. You simply cannot form a relationship and build with an individual who is hell bent on the destruction of her own people.

      At least with non black women you can be yourself, you are permitted to express your manhood and you are not penalised for it. I don’t believe there is a black man alive today who didn’t receive a hard time from black women as a youth, we all suffered at the hands of such wicked individuals, however the tables have now turned in our favour. Why shouldn’t we now take advantage of this turn of the tide, especially in light of the fact that black women as a group hate us?

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      • @sigmajones
        Non black women will take black men as and where they are, and inadvertently lift them up to some place higher

        Black women will take black men who are going up and bring them down

        White and non black women respond to being treated like ladies and treat black men like gentlemen

        Black women, no matter what, are most moist when engaging with thugs and trash. You can not build with individual like this!

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    • Ahh, college days! Brings back good memories of a gorgeous blonde Becky I was dating during my undergrad days. We had several classes together, and one day in my Sophmore year after a class when we were walking together, out of the blue she wraps her arms around me and plants a nice soft kiss on my lips. Needless to say she activated the launch code to my missile, and it was “game on” all the way to graduation!

      The so-called “sisters” never once gave me the time of day during college. From that point on they were permanently off my radar – and haven’t looked back!


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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        You’ll notice that this is the commons history amongst so many black men, Becky is giving us attention, treating us with respect and showing you love all day, meanwhile Shaniqua is giving us the cold shoulder, treating us with contempt, disrespecting us and looking upon us as slaves. The preferred choice is obvious.

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  8. Yea where im from all white women love black men and wont listen to any racism against them. Every time i was caught playing games a white woman came and you best believe that the black man pound the shit out of her left her white husband for him and she probably did it back too. Who knows where they are now probably having lots of kids like usual bm and white woman relationship

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  9. If a white man cheated on a white woman with a black woman best believe that black man would steal her away and pound the shit out of her

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  10. As staed before i travel all over the world white women, latin women, and Asain women especially in SE Asia adore black men. We do not have to put up with these loser and filthy black women nobody wants them i cant wait for the day where they are completely done. I wish there was a Death Star like in Star Wars to destroy them now.

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  11. BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! http://www.BoycottBitches.com I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


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