Black Woman Calls Out Cheap Men!


Meet K Melanie, a black woman who runs a YouTube channel called It’s Kells. A brother in a Google Plus group I am a member of posted one of her videos in which she talked about her displeasure concerning cheap men. Here is the video:

As far as I am concerned this is yet more evidence that adds credence to the fact that black women as a collective view black men as commodities, assets and stock ie slaves. Let’s be honest here, this woman isn’t referring to white men and other non black men, as we already know black women will repay non black men in other ways, they will go above and beyond the call of duty for non black men especially when their white lord, saviour, master and father is brought into the equation.

Let’s deal with some of the points she raised in the video. It’s very safe to assume that her “tight” male friend is black. She talked about this male friend of hers being very stingy with his money, yet we know for a fact that black women are the biggest misers on the planet bar none. An important question that needs to be raised at this point is why is this woman so concerned about a grown man’s money and how he chooses to spend it ? Are you seeing this black men, how black women believe that they have dominion over your cash and how you use it?

You’ll also notice that she had no problems talking out of both sides of her mouth. One the one hand she stated how she was used to going dutch and paying her own way yet here she is raising concerns about her male friend being hesitant to distribute his cash in her direction. Does anybody else see a problem here? In reality her real problem with this particular male friend is the fact that he is not conforming to the “liberal spending programme” her other male friends have taken onboard when it comes to paying for her.

Did she ever think for a moment that one possible reason why this male friend is “tight” with his wallet is because he knows that black women are experts when it comes down to reckless and wasteful spending? Do you notice how black woman as a group are allowed to practice ultra miser protocols when their money is in question, however when it comes down to black men we are not permitted to do the same and if we do we are immediately labelled as being “tight” and “stingy”? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

She further talked about her refusal to give this particular male friend the contact details of her “bomb ass girlfriend” because of his refusal to pay her way. Question, if your girlfriend is so “bomb ass” ie a good catch then why is she still single just like your black side? Chances are her “bomb ass girlfriend”(who I strongly suspect is also black) is running the same money games as her.

She also went on to encourage men(we really know that she is talking to black men in particular) to treat their females friends kindly, with chivalry and with respect. Firstly let us deal with the chivalry aspect, what killed chivalry, let’s all say it together, FEMINISM. You cannot have it both ways, you claim to be independent and have no need for a man’s service on the one hand yet on the other you wish for men to spend their money on you liberally.

Chivalry was a reward that came as a result of women’s continuous obedience aswell as them exercising their femininity to the fullest degree, most women especially those in the west in 2016 seriously lack both of these attributes, they have instead chosen to wallow in disobedience and take onboard masculine characteristics. Black women as a whole especially are guilty as charged in relation to these two indictments. It is for these primary reasons and many more that chivalry for the most part has been shut down. Chivalry and feminism cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

Let us now deal with treating friends kindly and showing them respect. This is why I will continue to make the statement that most black women stay stuck on stupid and will remain that way until they hit the grave. Treating your friends kindly and with respect has nothing to do with how and if you choose to spend money on them, true friendships are based upon honesty, responsibility, accountability, integrity, trust, respecting the other person’s individuality, supporting them in their times of need etc, none of these mentioned attributes have anything to do with money.

Black women have money on the brain 24 hours a day, money revolves around everything in their lives even with their friendships, this is why most black women stay taking huge L’s on the daily. The truth of the matter is this modern-day black woman doesn’t have a clue about womanhood, she is so deeply immersed in social status aswell as economic and academic concerns that she has completely forgotten the fundamental basics of being a woman.

A note to women but especially to black women, as a man it is not my job to pay your way, a man is not obligated to pay for your drinks and meals. If a man chooses to do so fine, if he chooses to go dutch you should respect his choice and pay for your own food and drink without griping and kicking up a fuss. Going dutch in my opinion is the best way to go for both parties when going out on dates, that way the man doesn’t feel like he is simply being used for free meals and drinks and in turn the women won’t feel obligated to pay the man back in “some other way”. I wrote about this very issue in my book Negro Wars under the chapter dealing with feminism.

How a woman conducts herself on a date can often be a valuable indicator of what she would do in a relationship. Women who gripe and moan about paying for their own drinks and meals on dates will typically display similar restrictive and static behaviour when dealing with issues in a relationship. If she is not willing to put her hand in her pocket in order to get to know you at the beginning, there is a good chance that she will not even meet you halfway if you get involved in a relationship with her.

Women who wish for men to pay for everything on dates automatically snitch on themselves, those types should immediately be marked off as defective goods, be abandoned by the wayside and never be brought into your mind again. Times have changed from what they were in the past, women such as the one above need to get with the programme or forever be left behind. Finally, from being called “broke ass niggas” to being told to be more liberal with our spending, you simply cannot make this crazy script up, lol.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

31 thoughts on “Black Woman Calls Out Cheap Men!

  1. Never forget, black women fron 24-40 years old are statistically shown to have a general net worth of $5!!! Hilarious!!

    Have you ever wondered why these chicks walk around looking stinkin’, but got a fresh weave and new shoes? Well, let’s just say that even dome blowing money spends the same, and it ain’t taxed…..

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They ought to be ashamed of themselves with that $5 worth, however we already know that black women cannot be shamed. It’s exactly what I have been saying and what I wrote about in my book, the overwhelming majority of black women are mentally ill, mentally damaged and mentally unstable individuals.


      • Yesy,

        Black men aren’t going around randomly calling themselves kings, black men are not walking the streets wearing male wigs claiming we are doing it for “protection purposes” or to switch up our styles, black men are not willingly engaging in dysfunctional and decadent behaviour in order to garner attention, black men don’t walk the streets and start fights randomly, black men don’t shave their eyebrows off only to draw them back on with a crayon, black men don’t brag and boast about being overweight, out of shape and unhealthy, black men don’t fawn and obsess over light skinned, mixed race and white children, black men don’t curse their children out calling them nappy heads while combing their hair, black men aren’t going around worshipping white women, black men are not employed by the state, black men never abandoned the black family unit for feminism and government welfare, black men do not go out of their way to put their own people in jail. Lastly, black men don’t hate themselves and thus attempt to pass on the hate to others aswell as down to their children. Yes, we black men may have our issues, however black women far exceed us in terms of overall dysfunction. Remove black men from black women and over 90% of the issues we have will disappear overnight.


    • That’s not even accurate. College educated black women do fairly well especially compared to black men, a fact I don’t boast about but I must highlight because its the truth and very relevant to your post. Black men and women who have not gone to college bring home less than 20k a year. People of all races do actually! That’s a problem everyone faces. It’s called capitalism.


  2. Black women are openly proud about how they won’t date anyone not poor. When I was making under 30k a year I couldnt get a black woman to look my way if I wanted to (I didn’t) but now that I’m making over 50k a year I’m suddenly hot shit. It’s totally backwards thinking.

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    • Reggie James,

      Black women want black men pre-loaded and ready made, they don’t want to put in the effort to build with us. However when it comes to non black men especially white men black women are quite prepared to accept them in any state, nor do they have any problems building with non black men from the ground up.

      Exactly, in their eyes your increase in salary increased your STOCK VALUE. Never forget the fact that black women view you as a slave to be used at their pleasure. #SYSBM.


    • Do you not understand that as a man, you have a responsibility to provide for your family. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman wanting a man that is capable of providing. It’s like Manhood 101. You all want submission, but you lack the ability to do the most basic parts of leading.


  3. So I saw a video that “our friend” made, talking about how black men treat white women well when they date them and take them different places but only take black women to red lobster or whatever. Why is he trying to still get black men to deal with black women when he knows they’re the enemy?

    This individual when mad will tell black men to date men outside of their race (we should) and that we have the ugliest group of women (we do), but now says we shouldn’t treat any other group of women better than our own?

    I thought it was dumb enough how he started getting mad that blacks weren’t doing enough hiking and kayaking (wtf? Dumb $hit) but this guilt tripping and simping was too much…..

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      His mindset remains discombobulated simply because of the fact that he is still spellbound, bewitched and hypnotised by black vagina. At this point dating out is the only viable option for black men to take. Of course black women will receive the lesser treatment because as we have both seen and experienced for ourselves, black women don’t appreciate the good things given to them and done for them by black men.

      You also have to remember that black women as a collective find pleasure in pain, misery, strife, beef and other dysfunctional behaviours, most of them do not enjoy normal functional activities, hobbies and interests like regular sane folks do. At this late stage it is too late for black men to reconcile with black women as black women past the point of no return a long time ago.

      I checked out the video you were talking about(reluctantly), he mentions in the description box how that particular video was recorded in 2013, however in 2016 he is practically preaching the same message. As one of my good friends stated to me recently, the particular man in question requires principle by-bass surgery and immediately.

      As I stated before, he had a good white woman, no doubt the best woman he has ever had, however he blew it simply because his desire to want to show her off in front of the entire Negro world aswell as agitate his detractors overrode the intelligent, logical and common sense approach which would have been to keep his relationship with the woman private which in turn would not have placed her in a vulnerable position and thus would have kept her out of harm’s way.

      This is the video that guaranteed the relationship would verge onto the path of failure and destruction, this was one of the most irresponsible things he ever did concerning this woman, her life and the relationship they had:


      • Yeah he mentioned how he vowed to get her back at the end of the video, what the heck? If dating out was so great, why guilt trip black men into “keeping it in house”? He’s schizophrenic in the same damn video!!

        Seriously, why should we give black women nice things and treat them like queens? Next, should we invite Neo-Nazi skinheads to a five star grill? What about ISIS? Surely they deserve a dinner and movie combo or two. We can’t JUST treat our soldiers ya know.

        Just ridiculous. Eradicate these women. Not with guns, but with your penis. The same thing that brings sure death and destruction when applied to black women will bring theirs when applied to non-black women, and new life to a new black race. Make more Alicia Keys and less Leslie Jones.

        These black simps keep doing this faux tough love but then Mr. Nice Problack relationship king because they that black women are the whale $hit bottom of the barrel, and even the so called good and classy ones do not require much for you to relieve them of their feccid, hole tattered, semen stained, rat, roach, gopher, and pig infested panties. Nasty hoes lol.


      • Afrofuturism1,

        I believe that non black women after seeing what his white ex girlfriend went through won’t touch him with a barge poll. Sure, they’ll visit him and get dicked down by him but that is as far as they are willing to go. The main problem with Mr Controversy(as Whtgrlsrawesome likes to call him) is the fact that he doesn’t have the common sense nor the intelligence to keep his relationships private, just like the typical Negro male he must show off his prizes to the world in order to make himself feel validated.

        I recently wrote a comment on a video the Youtuber GW3 Extreme made in relation the whole Angryman apologising to Christelyn Karazin fiasco, I stated that despite the obvious writing on the wall, the reason why so many black men are being caught out is because they still have a sliver of hope in their hearts and the belief that black women will one day see the error of their ways and will change for the better, as we know and can clearly understand that is not going to happen.

        The problem with those who promote “black love” is the fact that they without fail will deliberately neglect to address the many problems and defections this modern day black woman has. You cannot work with or use defective goods, instead they must be rejected and thereafter scrapped.


      • Verbs2015,

        I used to listen to that man’s broadcast regularly and he truly loved that woman. He was actually really suicidal after the breakup. So to avoid feeling that type of pain again, he has chosen to settle in life with the dregs of the dating pool, being closed off in his mansion with expensive toys, buying hoodrat cooch on Backpage while making money hand over fist calling out the “black female fuckery” lol. He knows deep down that he will never be loved by a sista the way he was loved by a white woman. I feel sorry for the guy.

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      • Whtgrlsrawesome,

        He did indeed have a deep love for that woman, however his love for her ought to have translated into protecting her from the very dregs and scum of black society that drove a wedge in the relationship which ultimately lead to the break down of it. Even in recent times he has been doing exactly the same thing with various black women who have “visited” his mansion, that is show them off to the world as per usual.

        He is not proving anything to anybody at the moment, the only time when folks like myself will begin taking him seriously is when he has founded and established a long term stable relationship. You’re right, no black woman will ever show him the same amount of love that the white woman showed him.

        Not so long ago he put up a Facebook/Instagram post talking about being lonely and not having anyone to share his life with, well, he won’t find anything of quality on, nor will he be able to locate a decent woman amongst the dregs that he so regularly frequents, this is logic 101 and basic common sense. Wanting to find a good woman and settle down yet at the same time living a hedonistic lifestyle, the two cannot mesh.


      • Tommy is a nigga! Most black men are not worth the type of woman you want. You want loyalty, but you have a million reasons for why you cheat and take pride in”jump offs” and sidekicks like its normal and okay. You want self-respecting women, but you’re whores that stick your penis in anything walking even other men. You want submission, but you lack wisdom. You want “obedience” but don’t want a broken chick looking for a “daddy.” You’re so twisted! I could go on about the shortcomings and failures of black men, but I have better things to do.


      • Yesy,

        Any failures and shortcomings of black men are a direct reflection on the people who are raising the majority of them, black women. This is the problem with the majority of black women in 2016, they are delusional in that they want things out of black men they didn’t put in while raising them. Sorry, there are no miracles here, unlike black women black men deal with reality and the facts.

        Your average black male grows up watching his mother invite different men into her house in order to satisfy her sexual needs, then you wonder why some black men have problems with sticking to one woman. Your average black male grew up watching his mother take on the role of “side piece” to several different men, and you wonder why some black men take pride in this behaviour. Your average black male grew up seeing many different men enter the house and thereafter hear his mother getting dicked down by each and every one of them, and you wonder why some black men think with the penis instead of the head.

        Submission is meant to be a standard feature in a woman, since black women as a collective desire to be like black men so much, this default trait of submission has faded away in the majority of them. However with non black women for the majority part submission comes as standard. This is one area where black women fail miserably, they believe that submission is conditional. Look in the mirror, again if some black men are lacking in wisdom it is because the black women who raised them never instilled any wisdom into them. There are no miracles with parenting, you get out what you put in.

        Again, obedience is another standard feature that is lacking in the overwhelming majority of black women, again, “broken chicks” are the direct result of the broken mothers who raised them, is this sinking in yet, are you beginning to understand that defective products on the market are the result of poor, sub standard manufacturing? The ignorance you have demonstrated above is one of many reasons why more and more black men are opting for non black women and why I strongly advocate for black men to abandon black women altogether.

        It is completely ridiculous and illogical how you could so easily point to some of the defections plaguing a certain demographic of black men yet not hold black women accountable for creating these dysfunctional individuals in the first place. This is the typical modern day black woman right here, irresponsible, dishonest to the core and unaccountable until death.


    • afrofuturism1,

      Sadly, those are the results of being raised by a single mother. Tupac was extremely schizophrenic like that as well. Several black men on occasion have called into that individuals show to promote black men dating interracially, but Mr. Controversy would always shoot those suggestions down and proceed to berate those black men like his done with Cadillac Kadafi several times. Mr. Controversy knows who provides his bread & butter and wouldn’t want to upset the hive having them pull their funds away by promoting a self actualization ideal like that for black men because the hive despises that notion more than anything.

      There was even a caller some time ago called Chris I believe who offered to fly Mr. Controversy to his city to relocate because at that time Mr. Controversy was being evicted from his mansion in Arizona. Chris was also a dark skin black man who was tormented for his complexion by fellow blacks and especially black women. Chris also expressed how the only person to see beauty in his ethnic features was a white woman and how dating them enriched his life. Chris pleaded with Mr. Controversy to abandon his crusade to redeem the sistas and for him and his male audience to seek happiness with white women or elsewhere. But in typical fashion, Mr. Controversy abruptly shot his message down, condescended the man, and never responded to his offer of being flown out to discuss other options for black men.

      Mr. Controversy does not care for black men and like the majority of black manosphere YouTubers, he continues to peddle “The great hoodrat reformation” scam where if black men can continue to complain about “black female fuckery,” the sistas will finally see the light and turn away from their self destructive ways. Pathetic….

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      • I don’t even know if it’s schizophrenia so much as pimping the more “conscious” and “classy” hoes. They’ll seem impressed, say that they’re the good ones, and before you know it, this dude has been in every one of her orifices, including nose and ear lol.

        I’d like to see that video. How did he refuse this man?


      • afrofuturism1,

        It’s on an older live show of his. Probably over a year ago. He never mentioned contacting Chris about the offer and when Chris presented the offer he seemed uninterested.

        Dude truly just has a fetish for black women. It’s really sick. They don’t love him. They treat him like crap. He constantly complains how they use him and ask for money. He benefits in no way from being with them. I don’t even know what to say about the guy anymore.

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  4. Yeah, I can see how he could be seen as slumming it up for love. Dude talked about how he’s afraid to be and die alone.
    He’s just sleeping with whores because it’s the closest and easiest thing to love that he could probably achieve with black women.

    I do feel bad concerning his break up, though as far as what I could decipher it was brought on by his cheating, probably with a black woman. The love of my life is fighting cancer, and May greatest dream for the last two years has been to marry her and have several mixed children. I’d been called lame, “white”, and “Carlton” by black chicks my whole life, and this sheltered white girl who was an outcast like me makes me feel so hopeful in life.

    All men want is love and family, because that’s how you truly live for eternity. The problem is, we look in the wrong places, and in the case of black men, we’re steered in the worst directions by other women. Sad, but to think that the minute fraction of wonderful love I’ve felt will never be achieved for most black men. How in the hell can black lives matter when they’re filled without love?

    Look at most black couples, namely hoodrats. They’re is absolutely no love between them! They just screw! And who’s raising the boys to be unromantic and thuggish?! Black women raise their sons that way because they are not feminine and do not deserve nor even dream and think of real love.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that dude. I hope she gets better and you have a beautiful family with her. You’re right, all men want is love and a sense of family and you’ll never have that with black women. In my teens and early 20’s I tried to bond with black women but they only saw me as an emotional tampon or a living breathing ATM and I was dealing with the oreo otaku/weeaboo black chicks from the suburbs lol. I had to finally admit that we weren’t compatible. They really are incapable of truly loving or caring for black men.

      But it’s liberating to know that there are other races of women who are capable of loving a black man. I refuse to settle like so many other black men. You might as well go ahead and pull the trigger if you’re going to be a coward and accept that lot.


      • Yeah even the “nerd” and “geek” black chicks ain’t crap. I befriended one this semester (who looked like a dude in the NFL) who had similar interests to me. I hung out with her ONE time and it came to fore that she was some liberal feminist that hated conservatives like me. That didn’t stop her from offering me to follow her to her dorm, get naked and beat her back out because I was so light skinned and cute.

        Did I mention this b1tch smelled like cat piss?!!


      • >I befriended one this semester (who looked like a dude in the NFL) who had similar interests to me.

        If you want to maintain your sanity, STAY AWAY from the BT-1000. Don’t look at them, don’t befriend them, and don’t EVEN entertain thoughts about them. Be free, my brother and concentrate your efforts on women from other cultures. I did, and never looked back!


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Sorry to hear about your girlfriend brother. A very common cause of cancer is often due to a lack of vitamin D reserves in the body. People who live in the northern hemisphere don’t really get that much sunlight these days because they are always in something whether it be a car, train, bus, plane, office building, shop, home etc. A lack of Vitamin D is the number reason behind this huge increase in cancer in recent times.

      If you haven’t done so already you need to get your girlfriend on some high dose Vitamin D supplements immediately, here is a link to a good brand:

      Iherb is an American company so even though the link has UK in it, you should automatically be directed to the US site. Because of her condition she ought to be taking at least 4-6 per day with meals. Also she needs to drastically cut down her sugar intake as sugar is cancer’s main catalyst. Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes(not sweet potatoes), cereals, sugary foods and anything made from wheat need to go out of the window immediately, this modern day wheat is absolute poison and starchy foods are cancer’s favourite friend.

      Also if you haven’t done so already get her on a good liquid mineral supplement, Maximum Living Mineral Rich is very good. Cancer is normally an indication that the body is low in a particular or a range of minerals:

      To be honest there are many, many alternative ways to cure of cancer, however because the majority of doctors are tied in with big pharma, they will typically prescribe the commercial routes ie chemotherapy, radiation therapy, drugs etc which are sure fire ways to cut your life short and guarantee death very quickly.

      Coconut oil is a great for fighting cancer aswell, she should use that instead of the usual vegetable, soy, corn, sunflower varieties as these build up in the body as toxins which again can lead to cancer. Since when can you get oil from corn or a sunflower, think about it. I am simply making these suggestions based on the assumption that you may not know about these things and thus haven’t implemented any of these ideas yet.


  5. Yeah I’d understand if he was showing her off as his wife, and they were speaking relationship stuff. If he was married to her and she was never around, it’d just come off like Karazin’s “romantic” marriage.

    By continually trying to redeem sistas and feature them on his show like “I know a good one”, he’s setting black men up for failure.


  6. On your main page, K. Melanie looks like a $5.00 vampire. Only fitting since she wants to drain black men of their resources.

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    • $5? More like 2 pesos and a half chewed piece of bubble gum lol.

      But seriously, they are honestly some of the ugliest women, yet have the highest aesthetic pride. Even fat feminist white women know they’re fat. Think about it, why are most black women bigger than their boyfriends?

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