Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women – 12 Good Reasons Why!

Yes, I said it. After heavy deliberation, thought and based upon the overwhelming amount of evidence, I can no longer recommend black women as a viable dating and marriage option for black men. Let us quickly go through some of the reasons why black women are not even on the radar when it comes to dating and marriage, this won’t take long.


Black women as a group in 2016 have great penis envy, they wish they could be men so badly, they hate being feminine and they most certainly hate being women. This is one of the reasons why in recent times when a black man is involved in a discussion with a black woman and a disagreement arises, she will frequently tell that black man to quote “suck her dick”. Additionally, how many times have you heard black women address black men as “my nigga” or “bruh”? Not that black folks should be using the word “nigga” to address one another anyway, however do you remember a time when this behaviour was exclusive to men? I most certainly do.

As I’ve stated before in my book Negro Wars, today’s black women are black men with vaginas, most of them look rugged, coarse and manly in the face and many of them are incredibly desperate to throw off womanhood. Then there is the violence aspect, black women as a group have now become more violent than black men, black women love street brawling and engaging in battle royales. Any place or location is fair game for black women to get in their daily dose of bashing somebody in the head. Black women are currently the most violent group of women on the planet bar none, they see nothing wrong with their desire to spill blood, for the destruction of another person’s life aswell as for death.

Masculine and violent women are not attractive to men in the slightest, no man when looking for a good woman desires traits of masculinity and violence within her. As black men we are not obligated to take onboard these dysfunctions, black women frequently label black men as “weak” for rejecting such mannerisms, however on the contrary, black men who reject such degenerate behaviours are actually strong individuals because this clearly demonstrates self-respect, integrity and a high standard.


It is regrettable that most black women today now come preloaded with bad attitudes. For the longest while black women had touted this negative disposition as a sign of “strength”, however in recent times more black men have begun to wise up to this long running scam. Black women as a whole generally have a bad outlook on life, they enjoy being miserable but at the same time they hate having people around them who are happy and cheerful. This is why they will deliberately go out of their way to instigate trouble.

I refer you to my book Negro Wars once again in which I stated that black women cannot function in peaceful, tranquil environments, they operate more efficiently in surroundings filled with chaos, contention, warfare, strife and just general disorder. Black women and bad customer service, does that term ring a bell? Black men are not looking for continuous war in a relationship, nor are they looking for a contentious individual, black women bring both to the table which is yet another reason why they can so easily be rejected for dating and marriage.

Finger wagging, head rolling and placing your hands in the faces of black men are not attractive traits either, in fact they are quite annoying and a nuisance.



When was the last time you heard a black woman say “I’m sorry, I was in the wrong”? When was the last time you saw a black woman hold herself accountable for her own actions? When was the last time you saw honesty flowing from a black woman’s mouth? This is the point, black women just like their white father have mastered the arts of being irresponsible, unaccountable aswell as being dishonest. Let’s look at an example here, trust is an integral part of any relationship, how on earth are you as a black male supposed to build with somebody who is constantly dishonest, I’ll wait?

We all know it, black women consistently lie like it is a walk in the park, it has become second nature for them to revel in dishonesty and as far as they are concerned, being dishonest is part of normal everyday life. Worst of all, we black men are heavily reprimanded if we even question black women on these things. Of course there is also the disrespect aspect to modern-day black women. Black women feel that they have an eternal right to be disrespectful towards black men and that black men are obligated to accept it. Sorry, not this Negro!

Of course black men are called “weak and homosexual” by black women if we refuse to accept such degeneracy and instead look for higher standards. I must state at this point that I am glad to see that this Kansas City shuffle is no longer working as well as it did before, black women are being forced to take their disrespectful backsides elsewhere. Of course the problem is men of other races under no circumstances will ever tolerate such behaviour, this is another reason why most black women are still single and will remain alone until they hit the grave.


If black men did what black women do in terms of wearing fake hair, they would be laughed to scorn, mocked and ridiculed outright, however black women feel that they are somehow to be given a pass for wearing somebody else’s hair on their heads. As I have stated many times before, black women who wear weaves are mentally unstable and mentally insane individuals, I have an entire chapter in my book Negro Wars which is dedicated to the degenerate practice of wearing weaves. Black women so desperately wish to look like Becky.

You will not be seen walking down the street with me with such a monstrosity laying upon your head, I have standards and it is quite obvious that you don’t. The woman I am with is supposed to be a reflection of me, you will not dacker and deface my reputation walking the streets resembling a court jester, a circus clown or Zelda from Terrahawks. Furthermore with regard to tattoos, I am not seeking to date or marry a woman who resembles a pirate, nor am I looking for a walking road map in the flesh. Black women are the only group of females who believe that they can graffiti their bodies from head to toe and still hold the same value in the eyes of men.

Regarding the excessive amounts of make up and other fake regalia they implant or use on the daily, again, in their twisted minds black women believe that this conduct is totally acceptable and that men have no right question them on any of these strange practices. Men in general are not attracted to fake women, this once again boils down to honesty, an attribute unfortunately most black women today do not have.



Black women in general hate black children, in their efforts to please their white master and saviour black women have taken it upon themselves to be the individuals in charge of the assassination of millions of unborn children aswell as killing thousands of children outside of the womb. The lighter the skin of the child, the more likely the child is to be brought to term, coddled and worshipped by black women, however children who are brown to dark-skinned have a greater chance of being aborted and of those that are brought to term, most will more likely be abused and neglected.

This is yet another reason why black women cannot be considered for dating and marriage, as a thinking black man your priority would be to look for a woman who is going to be the best mother towards your future children, choosing a black woman to mother your child would be a very risky business given that fact that darker skinned children would more likely face the risk of being treated with contempt aswell as be abused in some way, shape, form or fashion. This is how black women operate as a general rule when it comes down to children, light-skinned, mixed race and white children are delighted in and celebrated, however brown skin and dark-skinned children on the flip side are more likely to be scorned, physically, sexually, emotionally abused and deeply hated.


Black women in general hate good black men because these types of black men can smell their games and tricks from a 1000 miles away, they under no circumstances will be manipulated and good black men will always retain their self-respect, integrity and manhood. The fact of the matter is because of feminism black women have been wired backwards, they place value and pride in associating and breeding with the lowest dregs of black society while at the same time complaining about those same scum bag black men and thereafter tarnishing black men as a whole for the foul actions coming from a select few.

You have to understand, black women love running black men through the dirt and any opportunity to do so that presents itself black women will grab without hesitation. Black men must also understand that one of the main reasons why black women deliberately pick bums to procreate with in is order to continue propagating the false mantra about deadbeat fathers. Never forget that black women have been given the task of keeping black society broken by their white father, therefore by contract they are obligated to pick raggedy men who coincidentally mesh with their disjointed personalities.

Although black women have attempted to play this off, it is clear as day and everybody can see the type of men they place value in.



Black women are generally unhygienic individuals, single mothers are typically the worst offenders. The typical household headed by the black woman will contain some of the following. Clothes scattered all over the floor, used plates, cups and pots piling up in the sink, dirty used nappies lying in a corner, mattress typically is on the floor minus the bed, food and drink stains on the floor aswell as on furniture, their children running around with snotty noses that look like they haven’t been cleaned in days, children running around with no clothes on, wearing a weave that hasn’t been changed in months, vaginal cleanliness is typically down the toilet because black girls generally are not taught by their mothers how to clean their privates, therefore they are forced to freestyle and figure things out for themselves, she is smelly because black women typically do not pride themselves upon how they look and smell missing out on taking baths for days, she is overweight due to an excess of testosterone and Estrogen in her systems, black women priding themselves on being fat instead of taking the right initiative and losing weight, these are some of the common scenarios that a black man will come across when dealing with black women as a group.

Of course there is always the STD side of things, black women have the highest STDs out of all races of women. Of course this comes as no surprise seeing as black women have turned into the number one Jezebels and sluts on the planet. Black women are typically referred to as “cum dumpsters” because they will permit any and all men to offload their semen into them. We already know that half of black women have herpes, even though some have attempted to rubbish the findings the CDC has stuck to its declared results, yes it is true, 50% of black women have herpes. The answer to this is simple, black women as a group are sexually irresponsible.

Black women generally are not clean individuals, this is yet another reason why black men must begin to look for love and companionship elsewhere.


That’s right, most black women already come pre-packaged with children. This is no good for a man who wishes to start his own legacy and lineage from scratch. Yet another reason why black men must abandon black women, as black men contrary to the propaganda you have been fed by black women for most of your lives, you are NOT obligated to take onboard and look after another man’s children. Looking after a black woman’s fatherless child or children is not your responsibility.

You’ll notice that non black women who have children are much more willing to accept their lot, they understand that seeking a man having already had children decreases their value in the dating market. Again, its only black women who still believe that they hold the same value with or without children. Of course taking onboard a woman who already has children is more complex when the children are aware of their surroundings and understand that you are not their biological father.

The fact of the matter is as a black man there is a much higher chance of finding a non black woman without children than a black woman without children as non black women tend to prioritise and have goals for their lives that warrant not getting pregnant until the right time.


Most black women live for the argument, black women love arguing, they cannot get through their day without involving themselves in some kind of oral altercation in order to quench the thirst for verbal confrontation. Black women will most likely start arguments with black men because unlike non black men and women we have been tolerating this dysfunctional behaviour for the longest while, many of us believing that we had an obligation to do so. However, I am happy to report that more black men are starting to give argumentative black women the middle finger and rightly so.

Men look for peace, men generally gravitate towards peaceful environments, when we come home from the battlefield of work we have no desire to continue fighting the same wars on our own home turf, however black women in their drive to collect their recommended daily allowance of attention and contention completely ignore this. This brings me to my second point, black women as a whole do not listen. When was the last time you were engaged in a conversation with a black woman and she managed to keep her mouth shut without interrupting you for the duration of your speech, I’ll wait?

This is the problem with the overwhelming majority of black women walking the planet today, the refuse to listen to good, sound advice mainly because they always believe they are right, thus in their own discombobulated minds words of wisdom and good counsel from outsiders are automatically written off as valueless and void. You already know the saying, “when you try to reason with fools you become a fool yourself”. Black men, stop attempting to reason with foolish black women, instead allow them to perish in their own ignorance, stupidity, pride and arrogance.

Of course these same foolish black women always have to have the last word as standard. I say if at all possible don’t engage them to begin with, if you see them attempting to bait you into a conversation that you know is going to profit you nothing, I advise you not to get involved at all.


Black women have a huge materialistic problem and it is partly because of this problem as to why their priorities are so backwards. The modern-day black witch is all about money, clothes, shoes, jewellery, cars etc. Remember, despite black women having a greater spending power due to the fact that they have been inserted into an artificial position of leadership, coupled with them being government assets who are able to freely indulge in the treats and the benefits of the state, single black women only possess a median net worth of $5.

Black women typically spend their money on nothing constructive at all, we as black men see this for ourselves first hand. It’s all about me, me, me, me, me in the mind of modern-day black females, the appetite for materials must be satisfied and their drive for money which allows them to indulge in this practice has them engaging in all manner of degenerate acts. Black women have no problems selling themselves to any man who is willing to pay,, Tinder, Instagram and Ghetto Gaggers are some of the most common places you will find black women degrading themselves in order to gain a quick buck.

Black women bring no tangible qualities to the table apart from in some cases physical features, yet they expect black men to break the bank funding their childish pursuit of all things material. This is why I stated in my recent post dealing with black women embracing slut culture that most black women in 2016 are prostitutes by trade.

This leads me onto black women and their unrealistic expectations of black men, is it any wonder why most black women today are single? He has to be over 6 feet tall, drive his own car, own his own house, pay her bills, have no children etc, etc, etc. Remember what I stated about feminists in my book Negro Wars, how they are decadent, lazy slobs looking for free hand outs and an easy ride through life? Doesn’t this description fit the modern-day black woman to a T? Mind you, remember that these demands are coming from women who have a median net worth of only $5.

Just on a side note, have you noticed that it is very difficult to research the median net worth of black men? I came across an article some time ago that pegged the black man’s median net worth at just over $7000. Since then I have had an extremely difficult time locating it once again. I’ve seen the median net worth of black women by itself and black couples but to see data on the black man’s median net worth by itself is extremely rare. Obviously it is much higher than that of black women which is why the mainstream media is going to great lengths to hide the info, in fact this is a heavy embarrassment to black women seeing as more black men are shot dead daily and are in prison when compared to them.

We as black men are the most oppressed and downtrodden individuals, we receive no government hand outs nor any assistance whatsoever, yet we still have a net worth higher than that of black women. Black women ought to be ashamed of themselves. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


In Negro Wars I talked about how black women subscribe to a form of feminism which is far deeper than what was given to them by white women. “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man, I pay my own way, I don’t rely on any man, he’s got to pay my bills, he has to be earning a six figure salary, he has to have his own house and car, he can’t have any children(even though you have 25 en tow), he has to be a minimum of 6 feet tall, he has to be willing to look after my children, black men are nothing(except when black women want something from us, all of a sudden we become of value to them), black men don’t build(I don’t see black women building anything, however I do see them destroying), boycott black men, don’t give birth to black males(which really means selectively abort male children), black male patriarchy is oppressing black women(where exactly), black men are afraid to tackle white supremacy etc, etc, etc, this is just some of the current feminist rhetoric spewing forth from the mouths of dysfunctional, reprobate black females.

It seems that black women are still too prideful to admit that feminism has been a complete and utter failure for them. As a result most black women will remain destitute and proceed into their elderly years living in houses filled with cats, dogs, gerbils and parrots. Feminism never has and never will be about equality for women, feminism is only about placing women in authority over men and stripping men of every single right they have. As I wrote in Negro Wars black women practice a mutant form of feminism, not even white women have taken feminism to the levels that black women have.

Yes, it can be argued that some non black women also subscribe to feminism, however unlike black women with non black women this is not the general rule. In the black community most of the women are feminists as standard, they are no different to those black women who openly label themselves as black feminists, don’t ever be fooled into believing that there is a difference between the two. Women who celebrate matriarchal standards aka feminism must be kicked to the curb immediately as a precautionary rule, they are a hindrance to any community looking to build itself up aswell as looking to better itself overall.


For women who continually talk about the white man oppressing the black nation, it is highly hypocritical of black women on the flip side to be worshipping and exalting white men to a god like status. The same black women who complain about the system of white supremacy killing black men using its enforcement arm aka the police are the first ones to call the police on a black man whenever they don’t get their way or the man tells them truth they don’t want to hear.

These black women who claim to hate white supremacy are the same individuals freely indulging in the treats and the benefits of the state and enjoying themselves too. These black women who claim to have a disdain for white supremacy are the same individuals running to the white system in order to shaft black men through child support. These same black women who claim to have a problem with white supremacy don’t have any problems churning out 1000s of novels that talk about them taking on the roles as either side pieces or sex slaves to white men.

How can black women claim to have a hatred for white supremacy yet they are the ones fulfilling the white supremacist agenda of Eugenics by slaughtering on average 1876 unborn black children per day in abortion clinics? The last time I checked there is another name for this type of mass killing, it’s called GENOCIDE!

How can this black woman who claims to be “down” for the black man so easily open her legs to and allow herself to openly be degraded by the very same individual she states is causing the problems within black society? Black women are all bark and no bite, they are not loyal women at all, yet another reason why black men must walk away from such traitors.



The conclusion is quite simple, black men with sense and intelligence will seek love and companionship elsewhere. As I stated before, sorry, based upon the modern-day black woman’s extremely poor track record, I no longer can recommend her as a viable option for a companion or somebody whom you can bring forth offspring with.

Black women are going to have to lay in this contaminated bed that they have made, remember black men you have every right to want better, do not be shamed and bullied into settling for the sub standard conditions these black harridans brings to the table. Neither they nor their simp cohorts can salvage a reputation which has already been flushed down the toilet by the black woman herself. Save yourselves and be free black men:

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

103 thoughts on “Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women – 12 Good Reasons Why!

  1. Yes! Keep up the good work! The more black men see this, the better choices they will make, and the better the black community will become. I personally, however, believe that the ONLY salvation for the black community is to be filled with mixed people. Though raised a Christian, I have struggled with said faith, especially in recent months due to my father’s death and my best friend falling ill with a potent form of brain cancer. I simply can not expect this “community” to be saved by a god that allowed us to be enslaved in the first place. I guess that would make me a deist, but I prefer logic and results to blind faith and a God you have to die to gain any relevance for. As far as I’m concerned, the only true way to live forever is through your children, and black men have been denied the creation of dynasty and kingdom, both through black women and the simp black pastors who preach their nonsense. Escape them both.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I simply cannot endorse black women any longer, the writing is on the wall and it cannot be ignored. I don’t really understand how some black men can look at all of these points and still want to deal with such individuals. Non black women is the only sensible way to go at this point, its not as if black men wanted to take the interracial route en mass, they have been forced down this route because of the black woman’s continued degradation in addition to her refusal to change.

      I’m hearing you on the faith issue, that is for you and the Most High to work out by yourselves because you walk with the Most High is an individual work, it has nothing to do with anybody else. I will say this, a lot of death and sicknesses thesedays comes about because of a lack of knowledge. Most people simply don’t know where to turn to for guidance and answers in hours of need.

      Looking at the way that black folks as a group are behaving today I can fully understand why the Most High would allow his own people to be enslaved by others, it has happened to us before throughout the scriptures because of the same issues, being disobedience and readily embracing destructive, decadent cultures and practices. On a better note the Most High always deals harshly with those who use and abuse us, everything has been logged and recorded, nobody is getting away with anything, in fact this time he has promised us that we will avenge our mistreatment and deal with all savages as they have dealt with us.


    • You ignorant self hating yourself when you look in the mirror coon..a distance don’t go out and buy fake as and tits..getting all kind of plastic surgery done..just so you lnow..Cracker bitch’s wear a ton of dam wigs and get weaves and embrace your mamma BOY !!!!!MOST OF THEM WHITE GIRLS WEIGH ABOUT 500 LBS..STUPID AS BOY


      • Stats show there’s no one fatter than black hippos. White women don’t wear weave they wear extensions, and they don’t let it stay in their hair for 18 months and smell like cat piss either.

        My mama? Black Women love incest! That’s why blacks are retarded.


      • On this subject of “black dating” –

        Obviously you’re not aware of the scores of black women desiring “White” men.

        There are black women who view the black man in the same way as American white society: dogs, disrespectful, irresponsible, don’t love their children, heathen, lazy, shiftless, non-ambitious, ignorant, non-romantic, cheap, visionless and last but not least – incapable of caring for a family.

        There are millions of single/divorced black men in America, and they work very hard and honorably at what they do – just to name a few: truck/bus drivers, skilled craftsmen, laborers, clerks, security workers as well as brothers serving in the military for a country that does not love and appreciate them as men.

        Want to ratchet it up some more: educators, police and firemen, managers, small business owners – the list goes on.

        Then of course we can move up to that caliber of man “you’re” looking for – Doctors, Attorneys, professional athletes, politicians to name a few.

        Not surprising to the many black men in America [including myself] none of the men mentioned above “is good enough for today’s black woman”!

        Why don’t you ask the black women placing these ads what they see in white men? You should: you’ve already demonized the black man.

        Put those answers together from both the black men and women – odds are you’ll find the answers will be identical.

        Yes as a divorced black man of 24 years, I must shamefully stand at the head of the line: that line of black men who were ” irresponsible” in many, many key areas man was commissioned by God to execute. But this condition you’re whining about exist for black men as well. How many times has a personal ad placed by “a sister” caught my attention: not because of her looks, education or vocation. She just appeared to be someone delightful I would like to get acquainted with. Then boom towards the end of the profile – “sorry, no AA” or the title of the posting indicates she’s interested in an “interracial” relationship. She justifies her racial choice with “sorry, it’s just my preference”!

        In summary if you’re going to size up something [like shoes] size it up right!

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      • This is why we black people cannot move forward! There isn’t only a black lack of power, there also disunity between us. You men need the idea to get out of your heads that there is something wrong with black women! Please first make sure you’re not shallow, then change your double standards and then sort out the issues you have with the women in your lives. Reading this website outing black women online like this from this clearly biased male point of view isn’t something that’ll benefit anybody’s judgment of black women, it’ll only worsen the image of black women unnecessarily.


      • Anon 4444,

        No, we as black people cannot move forward because black folks are still jumping to the defence of a group of women that they should’ve reprimanded and put in line a long time ago. What is wrong with you, get it out of our heads that there is something wrong with black women, in other words we as black men need to suspend reality, really?

        Here is this black woman whom you claim does not have a problem:

        Sorry, we deal with reality here, not fantasy. That Kansas City shuffle will not work with thinking black men. Problems do not get fixed by imagining that there isn’t a problem to begin with, that is not how life works in the real world.

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    • Ok first off your completely sad and the person who made this forum is as well! And for some reason I can’t directly approach him in this topic but please do not bring the almighty powerful Lord into this as this would not please him. Everything stated in this forum greeted towards black women is obscured as the idea as black men being good men because the majority of yous are not. Don’t you know black men are the ones who led their race into slavery lol and the ones who started it? This certainly wasn’t a black womens doing. The fact that you worship non black women is self hate and equally in the same disposition as black women worshipping white men. Black women are significant smarter than black men and I don’t know where tgis guy is getting his information from the facts that black women only live off the system, like really? Black women are significantly smart and many worked in fields of engineering and medicnal practices but women don’t get recognition as much as men do and the fact that their black doesn’t help with stigma mans racism. Don’t you know that black women the same as black men date outsiythdir race because they too find other races attractive and the General love issue. Black men are cleanlier than black women os probably a lie from the very pit of hell! For instance y’all rape and abuse women and only a small percentage of the black male population are married and even a smaller percentage of those marriage are happily. Most end in tragic divorces because you simply lack respect for women and even other races see that. It’s no wonder black men have to work twice as hard then other men to convince women to date them. Black women don’t have a hygiene issue and the fact that they wear hair from other women is because of the survival needed to conform to society. No one takes a black women seriously with her “REAL HAIR” let’s face it. She either looks ghetto and crazy because society simply doesn’t think black features are attractive yet non black women aspire to have our athletic figures and as a mixed race black women because of my Asian ancestry, I still feel even more stereotyped by black men and which is why I don’t date them! Too much self hat and abandoning your women isn’t going to help this issue. Black men come from black females so with logic there spreading this type of hate is useless because there will be no more black men if all dated other races or black women for the matter! Your on here ranting about the truth but there’s no truth in this. In fact it’s somewhat geared towards the very same tactics the devil uses to steal people away from God? Just as you “claim” there’s good black men out there,there’s also good black woken who don’t fit the stereotype. There’s documentaries on Netflix about black and white couples notably with black males and they raped the biracial daughters! Talk about invest and black women lovingbit but it seems like retardation steered from the black males! Rape is probably your downfall as whole. And just because you date pretty insecure white women doesn’t mean anything black women are too loyal and don’t have an open mind when it comes to dating outside theyracw and it’s probably why they’re going to spend the rest of their lives alone! Lol you never hear stories of good black men or movies and why is that? Because there’s hardly any. There’s many things on the world going on that need to be rectified and get our race can’t move forward because you have black people wanting to tear each other apart in a every way form and it’s sad and whites see this and it’s laughable and pitiful to them. They study us more than we study ourselves. They know by also intergrading with blacks that it would help in decreasing our race. As someone for interracial relationship I could care less if this does happen because I’m mixed and seeing stupid shit from black people who fail to learn from history is disturbing and it’s exactly why God probably allowed slavery because black men fail to serve him. Women had no voice yet we’re being blamed!! You guys are all sad and especially the person writing this nonsense. Your a product of what exactly the slave masters hoped to achieve and that’s a broken family in the black society so they can never establish power. So kudos loser. Uplifting the white mans women like that means anything lol they’re already praised by their own man in which black males are just giving whites more power. To stupid to realize because you don’t know how to deal with your own problems that you’ve created. Ever tried treating a women with respect septa women that’s not used to anything but holistic lifestyle probonor because black men are users and lazy. This man states black women want to be men. But black women help changed the roles in black household. Acting like the lions prides forcing their women to work while they stay on the couch. White people know this is foul. But freeing blacks males this is exactly what they did to their own women. Rape, abuse and withheld security from them and forced their own women to take on the roles of a man. Black men want to be white men. They’re jealous of them in every way consider they’re more handsome and still powerful. Black can’t achieve power without evil intentions used on their OWN people as history noted. I mean black males were the first to slave other black and had the nerve to sell them but hmmm let’s revisit black women being your problem. Y’all need help seriously and instead browsing the Internet I’m just going to develop the habit of praying for fools like you and the person making this forum.


      • My following statements may lead you to call this black man every “anti Negroe” phrase one can create. Time to wake a lot of ignorant Asses up.

        The last thing black people need to concern themselves with is what is not liked about the black woman or man! I like to see a black woman write about what she doesn’t like about the black man. And what will that get us? It wouldn’t amount to a bucket of cold spit. Or you might find the results equal.

        Stupid, are you aware your country is headed up [in all 3 branches] with people who want to put you in a boat without food and water and ship your dark and yellow African American asses back to where you came from – at least from a political/economic point of view?

        This country “never” gave a dam about you, and if you get your faces out of your ass, you’ll notice that the same group of people running this country favor immigrants over you. A great many of our ancestors were shipped to America like dogs – and treated as such. You also know, “all” of the immigrants arriving to America weren’t received this badly. Hell, New York established a special facility for the sole purpose of processing them: going so far as to giving those without identification papers – names.

        We as black people “do not” have any effective representation “anywhere”, our communities and schools are falling apart, our children are killing each other because their parents don’t know how to live and black men [including the writer of this piece] fail to stand up and get involved “in anything good” concerning church, family, and community! You blame white man for this?

        By and large, white man doesn’t care for a black man or woman: so since when did “any” black man/woman qualify to critique the behavior of anyone, taking into account the amount of discourse and dysfunction among our own people.

        As a 62-year-old black man divorced for 25 years – yes I have some fundamental differences with some black women. But hell, I got differences with everybody, so why should a black woman be any different?

        Black men and women better start finding/creating ways to love, cherish, help and appreciate each other. The fictional alternative may be finding your stupid/arrogant assess being loaded into political boxcars for unknown destinations!

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    • Go ahead on with your weak begging as cracker bitches..with their fake tits and asses and providing for men financially just so she suckered on him. All the majority of black BOYS are looking for is someone to take care of them..stupid weak mf’s…that’s why when they take you all to court..they get everything and leave you all broke and disgusted..


  2. Pingback: White Woman Speaks Out And Puts Black Women On Blast For Their Dysfunctional Behaviour! | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

      • It sounds like black women don’t want you all from the beginning…find love in yourself and quit tring to make yourselves look good. You can’t stand up to a good black woman..those funky 500 lb white crackers..go ahead on and end up like O.J and Kanye..fucking ape monkey ass nigga




  3. You retarded monkey: You say black women dont value “good black men”, yet you clearly dont value good black women because you are here recommending that black men go out and find a “good white woman” instead of recommending them to go find good black women. You speak as if all black women are bad, which is why I bet my bottom dollar that if you ended up with a white woman who had a bad attitude and bitchy personality you wouldn’t say “fuck all white women” you will instead go and find a white woman who was decent and well-behaved. You will give a white woman who is a nasty bitch a pass, but let one black woman who is a nasty bitch screw you over and then it’s “fuck all black women” to you. Stop using black women’s behavior as an excuse to date out of your race because we know it doesnt have shit to do with how black women act because we all know that you ugly monkeys will even put up with bad behavior from a white woman if you had to. Just admit that you like straight hair and white skin, because we cant blame you ugly gorillas for hating yourselves because black men are ugly as fuck which no one wants to admit. The black men in America, even the pitch black dark ones, have some white in them, which is why they dont look exactly like their monkey-brothers in Africa. The reason why the one’s in America have somewhat-symmetrical features is because they have white in them, because if they were pure black they would look like their ugly troglodyte chimp brothers in Africa. I cant wait until black women stop giving birth to black male babies. I myself am mixed (my dad was Latin and my mom was hardly black herself which makes me 60% Latin with light skin and wavy hair. So I am a walking success of the destruction of the black man’s blood). Please sleep with all the stupid white women who are dumb enough to sleep with an ugly baboon all you want because that only will gradually wash out the black man’s blood. Since the man’s genes are dominant, it will even wash out the black man’s blood even more when a black woman has a child with a white man as children made by black-female-white-male couples look more much more white, have whiter skin, much lighter eyes and much straighter hair than mixed kids made by black-male-white-female couples.


    • Wow, racist much. Your generalizations show how ignorant you are. So having white blood in you make you superior?? I don’t think so. As a Black man, I don’t care about your European standard of beauty. If you don’t have Black features, you don’t do it for me. I don’t really care for women with weak, washed out blood. As for facial symmetry, where do you think all humans got it from?? Africa has the most genetic diversity; therefore, European features are not European but black African. Go study that and you will see what I am saying. Also research beautiful women of Ghana and you will see a lot of beautiful chocolate skin and light skinned women. Please stop embarrassing yourself with all this ignorance you are spreading. As for Verb2015, he is the type of Black men that is dangerous to the Black community. He is full of self hate. I have experienced bad Black women, but I would never throw all Black women in the dumpster because I know some amazing ones as well. Verbs2015 is a male version of CK. Period.


      • Michael Lebadier,

        You were better off not speaking Negro, all you have demonstrated here is your clear lack of comprehension grasping the basics of the English language. I’ll deal with all of your ignorant comments here. The term “self hate” means just that, a person who hates their personal self, self hate does not equate to a person’s disdain for the low class scum of his people and their detrimental actions. Where did you attend school, did you even attend school? Also please show where I have thrown “all” black women in the trash, I’ll wait. Your lack of understanding concerning basic English is a major problem here.

        Stop believing that your exceptions somehow now form the general rule, this is the same thing that women do all the time. So what if you have run into good natured black women, good natured black women are a rarity, in 2016 they are not the norm within black society. I even have to wonder if you are telling the truth, since you say you prefer black women why aren’t you with one of these so called “good natured” black women that you talked about? Do you even think before engaging your fingers to the keyboard?

        Let’s get something straight and lay the truth out on the table shall we, you are not hoodwinking anybody here mac. You claim that you do not have any problems getting sex from all races of women, utter rubbish. You labelled yourself as a nerd, black women as a group hate nerds and intelligent black men, they openly call nerds and intelligent black men “lame and boring”. If you are indeed engaging in sex on the regular then the overwhelming majority of the women involved are non black, like I said before you’re not fooling anybody here.

        You’re not running from black women at all because black women as a group are not checking for you like that. All the best on trying to find “the one”, I have to laugh at black men who continually attempt to defend the failure called the modern day black female yet still cannot put 2 and 2 together as to why they remain single. By the way calling me a coon does not negate the facts, just thought you should know that.

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      • Thank you…he sounds like a brain washed coon..letting a white woman take care of him, normally that’s the case, a decent sister won’t allow that or you to run over on her. As many nasty slutty white trash chick’s there are. There are white chick’s that have already made families. .


      • Thanks a bunch..all the negative views about white women..he is crazy as hell..who buy ,ore body parts than white women..they are the easiest to get strung out on drugs and all..and please don’t let them go a day without washing their hair…Jesus


    • why is it easy for you to be stupid and twist this man’s words . obviously you’re one of those women he talks about otherwise you’d notice at no time did he say it’s all black women even tho if he’d said it’s the majority it wouldn’t be an exaggeration and now you’re here validating exactly what this article is about the inbred dysfunction in the black woman

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    • I have to say 1 thing..this is an ignorant Nigga that wrote this mess..straight up brainwashed uncle many funky nasty slutty ass white women out there that make fools out of themselves for even looking at a low life Nigga..white women are the filthiest..don’t even half wash thier asses..also everything on those bit he’s are fake..we don’t run out and buy fake asses..and tits..they simply don’t like us because we stand up for ourselves and don’t and they can’t step to us any kind of way..smelling like shitt…a white woman will accept anything fuck and duck just to try to control a low life…THAT’S WHY BLACK MEN ARE AT THE FUCKING BOTTOM..ALSO TO ADD, THEY ARE VERY JEALOUS OF BLACK WOMEN THAT THE WHITE MEN PUT TO THE TOP..A MAN THAT PUTS ANOTHER RACE AT THE TOP..BASICALLY HAS SLAPPED HIS MOTHER IN THE FACE…I HAVE WHITE WOMEN THAT WORK FOR ME AND TRUST ME,,,THEY ARE FUNKY AS HELL..AND WILL BE THE FIRST TO DO DRUGS AND GET STRUNG OUT..THIS IS A STRAIGHT UP UNCLE TOM NIGGA..STUPID AS BASTARD..WE DON’T HAVE TO GET FAKE AS AND TITS..HAVING OUR STOMACH CINCHED IN..


  4. Oh and for the record, the ghetto gaggers porn is not reality. There is a very small number of white men who are abusive to black women. On a virtually larger scale we have black men who are 10000 times more violent and abusive to black women, and the abuse that black men subject black women to makes the white men on ghetto gaggers look like saints. Why are you pointing out ghetto gaggers, you stupid ape, when black men are 10000 times more abusive, evil and violent towards black women???? You stupid black monkey fuck, black women are more in danger with black men than they are with these mythological “racist white men that hate black women”. So you use Ghettp Gaggers to validate your retarded delusions that black women are worthless and undesirable in order to make yourself feel better???? Lmfao what a stupid fucking ape you are. You primitive knuckle-dragging ape with pubic hair on your head: White men are not like what you see on Ghetto Gaggers at all. In reality, there are only one or two white men being abusive to a few black women, and it isnt even comparable to the abuse and violence black women receive from ALL black men. The good majority of white men love black women.

    You wre forgetting that white women advocated for white men to kill you back in the “segregation days of the 50’s” right? Many, many white women today hate black men and they are not attracted to you ugly mofos.

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      • I am now closely observing an interesting relationship between two black women refered to as a couple. The quasi homosexual behavior that they are exhibiting resembles very much like a typical African-American male and female monogamous arrangement.
        There is nightly verbal abuse by the very apparent female role player toward the apparent masculine role player. I find the testosterone heavy personality in a constant state of duress and struggling to appease her combatant.
        It doesn’t matter if the significant other is male or female the need to berate and argue about their needs is constant. While this small sampling is suspect this is the second go around as there has already been another women to have come and gone in this household in very similar dysfunctional circumstance. Let me say both aggressive mean spirited women are not fat and don’t have a head covered with garb. They are two apparently normal and sane people that had one thing in common. Neither, for what ever reason ever knew their fathers and now have a deep seeded distain for all male figures even those who are gay women partners who have chosen the more masculine role play. Black women are caught in a vicious cycle of inhibited growth and maturity due to the lack of positive role models and are doomed to repeat when they themselves have children. It’s important to not underestimate the importance of parenting but the lack of a healthy father-daughter relationship Is one of the many things sabotaging success in the black community.

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      • Robert Alan Sronce,

        Your observations are bang on the mark, it makes no difference whether black women are involved with black men or other black women, the results are exactly the same. Unfortunately most black women having been raised by selfish, violent, petty, dysfunctional, section 8, EBT card, welfare claiming single black mothers are bewitched and heavily spellbound, thus they can never break free from the perpetual curse.

        This is exactly what I wrote about in my book Negro Wars, black women today practice a form of feminism which is far deeper than the version that was handed to them by white women in the 1960s, “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man” is the black woman favourite slogan. Black mothers pass down these same teachings to their daughters, to embrace single motherhood instead looking for a good man in order to bring forth a healthy family.

        As I wrote in Negro Wars, most black women hate black children, they only have them for two main reasons, to get on to the government payroll aswell as to use the children as a weapon against the father when required.

        Your final two sentences are exactly the reason why I now encourage black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere, black men and black women are NOT compatible, we haven’t been for a long time, however many still refuse to accept the writing on the wall. You cannot form a confederacy with a group of women who are dead against raising healthy families and who prefer to raise children by themselves(with the help of the state of course).

        Black women love and embrace single motherhood, feminism has utter destroyed them which is where the deep disdain for men comes from. Its sad however in order for black men to be successful and build they must first move away from black women. As I have stated before at this point most black women are defective beyond repair, thus they are a group must be abandoned and left to their own miserable fate.

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    • you proved him to be dead right just by posting your dribble . exposing the black woman is about the only time the subject will come and prove everything you said was true …unfuckingbelievable

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  5. Yes! PLEASE stay away from Black womyn! Black males are the most toxic beings on the planet next to white males! I encourage and condone this as well as the abortion of black male spawn!

    Black men exist to suck the life, health, and energy from the Black womin and we continue to love such parasites! Cooking their food, cleaning their homes and birthing their spawn! With NO benefit to ourselves WHAT-SO-EVER! The black male wants to be the white male, but does not want to share his responsibility!

    I encourage ALL Black womyn who see this to research Aysha Bee! She is the mother of the Black womin’s truth! The black male will complain about your “weave”, but your natural hair is “nappy” and “unkempt”. The black male will complain about your job, but want you to carry ALL the financial responsibility! The black male will complain about your public assistance, but leech off your housing and food! The black male will complain about your lack of chastity, but will RAPE, MAIM, or KILL you for rejecting their sexual advances.


    He wants a SLAVE that he can beat and berate! Not a companion, and he will leave you PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY damaged!

    – The black male is NOT WORTH the risk! They have the HIGHEST rate of divorce vs other races of males!
    – 87% of Black womyn with and STD or STI contracted it from a Black male!
    – Black males have the HIGHEST rate of infidelity vs ALL other races of men!
    – 1 in 3 Black female victims of sexual assault WERE ASSAULTED BY BLACK MALE(S)!

    Black males are the most violent, controlling, vindictive beings on the planet and it is time for Black womyn to discontinue the tolerance for Black male tyranny before it’s too late!


    • I disagree that BM are the most toxic male after the white man. Black men are so much worse than white men could ever be because not only are BM incredibly racist towards black community, they are shiftless and lazy. At least non black men build. Black men are nothing but racist rodents. #ODBM #BBM

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      • Love it…nicely said, that’s exactly why I turned to dating Muslims. The black man wants a woman to take care of him. Instead of him getting off his as to go to work..they all think that they are pimps and want to ride women for money..they hate their own complexion so they date men are at the bottom…white women want them when they can’t get a decent white man. On drugs or have a bunch of children, or just plain out of shape 0r fucked up in the head. Black men don’t get the top of line white girls…black men settle for anything and will fuck anything. ..


      • Jo ann,

        Still attempting to push the piece of trash, false narrative that black men can’t obtain top of the range white women, we’ll just dead that rubbish right here:

        Yes, I believe that more black women should deal with Muslims because they won’t hesitate to bash a black woman up the side of her head if she fall out of line. The problem is outside of sexual thrills nobody wants to deal with such a pestilent group of individuals to begin with.

        You continue to raise the same points that I have deconstructed and rubbished so many times, black women produce the same defunct black men that they complain about, lol.

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    • How can this nigro blast black women who “worship white men” while promoting that black negroes go with white women???????

      And Ghetto Gaggers? Black men do the same thing on Thug Hunters, a sexual site created by white men.

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      • Nlibertusonline,

        You need to get your facts straight instead of rattling off feminist nonsense, in 2016 the number one perpetrators of violence are black women and black lesbian relationships are the most violent. By the way I know all about the feminist witch/high priestess Aysha Bee, another decadent, lazy slob who has decided to come to the rescue of reprobate black women.

        You modern day black women have failed, your talk of abandoning black men is nothing but rhetoric and hot air, nobody else wants you, you hold little to no clout in the interracial dating arena due to the fact that you have flushed your own reputations down the toilet through continuously conducting yourselves deplorably.

        Instead of amending your ways as per usual black women instead choose to take verbal jabs and strikes at black men somehow believing that this will advantage their position, however your cheap shots have profited you nothing. You black women at this point are a complete an utter joke, holding steadfast to the lame religion of feminism which hasn’t benefited you at all, hang your head in shame.

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    • “Verbs2015” Demon please!

      You are the DEVILS and DESTRUCTION of the Earth and you know it! While I have statistical PROOF for my claims, your own are your opinions, cretinous malescum!

      Black womyn have the lowest rate of of divorce among interracial relationships, while Black males hold the highest. I wonder why? It’s because Black males are incapable of love and companionship. You are naturally predatory and violent.

      Your ineptitude, incompetence and jealousy are reflected in your anger at Black womyn who refuse to date the villainous Black malescum.

      Your deplorable nature and fear of the Black womin’s success are reflected here.


      • Nlibertusonline,

        There you go again. You claim that black men are the destruction of the earth, however you black women always fail to point to the creators of problematic black males, yourselves. Black women namely single black mothers are the ones producing the monsters you complain about, they are coming straight off your assembly line.

        Black women in 2016 are struggling to get into interracial relationships because of their less than satisfactory reputation. Black men date outside of their race at 4 times the rate of black women, we have more flexibility and access to non black women than you do to non black men.

        I am uninteresting in what black women are doing in terms of dating, it’s black women themselves who want to announce to the whole world that they are dating non black men, they even write books on the subject, sad.

        Regularly running over people with cars, killing children and storing them in freezers, robbing old women, stealing weave, murdering unborn children at the tune of 1800 per day in abortion centers, you black women are devil spawn in the flesh and your day in hell fire soon approaches.

        What success, black women are failing miserably in life overall, can’t cook, can’t clean, can’t wash clothes, can’t keep a man, can’t keep yourself from getting pregnant in your teens, you need to take 10 seats with that “black women’s success” rubbish and try again.

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      • HAHAHA!

        The toxic Black male runs for responsibility and looks to be babied by everyone. Incapable of supporting themselves they look for someone to fulfill that role.

        The only reason single Black motherhood is a thing is because we are forced to tolerate and even host your parasitic asses. While you rape and run (but complain about abortion) leaving Black womyn with your unwanted spawn. ALL Black male spawn should be aborted in order to avoid these atrocities that transpire (because of you).

        In 2016, Black womyn were deemed the most educated social group by race and sex. Black males were the least educated.

        Job competition has increased as well and so has the rate of marriage for Black womyn. In fact, I’ve rescued my current fiance from the mistake of a Black man and destroyed his potential son before it could destroy her body and suck any more life from her. We have agree to ONLY mother daughters so that no more atrocities may be born. :}

        And as far as crime? Black males seem to be committing most of it, or the police wouldn’t be mowing you down now, would they? 😀 They’re doing one hell of a job by the way! Maybe you should stop joining gangs, selling drugs, raping babies, looting and rioting before you point your crooked whore diseased fingers?

        Black men can’t cook, can’t clean, can’t wash clothes, can’t be faithful, can’t stop raping and impregnating under aged Black GIRLS. But they complain about the outcome. Our lives have always been better without you sickly, violent cowards.


      • Nlibertusonline,

        Here we go again with the nonsense, black men do not have any problems stepping up and leading with non black women, black women want to be the man in the relationship, black women lord over black men as per their contract with the state to keep black men down and black society broken.

        No, you black women embrace single motherhood as per the religion of feminism and your contract with the state, no single motherhood status equals no treats and goodies from government. Black women are the least raped women in the world, stop the rape talk rubbish. There will be no victimhood cards handed out here at Slaying Evil. You black women ought to do the world a favour and kill yourselves first, black male children outside of your influence perform exceedingly well, they are not the problem, YOU ARE.

        Despite your so called “high education” you black women still get knocked up by Dey Dey, Tyrone, Dequan and Delroy in your teens. As I wrote in my book Negro Wars, intelligence and education are not one and the same. Black women are still dumber than a box of rocks, wearing somebody else’s hair on your head, how much more stupid can you get?

        Stop lying woman, marriages are on the decrease for black women because of their deplorable reputations, horrible reputations by the way that they have forged with their own two hands. Typical, black women believe that they can find success through lesbianism, yet another fail. I have to laugh at black lesbians, they claim that they do not like men any longer yet they are still getting caught on penises, what’s up with that? You black women are confused!

        Yep, in typical black woman fashion you enjoy spilling the blood of the innocent, this is one of many reasons why black men should have nothing to do with black women, you are cursed individuals, once the Most High God opens up his can of judgement upon you, I do not want to be anywhere in the same vicinity.

        Again, single black mothers are the ones raising the overwhelming majority of black criminals, if you have a problem with black male criminality then you need to look in the mirror. By the way birthing black girls only is not going to solve any problems because these days black girls are carrying out worse criminal acts than black boys.

        You black women are the common denominator here, stop producing the scum then there won’t be a problem. The problem is you black women, your libidos are higher than that of black men, this is why you cannot keep your legs closed and you frequently hop from penis to penis even when you claim to be homosexuals, lol. Anyway, here are some videos of black women up to no good.

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      • First of, Verbs2015 is a self hating coon. I know many good natured Black women and have dated a few bad ones too. But that’s with all races of women because I have also experienced the bossy, bipolar Caucasian women as well. However, you don’t help the situation and are one side of the coin that is bad for the Black community. Please stop tearing me down, The Black man!! It is sad enough I have to deal with racist whites everyday. I am a good Black man, but Black women like you are the types we don’t need in the Black community.


      • Why would I care what you need, when men are actively disrupting the lives of Womyn everywhere? ALL Womyn.

        All Womyn are being made to be victims of male domination and it has to en sometime, somewhere.


    • Fine, if the black man is so worthless and irresponsible – stop having babies by them, especially in your teenage years, out of wedlock, no education, no job.

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  6. Oh please!

    I know for a fact that it is the Black male’s nature to LOATHE and AVOID responsibility at all costs, later to fall into rage and hissy fits when confronted about it.

    Black Womyn lead from natural capability, from Black male incompetence, and from higher intelligence. If Black males were so capable the Black community would never have been riddled with drugs, rape, and gang violence. Black males and their pansy religion hold the community back.

    Just like how you rape and berate the underage girls, but complain about abortion AND teen pregnancy. (You didn’t seem to have a problem w it during the raping, though) Black males created the necessity of the state through incompetence. (Which you still leech off) There’s no denying it. You want a white man’s power without his influence, income, or intelligence. Feminism has nothing to do with it. We’re picking up YOUR slack.

    If you’re not leeching off Becky’s trust fund, you’re leeching off Alaqua’s reservation mony and casino profits. If you’re not leeching off Shaquita’s welfare, you’re leeching off Maria’s minimum wage. Either that, or you’re pimping Jen Li or Shakira from the hood. Black males have accomplished NOTHING. Even in Atlanta, the Blackest place in the American south. BLACK WOMYN own the majority of Black businesses!

    And you talk about OUR libido? Tiger Woods seems to explain that entirely. In fact Tiarah Poyau was killed by you negros for REJECTING your sexual advances! You BEG for chastity, but KILL when it is practiced! YOU are confused.

    You claim no “victim cards” will be handed out, but here you are, throwing a hissy fit about having to take care of yourself.

    We have something to offer the world. You don’t. Why else are the WHITE police after YOU more than US? I will continue to teach my sisters about the evils of the Black male and encourage the abortion of such monstrosities whenever possible.

    And like I said, I have PROOF for my claims. You DON’T.

    More love for Black womyn:

    Less love for the Black male:

    The proof is in the pudding! While a Black Womin and White man are 44% LESS likely to divorce, a white woman and a Black man are 200% MORE likely to divorce (LOL)! We are also more likely to travel, and have longer lifespans! :}


    • Nlibertusonline,

      Thank you for actually proving my point, the fact that black women cannot live without black men and will not leave them alone. Here you are claiming that black men are a disgrace and that you have had enough of them, yet you continue to return here and engage in conversation with the same black man whom you claim to have a hatred for, lol. As I have stated on many occasions, black women who talk this “abandon black men” talk aren’t going anywhere.

      Black women destroyed the black community when they decided that feminism and fatherless home welfare policies were of more importance than keeping a strong black family structure in place. What we see happening in black society today is the fallout based upon the stupid decisions black women made 50 years ago.

      You black women sexually prime your children from a very young age, twerking with them on videos, engaging in all forms of sexually suggestive activities. By the time black girls hit their teens they are ready to hit that sexual road, rape is not a necessity. You decadent black whores pride yourselves in destroying the innocence of the youth.

      Stop leeching off the state, without the government to hold your hand you black women are up the creek without a chicken bone to paddle with. This is how black women are able to open so many businesses, besides black women typically don’t build anything of significance for black society as a whole, a large portion of their businesses center around weave and anything else hair related.

      You have nothing to offer society, this is one of the main reasons why black men are walking away from you in huge numbers, black men realise that they can do better for themselves and that they are not obligated to accept such sub par standards from a group of women who only have a median net worth of $5.

      There is a special place in hell reserved for black women like yourself who delight in spilling the blood of innocent children, especially the unborn. I would suggest that you stay alive for as long as possible, don’t sleep.

      Again, I never denied that black women have the lowest divorce rates when dealing with non black men, however the problem black women have is securing those non black men to begin with. Because black women have deliberately flushed their reputations down the toilet, non black men are slowly backing away from black women in the same manner as black men are. Again, nobody wants your blacksides, these is why many of you black women are turning towards each other instead, lol.

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      • Oh? The same Black Womyn you claim to hate so much, but praddle one about? LMAO!

        You should take your own advice, and stop leeching off US. You as a Black male have never offered much to society aside from your thuggish ways and violent, cancerous “music”.

        We started walking away in the 80s, when the Black male decided that rape and drugs were more important than dignity and sanity. In fact, Black men haven’t been doing better, because divorce among Black men is rampant. The number one cause? Infidelity. Lol!

        And no, like I said, marriage is on the increase, because WE are known for our loyalty and devotion to PARTNERSHIP. Something the Black male fails miserably at-and it shows! There is no such thing as an “innocent” Black male. Born or unborn. They are all derived from the spirit of evil and must be extinguished.

        This is why they are so violent and destructive. Anguish and sorrow follow the Black male, because it’s all he can provide.

        Even for marriage w non-Black men, nobody can love a Womin like another Womin can. Even white and Asian males. The Black Womin has ALWAYS been the ultimate lover. :}


      • Nlibertusonline,

        Still proving the point huh, well done. Black women as a collective may not like us black men but they can’t live without us, you are living proof, still conversing with black men whom you claim to hate, lol. By the way, my message is for black men, warning them about the perils of dealing with black women, since black women are still sinning against black males, yes I will continue to prattle on about them.

        You black women deliberately choose the bums who you know will leech off you, that way you can manipulate and control them and thus fulfil your contractual obligations towards the state. Thuggism, violence, infidelity, cancerous music, all products of black men the majority of whom are coming out of single mother households, again check yourselves first.

        Stop the lies woman, blacks getting married overall are on the decline:
        And by the way despite this trend black men are still getting married at a higher rate than black women. Black women in 2016 aren’t known for anything positive, mention black women to any person and negative thoughts will immediately flood their mind.

        Again, you black women are the ones who are producing the scum, thus you are the problem and not the black man. Like I stated before if you want to eliminate the problems within black society you need to start killing yourselves.

        You black women are a confused bunch, jumping from penises to vaginas, yet you are still getting caught with men and getting pregnant, what a joke.

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      • No, Black men rape and kill the Black Womyn who refuse their violent advances. I will continue to teach against the evils of the Black man until we develop protection from it.


      • Nlibertusonline,

        Again, more lies. The black woman is the least targeted female on the planet. I have no idea where you black women are getting these ideas from, in typical feminist fashion always looking to assume the role of a victim, however as I stated before no victimhood cards will be handed out here. Again, the problems with black society begin with the black female, that is where you need to start from, not with black men.

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      • Again, with YOUR lies and lack of statistical evidence to support your fictitious claims. But I understand that since you fucked up, you have no choice but to live in your own fantasy to avoid the pain of your own failure. Lmao




    • So you load all these videos of the worst set of Black people to prove your point? You are not very smart. I can find just as many videos of low class people of other races doing the same things. The behaviors in your videos are not typical for an intelligent, educated Black man. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and I spend my time discovering answers to problems that no one has solved in industry as of yet. I don’t indulge in any of the behaviors exhibited in your videos. Additionally, there are many Black men like me out there. I know quite a number of them.


      • You say that in defence of black men, but is that a double standard I see there? “The behaviour in your videos are not typical for an intelligent, educated Black man” – but the same can’t be said about the videos that Verbs2015 posted about women?


  7. “Again, the problems with black society begin with the black female, that is where you need to start from, not with black men.”

    Your attempts to mask your shame and dodge accountability will do you absolutely no good. Lol We know the truth about you and about the world and you have/will continue to be E X P O S E D.


    • Nlibertusonline,

      You black women have no idea about the word accountability because the state has been coddling your blacksides for the past 50 years.

      Sorry, my claims are observable facts, I mostly speak from an observable standpoint, this is why black women like yourself cannot refute what I am saying, thus instead you resort to rattling off common rhetoric in order to blag your way through your defeat.

      Liked by 1 person

      • “the state has been coddling your blacksides for the past 50 years.”

        Says the nignogs responsible for drugs and gangs in the community around the same time ago.

        >> “Sorry, my claims are observable facts, I mostly speak from an observable standpoint”

        B-b-but my feewings ARE facts! There may not be studies or evidence that exist to support it but T’S TWUE!

        >>> “refute what I am saying, thus instead you resort to rattling off common rhetoric in order to blag your way through your defeat.”

        Says the Black male, the most defeated creature on Earth. I’ve refuted everything you’ve said, you’re just too stupid to realize it. And with research, others will discover that too.


      • Nlibertusonline,

        Stop bringing up drug dealers and gang members because it has already been established without a doubt that single black mothers are the culprits producing both of these individuals. You black women are the ones on trial here, you don’t get to dictate how much evidence is presented against you and in what particular format, evidence is evidence period. You cannot be the judge and the criminal at the same time.

        You couldn’t refute anything that was mentioned in the post, you instead did what most black women typically do, resort to name calling, slogan slinging, insults and shaming tactics. It is a fact that most black women cannot process facts, your typical responses to this post serve as evidence to support that fact.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “Stop bringing up drug dealers and gang members because it has already been established without a doubt that single black mothers are the culprits producing both of these individuals.”

        Oh? You want me to stop? Then provide proof or even just evidence to support your claims and I will :}:}:}

        You don’t get to determine who will be criticized and who won’t. Your problem is that you can’t accept not hailing control over whatever your eyes discover. You persecute me and I will return the favor. There is a HELL of a lot of statistics and evidence leaned AGAINST the Black male and I intend to publicize it, as it deserves.

        “resort to name calling, slogan slinging, insults and shaming tactics.”

        Which you’ve also done. Don’t pretend to be a victim now. I know all your dirty little tricks, you fiend.

        And one more thing:

        We are not here to be judged or pursued by you. We have never consented to your faulty “leadership” or oppression against us. Don’t make the mistake of thinking we’ll be to docile to fight back.


      • Nlibertusonline,

        Again, it doesn’t matter how many stats you bring out of your hat against black men, it will always reflect back upon black women because they are the ones raising most of these black males, stats are not required here because that is a well established fact, most black children are raised by single mothers, surely you are not that ignorant that you would ignore a fact that has already been established?

        It it my job to judge the black woman because of the death and destruction she has brought upon the black nations, hence the boat loads of evidence on this blog that supports my position. You simply cannot win, black women are on the ropes bleeding with nobody to throw in the towel for them.

        This is the recompense that black women must pay, abandonment and relegation. By the way here is some information about most criminals coming from broken homes.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “it will always reflect back upon black women because they are the ones raising most of these black males”

        Because Black males refuse to father their children. 😄

        Mind telling the class why 92% of children fathered by Black males are born out of wedlock?

        Surely the problem isn’t Black Womyn, as you attempt to claim. We’re not being “abandoned”, we’re making better lives for ourselves WITHOUT you! (And it’s going well considering successful marriages, increased credit scores, accessible wealth and education!

        BTW, the “destruction of Black nations” comes from the Black males inability to think for itself. It practices islam, christianity, and other war religions to kill its own brethren and destroy its own land.

        ISIS and Boko Haram aren’t led by Black Womyn ;}


      • Nlibertusonline,

        You feminists are all the same, all you do is peddle lies and continue to repeat them hoping that they will come to pass. Again, the deadbeat dad mantra is a myth:

        Stop repeating the debunked propaganda, you are looking like a grade A muppet right now.

        Liked by 1 person

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  9. Wow. Just…wow. More than it pisses me off, this article brought me to tears. It’s truly saddening to read this. What has become of our people that we can hate each other this much? Most of all, THAT WE CAN HATE OURSELVES THIS MUCH? What we choose to see in others is usually a reflection of ourselves. The fact that you have a problem with dating someone who looks like you, your mother, you grandmother, your sister, your aunt, etc. says nothing about how you feel about me as a Black woman. It says everything about how you feel about YOURSELF. We have all been tainted and made sick by the tragedy of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome, therefore, many of us (male and female) have loads of internalized self-hatred, generational trauma and anger. Newsflash, there are non-Black women who have these same characteristics you described in this article, despite how much you put them up on a faulty pedestal. Case in point why the white male beast, is passing their sloppy seconds on to you! As a Black man, you are the Supreme Being. You are who every non-Black person wants to be. Same goes for the Black women. And yet you reduce yourself like this and vow to bring her down with you? Pathetic.

    “Black women in general hate black children, in their efforts to please their white master and saviour black women have taken it upon themselves to be the individuals in charge of the assassination of millions of unborn children as well as killing thousands of children outside of the womb.” The most HYPOCRITICAL statement (as there were many) in this article. Form what I read, it sounds like you fear the white male beast. Matter of fact you revere him, simply because you think his women are more desirable. Please, WAKE UP! Read the Willie Lynch Letters! Read the writings of how to make slave, many of which were supported and promoted by the women you’re now choosing to go after. This is what they want us to do to one another. This is how they want us to feel about one another. They want us divided like this because they know we are weaker apart. It’s their fear of racial annihilation because they know the Black man AND the Black woman are much more advantaged than they. They want to wipe us out(female AND male), and if men like you continue to promote this garbage, they will. You’re making their job easier. Yet you choose to see us like this? IT’s saddening. By you feeding into this belief that we are not worthy of the love from our male counterpart says more about you than it does about us. You cannot dislike a people who most resemble you without first disliking yourself. Despite how you feel, all I will ever do, is fight for my Black King, all I will ever want is to love, marry, build an empire and create life with, is a Black King. I feel sorry for you, that your experiences brought you to think like this. It’s sad, it really is. I can only hope you open your eyes before it’s too late.


    • Olivia Osueke,

      I don’t have a problem at all dating and marrying a functional feminine black woman who knows her place, I have a problem with violent, scumbag, masculine, feminist black women, you need to get it right. I’m not into committing incest, why on earth would I use mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters etc as a reference point in deciding who I wish to date?

      Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is a myth that has been generated by dishonest, disingenuous pro black, red black and green pundits in their efforts to give the modern day black woman a pass and excuse her for the heavy death and destruction she has brought upon black society. I specifically deal with black women only because they have been the ones responsible for the crumbling of the black nation, not non black women.

      Here we go again, it seems that you black women love white women more so than black men do, white women are now the black woman’s gold standard which is why you black women will always use them as a comparator. White women are not the only women available to black men by the way, I hope you realise this.

      This modern day black woman is a cursed savage, she has become a pestilence and a blemish upon the black nation, she rightly has a severe judgement coming the likes of which she has never seen before nor will she ever see again. She must and will definitely be be punished for the innumerable transgressions she has committed under the guidance and instructions of her white father.

      The Willie Lynch letter doesn’t change the fact that most black women are bureaucratic, barbaric, cold blooded killers who enjoy spilling the blood of the innocent. Black women murdering on average 1876 children per day in abortion clinics and you wish for me instead to be concerned about a Willie Lynch letter? See how evil and wicked you black women are, how you will openly defend and attempt to deflect from your countless crimes?

      Attempting to use a letter to deflect from the fact that the evil sisterhood of dysfunctional black harridans are killing almost 2000 unborn children per day, shaking my damn head.

      Stop talking about divide and conquer, black women have always been divided from black men, the only reason why black women stuck by black men from the end of slavery right up until the civil rights era is because during that period white folks hadn’t yet approached them with an alternative. Obviously we saw what happened in the 1960s, black women couldn’t wait to jump on the feminist bandwagon and in addition get their state benefits from Massa.

      Garbage to black women is any information that is brought forward which exposes them and which is not written in a fashion that paints them in a good light. There is no garbage on this site, only truth. If you want folks to look at you through a more positive scope then change your behaviour. Why is it you black women will never consider the fact that your foul behaviour is the problem? The problem is with the people behaving badly, not those like myself who are merely reporting on it.

      I don’t dislike myself, I hate the scum of my people, they have nothing to do with me as an individual or my character. I am not obligated to deal with and accept scumbags, no society has ever prospered where the scum of that society have been uplifted and given a free reign to roam the yard unchecked. This is the problem with the majority of black women today, you have no sense of morality or justice, you will take every piece of trash onboard without thinking forward concerning the consequences down the line, this is the main reason why black society in 2016-2017 is in such a mess.

      What is recorded here are facts not beliefs, it is a fact that black women assassinate 5 more unborn children than white women, it is a fact that black women are working hand in glove with the state against black men and black society, it is a fact that most black men today are either in jail or dead due to the actions of a black woman. We don’t deal with fantasies and beliefs over here, we deal with cold, raw, hard facts, nor do we hand out victimhood cards to those who are culpable.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have no clue how you put up with this disgusting black witch for that long. At first, I thought it might be a bit extreme when you suggested they kill themselves to cleanse black society, but now I realize how evil such as theirs doesn’t die anyways.

        Liked by 1 person



      • “it is a fact that most black men today are either in jail or dead due to the actions of a black woman” – I would like to see UNBIASED proof, “I don’t dislike myself, I hate the scum of my people, they have nothing to do with me as an individual or my character”- First off you said I HATE the scum of my people, that hatred affects you as an individual. Second off, this website has been seen by what, 1,000 people – 20,000 and possibly destroyed the image of black women in people’s eyes, for what reason? What black woman made her way into your life and shook you so hard you started this hateful website? If you have controversial views on a group of people please realise that you will spark arguments over the internet.


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  11. Black women are queens- beautiful,feisty and proud, fun and charming, while you trash these women, we the African dudes shall come and get them and treat them like the queens they are, I would pick a black woman any day any time over any other race of women


    • Thanks so much…a lot of times when someone or anyone puts down anything or’s based on the fact that they can’t take advantage of it. Instead of being a strong King, a lot of these so called men are looking for the easy way out…which often times get them into trouble…for example OJ, Kanye, Micheal J..God Bless the dead..but I feel as though that’s the curse for disrespecting their own…please don’t you fall into that category


  12. This is the most honest and complete rundown of the black woman behavior problem in America that I have seen on the internet. Yet, it doesnt even touch the surface of how massive the problem is.

    Message to young black men with no fathers who are reading this: My brothers, if you are of those who is starting to wake up and see through the dysfunction you were taught by your mother, and beginning to question the sanity of the way you have been raised to behave, you are not alone! Unfortunately, just like millions of other male children of black women, you were never taught to be a man because your mother saw to it that you didnt have one in your life. But, unlike black women who dont have the ability to overcome their emotions and rationally find their way, you are a man! So because of this, you have the natural genetic ability to think rationally without being clouded by emotions. Dont be afraid of what is starting to become revealed to you. You are beginning to open your eyes and realize that, although you were raised to be that way, you do not identify with being the typical small minded homothug or simp, it feels odd to you to be anything other than an alpha male who is tremendously proud to be a black man. Welcome to manhood, by brother, you belong with us. You have arrived late, but you are here. Your next step is to continue seeking answers. I know it is difficult to figure out what is real and what is false while simultaneously questioning what you were taught by your mother, but when you look for answers, just remember two things: (1) Your mother will NEVER come clean as to why your father is not there because her emotions wont allow her to, so any attempts to gain information from her will lead you in circles. (2) NEVER get your information from mainstream media unless its backed up by statistical facts. That is the most effective way to weed out all the false information. There are a few websites like this one dedicated to the truth. Read them carefully, and then consider their merits based on facts. You will find that all of the facts checkout. Also understand that right now, Youtube is the only platform that they haven’t figured out a way to silence the real voice of black men. So before they change that, go to Youtube and listen to whats coming directly out of the mouths of REAL black men regarding black women, then follow your gut instincts as a man when figuring out what to listen to, and then verify it with objective facts. My brother, if you have read this far, you are clearly on your way to emerging from the setback that was placed upon you by your mother since birth, and triumphantly becoming the man that you were meant to be. Good luck in your journey.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You black ignorant cursed coon…quit being a sorry asso nigga looking for someone to take care of you..and quit sobbing over your masters daughter…I bet you wouldn’t get with Paris Hilton, you all get the run down, low self esteem white girls..the only way the wealthy one accept you is if you got money..go FUCK YOURSELF, THAT’S ONLY IF YOUR DICK IS BIG ENOUGH, YOU KNOW THEY CAN’T TAKE MUCH..DUMB AS NIGGA


      • Joann,

        Congratulations on persuading even more black men to widen their dating and marriage options beyond black women. You black women still don’t get it, name calling and choosing to remain ignorant to the facts on purpose black men simply aren’t tolerating any longer, they are voting with their feet.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Trying help you out of being so shallow seems to have a negative effect on you. Without your mother would you be here typing up such brainwashing material to be fed to all unknowledgeable men? Well done and clap for yourself all men on this website blind to how shallow you are. Your actions explain why you don’t get on with black women so well, so instead of trying to find something wrong with us, check and change yourselves.


      • Anon 4444,

        Black women have been identified as the problem, as per usual black women will always attempt to blame somebody else for the many problems they have brought upon black society. Black men are indeed changing, realising that black women refuse to change they are deciding to take themselves elsewhere and your lame response is the quintessential example as to why I advise black men to do so.

        Liked by 1 person

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  14. This is why nobody wants black women. Black men always slandering our names. If you want a ghetto girl you know where to find her. If you want a smart black girl. Know where to find her. If you gay and want a gay girl no where to find her… This Is the crap you write and post and don’t even have your facts straight…. No wonder black men are our biggest down falls the proof. This whole damn negro wars… My opinion is this. How can anyone call us angry and bitter when everytime black women turn around we getting held down by our very own black selfish ass men. Bunch of idoits agree with him is like the blind leading the blind. Go date a black girl but why talk shit about us. Stop making excuses for the choices you choose to do. I need to write a book about this myself, but mine will be facts


    • Lisa,

      Black women have got so much to say about the title of my book yet not one of them has stepped forward to refute any of its contents. When I start seeing black women quoting paragraphs and page numbers as part of their arguments then I will begin to take them seriously. The failed black men you talk about are coming straight out of the black female’s factory, you black women are creating and raising these defective men, don’t complain to others about your own failed products, blame yourselves.

      Liked by 1 person

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  16. You really know how to broad brush all black women without exception. Do you really think ALL black women are this way? All in America? Canada? England? Kenya? Guinea-Bissau? Turks and Caicos? All without even one individual exception?! The things you’re espousing are are not only idiotic but destructive for all people.


    • Marcus Grubbs,

      You are going to have to show me a sentence anywhere in the article that says “all black women” because I don’t remember seeing one. Why are you mentioning the word “all” when the word “all” was neither mentioned nor implied?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs2015,
        You seem to be back pedalling, using the plural word WOMEN instead of woman suggests you are talking about black women as a whole. Therefore throughout the entirety of your message, you are suggesting which what you are referring to are ALL black woman.


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  18. When women don’t do this themselves they have friends that do so they do it too so they can fit in with them. There are NO exceptions in America. GET OUT!!!!!!!!!


  19. Recently I responded to a posting placed by a Black woman who entitled her personal ad “Do I Sound Angry?”

    Speaking as a divorced black man of 25 years, I have found by replacing the word anger with frustration, takes us to a better place!

    We as black people are at odds with the marriage and family issue – perhaps we are at odds with each other, about everything. We don’t get the priorities right as our grandparents did. With all that we have today, we could never maintain a marriage or family, as they did – never!

    To the outside world: looks, level of education, personal, professional or economic accomplishments – your dating resume probably contains Black in its title.

    “Black” is insect or in this case dating repellant!

    Against you – honey I’m with you. Black men and women share this one. And what’s additionally shameful, it’s divisive among our own people!

    Everything is more important, except each other. We haven’t learned. It’s a bad cycle. Decent isn’t good enough in 2017 for a Black man [or woman].

    Application: I have a yellow complexion and too slim for most. I do not have what is considered a high profile or lucrative vocation [attorney, M.D., corporate player], etc. Making matters worse, I live in the worst part of my community and I own no property.

    Omissions: I’ve earned “3” college degrees, experienced several lucrative careers in various vocational fields, briefly served my country honorably, never spent a night in jail or saw the end of a crack pipe. I am in good health. Blessed that my stomach is full and my behind is clean, my hands are out to give as opposed to receive. I’ve seen a lot of America and it’s people. Out of college I became an accomplished pilot!

    Above all and most importantly I have a relationship with an almighty God — dispelling a myth some hold that Black men are heathen and have no souls.

    62 years old — is it tough living alone? Well this depends on your definitions of tough and alone, because I’m definitely living. Am I destined for solitude: or a relationship or marriage, which provides false benefits for wages – absent of love, honesty, honor, and true companionship? Neither is meant for a man or a woman!

    Just as you await your prince, my princess will arrive and it will be here my life will blossom some more!

    For both of us, hard choices in a hellish situation! What am I going to do about it? I’m going to continue to rebuild my life – 1 brick, per day – at a time!


  20. As a guy who always use to speak up for black women, this blog has certainly got me questioning some of my beliefs…..It feels uncomfortable that’s for sure!


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