Black Women Now Setting Their Sights On Asian Men – Another Mission Destined For Failure!


Yep, some black women now have decided that they are going to trade in “Tyrone” and get themselves a “Lee”. Of course as per usual with your modern-day black female she will typically roll into action without first thinking things through. Let us first deal with the picture above, notice how the black woman in the photo is presenting herself to her Asian Persuasion……………….as a whore. Therefore, for what purpose do you believe Lee will view this woman, for marriage or for sex only? Obviously the correct answer is solely for sex, remember I have stated in my some of my previous posts aswell as in my book Negro Wars that black women will be treated according to how they present themselves.

Now there is a small community of Asian men who indeed deal with black women, however this community is very small and out of this coalition very few couples actually end up getting married if any. There are more black men and Asian women couples than there are black women with Asian men. The other problem here is the fact that Asian men are the least likely to date outside of their race, they are far from being open and liberal when it comes down to interracial dating, they are by far the most traditional men on the planet when it comes down to sticking to their own women.

At the end of the day those Asian men who decide to deal with black women just like other races of men see them as an easy lay. It seems that everybody is choosing to capitalise on the black woman’s extremely insecure nature, Asian men looking to get their leg over are no different. I was searching online for information regarding Asian men/black women couples and I stumbled across a question posed by a black woman on the website Quora. She asks the following: Why do Asian Men not want to date African women? Or black women? 24 people in all answered her question, however there was one answer that stood out to me the most, an Indian man by the name of Jiggar Jones gave the following response:


Notice how he stated in the 7th paragraph how most black women come with “an aggressive demeanor which reduces their femininity in the eyes of men”. For the longest while black women have been touting their unnatural aggression as “strength”, however non black men haven’t bought into this propaganda at all. As I have stated before, men in general are not looking for aggressive women, this is one of many reasons why so black men are beginning to walk away from black women in droves as they too are starting to reject the black woman’s snake oil salesman pitch.

The other point Jones mentioned is the fact that Indian and Asian men in general prefer Caucasian type features on their women. You’ll notice that of those Asians that do get with black women, a large portion of them tend to choose the lighter skinned females who on the whole will naturally have features that are closer to white women than black women. Of course we black men already knew this, its black women who refuse to read the writing on the wall.

The bottom line is Lee is the non black candidate who is least likely to be interested in black women. At this stage with black women and their mentally unstable mindset, all black men can do at is simply sit back with a bowl of soup, some popcorn and a glass of freshly squeezed juice and watch as black women embark upon vain missions that will ultimately end in failure. Since black women refuse to listen to black men, there is nothing else we can do except entertain ourselves with their calamity. Yet another fail for the swirling sisterhood, I told you before that Swirl Towers has fallen. Lee doesn’t want you black woman, try again!

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Most High Bless

15 thoughts on “Black Women Now Setting Their Sights On Asian Men – Another Mission Destined For Failure!

  1. Personally Verbs, I hope black women will reach out to non-black men more so they will finally be happy. They always claim to be so unhappy with us anyway. I’ve really tried and I’m just not compatible with them. People will frown on mix-racing or interracial dating, but you only have one life and a man has to find where he is happiest. I just want my freedom and the pursuit of happiness and you’ll have neither dealing with them.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      I agree with you, the problem is non black men recognise the dysfunctional nature of this modern day black female and have done so for a very long time, in fact white men were the very ones who embedded the dysfunction into black women. Asian men aren’t about to accept defective, broken beyond repair outside goods, they don’t tolerate any rubbish from their own women, outsiders don’t stand a chance.

      I wrote about this same issue in Negro Wars, I too wish black women would be accepted more by non black men, then they could finally get these monsters off our backs. At this point of severe damage I don’t think anybody is compatible with black women bro.

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      • Yes, I see no reason to feel sorry for them or wish good luck on them. You would never say such things for racist white skinheads, and black women are just as much, if not more so you’re enemy than they are.

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    • afrofuturism1, I understand dude. I just have no emotional investment in black women whatsoever. But instead of them hanging on black men hate sites all day, they should focus on something that brings them happiness. If we make them so miserable, why even continue to bother? I’m so over all of it. I don’t even like talking about them.

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      • Good. As you say, let the Most High curse them with loneliness and baldness. Let them die alone, and maybe they’ll raise their daughters better. Don’t reward whorishness and the destruction of the family with sympathy.

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  2. The AMBW is growing. Asian men and Black women are finding love with eachother as they are deemed both unworthy for everyone else.


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  4. More Asian men are open to dating out than you’d think. I can’t comment on AMBF because they are rare, mostly due to the reasons you’ve stated. But AMWF and AMLF are in fact very common. Read that article about Chinese men and Russian women. Asian men are desirable in Latin American countries so much that it’s the only Asian/non-Asian pairing where the male partner is Asian compared to the other mixes where it’s more common for the female to be the Asian one (WMAF and BMAF typically outnumber AMWF and AMBF but AMLF actually outnumbers LMAF). With the white population decreasing AND waves of Latino and Asian immigrants, you can count on AMLF to be the top most common interracial pairing of the US some 50+ years from now.

    Due to Asian men being the most faithful and family oriented, AMLF and AMWF are some the happiest and most successful interracial relationships in most cases. You don’t often see a single mother (of any background/color/race) with a deadbeat Asian baby-daddy.


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