Straight From The Horse’s Mouth – Most Black Women Only View Black Men As Commodities And Stock!

Please take a look at the short video clip below:

Note what the black woman in the black stated at the beginning, “I don’t like you, you’re dirty, you’re stupid, you’re ugly, I just don’t want it”. I’m sure that many a black men can relate to being told these things or similar at some point in their lives by confused, bitter and disgruntled black females. Not only that but it should also be mentioned at this point that this is the typical banter that commonly proceeds from the mouths of single black mothers when dealing with their children on a day-to-day basis, as we already know black women as a group hate children and only use them to as a tool to hop onto the government payroll aswell as to use them as a weapon against the father.

Black women enjoy hammering at the self-esteem and self-confidence of black men aswell as spiting them whenever the opportunity arises, they start from very young and continue the process right up until the black male is in his teens, this is the reason why today we have so many black men who do not believe that they can achieve better in terms of dating and marriage outside of dealing with this dysfunctional black witch. She called the man ugly but it seems she has failed to look at herself in the mirror lately, has she even noticed that she is overweight and has a terrible body shape? You’ll notice these days that even the most hideous looking black women still believe that they are something special to look at and possess.

Now, here is where the black woman’s discombobulated mindset comes in, as soon as the woman in red publicly confesses her love for the man, it is only then that he regains a little value in the eyes of the first woman. All of a sudden the same man she stated she didn’t want anything to do with now becomes “my man”. Springer picked up on this confusion and reminded her that she stated before that she didn’t want him. What did this black harridan have to say in response, “I don’t want him but he’s not going anywhere, no matter what he’s not going anywhere”.

Do you see this rubbish here black men, black women just like their white lord, saviour and father view you as commodities, merchandise and stock to be picked up, traded and discarded of whenever convenient. Black women as a whole do not want you but then in their eyes you are still not allowed to be with anyone else. If you want to understand the racist white man look at and examine the black woman, if you want to understand the black woman look at the racist white man, never forget that both are two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin.

The above is the black woman’s attitude especially when it comes down to black men exercising interracial dating, black women are happy to dive into the swirling pool and are rarely if ever criticised, however when black men do the same we are labelled as sellouts, coons, uncle Toms, uncle Ruckuses etc. Why is that? By the way, this view of black men as assets and stock is the same reason why black women specifically focus upon economic and academic achievements when choosing a black male for a mate. In other words we black men are not determined as valuable based upon our personalities and who we are as men, the determination instead is based upon how much money we have, what assets we own and what qualifications we possess.

On the flip side however you will notice that black women will not apply these same rigorous standards when dealing with non black men, a black woman will have no issues taking on board a white man of the lowest order, of course in the minds of most black women no matter what the economic, academic and social position of that male, being a white man alone is equal to Godhood.

The same slave master mentality that is present in many white men is also prevalent in the modern-day black woman. This is yet another reason why black men must expand their dating options, after all how can we possibly deal with women who essentially view us as slaves? I’m not making this up, you heard the woman for yourselves and many of you black men have experienced the same or similar communications from black women.

Just thought that I would bring this to your attention. Finally, to quote the Youtuber known as Mad Bus Driver, “black men have no value to black women until they begin dating outside of their race”. Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I go into depth concerning black women and how they truly view black men.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

15 thoughts on “Straight From The Horse’s Mouth – Most Black Women Only View Black Men As Commodities And Stock!

  1. I’ve recently seen first hand how black women will not give a negro the time of day if he comes to her in a cordial fashion. Conversely, those same behaviors will make the day of a non-black woman. In the last few months at university, I’ve been called lame and nerd by black chicks and sweet and gentleman by non-black, namely white chicks. Nerd! I was called this by a group of women who were not only at college, but always claim to be so smart and educated!!!!

    I’ve also had three, count ’em, THREE horrible relationships with DARK SKINNED black chicks, 2 of which made it clear when first meeting them that they were liberal and feminists. And yes, all three of them STANK OF CAT PISS!!!

    This is what we have to deal with black men: a foul mouthed, liberal, ugly, manly, fat, argumentative, classless, ghetto harridan. When that’s considered, is there anything in this video above that’s shocking?


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Its standard procedure for black women to give decent black men a frosty reception, Tyrone on the other hand can approach a black woman disrespectfully and she instead will be turned on. It’s like what I stated in one of my recent posts, non black women for the most part recognise quality black men.

      This is the mental insanity of black women on display right there, nobody is checking for them yet they still believe that they are hot stuff, lol. I remember when I was younger the first girl to tell me that I was handsome was a white girl, those same white girls that black women are warning us to stay away from “for our own good”. What a joke. Black women wouldn’t know quality if it slapped them in the face.

      Black women as a collective are liberals and feminists as standard, hence why they are currently going to great lengths in their attempts to silence black men. Black women in 2016 are trouble and this is why they are increasingly being rejected by black men for non black women.

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      • I had a black chick tell me I was a lame nerd, right after she stated that she intended to ride some strange ding a ling at a negro step show. Keep in mind that she was also chatting up some Tyrones, more than likely at school on athletic scholarships, right when I tried talking to her.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Oh, you’ll become valuable in her eyes once Tyrone has given her a few children and has kicked out, that is the dysfunctional way most black women work which is yet another reason among many why they must be rejected. As I have stated before, feminism has completely wired black women backwards.


  2. Growing up I was seen as “soft” and “too nice” by black women in high school and college. Then in my sophmore year of college I started dating this very attractive white woman and all of a sudden I was a traitor. I had already made up my mind years before that I was done with black women but that was the tipping point.

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    • Reggie James,

      There you go right there, black women saw you as valueless until you started dating out, exactly what MBDX stated. The pro blacks would still want you to continue ploughing through the hostility and the hatred black women exhibited towards you which is impractical, nobody is going to stick around and deal with people who constantly diss and dismiss them, the pro black squads however simply can’t understand this.

      Freedom for a black man is understanding that he doesn’t have to put up with the rubbish black women bring to the table and that he can do much better for himself.


  3. Everything you say is true. My first hater or malcontent, visited my blog today trying to instigate an argument and guess who? Yeah, a black woman. I refuse to give these women anymore of my time or energy so I marked the comments as spam without uttering a word to her. So I’m trying to understand, you throw your own men under the bus for over 50 years and when you finally leave them alone, they still want your attention. I celebrate white women on my blog and I don’t even mention or “bash” black women. I don’t go to their watering holes like Bossip, For Harriet, Black Girl Long Hair, or black twitter. You do everything you can to avoid them and not mention them, but they still want your attention. Insanity!


    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Lol, these black women are like rats, they are a pestilence, they will seek you out wherever you are, even if you are not talking about them. I tend to leave the comments up as a record, however I won’t engage black women in conversation any longer.

      You have to understand that black women are in panic mode, they have been given the position of overseer of the black male by their white father and now black men are walking off the plantation. They have to stay relevant to their white slave master in order to continue receiving state treats and benefits, however the old Jedi minds tricks black women would have used in the past to lure black men back onto the plantation just aren’t working anymore.

      It’s possible that black woman may have found your site through the comments you made here because your name also doubles as a link to your site like mine. You have to remember that black women are exactly like white men, they feel extremely uncomfortable when black men congregate without them.

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      • I figured as much. MBD has the same mindset where he’ll leave their comments up as a visual to the hate and stupidity. But I want nothing to do with the filth and they’re not using my space as a hangout to throw around their mud. I’ve observed the gender war for three years and I’ve had my fill. After what Christelyn and her elk did to the Vegainator and reading a disgusting anti-black male hit piece on Clutch months ago, I called it quits. Let dudes like Tommy and Sarge WP defend black women and build “Da Nation.” Life is too short and I want a peace of mind and happiness.

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      • Whtgrlsrawesome,

        Don’t worry sir, black women’s fun in the sun is coming to an end, their white father is slowly walking away from them, however they haven’t noticed yet because they are too busy enjoying themselves with massa’s state treats and benefits. I’ve gotten a few responses from disgruntled black females relating to comments I’ve left on MBD’s videos aswell as on other videos from other black Youtubers, I simply ignore them because black women have no viable or valid arguments to bring to the table, they continue to regurgitate the same old illogical nonsense over and over again.

        Christelyn Karazin sits at the right hand side of Satan himself, this is why I was very disappointed when Angryman apologised to the witch. I heard somebody briefly mention that the Vegainator lost his job because of Karazin and her dirty crew of bitter cohorts, did you heard the same?

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