Trick Daddy Tells Black Women To Tighten Up Their Game!

Please take a look at the short clip below:

Of course you already know that this video hasn’t gone down well at all with the bitter sisterhood of black women, they have been calling Trick Daddy all kinds of coons, Uncle Toms, sell outs, Uncle Ruckuses etc. You have to laugh at black women, as long as Trick Daddy is degrading them over a song they will have no problems with him or the particular track involved. However as soon as he puts the instrumental to the side and tells black women to clean up their act because non black women are looking just as good as if not better than them, all manner of hell breaks loose within the camp.

Black women ought to be listening to what Trick Daddy has to say because he represents the image of the typical black men most black women gravitate towards, in other words Trick Daddy is the perfect man to be giving black women advice. Trick Daddy has been saying what I have been stating for a while now and what I wrote about in my book Negro Wars, the fact that black women are taking huge L’s left and right on the daily. To be honest White and Spanish women haven’t needed to do anything in order to surpass black women, the modern-day black woman’s insecurities coupled with her unquenchable desire to be masculine is what has sealed the deal of relegation for her.

Black women have already lost the battle to non black women, even a notorious thug/rapper/gangster is now calling out black women on their shortfalls, this is how far modern-day black women have fallen and this is one of the main reasons why I will continue to encourage black men to seek love and companionship with non black women. Another point that ought to be raised here is the fact that non black women have no problems carrying out the standard duties of womanhood that are meant to be performed without throwing tantrums, griping and moaning about the process.

Trick Daddy says that black women are losing, however as far as I am concerned and as I stated before in my opinion black women have already lost. Black women believe that they have the right to present themselves to black men anyhow and that black men must accept black women in whatever condition they are in. Not anymore mac, when black men were under the spell and indoctrination of the black woman, this nonsensical standard would have had more of a chance of passing, however since black men are wakening up and are now walking away from black women in their droves, the modern-day black female can no longer use that particular Kansas City shuffle.

The world is sick and tired of black women, even their number one choice of black male is now beginning to distance himself from them and head for greener pastures. The modern-day female has turned into a lazy, decadent slob, as a result her future will not be very bright at all.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

18 thoughts on “Trick Daddy Tells Black Women To Tighten Up Their Game!

    • Afrofuturism1,

      I want to distance myself as far as possible from black women, they are truly a nasty, vindictive and evil bunch of individuals. Came across a post on Facebook with this heifer here celebrating the fact that the Birth Of A Nation movie didn’t make as much money as the crossing dressing Negro known as Tyler Perry and his latest Madea franchise film.

      Everytime I go onto Facebook I see the hatred black women have for black men increasing day by day, its not because we have done anything wrong to them, its simply because of the fact that we are now refusing to allow black women to walk all over us as per the instructions of their white daddy, thus they are going to be finding it more difficult to claim their treats and benefits from the state. Sad.

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      • Black women love to buy the crap that demeans and devalues black men and the black community, but ask them to purchase something that will make our community better? Suddenly they’re broke. Trick Daddy is a brave man for saying what he said. His career might be over but he had one relevant message that hopefully opened the eyes of some young black man out there.

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      • Reggie James,

        Its already been tested and you’re right, Birth Of A Nation vs Tyler Perry’s latest Madea installment is just one example of many. These modern day black women are the most wicked individuals to walk the planet, despite the issues white woman have with their men, they will still support them when white men require it because as far as they both are concerned the race comes first over anything else. Black women are the complete opposite, in their eyes betrayal of black men comes first over everything else.

        Trick Daddy spoke the truth and black woman as per usual just couldn’t handle it, its a pity that there are still large numbers of black men who are unaware of just how treacherous and evil this black woman really is, however at the same time I am pleased to see that more black men than ever before are shaking themselves free of the black woman’s witchcraft.

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  1. Have you seen this shine Justinj1223? Saying things like black women are the most disrespected and trying to defend them. Never mind the fact that he sounds just like one of them: loud, foul mouthed, and sounding like some fruit or tranny.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’ve just looked up this guy now, firstly I don’t like Sodomites and secondly this fool is repeating the same lame talking points that the black witch uses.

      The modern day black woman is an asset of the state, meaning she is a highly protected individual. Pay no mind to disingenuous buzzards like Justinj1232, they believe that they can still defend this black woman even though she has already flushed her reputation down the toilet.

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      • There’s no one who loves yet hates black women more than sodomites, since their antics, mannerisms, speech patterns, and colloquiallisms are what fruits imitate. There’s no one more disrespectful to black womanhood, because gays literally make fun of the fact that there’s very little difference between them and a fat black woman. They all look sexually confused and sound like the plant from little shop of horrors.

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  2. Yeah I like how you said that white women, when the rubber hits the road, will stick by their men and play their role. Look at middle and upper class white gated communities: its full of white housewives with lots of kids!

    Also notice the lack of violence from the women in their community.

    This is one reason why I can not fully stand with the mgtow crowd: even with feminism, non-black women are still a far better choice for a mate. Do not tell me one minute that white men deal with the same crap from their women (no they don’t) and then say the white man is the devil the next minute.

    White women will play their roles and will build. You can not build with black women. Africa proves it!!!


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Fully agree with what you stated about Africa. Also what black women did involving the sabotaging of the Birth Of A Nation film proves to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that black men cannot build anything with black women in their vicinity. Black women are destructive individuals, there isn’t a constructive bone in their bodies.

      At this stage it cannot be argued against, non black women overall are indeed a better choice of mate despite having various issues themselves(though not as many as black women). Exactly, non black women in the end will stand by their men, they will always put the preservation of their race first.

      This modern day black female however is a completely different breed, she is determined instead to eradicate her own people. How on earth can you build with somebody who mission it is to ensure that you don’t build, that you fall flat on your face and that you are destroyed? How on earth can you build with a woman who is purposely defending the Kingdom of your enemy?

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      • This is why I wholly advocate replacing them. Look at how black men thrive when they have white women. Even hood rat men, even if they just have far ugly ones, suddenly become less violent, have at least low end jobs, and take care of their children. This is because white women will make men feel like men and let them be fathers as well.

        When the dregs of another group are better mates than the ball busting “good ones” of your own, it is time to eradicate that element.

        Going back to the Africa statement, it would be better for black men wherever they are to marry non black women, and if they just have to have black women, marry very light skin mixed ones who were raised by white women.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Black men must replace black women with non black women immediately, the survival and the preservation of the black male is at stake here. I yet again have to agree with you on hood black men, you can openly observe them doing better for themselves with white woman and other non black women. I even stated in Negro Wars how black men are allowed to be themselves when they date and marry non black women.

        Black women will never allow black men to be themselves because they are working against them on behalf of their white father and his kingdom. For a long time I fought off the idea that black women must be replaced, however with the mountain loads of evidence piling up on the table, at this point I would be a purified fool to still recommend them as viable companions to black men.

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  3. Black men, even those raised around the dregs of black women, will do better when separated from black women. But they MUST be separated!!!

    Non black women will be soft and yet black men will step up, black women will be ball busting harridans and black men will not change despite it. Interesting isn’t it?

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    • First…black men need to separate themselves from each other.!!! This new breed of self haters… can’t live with anyone.They hate black women… they’re killing each other in record numbers…and when they do get with white women…that doesn’t work out either.These men are the most miserable individuals on the planet.I wish they would get with “ANY” woman and be happy.Then maybe…just maybe…they wouldn’t feel the need to keep bashing black women.Why don’t you just leave….and forget about us!!! Bye!!!


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