The Black Woman’s Mindset Is Broken Beyond Repair!

Please look at the above image, the condition of the vehicle above represents what car insurance companies would deem as a “write off”. This simply means that the damage to the car is to such an extent that it can no longer be repaired, instead the vehicle must now be scrapped. The picture above is also a representation of the mindset of modern-day black women as a group, they are clearly mentally damaged individuals, this is an observable fact, this is one of the main reason why they cannot be appealed to.

Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you heard any black woman apologise for her wrongdoing or even admit that she was wrong on any particular issue? This is precisely my point, the mentality of the modern-day black woman is such to where she believes that she can do no wrong, she is always right and is additionally above reproach. This is one of the main reasons why you will never catch me attempting to appeal to and reason with black women as a whole, simply put you cannot do it and attempting to do so is embarking upon a fool’s errand.

Besides, as I wrote in Negro Wars black women have already given black men multiple middle fingers aswell as drawn their lines in the sand, they have absolutely no desire to change for the better, black women now have their white father as a substitute husband who allows them to be irresponsible, who gives them a free reign of the yard unsupervised and who garnishes them with the tools required to keep black men enslaved to the system ie stuck on the plantation. I will continue to repeat the following until it begins to sink into the heads of black men, modern-day black women are not your friends, nor do they have your best interests at heart.

How many more signs do black women need to give you black men before it finally registers that black women as a whole are in the same condition as that car? They are write-offs, they cannot be salvaged and they cannot be repaired. Stop holding onto the hope even if only a little that one day black women will finally see sense and change for the better, that is not going to happen. The sooner more black men understand this is the sooner that they can liberate themselves from the black woman’s evil and actually start to move forward with their lives.

My mission right now is to save as many black men as possible from the clutches of this modern-day black witch. Black men, you need to discard of the hope that black women one day will “see the light” and change, the longer you hold onto this false hope is the longer you will continue to remain disappointed. Black women have been running the same evil schemes and strategies against us for the past 50 years, as long as they continue to have that cosy, comfortable and convenient relationship with the state, nothing is ever going change on their part.

Black men, use common sense and logic, what do you see with your own eyes, how do you see things being played out here? Are you observing black women repent from the wicked ways, turning back, joining forces with black men, rejecting their white father, his benefits and his trinkets or are you seeing the complete opposite unfold, black women doubling down in their evil and dysfunction, distancing themselves from black men even further, spewing more hatred and venom towards us and pushing the agenda of their white father/slave master even harder than before? You be the judge.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

16 thoughts on “The Black Woman’s Mindset Is Broken Beyond Repair!

  1. Great post and you’re a brilliant writer. I saw your comments on that YouTuber’s channel. It was disappointing that he even agreed to appear on a panel of dunces let alone apologize to a woman that’s made extremely incendiary remarks towards black men. Unfortunately, because black men long for a sense of community and companionship with his perceived woman, he’ll engage in acts of hollow nationalism and racialism. In doing so, one tends to forgo things like integrity, self-respect, pride, and values for a perceived community or group of women you believe as your own. But in actuality, black men are used as mere blood-bags sorta like in Mad Max to satiate the state and the state’s operative which the black man foolishly believes to be his woman.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Your compliment is very much appreciated, thank you. Having Jordan host a Google hangout with Lashid4u and Christelyn on the panel I knew was asking for trouble. I feel that they set Angryman up. Had it been somebody else hosting the hangout who was on our side then things may have turned out different.

      Karazin is a sinner of the highest order, Jordan is a white knighting simp who never learned from the pasting Karazin and her crew of dysfunctional cohorts gave him some weeks back, I wrote a post on that.

      I have stated so many times times before that the modern day black woman is the property of the state, she is state owned, state funded and state run. Most black men still cannot seem to grasp this concept, hence why they will still hold onto the hope that black women will see the light and change.

      Angryman compromised his self respect and his integrity, Karazin and Jordan ran a Jedi mind trick Kansas City shuffle on him and he fell for the Okey Doke. It’s bad enough trying to find loyal black men to stand in the gap and represent our causes without compromising themselves and selling us short, there are plenty of black men already merchandising and pimping out their own.


      • Karazin is a monster and Lashid4u is certifiable. I shared a post awhile back with Gw3 Ex and Dwight Hayes where some loony young black woman with a biracial child by a mentally unstable white man and another with a typical black male miscreant. This dingbat actually still wanted to swirl and asked for Christelyn’s advice on her swirling blog. The swirler and chief actually scolded the young black woman (which she never does because black women can do no wrong) before suggesting to abort the black fetus but at the same time indirectly implying to keep the biracial child. She’s a real sicko dude!

        But the last straw for me was when a typical anti-black male article on Clutch Magazine was posted where these lunatic black feminist actually made the suggestion to stop supporting black men because they support and protect us all the time and get nothing in return. Reading that tripe spewed from a dementia patient almost triggered a nervous breakdown in me. Black feminist’s revisionist history claims are the stuff of sci-fi epics, absolutely ridiculous!

        And that’s one of the many reasons why I decided to start up my blog. No, non-black women aren’t perfect and some can be just as outlandish as your typical urban queen, but I refuse to invest one more second into reasoning or caring for the historical Judas of our race. More black men should celebrate and care for women that are actually worthwhile.

        The Angryman will regret that apology. Believe me, there’s been times where I actually felt sorry for Christelyn because I know she has mental issues and is suffering from an inferiority complex like most black women, but my sympathy always came back to bite me when she opened her mouth or made a post on her site.

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      • Whtgrlsrawesome,

        I wrote in Negro Wars how black women must be left to stew and marinate in their own failures. Karazin’s horrible fate will soon be upon her, she will not be able to escape the wrath that will land on her doorstep. Karazin is heading straight to the depths of Hades on a one way ticket.

        Black women do not support black men, they only use black deaths as an excuse to take to the streets in order to draw attention towards themselves. When they are marching up and down the streets resembling court jesters, they are all about themselves, nobody else.

        Non black women as it stands today are a far better option for black men than black women, this is not a plesant fact to accept, however nonetheless it is a fact. I left dealing with black women over 8 years ago, its been plain sailing ever since. Indeed, the modern day black woman is a traitor who cannot be trusted under any circumstances. I have no sympathy for a bunch of individuals who have sold out their own people for state trinkets and benefits, let them rot.


    • Speaking of Crystal Meth Karazany, if swirling was so successful for her, why do you not see her all lovey dovey, romantic, and in love with her husband?

      If I had the platform Karazin has, you’d bet your bottom dollar I’d be showing off my potential wife. Hell, considering I stand for family values, restoration of marriage and family, and black men choosing successful (namely non black) women, I’d pull a reverse Umar and actually set the example so that other black men would see and follow.

      You can tell that she and her type are less focused on love (like that’s important to a black woman) and more on getting a light skinned baby with da good hair. Honestly, call me self hater, but I can see why blacks would be ashamed of their defeated legacy as well as embarrassed of blacks today. Thus, I underetains why half breeds are revered, namely by the women. However, it becomes idiotically hypocritical (like most black women) since they’ll still beg for rappers and filmmakers to show da dark skin sustas some love, and guilt trip them if they don’t. It’s like, “Really, Everyone knows you’re the one sweating for Al B. Sure!”


  2. Hey Verbs2015, check this out:

    It’s one of thousands of twisted interracial romance novels written by black women on Amazon. It’s about a black female prison psychiatrist who’s also an elementary school teacher from a black Christian conservative background but she falls in love with a Neo-Nazi. The book is a bestseller on Amazon by the way. I would love to read your take.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      As I wrote in Negro Wars most black women will never be given the opportunity to swirl, therefore instead many of them resort to writing about their swirling fantasies as this is the closest they will ever get to swirl mountain. This interracial novel writing is black women attempting to appeal to white men in a sideways type of fashion, however as we can clearly see the overwhelming majority of white men simply aren’t interested in black women, black women haven’t done themselves any favours by portraying themselves in the public eye as sluts, whores and twerkers either.

      As the saying goes, people will see you according to how you place yourself in their view. You’ll also notice that when it comes down to white men black women do not demand the same standards as they would with a black man. Your average black woman will quite willingly accept and take on board a white man who is homeless, we have to always remember that in her eyes the white man is God no matter what his social, academic and economic level.

      So with black men in order for us to satisfy the majority of black women we must be over 6 feet tall, have no children(even though they most of the time come preloaded with them) have our own house, car, be generating a 6 figure salary minimum, be willing to treat her(in other words we must be willing to waste our money on countless worthless materials in order to satisfy her vain lusts) etc, however when it comes down to white men all they need present to black women are the clothes on their back and a rucksack, the same rigourous standards that black women place upon us with no room for flexibility white men are completely exempt from.

      In concluding, black women only value good black men after they have messed around with and gotten bitten several times over by Tyrone, however in their arrogant stance they will still demand a high standard from us believing that they are of the same value having been ran through by many different men and having had on average 3 different children by 3 different men. When it comes down to “God” however, he is permitted entry unconditionally.

      The white man is God to the black woman, this is why these interracial novels(the black women and white men versions) are such great sellers. These novels also show us where the heart of the black woman is. As I have stated before, the modern day black woman is not the property of black men, she belongs to the white man, it just a pity that some black men haven’t received the memo yet and of those that have, there are a large number who still refuse to accept what they can clearly see with their own two eyes.


  3. Black men have never had the confidence to lift up black women like white men have lifted up white women. Black men have never stood in their manhood and declared to white men that they value black women. Black men have never publicly defended, praised, promoted or glorified black women like white men do for white women.

    Instead, black men reap the benefits of what white men have created in white women. White men have carefully crafted the white woman into the epitome of desirability, womanhood and beauty. The white woman is the white mans handy work. He puts her on the pedestal because she’s a reflection of him and he values her because he values himself. He understands that there is no him without her.

    The same can be said about black men. What he sees in himself is what he sees in black women. He is not confident in himself therefore he has no confidence in black women. He thinks little of himself therefore he thinks little of black women. He is tormented on the inside therefore he torments black women. He has been terrorized therefore he terrorizes black women.

    The black man can not defeat the white man because he covets the white mans creation….white women. Black men can’t even take credit for what they desire in white women. White men have prepared this table that black men sit under for the white mans scraps. Black men benefit from what white men created in white women. White women may be the answer to the black mans woes but all credit is due to white men. White men made white women the cream of the crop because white men feel they are the cream of the crop. While black men sulk in failure, self hatred and pity, White men can confidently profess to the world that white women are the most beautiful and most deserving to be protected and valued. Black men are so defeated and can’t compete with white men that they have to procreate with white women just to have confidence to say “look Mr. White Man, my mixed children are just as beautiful as yours thanks to the white woman you allowed me to procreate with because I can’t make beautiful children with a black woman. Now I have something I can present to you confidently thanks to the white woman you prepared for me.”

    The white man created the image of the the white woman. The black man created the image of the black woman. But of course, only winners take credit. If black men were only honest with themselves and own up to their own insecurities.

    If you don’t value yourself, you will forever be jumping on someone else’s creation. When you run to white women, you are basically telling white men…”Thank you. You are right. I am nothing without you.”


  4. I get so tired of these fucking excuses from black men. You have given black women nothing solid to trust in. NOTHING! You have sold your souls. Then you have the gall to be besides yourselves with black women because we choose to sever ties to one sided loyalty. We have stopped kidding ourselves when it comes to black men. We know and have always known where your value lies. You don’t give a fuck about us. You have always been self serving users. You are only about yourselves. You men are not doing anything new. History repeats itself and you have been regurgitating the same rhetoric that black men have been spewing for the ages. You’re not a revolutionary or a visionary. You’re a follower. You are not progressive. You are neutralized, defeated and a lost cause. Black women don’t care if you chase down all the white skinned women in the world. Let’s breed the likes of you out and create more white men. The world doesn’t need anymore self hating black men to keep this viscious cycle going.


    • So black men are self hating but black women who want to breed them out of extinction aren’t? Yeah, whore, you’re smart.

      And one sided loyalty? You mean like you witches hunching over to clean white pipe since slavery?

      You are all just mad that despite black men having access to non-black, namely white women for a shorter amount of time, we’re more popular in interracial dating circles than you. Who wants to tote around a woman that’s literally seen as the lowest form of female life?

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  5. NO other woman will be able to lift up a black man like a black woman can. No other woman will be able to love a black woman like a black man can. We were not created by mistake. Understand this, one day the black men that see white women as their ticket out will feel empty and will eventually come running back to home. I love all my black men even the kind of men like you who agree to this. I have no hate although I am a bit disgusted. I’ve always noticed that black men are okay with breeding with white women but as soon as a black woman does the same thing with a white woman it becomes a problem. So you’re saying I am not worthy of a black man’s love and affection. I am not worthy to be uplifted by a black man, I am not worthy to be praised nor supported by a black man. Here comes the white man ready to give the black woman what you could not give. You’re offering black women to the white man. Black women are not damaged. We follow our black men, so if we are damaged beyond repair then so are you my black brothers. So go breed and give to these white women. Love them like you have never loved anything or anyone else. You’ll be back home to the black woman, if not you then your children, or children’s children. We are not going anywhere and even though weak black men like you all have the nerve to degrade black women. There are still enough REAL MEN around to love, praise, breed with, and respect a black woman. I hope you all have daughters that are born with dark beautiful melanin skin. I also hope that they choose the darkest of all men to procreate with. Say hello to your future black grandkids you ignorant, weak, pathetic waste of sperm. You were just meant to be a reminder of what needs to be destroyed.


    • Blacklovelost,

      You speak like a true apostle of the devil himself, you know full well that black women DON’T support, uplift and most certainly DO NOT love black men in the slightest, do you believe us thinking black men don’t have the eyes to observe the truth and reality for ourselves? You only follow black men to keep tabs on us so that you can report back on the daily to your white father, you know the same guy who rewards you with state treats and benefits in exchange for funnelling black men into the judicial and prison systems.

      We thinking black men have absolutely no problems with black women getting with non black men, in fact we encourage it. Keep calling black men weak for refusing to tolerate black women’s garbage, the wall of silence just got several feet higher. I had to laugh at the end of your comment, as much as you tried your best to restrain yourself, you couldn’t help but let that wicked Jezebel spirit loose right at the end. Yep, you’ve just proven every article I’ve written concerning black women and their deep seated hatred for black men 100% accurate, thank you for being so forthcoming and honest, it’s greatly appreciated.


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