Black Women’s Lust For Thugs And White Men Continues!


Many black men do not seem to understand that if black women could jump ship and be with white men, they would do so yesterday. I have been trying to show you black men for the longest while that this modern-day black female does not have your best interests at heart, she is not your friend. Here is yet more proof of where the mindset of your average black woman resides. The book market is absolutely riddled with books written by black women either dealing with thug love or interracial attraction(normally involving the black women being a side piece to the white man who more often than not is married).

Always remember, most white men are not attracted to black women, the overwhelming majority of black women will never be given the opportunity to swirl, so instead their only avenue of relief from the frustration of not being desired en mass by their white god is to fantasise about being his “side piece” or his “sex slave”.

Here is a quote from my book Negro Wars, from the chapter entitled “Black Women White Men And State An Unholy Alliance”. It reads:

“The black female of 2015 would much prefer to be the whore of her white liberal father rather than be the husband of a black men. This is the reality of the matter when dealing with the modern-day black woman, it is an unfortunate situation however it is one of the cancerous types of fruit to expect from feminism, a complete lack of respect for your person manifesting itself in the form of offering one’s self up for hire to those willing to pay the highest amount or those who can give you the most treats and benefits.
Black women have no problems being the “side piece” of their white master, black women manifest their love for him in so many different ways, whether it be in the form of wanting to date and marry him or demonstrating a deep love for the system that he has set up. Black women and white men are two sides of the same coin.”

The books that you see above are a reflection of the modern-day black woman and her disjointed mindset. As can clearly be seen, the black woman’s first choice is a white male, however failing this she will settle for a thug type Negro. Good black men are completely excluded from being selectable, that is until Tyrone leaves her with a number of children en tow or she passes her expiry because of her irresponsible choices of the past deciding to spend her prime years chasing after and having sex with no good men.

Nobody can look at the above and tell me that there is not a psychological problem with the overwhelming majority of black women. I have been harping on for the longest while about most black women suffering from severe mental issues aswell as having mentally unstable minds, even the white male YouTuber the Vegainator made reference to one of the black women he dated who was engaged to be married, yet she still wanted to fool around with him behind closed doors. What manner of “loyalty” is that?

Let me ask a rhetorical question, how on earth can your form an alliance and join together with an individual who thinks and behaves in such a manner? Answer, you cannot. There are many black men who truly do not realise how bad things have gotten and how far the minds of black women are gone. Not me, I have known for quite some time that most black women are defective beyond repair and who ought to be left by the wayside to rot, those words may seem harsh but better that than to have such women take you down to the lowest depths of hell with them.

Material involving black women behaving badly, black women up to no good, black women being violent, black women disgracing themselves sexually, black women abusing and neglecting their children etc, these materials literally drop into my lap every single day without me putting in any effort to look for them. As I wrote in Negro Wars, black women want their delinquent behaviours to be published for the entire world to see, which is exactly the reason why they upload their decadent exploits by the truckload on the daily onto social media.

In 2016 black women who do not engage in such destructive behaviour are slim to none, the few decent black women that are left are either married, in long-term relationships or have been swamped out by the scum. I understand how difficult it is for decent black men to find good black women, which is the main reason why I fully understand why many black males are choosing to date outside of their race. This is no longer an issue of casual preference, this has now become a matter of survival.

The incredible disloyalty of black women is on display for everybody to see, I see it daily on social media, I see first hand the hatred and the deepest disdain black women in general have for black men. I will stick to my statement, that black women at this point as a group cannot be trusted under any circumstances. I could harp on and on but black men I’m sure that you get the point, this is your modern-day black woman in a nutshell. What you choose to do with this information is up to you, however at least I can say that I warned you.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “Black Women’s Lust For Thugs And White Men Continues!

  1. Keep in mind how there is also Ghetto Gaggers, which is essentially racist rape porn. There is also a market for outright slavery porn involving white men and black women. Since so many of the black women want to hold black men as “their” men, but seem to swirl elsewhere themselves, know full and well that you can not build with someone who’d rather be another man’s whore than “her own” man’s wife.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, I wrote an article a while back talking about Ghetto Gaggers, Cum Bang, Round N Brown and even provided a link to a Tumblr page which featured black women performing the function of sex slaves to white men.

      A large portion of black men have no idea how distant and problematic this black woman has become.

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      • At the end of the day, it all goes back to the women. Not only were they treacherous mammies during slavery, but they willingly chose to accept the white feminism and handouts to leave their men. Thus, they screwed around and got pregnant without husbands and raised the current trend of thug negroes. Thug negroes exist in communities full of women!!

        Also, think of how ironic that is. The men are raised by nothing but women, yet are the biggest “misogynists” around. The women are raised by nothing but other women yet end up disgustingly masculine and almost always have horrible relationships with their own mothers. Seriously, almost none of these women speak of their own mothers with any great admiration.

        Honestly, when the first thing your woman does to her CHILDREN whenever they make the slightest offense is to yell at, threaten with, or issue out some form of violence, which they deliver with fury and gusto, how in the hell can you love, let alone build with that woman?

        This isn’t even just the American ones. Caribbean and Africans negressses are known for this violence, which is shown to heavily lower iq. Considering the graphic degree to which they beat their children, is it any wonder why the majority of black communities worldwide are borderline retarded and can not build?

        Think back. Even the so called “good” elder generations had this image for their women. Just a loud mouth ball busting harridan who never did anything but yell and wag fingers. Sure, you could say that they were that way as a defense against the racist society, but when black men have to option to go out and get usually far sweeter women, how dare these she goblins blame them?!!


      • Oh MY FUCKING GOD!!! I’d heard of Ghetto Gaggers before but i just looked at Cum Bang site, so many things wrong with that. First of all, I can’t believe that these women actually sign up to do that. Second of all, those men have to be gay. How else could stand around in a circle with other naked men and only one woman and get an erection? There’s no way in hell I’d let that nasty bitch touch with all that nasty semen all over her hands and face. This is really fucking sick!!!!!

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      • The Straight Shooter,

        Yep, this is the state of the modern day black female, and to think we have black men still attempting to defend such individuals. Black women have absolutely no problems degrading themselves for their white father.

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  2. I think the reason why so many of them dream of being the side piece is because they love the idea of their bedroom skills are so on point that they can use it to steal another woman’s man i.e. “my pussy is so good that he’s gonna leave his wife for me” which also in turn makes her better than a white woman.

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    • The Straight Shooter,

      This is the problem right here, most black women seem to believe that sex is all that is required to keep a relationship functioning and to keep a man in place. Because they place so much emphasis on their sexual prowess, they completely forget to apply other fundamental elements.

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