So The Fraudster Known As Derrick Jaxn Has A Baby!


This ought to come as no surprise to anybody, after all many folks especially Mumia Obsidian Ali of the Obsidian Radio Network on Youtube and on the Blog Talk Radio Network have been warning folks especially black women for the longest while that the individual known as Derrick Jaxn(self-proclaimed “relationship expert”) is a fraud and a fake. Additionally the information he brings forth and lays out on the table is heavily flawed and can easily be deconstructed.

If there is one thing that I despise it is deceivers and liars, Jaxn makes it known that he is single in one breath but then in another is revealing to the world his daughter who is fresh out of the womb. I visited Derrick Jaxn’s Facebook Fan page and began reading the comments, obviously many of them were from black women who were in shock and were still trying to figure out what was going on.

In one of his comments he stated that he didn’t owe anybody any explanations whatsoever, that his true fans are accepting of this situation but it is only his detractors who would be seeking further explanations and answers. Actually no Mr Jaxn, I like many others was already aware through your plethora of dodgy messages that something wasn’t right about you to begin with, it is the multitude of foolish, simple-minded black women following you who are the ones now scratching their heads frantically trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Another pinnacle reason why Mr Jaxn won’t provide black women with an explanation concerning his double lifestyle is because he actually doesn’t like black women at all, Derrick Jaxn simply uses black women as an instrumental to put money in his pocket and thus food on the table. Black women being the suckers that they are actually believe that Jaxn cares about them, however nothing could be further from the truth. Jaxn doesn’t care about the black women who follow him, his only concern lies with the money they regularly place into his already stacked and overflowing pockets.

If Derrick Jaxn genuinely cared for black women then he would tell them the truth about themselves regardless of the hostile reception that would ensue, however Jaxn like many others has seen that he can draw in quite a lucrative income based upon tickling the emotions of black women aswell as playing on their insecurities. Thus merchandising and pimping the modern-day black female is the preferred route that Derrick Jaxn has decided to embark upon.

Most black women today stay stuck on stupid and they will remain that way until they hit the grave, of course most black women who support Jaxn have been caught out by this fraudster because when it comes down to making themselves feel good, black women as a collective will typically ride with their emotions over using common sense, reason and intelligence. Remember when I stated in my book Negro Wars that the majority of black women will allow anybody to pimp them off and put them on the merchandising chopping block as long as the merchant makes them feel good and doesn’t preach accountability and responsibility? Jaxn is one such fellow, in fact he is in a long line of merchants who black women willingly sponsor in exchange for lies, deceit and feel good entertainment.

Judging from the complexion of the child the woman he is with is either a lighter-skinned black woman, a mixed race woman or a non black woman(possibly a Latina). Why do I bring this up? Isn’t it obvious, the same dark-skinned black women he is so rigourously defending in his videos he knew to stay 10000 miles away from when it came down to choosing a mother to bring forth a child with. By the way, the internet is abuzz with the rumour that this may not even be his first child, however this talk has yet to be confirmed.

No doubt these same dark-skinned black women gave this man hell when he was younger, in fact it is typically dark-skinned black women who are the ones throwing disparaging remarks towards darker skinned black men in relation to their skin complexion. When dark-skinned black men are called smoke, crispy, darkie, black, soot, coal, midnight, blackula etc, who 9 times out of 10 are the guilty culprits hurling these insults, that’s right, brown to dark-skinned black women. Also let us not forget that fact that black women as a collective hate children who have brown to dark skin, I talked about how black women will fawn over light-skinned, mixed race and white children all day everyday in Negro Wars.

I don’t feel sorry for black women at all concerning this “shocking revelation” by Jaxn, as I stated before most black women voluntarily put themselves in positions to be used, abused and deceived by any and all. As bad as Angel Ramirez Jordan and Jacob Michael Mason are when it comes to licking the boots of the modern-day black witch, at least they are upfront and honest concerning their relationship status. Yet another L for the modern-day black female, Derrick Jaxn played you black women like a newly manufactured, freshly varnished fiddle straight out of the factory and as per usual you never saw it coming, lol.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

77 thoughts on “So The Fraudster Known As Derrick Jaxn Has A Baby!

      • Lou Gould,

        How else are black women supposed to be viewed when so many of you follow this clown and readily lap up the nonsense spewing from his mouth?


    • The hate is STRONG. Yall talking about him being a fraud and him not valuing black women. Get a fucking life and stay out of His. His message ain’t for everyone. What y’all think the black church do? I don’t see black folks calling out that scam. It’s The same shit different toilet. Let him do his hustle and mind y’all fucking business.

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      • Its so typical to verbally assault victims instead of just perpetrators. Not all black women are stupid as you think. Stupidity is you making such broad sweeping negativity towards black women. But maybe thats what you get paid to do. You’re no better than Jaxn!


      • Your Mother,

        But black women are NOT victims and if not all black women aren’t as stupid as you claim then why do so many of them willingly hand over their money to pimps like Jaxn or failing him some jack legged preacher who also bends them over his couch outside of church service hours. I speak in general terms regarding black women because they as a group behave in the same dysfunctional, decadent manner.


    • I am a black woman and could care less what color his baby is. God is not partial and neither am I thought he was talking to women period! Derrick is spot on and ahead of his time. I see nothing fake about him and dont appreciate the comments you made about black women being stupid.


      • It’s couldn’t care less. Could care less means you can actually care less.


  1. Another BIG “L” for those who follow Derrick “Fraud” Jaxn. Jaxn played these females like a fiddle, using, abusing and embarrassing them.

    Watch these individuals go into damage control via the spin cycle.

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  2. I don’t know who Derrick Jaxn is, nor do I care to look him up if he is who you say he is. Our women are definitely gullible and fall for anything. I literally told my boy earlier today that he was part of the problem because he lets them get away with the way they act, instead of telling them the truth.

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    • Seriously, and isn’t it weird how the women talk about tough love with kids, and the WOMEN who brag about beating the kids? These same women are so strong, yet can’t take the truth?!!!!

      Our women are lower than horse $h1t, and stinkier, too!!!


      • Afrofuturism1,

        You simply cannot form a union with individuals who wallow in degenerate activities, lies and dishonesty. Black women must literally be viewed as spastics or retards and thus must be treated as such.

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    • 25 Black and Alive,

      I’m afraid that you cannot even call this modern day black woman your woman, she belongs to, is sponsored by and works for the state, things have been this way for a very long time. Indeed, the simps/manginas and white knights amplify and enable the black woman’s dysfunction and her destruction of black society.

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      • Do you have a membership with the KKK? You generalise ‘black’ women as if they are animal…excuse me less than animal excrement? You would have been the slave that was whipping the other slaves- maybe we should just call you Uncle Tom. Your language is venomous and disgusting- you certainly have issues with your mother. But as for referring to the ‘Most High’ at the end of your spiel; be prepared to explain why you have hated on the women He created rather than trying to do something to uplift them and wake women up (women of all colour) to the veil that has been placed over their minds. Problem is you are so deceived by your own ego that this would be impossible. I pity you.


    • Let Derrick SIMPson deal with the BT-1000s and continue to get sucked into the vortex of failure, death, and self-destructive mindset of “the community”. Smart thinking black men have decided to opt-out of the BS.

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  3. Wow! All I am hearing is bitter men spewing words of hatred about black women an the black community in these comments. It appears that the men in these comments are black. You say thes things but isn’t YOUR mother black? So she must fall into these categories too. And besides, on a scientific note, all babies come out that complection. If im not mistaken, that’s a newborn right?
    Anyway, it sounds to me that you are angry that this man is exposing “the game” and making yal look bad. I guarantee if it was a female doing the same thing he’s doing, putting the fellas up on game it wouldn’t be a problem. You would be in the same category you are putting black women in.


    • Q,

      You are going to have to point out the “hateful” comments because I read over them and couldn’t see any. Of course black women and their advocates will always label information that does not paint them in a positive light as “hate”.

      Black mothers aren’t exempt from scrutiny and examination, I have to laugh at the “your mother is black” line, an attempt to guilt the examiner into not criticising black women further, well it didn’t work.

      Errr, no, the children will have a complexion according to his/her parents. Not all children are born with light complexions, your claim is far from scientific.

      Jaxn is not exposing anything, by constantly blaming black men he is simply giving black women excuses upon excuses that they can use in order not to be held accountable and responsible for their own actions. Unlike black women black men typically do not make up excuses for their own mistakes and mess ups.

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      • >> Black mothers aren’t exempt from scrutiny and examination, I have to laugh at the “your mother is black” line, an attempt to guilt the examiner into not criticising black women further, well it didn’t work.

        I LIKE this guy! lol.
        Verbs, I like the way you think.
        Stay strong.

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  5. So you create a whole article bashing a man for encouraging black women, all the while spewing hate for black women and slapping a broad label on an entire demographic of people. Clearly you don’t even like black women, so what’s the point of the article?


    • Chenelle,

      Derrick Jaxn has simply realised that black women as a group are not very intelligent, are highly insecure and he has decided to take advantage of this knowing that black women will throw their money at any and all persons who pimp and merchandise them. Your lack of intelligence is illustrated in the fact that you actually believe that Derrick Jaxn genuinely cares for black women.

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  6. First of all as a Black woman I find your comments confirm the self-hatred for Black women is apparent! I don’t know who told you that this brother was hidding anything! I have seen his girlfriend on social media while being pregnant with his seed! What is even sadder is the self-hatred you have for yourselves!


    • Storm,

      You black women love being pimped and merchandised by slicksters such as Derrick Jaxn and will back and support him no matter what inconsistencies he displays. By the way, self hatred means you hate your own personal self. Self hatred does not extend to other people nor does calling black women out on their dysfunctional behaviour equate to self hatred.

      The guy sells a t shirt which says that he still believes in marriage yet he creates another baby mother, make that make sense.

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      • I get what you are saying but self hatred does extend to other people. You hate yourself so you hate others that look like you. It works as a stigmatism…. The women on Jaxsn page hate the black men that have wronged them and they will hate you too. Self hate works like any stigmatism.


      • Ursher,

        Anything that extends beyond one’s self can no longer be classified as self hate, it has to be redefined as something else, that’s if I’m even to take black women seriously on this issue to begin with.


    • Whoever this person is, he or she obviously has serious issues with black women. Of course black women are flawed. Flawed black women fuel poor black families. It seems that you like this for black people because here you are enjoying their mistakes and mishaps. How can black women not be flawed and this miserable reflection of black families when instead of just telling them the truth and trying to act like a father or brother figure, you beat them down like a pimp? Where have you ever seen this strategy work to help anybody become better? It is quite obvious whoever this Verbs person is, he or she thinks that their fancy use of words and quick facts will somehow overpower whoever is being responded to. These types of people are exactly what is wrong with the black community. Can never uplift. Only come here to gloat at others’ failures. Disgusting! Keep typing away at that keyboard. I hope you never have daughters because I would hate for them to see their father say it is their fault why things do not work out in life or they get hurt. Get off here is you have nothing good to contribute. You can respond all you want, but I’ll not be back on here to argue or counter debate you. You are a deplorable human being for what you come on here to spew. Nothing but hatred and scorn.


  7. Ha-ha! This blogger is funny. This person’s hate for black women runs deeeeep. Clearly anybody who says anything to uplift black women will catch fire and brimstone from this guy. Derrick Jaxn can date and impregnate whomever he wants, he is human. But it looks like he started with you, with his videos and all.


  8. As a black man, it is clear and evident that the writer of this article has tunnel vision, has a one track mind and a hatred toward black women. Even if Derrick Jaxn is a fraud for argument sake, the simple fact that black women are generalized in this article is simply disguising, tasteless and false. I would not touch your book Negro Wars even if it were free. If you were a black man who wrote this article, I’d say you have white boys pulling your strings. If your white, well go figure. Though it is questionable that Derrick Jaxn practices what he preaches, I do not know because you would have to be nearly Jesus walking this earth to abide by his word, but this is not even about him because your article here takes things in a whole new direction. If you want to blame anybody, and I’m not pointing fingers here, but stating facts. If you are to blame anybody for the reasons why blacks in general which include some men and women who do have a self hatred for one another, then you need to be blaming the ones in control of the media, radios, and government control. It started with them as being the ones to manipulate blacks into the self hatred causing us to divert from our roots and destroy ourselves because there was a reprogramming of the mind put in place for to be opposed to blacks including black people. It did not start with Derrick Jaxn, this started from the end of slavery as soon as blacks had the right to be free. Media teaches that the straight hair, lighter skinned is better than the coarse and dark skinned. From the days that we were separated from our motherland and the womb of Africa and place us in foreign lands was the agenda for us to forget who we are. Your general statement, “Black women being the suckers that they are,” is a clear and concise statement that brings out your hatred in black women and you are part of the problem. All you have done in this entire article was put down the black woman and called them suckers for even attempting to believe in a black man who is spewing positive thoughts even if he himself is a fraud. It’s almost like believing in a God who you have never seen to exist but believe in his word that he will carry out and embrace you in heaven so long as you are to believe and serve him while here living on Earth. You have spewed all the negatives about black women but not one suggestion of positive reinforcement to the problem. Not only is your article a piece of garbage but it seems to also be a reflection of who you are. You would be no better than Derrick Jaxn even if he was a fraud.


    • Rodney Murphy Jr,

      Yet when black women generalise black men you say nothing. Also, can you please show me the universal law or statute which declares a person is not allowed to talk in general terms when a general trend has formed within a particular group, I’ll wait? Its funny how you black men like yourself who support dysfunctional black women without fail never pull them up on their short comings, what kind of defender of black women are you? If you really cared about black women then you would reprimand them whenever they do wrong in order to keep their image and reputation spotless.

      Don’t touch Negro Wars then, nobody is forcing you to buy the book, you act as if I’m slamming the book in your face and demanding that you purchase a copy. Remember, you came to this website, I never came to you. You pro dysfunctional black women black male advocates make me laugh, whenever another black man calls out the many shortfalls of black females here you are as always talking that “agent, white men are controlling him” garbage.

      This is 2017 not 1957, the dysfunctional nature of the black woman is out in the open for all to see. It would be easier for you to simply deal with the issues raised rather than attempting to find fault with the messenger. The fact that you are desperately trying to find fault with me as well as throwing around convenient terms and slogans already indicates that you have lost the argument.

      The fact that you would step forward and attempt to defend the scum of black female society clearly illustrates the reprobate mindset that you are working with. I hope you understand that societies throughout history have never prospered uplifting its scum whether male or female.

      Stop trying to use slavery as your crutch because more black men and women were marrying during and after slavery than they are now. From the end of slavery up until the late 1960s the black family structure was 85% two parent household, so save the slavery excuses for somebody with less knowledge. Self hate means just that, self hate. It seems to me that black women fit the definition of self hate perfectly as they are the one trying their hardest to look like white women, black men aren’t.

      Yes, black women as a collective are suckers, anybody that tells them what they want to hear they immediately throw money in that person’s direction without first questioning the motives of that particular individual. If black women are so great then why don’t you set up a website dedicated to the uplifting of the black female, show us the positives of black women that you claim I’ve missed.

      Your comment is trash, at the end of the day you know full well that what is written here is true because all you have done is attempted to find fault with the messenger instead of deconstructing and rebutting the information presented. You’ve got heart I’ll give you that, however your valiant attempts in trying to defend black female skullduggery have failed miserably.


      • Verbs2015,
        Your unilateral characterization of black women speaks volumes regarding your own ignorance and insecurities, which by no accident, have been fed to you by the majority. The sad truth is that you’ve taken the bait, chewed it and swallowed it.
        To speak negatively of any group of people collectively let alone “your own” is not only ignorant, but very uncultured.
        As a black woman, I wonder if your misconceptions extend to your mother, grandmother, sister(s) or any other unfortunate black woman you may be attached to.
        Regardless of any thought to Derrick Jaxn being a fraudster (which I could care less), you might want to invest less time into your investigations of his life, and more into getting yourself some counseling. It would be time and money well spent. I honestly feel sorry for you.


      • Mona Lisa,

        As a black man I always wonder why black women such as yourself comment using the same redundant talking points, shaming and guilt tripping tactics believing that they will work on me. Attempting to shame a person out of legitimately examining, scrutinising and critiquing the dysfunctional actions of modern day black women is not winning you the argument and quite frankly demonstrates your inability to deal with the points raised. You cannot win an argument by attempting to find fault with the messenger either, you would do well to note this.


    • Rodney,
      The person who wrote this article is either a white male/female, diguising as black or a very dejected black male who has mommy issues or relationship woes with black women.
      As a black woman, I agree, some black women AND black men exhibit foolish behavior due to self hatred and this hatred does originate from slavery and every denegrating visualization the majority has attempted to portray of black people since, due in large part to the majority’s insecurities within themselves.
      Thanks for being a voice of reason, this writer is clearly an idiot.


      • Clearly this person is dysfunctional. Nothing worse than a crazy person with an education. Black men like this are the problems in black communities. They need to be weeded out like the thorns that they are. How on earth can you categorize all black women as one? Serious issues. Obviously been hurt too many times or likely has unresolved hurt from seeing mommy or granny or whoever get stepped on by men. And this twat keeps saying “don’t find fault with the messenger.” Well duh! If the messenger is faulty doesn’t that mean the message may be faulty as well? I am sitting here reading this person’s views and I just keep thinking “Does this person really read or understand what he is saying?” I didn’t realize it was a guy until now though. My goodness! He will say nothing to try to get black women to think for themselves or value themselves better, but immediately goes to criticize. Shameful black person.


      • I will respond to yo “Mona Lisa” because I don’t approach males and finally there is a female whom I can utilize as a sounding board. I say this because all those who typically read this zine know in advance that you will not listen. How many times must you be told that the exception PROVES the rule. The state of “Black” females is preposterous. These anecdotes are not philosophical nor are they make believe. This is the reality. Reality is what it is not what you wish it would be. The “Black” female has destroyed herself in that she is promiscuous and severely lacking morals across the board. She is not advancing as there is no advancement without a male to maintain and protect. Degenerate illiterates refusing to become knowledgeable on world politics and health. The worst statistics in a “first” world country, those belong to no other than the “Black” female. Self hatred to the point of committing subtle suicide. The choices the “Black” female typically makes are simply based in ignorance which they defend as if they have actually done research. Just because you share a so called race with a group that does not mean you must pretend their faults are non existent. It is because “Black” women refuse to accept reality and seek to better themselves that they are last in EVERY THING. Ridiculous masculine behavior, lack of education and morals followed up with constant complaining and a refusal for self reflection and observation of the true state of the group will gain you (plural intended) no sympathy. Just continue worshipping caucasians, dreaming of having their hair while they usurp your natural body type and overcome you. Do not worry however because the case with so called “Black” males is they refuse to fathom the real hardcore fact that when you point one finger three point back. I am amused by the men here who say #Pateliswinning
        Winning what… “Black” d_ c k. Preposterous thought frames when MOST females are now behaving in the exact same manner as the “Black” women they describe. Most of the other ethnicities are searching for the exact same come up yet simply are not as outrageous in letting it be known to the “Black” male. And let us not forget that even when they do “marry” Ping et al. they are still right there in that same ghetto ensuring they take advantage of their preferred p_ s s y type. Make no mistake, no one is hiding anything and it is all laid out for a thinking individual to see. The so called Black race is simply a social experiment of the highest degree where all participants are failures. There is no escape from Blackistan except through righteousness and we all know that most people on the planet irregardless of race or tribe will not practice morality as a lifestyle. Let the criticism roll on because everyone is heading in the exact same direction… DOWN.

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  9. OK. So because he said he’s single he can’t have a baby? And if he has a girlfriend or significant other he can’t have a baby? What exactly is the problem? He claims that be a relationship expect, OK so he’s not allowed sex? There has to be something more substantial than this.


  10. Babatunde, I bet 100K that you’re frass, ugly, butterz et cetera. You’ve got the gift of gab and to generalize all ‘Black’ women just shows how uneducated you really are, (not to mention disrespectful considering your mother, grandmother, sisters, cousins, and aunties are most likely ‘Black’). Focus on uplifting people as opposed to participating in modern day racism, it’s embarrassing. What went wrong in your childhood and why are you so angry hun?


    • Alex,

      Your comment is the primary reason why I don’t engage black women and their simp armies in conversation. I have yet to see a black female come to this site and actually deal with the facts instead of using the usual deflections as well as introducing the same old redundant arguments. By the way the word general means “not all”, learn something useful for once in your sorry life.


      • Why are you not answering the question at hand? I must be right after all. Perhaps read the definition before trying to indoctrinate further. What dictionary are you using? “General” means; “of or relating to all persons or things belonging to a group or category”. Go back to school, rewrite your work and rethink your ideology. Most of your paragraphs generalize “Black” people and only an ignorant idiot would think otherwise and believe that using statements such as “black women as a collective…” fit your definition of “general” or “not all”. You’re the real fraud and I feel sorry for your friends and family. Who’s your daddy? Hilter?


      • Alex,
        I told you already, I don’t have to answer or rehash redundant, irrelevant questions that I have already dealt with. The word “general” has at least 2 definitions numbskull, I find it very interesting how you’ve conveniently omitted the second definition which reads as follows:
        “Of, relating to, or true of such persons or things in the main, WITH POSSIBLE EXCEPTIONS; COMMON TO MOST; prevalent; usual”.

        Therefore in relation to the language used in my articles such as “most, overriding majority, majority” it’s abundantly clear that the second definition applies to my literature. Conduct some thorough research before engaging your fingers to the keyboard because you will end up making yourself look stupid.

        So I’m actually right, I’m not talking about “all”, not that this matters because the overwhelming majority of black women will still defend the scumbags within the sisterhood anyway. Do you see how you look like a dummy right now, this is typical of most black women, they feign themselves to be intelligent yet frequently demonstrate themselves to be dumber than a box of rocks.

        Many a times it behooves an individual to look before they leap.


  11. I’m soooo glad this author of this article hates black women. I wouldn’t wish this loathsome person on my worst enemy. Thank heavens he’s not among black women’s choices and I pray he never produces any children to groom with his self hatred. Amen.


    • See his response. And he honestly thinks we cannot see that he has some serious hurt he needs to deal with. Education does not make you a sane person. It just gives you a cover. Go get help Verbs. You desperately need it. Never once do you try to examine how much disrepair is in black communities through decades of brainwashing and programming. Immediately jump to the “black women fault they trap”. Then when challenged on that statement, it becomes “oh why aren’t you saying anything when black women call black men dogs”. Seriously, you have some hatred bottled up. Go get help before you hurt somebody physically.


    • I am an American woman of African descent and I do not view VERBS2015 as hateful because he is displeased with the state of his and our so called race. This is a real problem and he is correct. You do not teach by placation.

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  12. Wow. I’m only commenting because I was moved in both positive and negative ways by this article as well as the comments.

    In my opinion, which all are entitled to have, it does not matter the race or gender of the author because his/her/it’s experiences and observations and “research” has led to these conclusions.

    I can disagree because myself and my sisters and friends (black women) do not fall within the group the author is choosing to judge us all on. My parents have been married for 37 years. All of my siblings have the same parents. We have all attended college and graduate schools. My two older sisters lived alone, got married, bought homes then started families. I myself am a registered nurse in graduate school for my doctorate. I live alone and have no children. Every black female I know and associate with is well spoken, educated, and does not fit the description or assumption of “black women” the author is referring to.

    The author should know that to make a conclusion one must test a hypothesis and research and experiment for that hypothesis to be proven. When the author has met and interacted with every single black woman on this planet then perhaps these conclusions would have validity.

    I have seen Derrick jaxn’s videos and find them funny because the men he describes I have yet to give the time of day to. The men in my circle do not behave in these manners so his advice is simply not for me since it’s not an issue I am dealing with or for that matter would even entertain people like that.

    The author is entitled to feel as they do and people can agree to disagree. We cannot make or force someone to see things through our eyes.


    • Ashley,

      I came across this site, in my search for another topic. Though your comments seem intelligent and genuine, I would strongly encourage you not to waste your time on these imbecilic, faggotey, bitter ass rantings of a disgruntled black “male” who knows full well that not all black women fit this outrageous generalization he has stuck in his wounded head.

      He has seen beautiful, articulate, well-shaped, natural/long haired, conscious, no out-of-wedlock-children, non-stereotypical black women, but instead of harping on all the ratchet ones, how come he cant attract the latter for himself? How come he’s so obsessed with a character like Derrick Jaxn, (not impressed, btw, but he is funny the way he gets the males all riled up with his comments, pure comedy! Talk about “hit dogs,” wont they holler? LOL!!)

      Riddle me this, if the author of this pathetic article, was capable of finding the TYPE of woman he wanted, what reason would he have to waste his time on those that repulse him so much? If he was capable of attracting the TYPE of woman he wanted, he’d be off pleasing her instead of posting such nonsense.

      I’ll tell you why, because he cant pull the type of black female he truly desires. Therefore, apart from watching Dragon Ball Z and waiting for his mother to finish cooking dinner so he can take his plate to his room to finish masturbating and making more stupid posts, he vents his frustration with stereotypical black females because he lacks the guts to fix his own inner issues and attract the TYPE of woman he truly desires and longs for. And let me tell you something else that’s even crazier, most of the women he complains about, aren’t even an issue for him, because they wouldn’t want him in the 1st place. Most ratchet females would think a guy like the author is “lame” and wouldn’t give him the time of day.

      So most of his complaints come from what he’s seen on BET or VH1. Smh….

      So, to make a long story short- BOTH stereotypical AND non-stereotypical black women are NOT CHECKING FOR THIS GUY. I guarantee this.

      And spare me the bit about being with a woman of another race. That’s a total lie because if he truly dated out, he wouldn’t still obsess over women he “supposedly” walked away from. And if “Becky” or “Maria” was doing their job, why does he have an entire article dedicated and focused on rating about black women????

      The sad thing is, TYPE of black women he desires will see an article like this and will only be taken back by the so obvious point as to why we avoid his kind in the 1st place.

      I get not wanting some ratchet thot with 3 kids and unrealistic exceptions and and ugly weave. I get not really wanting the pretty-faced gold digger who only wants what you can give her materially. I get not wanting the overweight females, who may be nice, but, she simply needs to lose weight. However, to those of us that DO NOT fit these categories, males like the author of this rhetoric and his followers will never see us. We’ll make it our business to ensure that they do not. We see you though, and it’s not good.


      • Hayley,

        I came across your retarded comment and at first I wasn’t going to address your folly, however for the sake of others who will visit this website I thought it best to demonstrate just how ridiculous and backwards your thought process is. Firstly, the fact that you threw in homosexuality in relation to my article immediately lets me know that you aren’t one of the level headed, clean, pristine black females that you talked about in your incoherent mumblings.

        Secondly, the fact that you stated that not all black women fit the decadent demographic clearly demonstrates to me that you are not the sharpest knife in the draw nor the brightest bulb on the tree. There is nowhere in my article where I’ve stated that dysfunctional behaviours apply to ALL black women. Why you would even talk about “all” when the word “all” was never mentioned nor implied yet again clearly demonstrates that your logical and common sense thinking faculties are not up to par.

        Thirdly, black women who are in shape, who look good, who don’t have children out of wedlock and who embrace femininity to its fullest degree in 2017 are an extremely rare breed, almost non existent. Also it should be added that 96% of black women voted for the dysfunctional feminist and witch Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, this is yet another indicator of the modern day black female’s mindset and just how far gone it is. The overwhelming majority of decent black women(the very, very few that remain) are already married or in long term relationships.

        Out of 440 plus articles on this website I have 3 articles on Derrick Jaxn, one of which was not written by myself and you are saying that I’m obsessed with him???? Do you see how disjointed your mindset is? I’m sure everybody else can.

        The reason why I continue to highlight the dysfunctional modern day black female is because other black men need to be warned about her, it’s that simple. If you enter a dangerous area there are normally signs posted in various locations warning you of the danger present, the signs don’t disappear when you exit the area, they are posted there permanently to also warn others. This is what my website is for, just because I may know about the perils of getting involved with black women and left off dealing with them over over a decade ago, it doesn’t mean that other black men have the same knowledge that I do, they additionally should be warned about the dangers.

        One of the reasons why I stopped dealing with black women is because of the fact that, good looking, decent, feminine black females are practically non existent. Again, your agenda is to have me not warn other black men about black female skullduggery, hence why you are attempting to use shaming tactics(which aren’t working by the way) as if I am doing something wrong. That Kansas City shuffle won’t work with me, to the left with that nonsense.

        Your attempts to play psycho analyst are laughable to say the least, you black females follow the same talking points and use the same redundant techniques and arguments, you are so predictable. Black women are at the very bottom of the dating food chain, exactly what is there to brag about from being in such a position?

        Again dummy, warning other black men concerning black women, their evil ways and intentions is not obsessing over anything, I told you before that your lame shaming tactics won’t work with me. Another point that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that many of the black women who “claim” not to fit the dysfunctional demographic will quickly jump up to defend those women who are guilty. Well, you should already know the saying, when you defend scum you become a scumbag yourself.

        Your approach itself lets me know that you do indeed fit the description of a dysfunctional black female, good luck with that.


      • The type of women you mentioned are extremely rare and so you are actually supporting his argument.


    • The state of the majority is the topic of discussion. If indeed you have read outside of the university context and utilize your ability to actually think in a progressive manner you will recognize that one does not need to meet EVERY “Black” woman on the planet in order to utilize the empirical evidence presented. Because you exist within a limited social sphere that does not mean you are blind to those all around you via the service industry and the internet. The fact that you claim to exist in an alternative environment is of zero relevance in regards to the statistics facing down the majority of our “race”. I am of a similar socioeconomic demographic but that does not change the fact that overall I am #TEAMLESS because of the degenerate state of the majority of those who look like me yet have no willingness to think rationally or embrace morality.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Black people have a lot of work to do on themselves. I say THEM and not OUR because I refuse to be tied into the ridiculous things black people do and say.

    Whats the problem? I don’t see anything wrong here. So he had a child. He didn’t tell people that he had a lover. BIG DEAL. The lover may have been another race. NO Biggie. Was he flirting with and dating the women he coached? Was he selling them a pipe dream that one day they could be his?

    Or was he only sharing advice to them for them to better themselves? If black women want to be angry and feel bad that he had a love interest in his life without their permission, they can go kick rocks! If black men want to be angry and upset that he has led many black women to a better way of communicating with men then THEY can go kick rocks! If ANY of these people are heated because his lover might not have been black then they can go kick sharp rocks barefoot! GTFOH!

    Did any of his well meaning advice turn out to be not-so BECAUSE he dated a woman of a different race and/or had a child?? Critical thinking skills matter.

    This article is completely fear-mongering and full of hate. It’s meant to make a certain people feel a certain way about supporting someone who has done NOTHING wrong to them. Shame.

    Newsflash! No-one– not black men, black women, white men, white women– NO-ONE has to tell you a darn thing about their lifestyle regardless of what advice they give. That includes Mr.Jaxn!

    Here I am giving sound & pretty logical advice to people about not feeling entitled to knowing other people’s business and you can’t know my business either! Get over it.


    • Actually it was not. This thoughframe speaks to the overall problem. Let’s reiterate “Black” women. HAVING CHILDREN OUT OF WEDLOCK IS BAD PERIOD! “Black” people need to stop exploiting each other and other people and also allowing other people to exploit them sexually. One of the main reasons for the wholesale dysfunction belonging primarily to our “race” is the mental illnesses caused and fueled by sex with strangers. It is even worse to stand on a platform showcasing your immorality and lack ess for the world to see. The individual told everyone his business. It is too bad he did not broadcast a marriage prior to an entire human life being formed. A two parent household is preferable but “Black” people have thrown that sound piece of advice out the window with the other tenets of morality and common sense.


  14. The author keeps addressing women as black females. Speaks volumes about his supposed intelligence. The level of hatred he has for black women in general cannot be masked by fancy verbose responses. The only men who refer to black women as black females or females are those who harbor some hurt not addressed in the past. Deal with yourself before you go through life creating that which you claim to hate. You are the type of person who creates the wrecked and bruised black women with no self esteem. Please do us a favor. Do not be with a black women. You hate them anyway. I cannot imagine what those left in your wake are having to deal with now.


    • The government subsidies and out of wedlock procreation is the cause of “Black” women being in their current state. It is utterly inane that one would even suppose that this thinking male is the cause of “Black” female degeneracy. You are now reaching and falling off cliffs in the process. And inform us to the moniker he should currently use for “Black” females. Is he suppose to refer to them as Queens because Queens typically throughout history in the culture of those who look like us were well educated and MARRIED.


  15. Just because he has a baby and is married doesn’t make him a fraud black men it’s time out for all the games bullshit and standards that you put out but can’t live up to


  16. Whomever you are, you really hate black women. Do us (black women) a favor and go marry or date a non black woman. Be ghost. You misogynistic fuck.


    • The truth does not equal hate. Only someone who cares will actually take the time to tell you the truth. “Black” women typically hate themselves and the world knows this by the choices they make.


  17. Hahahahaha!!!!!! You ” Men”…. using the term loosely!! Derrick is a man… he had sex… he has a child.
    What has he lied about? The LIE would be if he doesn’t take care of this child… He does…. so what’s the problem? Hate filled black men… get over yourselves…. get a job or get an education.. Hate only grows through ignorance ( Look at the white supremacists)


    • I am not a male and I agree with their sentiments. Why are they uneducated, simply because you say so. No, these are individuals who observe and think. It is the “Black” woman who refuses to accept reality and utilize critical thinking in order to get herself and dependents out of their primary state of chaos.


    • If he is not married then there is no actual way for him to take care of the child because marriage is actually part of the child rearing process.


  18. You criticize him for manipulating black women, but this whole post was a giant “fuck you” to black women. You literally spent the whole post calling them all stupid and insecure. Fuck you, you racist bastard.


  19. Racism is such an evidence of stupidity.. What an irony you calling ppl stupid when your attitude is overflowing with such ignorance.. The maybe 10% of reason you tried to get across can barely be read among all the mean remarks..


  20. Wow, racist and ignorant. Sounds like your parents did a piss poor job raising you. Also, tell the other little dicked klansmen I’m sorry you are all still virgins and maybe the offer from your second cousin is still good.


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