Another White Man Steps Forward Who’s Not Down With The Swirl – Another Huge L For Black Women!

More and more non black men are beginning to step forward and talk about their preference not to swirl. Here we have another white man who has boldly stepped forward and expressed his preference not to date black women. Of course one of the first replies in the comment section of the video is from a black woman who asks “who hurt you”? This typical response is to be expected from the modern-day black witch, as far as she is concerned nobody is allowed to exercise a preference that excludes her when it comes to dating.

This man talks about exactly that same things that we black men have been stating for years aswell what I wrote about in my book Negro Wars, a foul attitude(rolling the head and clicking the fingers), unhygienic and too materialistic. As I have stated before, the swirl movement is a complete and utter joke, most black women will never be given the opportunity to swirl. Obviously black women are not going to receive this video very well, we all saw how they responded towards the Vegainator when he expressed his preference not to date black women.

Anyway, this gentleman’s Youtube channel is called “black biggot”, the link to his channel I will post below along with the video. Black women truly believed that they could take their smelly and defective selves over to non black men and everything would be all gravy, not so, as we black men have been stating for the longest while that the system is slowly discarding of black women and white men are waking up to their schemes of wanting to entrap them seeing as black men have clocked onto the black woman’s trickery.

It is good that more non black men(especially white men) are stepping into the light and expressing their preference not to date black women, merchants such as Christelyn Karazin have sold black women a grand lie hook, line and sinker. It is about time that black women were brought back into reality. Sorry black women, white men as a whole do not want you, stop feeding into Karazin’s swirling fairy tales Enjoy:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

16 thoughts on “Another White Man Steps Forward Who’s Not Down With The Swirl – Another Huge L For Black Women!

    • Arturo D Davis,

      Well said sir, however black women are too set in their feminist ways to change at this point, they instead are going to have to be crushed. White men are walking away from their backsides aswell, lol.


  1. He’s not “White”, though. He’s one of those undetectable mixed people, like Jennifer Beals or Wentworth Miller.


    • I think his video is specific to black American ladies
      Off course dude is mixed , one of his parents must be mixed race and the of 100% Caucasian


  2. This is why i hate white women and black men now. Black men because to them black women are bad but white women are good and white men are bad. And to white women white same thing why dont you stfu and stop getting mad just because someone wont take your shit


  3. Black men hate black women because they hate their black mother’s. A nigger will always me a nigger in the white community no matter who they date their skin will always be black a common nigger.

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    • You have no idea what goes in the community. Black men love their mothers, they just never had a father figure to teach them what constitutes a man, so keep your racist comments to yourself


  4. Listen, black women have gone through struggles that no one would ever understand. Have you ever taken into consideration that maybe most black women have an attitude because they’ve never received love from anyone? not even their parents. Have you ever considered that their parents may have not been able to love them because in 1980 crack cocaine was purposely distributed among the black communities by the CIA?which in turn took the black man out of the home so, now you have a single black mother who’s addicted to crack cocaine. what did you expect to happen? and that cycle has continued throughout Generations because, the black fathers were not in the home to teach their black sons how to be men. This is why you have a lot of black mothers who feel as if they are both the father and the mother. Before you make a judgement you need to go back through history because, it is a much deeper surface than what you are seeing. I can tell you my mom was only 25 years old when crack cocaine first hit so that generation of mothers and fathers lost their ability to properly teach their black daughters how to bathe properly, what it means to be a woman, how to act accordingly,what to look for in a man, how to respect a man, or the importance of Education. Black women don’t want to be both parents, but they were not taught what consitutes a man, so they make poor choices in their selection process, which even further helps shape their attitude.


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