Congratulations Black Men, You’re Winning – Keep Up The Good Work!


Weaves and wigs, unacceptable, receding and fading hair lines, unacceptable, no edges, unacceptable, fake eyebrows, fake eye lashes, construction site layers of make up, unacceptable, tramp stamps aka tattoos, unacceptable, unhygienic practices, unacceptable, poor sexual health, unacceptable, bad skin, unacceptable, rough, coarse and masculine looking facial features, unacceptable, slack and morally void sexual practices, unacceptable, STD’s, unacceptable, being overweight, unacceptable, disobedience, unacceptable, rebelliousness, unacceptable, arrogance, unacceptable, mental illness, unacceptable, a violent disposition, unacceptable, unwilling to listen, unacceptable, games and tricks, unacceptable, children from other men, unacceptable, feminism, unacceptable, refusing to submit to the authority of the man, unacceptable, laziness, unacceptable, abortion aka genocide, unacceptable, matriarchy, unacceptable, single motherhood, unacceptable.

The above is a list of some of the sub-standard attributes, conditions and behaviours the overwhelming majority of westernised black women are bringing to the table in 2016 that will no longer be accepted. Increasingly I am happy to report that more black men are beginning to give these sub par conditions and behaviours the middle finger, black men are increasingly refusing to tolerate anything less than a high standard and black men as a whole once again are beginning to believe in themselves realising that they deserve and can achieve much better than what has been put on offer from this mockery of a black woman.

The reason why so many black women have doubled down and increased their assault upon black men in recent times is because they are panicking. Black women are currently exercising heavy damage control due to the fact that they are losing their positions of leadership and the slaves whom they have been put in charge over are now waking up and opting to abandon the slave master’s plantation. As I have already stated in my book Negro Wars, black women are on the ropes bleeding heavily, their white god, saviour, master and father is abandoning them by stealth and there is nobody else available to throw in the towel.

Black women in their laziness and slackness haven’t bothered to regularly revise their usual deck of Kansas City shuffles, they believed that the familiar cons and the box of tricks that they have been using for the last 50 years would be sufficient in keeping black men enslaved and locked into the system until they had at least completely destroyed black society. However, through the internet black men have been able to communicate rapidly with one another aswell as compare notes. Not only that but black men have also taken the initiative to use the internet to set up their own media networks, where the truth can finally be laid on the table for all to see. Remember, we do not need the mainstream media, they at this point are irrelevant, we can and ought to be our own media arm.

Black men, do not be fooled and bamboozled by the daily pretence of pomp, pride and arrogance that black women are putting on public display, as we have already seen with the Vegainator that facade is extremely thin, fragile and requires little effort to break. In reality black women are deeply afraid and are in fear, they are fully aware of the innumerable transgressions they have committed against us, however rather than humble themselves and repent they have instead opted to ride the path of destruction until the wheels fall off.

All black women have left in play are shaming and guilt tripping tactics, insults, sarcasm and emotional pleas, yet even these are no longer working against us. Black women have played an extremely foolish hand and they have lost, how they could be so ignorant and stupid as to believe that they could ever find sanctuary and protection amongst non black men is perplexing within itself. All that is left is for their judgement to be meted out and we can see this already happening, recompense is a dish best served cold.

Black men, continue with what you have been doing, it is very important that we continue networking with like-minded individuals as we will have a greater impact in this form. Remember, just because a person is black this doesn’t automatically mean that you have an obligation to work together with them, there are many black men who are feminists, who support black women and their skullduggery and who are untrustworthy, you see and run into these unsavoury characters everyday. Always investigate and look over the person’s credentials first before extending that hand of partnership.

Those who have a proven track record of trustworthiness and have the credentials to match, support them, donate time and money to any and all projects and causes they embark upon if and where possible, always remember that black women despite the rifts and disagreements they have amongst themselves have no problems putting their differences aside when black men are listed on the menu, we need to adopt the same protocols and mindsets. We must learn as black men to support each other.

Continue opting for your own dating and marriage preferences, do not be phased and jaded by jealous black females who do not have the same leverage or power as you do when it comes down choosing a mate. What black women have to say about who black men choose to have sex with, date and marry other than black females at this point is irrelevant.

Lastly, continue to expose and call out dysfunctional black women and the boot-licking minstrels who support them. Lies and falsehoods cannot prevail against the truth. This is the end of the black woman’s reign of terror, she will go down in history as the most selfish, vile, evil, narcissistic and psychopathic individual to ever walk planet earth. Those who support her shall also perish miserably. In the meantime we black men must continue to push forward with our frontal assault. Well done black men, you ought to pat yourselves on the back as we are winning the battle and will shortly win the war.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “Congratulations Black Men, You’re Winning – Keep Up The Good Work!

  1. What is your stance on black women not wanting to be obedient when their black husband is a member of a hebrew israeltie group? I.e not wanting to watch videos online, go to sabbath class and feast days and geting baptised in one of the many name’s they tout is the correct one? I have been advised I need to be obedient and that I am to be submissive. As I don’t want to go to class etc my husband thinks I’m a jezebel and a devil worshipper. Its hard to be humble and obedient when terms like this are thrown around. Any advice would be much appreciated.


    • Sarah,

      He shouldn’t be trying to force you to participate in things that you don’t want to, its not as if these we are talking about the normal duties of a wife here. Had you expressed a want to be disobedient in your normal duties as a wife then that would have been a serious problem, however the things that your husband is asking you to participate in are outside of what constitutes as wife duties/roles.

      He has to respect your decision not to want to participate in these activities as they are not fundamental to the marriage. If you are not interested you are not interested.

      Fulfilling your role as a wife is not predicated upon watching videos online, keeping feast days(which is part of the old covenant and is no longer relevant), keeping the Sabbath, attending classes etc.


      • I appreciate the fact that this exchange was otherwise amicable and informative. Proof positive that the “all black women” defense is a false one posed by the extreme and those who should not, but in fact do, take umbrage with them.

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  2. Great freaking job boys keep up the good word let’s leave this filthy plantation. (Greetings from New Zealand)


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Much appreciated for your kind words of support. Indeed, black women are taking some serious blows, I refuse to stop until black women can no longer be used as a weapon by the state against black men and black society.

      Dysfunctional black women and their simp/mangina/white knight cohorts must be shut down permanently.


      • One word of advice though: go even harder! The second you let up and show some soft spots, the more the ones who need to be called out will see it as an easy way out. As sad as it is, now is not the time to pretend that even a fraction of black women are worthy marrying and building with. The last thing we need is good black men wasting their time looking for a needle in the Sahara desert. Black men especially are the ones whose lives are endangered by being around and raised by these women, so the best thing that black men can do for their children is to give then non-black mothers.


      • Afrofuturism1,

        I believe that you are right, its sad what black women as a whole group have become, however now it has become a matter of personal sanity, safety and health for black men to date and marry non black women. I also believe the problem stems from a lot of black men still holding onto the hope that they will one day meet their “queen”.

        I’m currently in conversation with a black guy on Facebook who cannot accept the truth pertaining to the current condition of black women, even though their degradation is in plain view for all to see, according to him all of this is still just “my opinion”. Its funny though because he hasn’t been able to defend them at all, instead his strategy has been to shoot at the messenger as if this action somehow negates the truth and the facts, lol. As black women become even more dysfunctional, more black men will begin to see the light which I’m glad to say is already happening.

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  3. I used to always say that homos were knockoffs (Dykes are knockoff men, fruits are knockoff women). Well, I’ve now come to the conclusion that most black women are knockoff black men, and will five after that which black men already do. Most black chicks nowadays will tell you they rap, dance, “make beats”, and a whole slew of other things that their men already do. There isn’t a feminine bone in most of their bodies. That is, unless they can cry and fake abuse.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Bro, the penis envy amongst black women these days is off the scale. It comes as no surprise that the majority of black women cannot keep a man as no man wants to deal with a masculine, knuckle headed, belligerent, violent, bloodthirsty female.


      • Afrofuturism1,

        Its funny you should mention this as I talked about black women and their unhygienic disposition in Negro Wars, I most definitely will do that within the next few posts.


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