Negro Wars The Book Proven Right Yet Again – I Told You Black Women Do Not Like You Black Men!

Since the release of my book Negro Wars in October 2015 I have been repeating the same message to black men, that is that black women as a group do not like black men at all and if they were ever given the opportunity to jump ship, the majority if not all of them would. I trust that you have read the message in the photo above. I was just on Facebook and I stumbled across this photo in one of the groups I’m joined to.

To be honest this comes as no surprise to me as we have already seen the same behaviour displayed by black women in relation to their white lord, king, father, god and saviour Jacob Michael Mason. Remember when Jacob Mason was a single man looking for some “chocolate”, and do you remember how black women were littering his comment sections on all social media platforms begging him to give them a chance?

By the way all varieties of black women were begging Mason for the opportunity to date him, I even saw many so-called “conscious, red, black and green, black nationalist” black women in the comment section begging Mason for a date. I told you black men in my book Negro Wars and I will tell you once again here, black women as a group do not like you.

A question that must be asked at this point is where is this “loyalty” black women claim to have for us as black men? The observable answer, there is absolutely none, the overwhelming majority of black women only date and marry black men because non black men do not pine after them in significant numbers.

You black men need to re-read the message in that photo and let it sink into your heads, this modern-day black female IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. I don’t know how many times more I will have to repeat this statement, however at this point I must state that I am happy to see that more black men are beginning to understand what I have been saying and why.

Again, how on earth can you form a union with this kind of individual, a woman who is openly chasing and swooning after the very same man whom both black men and black women have determined is the enemy of the black nation? Sorry, but with evidence like this and much more you simply cannot take the overwhelming majority of westernised black women seriously. Save yourselves black men, start looking for love and companionship elsewhere.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

4 thoughts on “Negro Wars The Book Proven Right Yet Again – I Told You Black Women Do Not Like You Black Men!

  1. This can be seen all over YouTube. Where black men who make videos praising the black woman go virtually ignored while white men doing the same thing are being swamped with praise and love šŸ˜. Black women begging them for the opportunity to show them how awesome they are. I’ve never seen black women react to black men in this way no matter how much they praise and worship them. Only the black man goes so far as to call the black woman “God”. While he’s on his knees worshipping her, she’s on her knees worshipping white men.

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