Black Men, You Must Support Those Who Speak Up For You And Your Causes!

You’ll notice that black women have no problems throwing their money behind anybody who makes them feel good and who doesn’t hold them to account for their stupid and reckless decisions. We black men must begin adopting the same policy towards other black men who speak up for our causes. Because the mainstream media has refused to air our grievances and concerns(especially in relation to black women who have used the media arm of their white father to deface and graffiti our image and reputation), this in turn has forced us to become our own media arm using our own platforms to disseminate the innumerable lies black women have been spreading about black men for the longest while.

Therefore, when you see black men who are engaging in constructive works which are to our benefit, put your hand in your pocket and donate to the cause. If they are selling books, cds, shirts etc, buy from them in order to support the cause and keep their platform in operation. Black men must start being more liberal with their money FOR THE RIGHT CAUSES if they want this massive clean up operation to continue. In the short time that black men have taken to the internet to air our side of the story, we have already made massive steps and inflicted huge dents through deconstructing the lies and the propaganda against us simply using logic, common sense and reason.

Most of this counter damage has been made possible because more black men are finally starting to realise that in order to have their own media outlets, money is a requirement and must be put down. Donations and buying products from those who speak up for you including myself is the only way that us as individuals can continue speaking up for your causes. After all, why wouldn’t you sponsor individuals who are standing in your corner? Donating and buying their products also demonstrates your gratitude towards those people and openly shows them that their services are very much appreciated.

There is no way around financial support for a cause, if you like the message that an individual is putting forward and they are consistent in their defence of black men, put your money where your mouth is and show them support. Some of you have no problems lining up to buy shoes worth £130 or more aswell as other carnal appendages that will mean nothing in the long run, yet you same individuals will beef and wrestle about supporting black men with a few bucks here and there who are constantly fighting in your corner, is that right?

Think about it, if black women as a group have no hesitation in supporting their own carnal causes and putting their money behind men and women who keep them spellbound with lies and enchanting words, how much more should black men put their money behind individuals who are standing in truth and righteousness defending their fellow brethren? This also goes for the few black women left who are not part of the degenerate majority, you also must financially support black men who are standing in the truth and who are trying to re-establish standards within black society, you must put your hands in your pockets also.

It’s your call black men, however if you choose not to support your fellow brethren, do not whine and complain if one day down the line you go to visit their platform and it is no longer available. Put your money where you mouth is. SUPPORT THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR YOU!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “Black Men, You Must Support Those Who Speak Up For You And Your Causes!

  1. Fully agree, which is why I bought your book last week. An explosive, fearless, liberating read that will hopefully wake up more Black men to their true selves and pursue their own happiness free from all types of interference.
    Excellent work.


    • Michael,

      Thank you for your kind words and supporters like yourself are always very much appreciated. Indeed, it is time for black men to move forward and exit the plantation, regrettably this no longer can be done with black women who must now be abandoned. #SYSBM.


      • I do agree a lot of black women need to chill on our attitudes problems, the assumptions, the belittling, bickering, etc….No black women are going to call each other out because of our attitude problems however what the white women said about us black women is past offensive. I agree however how we as black women have treated black men is straight shitty as all fuck and a long apology followed with a little tender love. It’s not we can’t be submissive, we can its just a lot of us don’t care to be because we’re hurting from previous situations. However, a clear apology to black men is def. in order from black women so the healing process can begin. A lot of us I will agree is very immature but not all of us. We have hurt so many black men and the sad part about it, we are not willing to call ourselves about it. Getting this white woman to talk down to us to show her superiority and to show she can be better than a black woman is like a kid fighting for an ice cream cone. Physically, the white women is older but mental I can’t see how she is mature. A real queen doesn’t speak down to someone else just to make her feel better in the eyes of a black man. If that’s the type of women you like, respectfully, that’s fine. I just do agree that black women do need to apologize and chill on a lot of things we do to you all as black men. Some of the things that we do as black women is biting us back in the ass but you make it seem like we can’t change for those of us who want to. That’s why we responded the way we do. We can change but being the fact a lot of us are tired of disrespected and disrespecting ourselves, to be honest, I can see black women changing if they want to. Btw, feminism is completely utter bullshit for the most part and a lot of that I don’t agree with. As a black man, I really do hope you don’t think that all black women can’t change because we can. I just hope a lot of you educated black men don’t lose hope because a lot of us are refusing to lose hope on you. Black men are kings no matter what the government, white men, or the media has to say about you. As a black woman, I see your worth and you all as black men are more precious than any diamond, gold, money could ever be produced in this world. Your love needs to be cherished and appreciated because that is what love is, being appreciated. Coming home after fighting with the world to only fight with your significant other is morally wrong. If I could I would give each of you serenity, peace, love, and hug. Its ok to be upset. lord knows I am mad at ourselves as black women for allowing it to get to this point. That’s not loving, it’s competition to see who can go harder, however, the point we are trying to make as black women is that we are the most disrespected people on this earth. I know its hard to stand by our side, I understand that you’re not wanted but as a black empress, I need you and I apologize for anything that a black woman many have put you through as black men because Verbs 2015 I need you as a black woman. All I ask is that you have an open mind, my love, and remember that love is just a sunny sky away. Your more than just men and kings, your emperors and I as the noble black empress, I congratulate you and black men for your hard work and efforts day in and out and the strength that all of you have to even put up with us. I appreciate all of you but please I would like for you to remove any type of hatred that you may feel and I know that’s going to take some time but honey, I need you to just have a little room to keep an open heart and an open mind. No more stress, please because I hate the feud that is going on between us as black women and black men. Peace and Love King 🙂


  2. When you’re given a gift but you use your gift to spread evil:

    One day your tongue will be permanently glued to the roof of your mouth. Your hands will labor no more. Your heart will no longer devise wicked vices. Your soul will parish. You will not be remembered. You will not be honored.

    Evil persists but never prevails. Evil is never vindicated.

    Your mind is tormented. There’s nothing left in your heart to give to anyone….anyway.


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