Ebrahim Aseem The Bootlicking Simp Strikes Again

Take a look at this deceptive statement made by the bootlicking minstrel known as Ebrahim Aseem:

I’ve been watching this guy for a while now, much like the majority of the manginas and white knights residing in Simp city, this misguided soul honestly believes that licking the boots of sub standard women(especially irresponsible black women) will somehow score him some brownie points with them, thus landing him a date that will blossom into a relationship. Errr, no mate. Why are we not surprised to learn that after all the women’s boots he has been licking clean for years, Ebrahim Aseem is still single? The average simp never seems to learn in life despite falling on his face time and time again because of his dysfunctional approach when dealing with females.

One thing I despise about simps/white knights and manginas is their dishonesty towards women, the men around them aswell as themselves. Telling women the truth is the best thing that you can do for them, the emotional onslaught you would receive from many women thereafter is irrelevant, as a man you have an obligation to put women straight everytime they step out of line. It is not your duty as a man to reward women for their irresponsible and dishonest behaviour, however the simp known as Ebrahim Aseem seems to think otherwise.

Yes shine, the reason why many “woke” black men are turning away from black women is because they are finally beginning to realise that they do not have to accept and tolerate the dysfunctional and sub standard buffoonery that the overwhelming majority of black women bring to the table. You lying buzzard Aseem, you know full well that most black women have a serious attitude problem, this is one of the main reasons why the overwhelming majority of them are single. And yes you are right, most black women are not nappy headed, instead they are weave/wig headed in order to hide their own natural hair, you already know this too.

If black women have such a great intuition for seeing through “woke brothers” then can you please explain why so many of these “wise” black women are being impregnated at the hands of the scum and the lowest common denominators of black male society? What’s the problem Aseem, has your tongue gone on vacation? This is my point, simps and manginas will always fall short whenever they are held to account, examined, questioned and scrutinised on their dysfunctional antics and disjointed philosophies.

Then this clown had the cheek to state that “woke” black men are instead choosing to date weak girls in order to put themselves in an alpha position by default. By using the term “weak girls” Aseem really means feminine non black women who know their place ie they accept their gender roles without reservation or complaint. It is not “weak” of black men to refuse to tolerate dysfunctional, belligerent, rebellious, violent, uncooperative behaviour Aseem, where are you going with such nonsense?

“SHE WON’T SUBMIT TO YOU BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T TRUST YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD HER”?? No bootlicker, absolutely incorrect once again, she refuses to submit because number one she is trying to be the man in the relationship herself and number two, she has been given a leadership position by her white liberal father that she must hold onto at all costs, she is not about to give up her position of power as this means she would no longer be able to claim her treats, benefits and goodies from the state. The modern-day black woman is the current day slave master of the black male, this is the task that she has been given by her white father and she has no problems volunteering for any role which will ensure that black men are placed in a subservient position to her.

Again, you have to laugh at this joker, he purports so hold so much wisdom when it comes down to relationships yet his blackside is still single. He has claimed in the past that he is waiting for that special woman, no Aseem, most of your women followers think you are a lame and simply use your vain statements to tickle their fragile egos and to make themselves feel better about the various failures they have made in life. When Ebrahim Aseem lands himself a woman at that point I will begin to take him seriously, until then he needs to take 10 seats and keep his mouth shut.

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Most High Bless

18 thoughts on “Ebrahim Aseem The Bootlicking Simp Strikes Again

  1. Hit the nail on the head. These SIMP fools are so desperate they see black men leaving and they want to kinda announce that they’re here and available. It’s the equivalent of in high school when the girl you liked had a crush on the school badboy who rebelled you say he’s bad and doesnt care about her and by that logic she should wanna date you. This guy doesn’t have the ability to date non-black women. So he tries to cling to black women and act like the hero and lie to them hoping he’ll get laid.

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    • Reggie James,

      These simps are a pest and a nuisance because they are the ones enabling dysfunctional black women. This guy is a complete buffoon, he’s been brown nosing for black women for years and yet he’s still single. I don’t know how many times these types of black men need to be slapped upside the head to realise that black women simply aren’t interested in them. If they were then he would have gotten himself a black woman by now.

      There is another simp on Facebook who I’m going to go in on shortly, these bootlickers have to be fully exposed and dealt with one by one.

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  2. So very true these manginas are a serious reverse gear for BM dealing with BW. The best thing to do is back out of any notion that BW will right the ship regarding the BC. As you said, they have their petty power position over BM bestowed upon her by white daddy. These simp buzzards add fuel to an uncontrolled fire. Date out and SYSBM.

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    • Eddie,

      SYSBM is the only viable way forward for black men at this point, black women as a group just like their father Satan are destined to rot in the lowest depths of Hell and so they have decided that they are going to take with them as much of black society as they can. Simps are also a severe pestilence which need to be snuffed out. Black women are fully locked in going all out for their white father, therefore it is only right that thinking black men double down even further and go all out to distance ourselves as far away from black women as is humanly possible.

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  3. Soon, with sysbm and the coming collapse of feminism, these clowns will be the only ones left to breed with black women. As they raze each other in the ghettoes they inhabit, we will build a far better black race on their ashes.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      There is no profit in simping and throwing one’s own self under the bus for women but especially black women. Tell them the truth and be upfront, if they cannot handle the truth then that is their burden not yours.

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      • Once again, i stress how important it is for us to have our own media, as then we can tell our story and not have to simp for these “queens”, like the mainstream media does.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Indeed sir, the mainstream media will continue to peddle the “black women are victims” narrative until they themselves crash(which is already starting to happen).

        A house build upon a corrupt foundation cannot stand. I am going to additionally start making Youtube videos in the near future dealing mainly with this defective black woman and other topics related.

        This is why blogs such as SlayingEvil are important and must be supported as my site and other like it are speaking up for black men and their causes.

        Having been banned on Facebook so many times I’ve simply decided to post articles here and instead post the links to my material in Facebook.

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  4. He is speaking up for BW but like you said he is still single probably does not make six figures or have a degree you see simps want attention like these ingrate BW but they will not give the attention back unless he starts buying them material assets or make his self a target to be used in the system like Verbs states they do not care about you fool these clowns need to be outed. They defend these BW but everytime shit gets real with BM BW go run and hide and turnover for their white daddy these Simp defending BM defending BW should be ashamed of themselves.

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  6. The part when he said “She won’t submit to you because she doesn’t trust your ability to lead” He kind of has a point there. I think what we have been through as black people with slavery and not having enough power to prevent the subjugation of our women and children HAS played a role in black women not trusting us…. Plus we have failed to build our communities to the level other races have like Asians, Indians and even Hispanics.


  7. If “black women do not trust our ability to lead,” then they and their simp familiars shouldn’t care who intelligent black men date, cohabit with, or marry.

    Isn’t this same guy now playing the clean-up role with a babymama? Give him credit, the single mama and her kid are light-skinned like he is. Any casual observer would think they were an actual biological family.

    Also amazing how he’s considered “black” but Tyrese’s wife isn’t. Ha!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Black women have been appointed over us as task masters and slave drivers, in order to remain relevant to their white father and to continue receiving state benefits and other government treats, they must keep all black men on the plantation.

      Aseem sold himself very, very short sanitising somebody else’s mess. Single mothers should not be saved, they ought to be left to suffer the consequences of the bad decisions they made in the past. This is Aseem’s path, this most certainly will not be mine.


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