Dr Umar Johnson Must First Lead By Example Or Keep His Mouth Shut!

Earlier today I watched a short video in which Dr Umar Johnson was giving his opinion on various individuals and their works. The opinion that stood out to me the most was his take on film producer Nate Parker and his up and coming film called Birth Of A Nation which I believe is pegged for release on October 7th 2016.

Johnson stated that he would watch Birth Of A Nation but that he cannot take Nate Parker seriously until he gets himself a black wife. Johnson has made it abundantly clear in the past and present that he despises interracial dating and sights many reasons why he believes black men should stick to dating and marrying black women only. However there is a problem, Johnson himself has been single for a considerable amount of time, he has no black wife nor black girlfriend for that matter.

The closest he has gotten to some sort of black female companionship in recent times was with a woman by the name of Khym Ringgold, whom he became entangled in a scandal with due to the fact that she was a stripper. Since that controversy ended Umar Johnson has not been seen with any other women, at least not in public.

The first problem I have with Johnson is the fact that just like the typical pro black squads he fails to hold black women to account for their irresponsible decisions and dysfunctional behaviours. The second issue I have with him is while he continues to harp on about black love and black men sticking to dating and marrying black women, he continually fails to provide black men with realistic solutions in dealing with the fact that in 2016 most black women are dysfunctional and defective beyond repair, the same broken black females that I dealt with at length in my book Negro Wars.

This post is not about getting hits, it’s about raising legitimate questions and concerns. If Johnson is to continue pushing the movements of black love and the black family, then it is only right that he should first place some viable solutions on the table that black men can use in dealing with or even circumventing the modern-day black witch.

How are black men expected to deal with a woman who has openly declared herself as an enemy of her own people? How are black men expected to deal with a woman who is being sponsored, operated and who is now owned by the state? How would black men begin dealing with a woman who is openly working against them aswell as the black nation as a whole? These questions and many more Dr Umar Johnson must first answer.

Until he does this he ought to keep his mouth shut on the topic of interracial dating. To be honest, until he lands himself a quality black woman, the same kind he has been telling black men there is an abundance of, he is no position to penalise or critique other black men who choose to date and marry non black women.

This is the reason why I can turn around to Johnson and state that I do not take him seriously, because whilst being single he is attempting to police other black men on their dating and marriage preferences. Concentrate on you own dating and marriage issues first before dictating to black men what they should and shouldn’t do in relation to the same, the slogan of the day is “lead by example or keep your mouth shut”. Get your own “black love” game up before schooling others on theirs.

By the way on a final note, Umar Johnson regularly has been heard telling others to “keep his name out of their mouths”. The simple reason why he says this is because he does not want his actions if found to be at fault to be examined, scrutinised and called out. Do not fall for this Jedi mind trick, if you see Umar Johnson behaving in a dysfunctional manner, you have every right to call him out on his shortfalls. Sorry pal, if I see you act in an irregular, dysfunctional or degenerate fashion then I will call you out regardless of your “decrees” concerning others and your name.

As the saying goes, if you can’t take the heat then get out of the damn kitchen. I don’t hate Umar Johnson, however I do take issue with his disingenuous position when it boils down to black women, he continues to give them a pass, that I cannot overlook, sorry. Oh yes and remember, this was the same fellow who called black folks “trifling” because in 6 months he was only able to raise $250,000 towards his proposed school. Anyway, here is that video for you to view for yourselves:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

12 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson Must First Lead By Example Or Keep His Mouth Shut!

    • He is apart of the secret “club” Umar is a snake oil salesman. Jedi mind tricks galore with that guy. Many pro-blacks are really the white man, the white man sets them up. Notice pro-blacks like Umar always use the so called white man’s definition of race and color and don’t & won’t give details to that.

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      • Lobsterbale,

        Agreed, a large portion of these pro blacks and white men are two sides of the same coin, this is exactly what I talked about in my book Negro Wars. My main contention with Johnson is the fact that he continues to give black women a pass on their destructive behaviour, this type of conduct is unacceptable.

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  1. Just pathetic. Umar is a good looking dude, you’re telling me he couldn’t get any hood rat, gussy her up for appearances sake, and parade her around as his “beautiful black queen”? Better yet, if actually good black women abound so much, why has he not seemed to have a significant relationship with any of them in his 50 plus years to where at least people looking in might think that she was the one for him?!!!

    Pro blacks are a joke, and sadly prove how a lot of blacks are the biggest enemies of their race. Unfortunately in many cases, a black wino on the street and a black Harvard grad are much alike: they have the same get whitey mentality and also expect other blacks to give them handouts as well. In the case of Umar, when other blacks didn’t perform their service of giving him free money, he called them trifling!

    You can put a grifter in a three piece suit, doesn’t change his heart. Be they Christian or Muslim, a lot of these black preachers and teachers are just snake oil salesmen who refuse to actually build anything.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This has to be my biggest issue with Umar Johnson, that fact that he deliberately refuses to admit just how bad of a state the modern day black woman is in. This to be honest is the same reoccurring pattern with the overwhelming majority of the pro black squads, they simply cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the fact that in 2016 most black women are dysfunctional and defective beyond repair.

      Johnson simply isn’t in a position to declare “black love” as the standard that all black men must attain to when he has no visible woman that he is sharing black love with. Johnson is simply a merchant in a long line of peddlers and as per usual black folks are his merchandise.

      I stated in my book Negro Wars how there would be no progression of black society as a collective until the destroyer of it aka the black woman was first examined, scrutinised and judged for the destruction she has brought upon us as a people, my statement still holds true to this day.

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  2. Not going in hard on the black woman with these pro blacks is like if neo nazis didn’t go hard on Jews. No, it’s like if neo nazis made the distinction, “not all Jews. Some are great people”. It would look disingenuous as hell, but most pro blacks are.


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  4. To be perfectly honest a bunch of these pro blacks are black feminists ask yourselves this question how many of these cats are single they literally might be closet faggots on the down low something is fishy about these guys.

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    • Sean,

      Umar Johnson has been single for forever and a day, he is yet another one of these pro blacks who is “waiting for his queen” yet at the same time he refuses to accept the writing on the wall concerning just how damaged black women as a collective are. Most of these pro black men are forced to masturbate and watch endless porn movies because even though they bat for black women, these same black females do not reciprocate at all. If your name is Dequan or Jamal however you will absolutely no problems getting your sex flex on, black women will open their legs to those fellows all day, everyday.

      Dr Umar Johnson is a fool, his perpetual singledom is actually proving the point that I and many other black men have made concerning the black woman’s preference to uniting and procreating with the scum bags and the lowest dregs of black male society(which by the way is a blatant illustration of mental illness on the part of black women). Johnson is a working black man yet black women still don’t want him, lol. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of these pro black bootlickers were on the down low, in fact that talk is not even a stretch.

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