Black Women Reveal Their True Colours Once Again!


Remember when I stated in my book Negro Wars how most non black men are simply not interested in black women and of the small portion that are most of them only view black women as tools to be used sexually? I believe that the above post from Facebook proves my point yet again. Let us now examine the post and deconstruct it. Note that the person Simone Oluwaseun quoted as having dated white and Hispanic men did so in the past. Well, what happened, didn’t any of these men want to marry you, why didn’t they bother taking the relationship further past dating?

Of course I am making assumptions based upon the modern day westernised black woman’s track record, however as per the evidence that has already been laid out, it would be safe to assume that these white and Hispanic men simply used this black woman for sex and went on their merry ways afterwards, this is the normal protocol for the majority of non black men who interact with black women, just ask the Vegainator.

In the post she talked about how these non black men declared their income and stated how they could look after her, ok, well where are these men now? If you were so great then why did these men leave you? It would also be interesting to know whether this black woman has children en tow, from a wild guess I would most likely say yes. Besides, in 2016 what good qualities do westernised black women bring to the table whereby black men would feel honoured and delighted to provide for them, I’ll wait?

Even though black women have devalued themselves and are currently the lowest denominator of females on the planet, you can clearly see a large degree of their mental insanity whereby they still believe that they are of some sort of worth and value. Fake hair(weaves and wigs), receding and fading hair lines, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, construction site layers of make up masking their true looks, spotty, rough and haggard looking faces, bad skin, a high number of STDs, devil stamps aka tattoos, in many cases excess body weight, belligerence, dysfunctional personalities, violence, mental illness, many children from different fathers, a median net worth of only $5, rebellious, disobedience, an unwillingness to listen, overall a haughty and arrogant disposition, exactly what man of intelligence and common sense would want to cater to this type of woman?

The negative descriptions above fit the overwhelming majority of westernised black women today, they do not value themselves yet they expect strangers to place some value upon them? Continuing, she talked about how black men brag about their degrees and their penises. I have honestly never heard of a black man bragging about his academic achievements to a black woman, in terms of penises let us never forget that it is black women on the daily who make a concerted effort to inform black men that they require a good-sized penis. How many times have we come across black women declaring that they require a penis size of 8-9 inches minimum? Take a look at this woman, a classic example of what I am saying:


Does it come as any surprise that this Tricycle Shawty individual already has a child? Do you see how most black women typically exhibit the least desirable qualities, conditions, positions and traits, yet at the same time still believe that they are good catches? Continuing with the post she finishes off by talking about how black men are not having conversations with black women about what we are going to do for them. Again, the question must be asked, based upon what standards are we as black men supposed to do things for black women?

If I as a man am going to provide for any woman, the woman first has an obligation to bring and present to me something of quality whereby I will feel satisfied and content that my services will not be wasted or be in vain. Most black women only have to offer a large set of buttocks(many a time that are synthetic), their own credentials on how well they can give oral sex and a vagina they believe is a gateway to a land flowing with milk and honey. Sorry black women, physical attributes and how well you can engage in extra curricular activities alone just won’t cut it.

I’m sorry, as I have stated before, black women will only be valued as far as they value themselves, most westernised black women simply do not put themselves out on the relationship market as women who are marriage material, that is the observable truth. Again, since black women are running around stating that black men ought to be stepping up and looking after them, exactly what great qualities are black women bringing to the table outside of the physical, academic and economic realms?

On the flip side mind you let us never forget that these are the same women forever claiming that they are “independent” and that “they don’t need a man”. I challenge black women and their advocates to prove this article wrong.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

13 thoughts on “Black Women Reveal Their True Colours Once Again!

  1. I must ask why you care?  You have already clearly established that Modern Black Women are not worthy of any man’s attention.  The real question is: what can normal men do to avoid them?  There are not enough women of other races for all of the men (Black and all other races).  Should we import women from other countries?  What is the solution?


    • Simple. Black men have far greater interracial dating options than the black women, and countries such as China are known for their overpopulation. Seek wise where and create a new black race.


    • B.J.Wightman,

      As Afrofuturism1 has already pointed out the solutions are pretty simple, either exercise interracial dating out or start dealing with foreign women. The reason why I continue to harp on about the true nature of westernised black women is because many black men are either still sitting on the fence or they are holding onto the belief that they still have a good chance of running into a decent black female.

      My concern is for the future of black men, I do this for them especially those who are not yet aware of what is going on. The overwhelming majority of black women have already made it clear that they are not going to change for the better. There are plenty of non black women to go around, remember that not every black man is going to take the interracial or foreign route. Importing a woman is risky due to there being a strong possibility that she could become contaminated with western philosophies including feminism once in the western country concerned, it depends on the woman and what she is exposed to.

      Basically, as a black man the whole world is your oyster, you are free to do whatever you want to. For any black man, the sooner he stops believing that he is obligated to deal with westernised black women and the rubbish they bring to the table, the sooner he can remedy his single status.

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      • Exactly, although I would add that even most foreign black women share several of the traits seen in the West. Loud mouthed, argumentative, always trying to be the man’s equal and not his help mate. Many African culture pride themselves on having been matriarchies before colonialism, which is a proto-feminism.

        Many of these African and Caribbean women also beat the living hell out of their children, far worse than even the Anerican terminatrix!

        This is why I honestly think black men should marry and procreate with non-black women, and create a new black race.


      • Afrofuturism1,

        This is very true, I talked about the way that black women in third world countries beat their children in Negro Wars, West African parents can be extremely barbaric and brutal when it comes down to what they call “discipline” which is really physical abuse.

        The Internet has ruined many foreign women, they get to see the belligerent behaviours of western women and they copy thinking that they are cool, hip and doing the right thing.

        Indeed, I hear you. This is why I purposely use the term “westernised black women”, automatically black women in third world countries where either English is spoken or the western lifestyle has been adopted are included along side black women who live in western countries.

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  2. As a follower of the True Prophets & Messengers (Garvey, X, Wilson and k. Muhammad), marrying and procreating with non-black women is out the question but being the low down dirty dog that I am, I have no problem plating them. As a Haitian, there’s no way that I’m going to be told that there’s over 1 billion Afrikans with a favor towards the female gender then to be told there aren’t any good black women. Granted, I haven’t read anywhere on this blog that this applies to ALL black women so I won’t be redundant but this nothing about jumping the fence only to recreate other race is asinine. Not because it isn’t possible but the premise on doing so: we lost our women so we’ll seek other women.


    • Wilsonian Garveyite,

      From you comment it sounds as if you are still searching for a quality black woman. I find that most pro black men who brag about black women and how great they are, are single. If the pickings of good black females are plentiful then why is it that the overwhelming majority of you guys are having such a difficult time finding some?

      Agreed, nobody is stating that they are no good black women out there in the world, however in 2016 the pickings are very slim and with time the situation is only going to get worse. If you are looking to retain “melanin” in your family tree there are plenty of non black women to choose from. Choosing to stick with dysfunctional black women just because they are black is absolute folly and voluntary suicide.

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  3. What we are seeing is white and Asian women in particular taking the ‘best’ qualities of black women and modifying them to meet their culture and make them more appealing. The white woman is the ultimate beauty queen and she has the most sexual power in the world.

    So she’ll listen to rap music, get a thicker butt and thighs, she will get braids and even watch ‘hood’ television because it makes her attractive to certain men. The difference is that on average this is more or less an act meant to lure men into her circle. She can be classy and throw on an evening dress and go with you to the opera at the drop of a hat. Black men have so many options its ridiculous.

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    • Reggie James,

      I can’t argue with what you have stated, black women are involved in a battle that they cannot win. They are being outdone by non black women on so many levels. Things have gotten so bad that in 2016 it doesn’t even require any major effort for White, Asian and Latina women to snap up good black men as most black women don’t like good black men until they’ve had children or hit the wall. By then however its too late.

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  4. Im definately not the average black woman i look pretty damn nice and i have loght skin and long hair great lips and eyes. I just want a man to respect me if he doesnt respect me thhen whay am i going to do. Ive met good black men but the ones out there most of them seem. Kinda down on black women this made me want to seek revenge and date outside my race and date a white man


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  6. You black men think you have options other races has dominated you so bad til you cant even come back from it. It’s sad an funny how you guys think that other races of women an men actually care about you an respect you..I can definitely see why the BLACK “MAN” is the most conquered loser on earth you are always leashing off other races no matter what lol…BLACK WOMEN on the other had holds a reputation of being way stronger than black men.The world know negro male are weak that’s why your still marching an getting gunned down. Don’t think just because the bottom feeders of other races love you just because they date or sleep with you every one knows black men hate themselves an your used for Animalistic fantasy pleasure more than black women… Black men will sale they soul for white skin an everyone knows it that’s why your the laughing stock of the world.


  7. An p.s Black men own nothing on this earth an it’s great to see more black women willing to explore their options. Because they do have options black women have been so faithful to you black losers for the longest an get nothing for it. An how did you know if any of those men was good for her to assume why they didn’t marry her. Black men think they are gods gift to humanity when your really the losers an a waste even when you date out you don’t marry an leave a slew of children even of other races you don’t take care of lol..


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