Tommy Sotomayor, Where’s The Movie Bruh? The People Have A Right To Know!


I didn’t really have many issues with Tommy Sotomayor until now, some major issues concerning him have popped up that need to be addressed. The main case in point here is in relation to his up and coming documentary film A Fatherless America. Outside of a few mentions of it here and there in interviews and on his radio shows, there hasn’t been an official update given concerning the progress of his film since July 2015. To make matters worse folks who has questioned him about the project(a few supporters but mainly his detractors) have been heavily berated and dismissed. Here are some screenshots of the last update on the film’s site

Of course don’t take my words for it, visit the website and check this out for yourselves under the heading of “updates”, you’ll see that I am right. The fact of the matter is because he has made his project publicly known, the public has every right to question him on that project. Sotomayor has attempted to use the excuse of the people who have donated to the project not being concerned about the progress and the release date of the film aswell as stating that it is only his critics who are concerned about the film’s status, however Sotomayor must remember that he didn’t disclose his film project to private donors and somehow the information was leaked to outsiders, no, he disclosed his film project to the general public from the beginning.

Quite frankly the PR in relation to the Fatherless America film project is extremely sloppy, totally unprofessional and absolutely atrocious. As much as I have certain issues and concerns with Jason Black aka the Black Authority aswell as Tariq Nasheed, one thing I can say is when it comes down to producing documentary films and keeping people updated on the progress of these projects, both of these men are on the ball. Nobody needs to enquire as to the progress of their film projects, they have their film project PR down to a fine art, they will release regular updates which are a continual reminder that a new film is on the horizon.

However when it comes down to Sotomayor and his Fatherless America documentary, it is my reckoning that this project has already been forgotten by most individuals and only returns into their minds when he decides to briefly mention it whether on his radio show or in an interview. Who is managing this guy, who is giving him such terrible advice on how to manage the public relations department in relation to a critical and much-needed film project? Even questions from people relating to the release date of the film posted on the Fatherless America Facebook Fanpage have yet to be answered by Sotomayor.

If there is an issue with the film then he ought to make it known to his supporters and anybody else who is seeking answers, again he states that his supporters are not raising any concerns regarding the release of the documentary, however seeing the man purchase a brand new SUV, move into a new mansion and have different women visit his premises while at the same time refusing to disclose any further information regarding the film I’m sure is now beginning to raise a few eyebrows.

This is not a good impression at all, which is why I have to wonder who is managing this man. I also find it hard to believe that there is no projected release date for the film as everybody who makes films and documentaries has a rough idea of when the project will be finished and when the film is expected to be shown to the general public. Having personally invested money in a few film projects, I know this to be a first hand fact. Who embarks upon a film project without first devising some sort of timetable/schedule to work around?

As you may or may not have known Sotomayor around 6 months ago initiated another campaign this time on GoFundMe to raise money in order to “build his own platform” where he can freely post his videos without the fear of them being flagged down on YouTube by his critics and others who don’t like his message, most of these individuals have been attacking Sotomayor, his family and anybody who associates with him relentlessly for years. About 5 or 6 days ago the GofundMe page was taken down and fraudulent activity was cited as the main reason why according to Sotomayor’s own testimony.

Obviously his “haters” have been successful in taking down the GoFundMe page, however to be honest because of the sloppy and slack handed way he has handled the Fatherless America project ie not delivering regular updates concerning the film, his detractors would have had no problems pointing to this shortfall and citing it as a basis for fraudulent activity to the GofundMe administrators. Tommy Sotomayor has brought this woe upon himself through his poor PR management of this film project. At this point I have to commend the folks responsible for taking down his GoFundMe page, they did the right thing even if they hate him. Sotomayor shouldn’t be permitted to collect anymore money from anybody else and furthermore he ought to be investigated for fraud.

He has relaunched the same campaign this time using different methods to collect money, however I personally wouldn’t donate a penny until he has dealt with this huge shortfall in relation to the film ie answering people questions and concerns, regularly updating the website and the Facebook fan page aswell as giving the people a rough idea of when the film is to be released. The way things stand in 2016 is as follows, either his PR department is a complete mess or his detractors and his critics are correct when they state that the entire project is a scam(at this moment a blatant scam is the only conclusion that can to be drawn concerning this project, Sotomayor is a fraud).

Remember, according to the Fatherless America website Sotomayor has raised over $116,000 thus far, seeing as he is dealing with such a large amount of money it would behoove him to openly answer questions and regularly update the website instead of being defensive and deflecting whenever issues are raised concerning the project. It is my opinion that lately Sotomayor has been concentrating far too much on “extra curricular activities” instead of dealing with what is important.

Its one thing for Tommy Sotomayor to want revenge upon the people he claims are stalking him, his family and making his life a living hell, however to blatantly defraud his own supporters, people who have stood by his side through thick and thin is way below the belt. His Sotonation followers ought to be holding him to account for his fraudulent actions, blindly following such an individual and on top of that claiming that what he has done with the money is not important is highly irresponsible, idiotic and demonstrates just how bewitched and brainwashed his followers truly are.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

26 thoughts on “Tommy Sotomayor, Where’s The Movie Bruh? The People Have A Right To Know!

  1. I had actually forgotten about the film, but I notice now that he’s asking for donations. Sorry, but I can’t give money to a guy who talks about how nice his house is.

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    • The Straight Shooter,

      Sotomayor ran two fund raising campaigns for the film, its a shame that his behaviour surrounding the film and its release has now become extremely suspect because a film of this kind is very important and would provide a much needed injection into society, especially black society where we currently are being overrun by single mothers. Taking people’s money while at the same time bragging about your house and your car, not a good look at all. The fact that he has different women coming up to his property every 5 minutes is not a good look either, neither is the fact that he is being so reclusive and secretive concerning the project’s current status. No updates in a year and three months, could you imagine a company such as Marvel pulling this same kind of stunt?

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  2. I’ve written Sotomayor off. He’s burn too many bridges as far as I’m concerned and he’s an enabler of black women, but pretends to play Mr Tough Love. I never donated to his film project and two years ago I might have felt differently, but after buying a new home and 120,000$ SUV. there really is no excuse anymore for him not having the film done by now. Also he had some one on one with a black women who’s married to a white man and even praised the woman and touted that white men get the best women. But Sotomayor will denigrate a black man for seeking a white woman and perpetuate the stereotype that we can only get the ugly fat ones.

    Also I remember Cadillac Kadafi, the MadBusDriver and others would try to promote the hashtag #sysbm in the comment section of Tommy’s videos and Tommy berated them for it and exclaimed if they weren’t going to donate to him then he didn’t want the hashtag affiliated with his brand. Now what sense does that make? A harmless hashtag encouraging black men to do what’s best for them and live life to fullest has Sotomayor enraged. It’s because Tommy knows who provides his bread & butter and he’s not trying to rub his black female fanbase the wrong way because he wants his coffers to be full and access to disgusting black cooch. If Tommy told black men to save themselves and date exclusively non-black women then black women would hardly support him anymore.

    Tommy hasn’t been for black men for some time and I’m doubting if he ever was.

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    • How do you see him as an enabler? Not that I’m criticizing you, just wondering.

      It is sad that he’s been so quiet about this movie, namely when it seems so supposedly close to his heart. I have noticed how HUGE his house is and yet he’s now asking for donations. I don’t doubt that the wenches are trying harder than ever to destroy what he’s built and that he wants a safer way to do his business and guarantee money, but it is suspect.

      In what ways would you say he goes easy on the black women.


      • Probably the word “enabler” was incorrect. But I feel he panders to black women too much and will excuse some of their behavior for his own ends. He still tries to convince black men to stick it out with black women which is inexcusable at this point. I don’t hate Tommy and I’m happy for his success, but I refuse to be another blind sotonation follower. Life is too short and only God can help black women. I refuse to waste my time reasoning with them anymore.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      I realise that he doesn’t want to work with other progressive black men on the front lines, I emailed him when my book Negro Wars was released in October 2015, I’ve never heard anything from him upto this day. He’ll stretch his hands out to degenerate black folks all day knowing full well that they won’t appreciate his kindness and will spit in his face, I don’t see anything logical in that.

      This gap of 1 year and three months in failing to update folks as to what is happening with his film is very sloppy, unprofessional and is not to be saluted at all. I do indeed remember that video when Tommy reprimanded Cadillac Kadafi very well, indeed there is nothing harmful about SYSBM. To be honest I am beginning to see that Sotomayor behaves in exactly the same manner as the dysfunctional black women he talks about.

      Too many one on ones, radio shows, random women at his house and not enough focus on dealing with his film project and answering people’s questions concerning it. I’m very disappointed in the man because fatherlessness is a very important issue that needs to be brought into the limelight and discussed.

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      • Tommy has a “Head Nigga In Charge” mentality. Upstanding black men like yourself have indeed reached out to Tommy but he doesn’t want be outshined. That’s why his short friendship with Akwesi went south. He has even scoffed at working with men like David Carroll and Angryman because they’re not as popular as he is which is retarded considering how many times he’s reached out to the lowest scum of the black sector of youtube. But Tommy knows he can talk down to those guys and easily make them look stupid. Tommy doesn’t want to contend with other upstanding black men. I’ve tried to see past the faults of Tommy but with his constant pandering to black women when black men are at such a fragile position in this country, I can no longer support him.

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      • Whtgrlsrawesome,

        Yes indeed, I do see the “I’m the captain and I’m running this ship” type attitude. It was a disappointment to see Sotomayor and Akwesi 100 part ways, where Sotomayor attempted to play the victim, now looking at that situation I am quite certain that he in fact was to blame for that failed friendship. I had no idea that he shunned working with David Carroll, Carroll would be one of the top black male candidates to work with. I feel another reason why he wouldn’t want to work with David Carroll is the fact that Carroll would not tolerate his emotional and dysfunctional stupidity at all, Carroll wouldn’t hesitate to call Sotomayor out on his buffoonery.

        Yep, Sotomayor prefers reaching out to the dregs and the scum buckets all day everyday. Your right, I also have been noting many anomalies and irregularities in his behaviour for a while now, I had given him a pass up until recently when I finally acknowledged that his dysfunctional behaviour is getting way out of hand. Working together with upstanding black men would form a formidable force, however Sotomayor’s female mentality simply won’t allow him to look past his pride and his ego.

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  3. He refused to work with David Carroll? Why?!!! That guy is a freaking genius! And since Tommy is all about building, wouldn’t working with David and then subsequently raising his lower popularity he helping to build up another black man? Instead, he chooses the YouTube equivalents of the negroes selling demo tapes at the flea market and yet has to nerve to cry wolf and get his feelings hurt when niggas that you know can’t build…..can’t build.

    Yeah, in terms of pandering, I did kinda find it strange how despite claiming that the next two months at least would be hell on black chicks and wanting nothing to with them nor having a positive thing to say about them, he had a 1 on 1 recently to promote some black fitness chick. Not only did he talk about giving her a spot on his channel, he denigrated black men for not finding black fitness chicks attractive (the girl wasn’t that cute even, it ain’t just fat that makes them unattractive).

    When my YouTube channel gets up and running in the hopefully soon to be future, I have absolutely no intention of propping up not giving a mic for black women, not even the so called good ones. Frick em and feed em fish heads.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Just like your average black woman will purposely avoid dealing with intelligent, progressive black men because she knows that they will not tolerate her slack handed nonsense and will smell her trickery from 10000 miles away, Sotomayor is exactly the same when it comes down to working with upstanding black men. You’ll notice however that his standards change when he reaches out to and works with white folks, when it comes to them without hesitation he’ll work with the creme de la creme.

      For the longest while I thought that I was exaggerating what I was seeing, however its only when you converse with other like minded black men is when you realise that you are not crazy and that there are indeed familiar patterns being formed. Yep, I remember his talk about going off on black women relentlessly for a 2 month period, the so-called “onslaught” didn’t last long did it? Sotomayor thinks with his penis, he essentially still has the mentality of a teenager, hence the open slackness and lack of information concerning his film, the continuous bragging about his house, his car, how much money he has and how many women he can run through.

      I saw a little bit of that particular 1 on 1, I’ll have to go back and watch some of it, this guy is resorting to simping now? Denigrating the same black men he claims he is sticking up for? Those moves are low, very low. He’ll make room on his channel for any black woman if he knows there is a chance of bending her over his couch. As I have stated before, black women already have the media arm of their white father, it’s us black men who have been stripped of our voices, we are the ones who need a platform and some airtime.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As far as I know MBDX doesn’t have any major beef with Sotomayor. I remember some time ago Cadillac Kadafi was spreading the hashtag and the message of SYSBM which I believe MBDX created if I’m not mistaken in the comment sections of Sotomayor’s videos on dysfunctional black women.

      One day Sotomayor decided to take it upon himself to call Cadillac Kadafi out in a video and told him to stop posting acronyms(SYSBM) and to stop trolling black women in his comment section. Here is the video:

      This is the “head Negro in charge” attitude on display right here, when Sotomayor tells black men to run from black women its cool but when Kadafi, MBDX or anybody else does the same they get blasted, make that make sense. The thing about it is Cadillac Kadafi was one of Sotomayor’s biggest supporters, I’m not sure if this is still the case.

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      • Trolling black women? Who cares?!! Eff em and feed em phish heads!!

        There’s no one more criticized for “bashing” black women than Tommy, so why would he come to their defense from a dude who was speaking the truth. These black women do nothing for Tommy except help empty his nuts on ocassion.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        This is Sotomayor’s problem, he is bewitched, enchanted and spellbound by the same black women whom he states are making his life a living hell. He had a good white woman in the form of his “chef” Lana but he blew it by making the relationship public wanting to boast to black folks by showing her off to the whole world, thus he foolishly placed her in a position where she was vulnerable and open to attack.

        Contrasting this we have Mad Bus Driver, MBDX does things the smart way, the right way, he conceals his identity, he keeps his wife and his family out of his videos because he values them aswell as their peace and safety, he focuses on the topic at hand, he is consistent and he doesn’t go around like a hungry lion looking for beef like Sotomayor does.

        MBDX has been warning black men for years to steer clear of black women because they are more trouble than they are worth. Sotomayor is still messing about with them and as a result is still getting into trouble, some folks will never learn.

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  4. Tommy is no different than these Hotep/Kemet and black consciousness negroes, Umar Johnson, Tariq Nasheed and Sa Neter (HOK), hell I’ll throw in the churches. Just that Tommy has his own niche in the market of making money off of people or sell hope scheme. Yes Tommy and even his enemies tell some truth a t times but they only talk to those in the “club” or strangers who are idiots. Trust me Tommy is connected to the higher ups he is just one of many of their pawns, talking to David Duke being on TV, he is connected to the freemasons.

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    • Lobsterbale,

      I gave Sotomayor the benefit of the doubt for so long however with this slackness relating to his film I simply couldn’t overlook certain things any longer. What really bothers me about Sotomayor is the fact that he could easily reach out to and work with quality black men, however he deliberately chooses to avoid the builders and instead homes in on the scum and the dross of black YouTube. That type of behaviour is more than suspect.

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  5. Yeah is just saw a vid Tommy made about how he LOVES dark skin women and hopes if he treats them well that they’ll give other black men a chance.

    These women are your biggest enemies!!! Why do you care?

    He will make nice with them if there’s a chance to hang his nuts outside of them. I remember one of his talk radio convos he had where he was grilling a stupid black chick over trying to force her son to date black wenches. More info came out about her that showed her whorish behavior, but when the woman’s moron of a husband, who married her slack ass despite being far better off and upstanding than her, Tommy turned Mr. Friendly and got mad that people were commenting on how whorish the woman was revealed to be.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Sotomayor still doesn’t get it. Outside of his daughters and their mothers he really ought not to be associating with any other black women whatsoever. He is one of those Negroes who is clearly still under the spell of these black witches, he is addicted to having sex with them, this is his shortfall.

      These constant inconsistencies are a huge problem. I too saw that video about him talking about his liking for dark skinned women, it came up on my sidebar. As I have stated before, I’m no longer fooled by his trickery and his inconsistent nature, I gave him the benefit of the doubt before, however after reasoning with you and Whtgrlsrawsome as to why he purpose reaches out to and beefs with the scum instead of building with upstanding black men, there is no more room for excuses. The writing is on the wall and no interpretation is required for it to be clearly understood.

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  6. What type of site is this? Are most of the men in this thread haters of their own race? Who the hell tells other’s of their race not to have relations with females of their own race? That’s some extreme sellout coon shit. Hate hoodrats? Easy, leave them alone and get a educated, hard working black woman. If you’re one of the clueless, full of excuses black men who can’t hold down a job and want women to take care of you, your worthless and belong in a prison anyway. I’m married to a black woman who isn’t a hoodrats and it’s sad to see black men stereotype our women, but worship women of other races. I used to listen to tommy before I found out his real name and his host of lies. The fact he’s a deadbeat father who waneed to make a movie called fatherless America should have been a clue to the idiots who gave him money. The man spent it of a damn car or paying back child support and idiots still support him. Pathetic…….


    • Thetruth,

      As a man you are expected to present your counter-arguments based upon logic, reason, common sense, wisdom etc. Coming here and using women’s logic is not a good look for you at all. Then on top of this you call me a coon and a sellout(black women’s logic yet again) because of the fact that I encourage black men to look elsewhere for love and companionship, yet you have deliberately ignored the mountain loads of evidence that I have also presented to support the very reasons why. This is called being intellectually dishonest.

      The majority of black women are hoodrats, the same educated black women by day are the same ones street brawling, twerking and having sex with thugs, criminals and gangsters by night. Trying to act as if educated black women are any different to their poorer sistren, yet it is these so called educated black women working in corporate America who are the ones assassinating the most amount of unborn children in abortions centers. On average over 50000 unborn black babies slaughtered per month, yet your weak behind won’t call them out on such barbarism. Educated black women are the worst, I dealt with them in my book Negro Wars.

      In case you haven’t noticed most black women are not interested in hard working black men, they prefer criminals, gangsters, shotters and the lowest dregs of black male society. Additionally these same black women have no problems taking care of these types of individuals, they most certainly love them some criminal thugs over decent, thinking black males:

      Here you go again using the logic of black women, exceptions to the rule do not buck the general trend, your wife is not a hoodrat which means she is an exception, she is not part of the general rule. Stop believing that exceptions can override the rule, that is chick logic. Black women can be stereotyped as a group because there are enough members within that group who now fit the general trend. Worship other races, what about your black woman, her dedicated worship of white men and all things white or have you just conveniently overlooked this aswell because in your eyes black women are exempt from scrutiny and examination?:

      Unlike yourself I have evidence to back up my claims, I always present the evidence at the beginning of everyone of my posts except when the post is opinion based. With regards to Tommy Sotomayor, he even states that majority of his audience are black women(65%). Therefore most of the “idiots” who donated money towards his film are black women, educated black women at that because we already know hoodrats don’t like him because he rightly calls them out as black scum.

      Therefore, will you now hold these “idiots”(your words not mine) to the same standard as you do black men or will you be a coward and overlook yet another inconvenient fact simply because you are afraid to hold black women accountable? Remember, educated, thinking black women form the majority of Sotomayor’s supporters, let’s see you go off on them as you did the black men here in the comment section.

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  7. Verbs is just an old ass flaccid cock loser who hates himself. Haha. Now watching him come back with a copy/paste faux intellectual rant, as if I’ll read that shit.


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