Boycott Black Men – Really???


Yep, this is the banner to a channel on YouTube started 3 months ago, a channel which is dedicated to spreading the message to black women that they ought to abandon black men. The first question I have to ask is “is this supposed to be some kind of joke”? The reason why I ask is because black women long ago abandoned black men when they decided that joining the feminist movement and indulging in the treats and the benefits of the state far outweighed keeping the black family strong and unified.

Its seems that the black woman running this channel didn’t receive the memo, black women as a whole walked away from black men and black society 50 years ago in pursuit of alternative interests and to this day they are still missing in action. For the pro black, black nationalists, I have a question for you. If you still believe that there are some decent black women on the radar who are free, single and available then why don’t you have any yet? Dr Umar Johnson has stated that he is waiting for his queen(I would say that at this stage his waiting is in vain) yet he is still single.

I have noticed this with a large portion of the conscious, pro black, black nationalist, red, black and green network of black males, they will promote and testify each and everyday that the modern-day black woman is god, a queen and the best woman on the planet, yet most of them do not have one of these so-called ” quality queens” on their arm, does anybody else see a problem here? Why are most pro black males still single if this modern-day black woman is so great?

The reality of the fact that the majority of pro blacks are single is a testimony against themselves, however one that proves what I have been stating about the majority of westernised black women is correct, their value has sunk into the negative, they are not even worth a bar of soap and they are defective beyond repair. Again, the reason why most pro black men are single is because the pickings of good, decent, feminine black women are slim to none, however they can never admit to this because that would mean having to seek love and companionship elsewhere which in their book is equal to blasphemy and heresy.

Back to this YouTube channel, black women seem to have forgotten that they have had a 40 year head start slating, mud-slinging and defacing the image of black men using their white father’s media arm. The problem black women have with us black men is the fact that we are now beginning to clean house using the internet which is many more times bigger than the platform they faithfully used to make a mockery of our character and reputation.

We black men with the availability of the internet now have an opportunity to address the many lies, falsehoods, urban legends, myths and old wives tales black women have been spreading abroad concerning the Negro male and they do not like this at all. Well tough, black women have had their fun in the sun, their gravy train has derailed and hit the sand drag, the tables are beginning to turn in our favour which is only fair seeing as black men have been the real victims in this ongoing saga.

Always remember that the westernised black woman is a feminist and an ultra liberal by trade and profession, as far as she is concerned she is the only individual who is permitted to have the right to free speech, everybody else especially those who do not sing her praises and who critically examine her must be silenced on all levels.

The reason why most black women hate the book Negro Wars and the Slaying Evil website is because I do not attempt to appeal to them, black women as a group have made it abundantly clear through their words and actions that they despise black men, though it was a difficult pill to swallow in the beginning, now I have fully accepted how black women genuinely feel about black men. However, many black men are still struggling to come to terms with this brutal reality, I understand that this is not an easy position to accept.

Most black men will never accept the truth concerning black women as a group and the hatred they have towards black men, they will continue to fight against the truth, holding onto the hope in their hearts that one day they will finally be united with their queen, regrettably a rude awakening awaits them instead.

Pledging your allegiance to black women as a whole in 2016 is a complete waste of time and I openly welcome any challengers to prove this statement incorrect. In the words of Youtuber MadBusDriver, #SYSBM, save yourselves black men, take that red pill and break free from the black woman’s curse as black women despite their irritating chants and threats aren’t going anywhere.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “Boycott Black Men – Really???

  1. What a retarded fucking hypocritical coon you are. You get annoyed when you see black womem say they should boycott black men but it is perfectly okay for you to recommend that black men boycott black women. It is too hard for you stupid simians to accept the fact that other races of men are better than you and better looking than you. You have ignored the fact that it was black women who had black men’s backs while you stupid motherfuckers ran after white women while leaving black women behind. There is no black man alive that does not hate black women and he will trade a decent black woman even for a fat greasy white bitch with a bad attitude. Black men INHERENTLY hate black womem which is why ALL black women need to stop giving birth to black male babies and start having children for other races of men. I myself am hardly even black at all (I am 60% Latin with light skin and wavy hair, so I myself am a walking success of the destruction of the black man’s blood). Too many black women in America worship you worthless simians too much and I will make sure I convince the majority, if not all, of black women to stop having children for you ungrateful ugly stupid evil worthless baboons. Black men havent built or accomplished shit except for a mud hut and giving everyone AIDS. All black men do is destroy. White men are smarter and better looking and they also have huge dicks (all black men have going for them is their ugly disease-ridden mythological “big black cock”. I find it funny that’s all black men have to brag about is their “big black cocks” that dont even exist lmao). White men make better fathers and black women care for their children on their own, which is why white-male-black-female relationships have better relationships than white-female-black-male relationships. Women automatically become feminine for real men, and white men are real men. Fuck black “men”, you stupid ugly animals. Black women stop having black babies!!!! If a disease wiped all black men out and made them extinct it would not be a bad a thing and the world would be better off because you are not needed. I would happily give my womb to a white man who will love me and spread his empire through my womb rather than give it to an ugly evil stupid black “man” to give birth to his evil minions. Me being mixed and having kids with a white man my children wont be black at all.


  2. Sounds like a typical internet racist trying to hide in blackface to me…how DARE we black men call black woman out on the things we don’t like or appreciate from them. Can’t we just understand that we’re inferior to the white people that they are constantly pining over instead of us? B**** please. You all are narcissistic, idiotic, spoiled, immature, and most of all, you have poor judgement and picking anyone for a mate. You are the black man’s greatest error and a traitor to boot. You want to be so much like the Caucasians? Then prepare to be treated as such. Thank you screw you and goodbye.

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