We Did Try To Warn Him – Angel Ramirez Jordan Gets Burned By The Same Bitter Sisterhood Of Black Women He Protects!


Meet Angel Ramirez Jordan. Since his arrival on the social media scene in 2012 his primary mission has been to protect and defend black woman at all costs, the problem however has been the fact that the majority of black women he has stood up for and defended ought to have been instead discarded of and left by the wayside to rot. As I have stated in my book Negro Wars, black women through their acceptance of government welfare and benefits in place of the black family have become the property of the state, this has been the case for the past 50 years, therefore it is the government’s responsibility to protect them, the burden and obligation to protect black women has now been removed from the shoulders of black men.

We black men of intelligence and common sense have rightly been labelling Jordan as a simp and a white knight who would attempt to excuse black women at every turn for their dysfunctional behaviour. We have also been stating for the longest while that attempting to defend black women as a whole at this late stage is simply a fool’s errand due to the fact that black women as a group have voluntarily with their own hands thrown their reputation and their image into the gutter. Since they as a group no longer pride themselves in keeping their image and reputation clean, why as black men should we?

This is all the more reason why black men like myself are extremely selective of which black women we choose to defend if any. Having written Negro Wars, a book that exclusively examines and scrutinises the modern-day black woman and her dysfunctional nature, I of all people am fully aware of the fact that most black women today are severely damaged beyond repair and thus should not be defended and protected under any circumstances. However, fellows such as Angel Ramirez Jordan had to find this out the hard way even though we had been trying to show this guy the truth and the light for the longest time.

In one of his latest videos entitled “Angel Ramirez-Jordan No Longer Supports ALL Black Women – Interracial Dating, Swirling & BWGTOW” he talks about his recent experience at a Google hangout called #BlackGirlTears with the leader of the now collapsed and defunct swirl movement know as Christelyn Karazin. In this meeting he talks about he was very disappointed by the comments that black women were leaving implicating all black men for any and all woes under the sun, how Karazin had allowed a notorious black man hater to moderate the chat, how black women were doing the same things to him they constantly accuse black men of doing to them and many other things were mentioned that you can listen to for yourselves.

The bottom line is this, at the end of the day we black men did try to warn Angel Ramirez Jordan against the illogical practice of defending black women across the board. He ought to have instead been extremely selective in relation to which black women he chose to defend and protect. With regards to the contention between the Vegainator and the swirl queen, he should never have stepped in and white knighted for Karazin under any circumstances.

Christelyn Karazin is a dysfunctional, degenerate reprobate whose husband” won’t even come onto a video to defend her, the black women she converses with in Google hangouts are exactly the same, washed up, rejected, dysfunctional delinquents who deliberately made the wrong decisions when they were younger, yet who are now bitter that they are going to have to accept and drink down the consequences for their past failures without any escape.

You never ever support brain-damaged, mentally ill savages which is exactly what the overwhelming majority of black women are today. Black women are the most vile, spiteful, selfish, unappreciative individuals on the planet, you could give them the shirt of your back one minute yet they will still turn around and spit in your face the next. As I keep on telling black men, for their own, safety, security, sanity and good health it is best that they cease dealings with westernised black women as they do not have your best interests at heart.

Many black men have expressed the fact that they will no longer be dealing with any black women altogether because of the foul taste westernised black women have left in their mouths. I fully understand their positions and quite frankly I cannot blame them for erring on the side of caution and taking such a path. In 2016 the westernised black female is the worst choice any black man could make for love and companionship, this is the equivalent of shooting off your own foot using a cannon.

Though one should also beware and exercise caution when dealing with non black women especially in western countries, the one thing that can be stated about non black women is the fact that they do not have a contractual obligation towards the state to destroy black men and to keep the black family structure broken, thus there is no personal vendetta from non black women to continually place obstacles and hindrances in our paths. I will continue to inform you black men that this modern-day black female is not your friend, Angel Ramirez Jordan regrettably found this out the hard way.

By the way, Jordan now has to understand that Jacob Mason is the original lord, king, saviour, father and god of black women. A long as the white god Jacob Mason is exalting and praising black women all day everyday, they will have no hesitations in throwing Jordan’s back side under an 18 wheeler whenever convenient. In the minds of the same black women he defends and protects, Angel Ramirez Jordan is expendable, if after this wake up call he continues to blindly defend these women, it will only be a matter of time till they throw his backside under a truck once again. Black women do not respect you Jordan, know this and let it sink into your head. If they did then they never would have treated you the way they did when you called into that hangout.

This is the reality of the situation, the reason why black women as a whole are displaying so much anger towards black men is because we are no longer accepting a relationship with them also involving the state and its ability to shaft us whenever black women feel disgruntled or do not get what they want. Black women have been trying for the longest while to merge the real husband ie the real man together with the artificial husband aka the state, yet at the same time have the real husband accept the fictitious husband as the ruler and the authority of the relationship. This is feminism 101, no man with any sense is going to allow their woman to be irresponsible and unaccountable which is exactly what the state allows women to do.

This is exactly what the majority of black women today want, the real husband by their side and the artificial husband lurking in the background ready to jump to their defence should the real husband not abide by the fictitious husband’s dysfunctional rules and regulations. This is exactly what more and more black men are beginning to give the middle finger to, they realise that they do not have to accept such a raw, one-sided and biased deal from black women and I for one am very happy to see black men once again beginning to establish their rights as men and as leaders.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “We Did Try To Warn Him – Angel Ramirez Jordan Gets Burned By The Same Bitter Sisterhood Of Black Women He Protects!

  1. Do you have a youtube channel? Angel stay SIMPing because that’s where he makes his living doing his counseling thing. I asked him a simple question and he doesn’t answer.

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  2. I was apart of that Google chat and it was powerful and healing for black women. I cannot understand why there is such a deep hatred for each other. Men are attacking black women and black women are attacking men. You are very wrong about the women who listen to CK. I and many others do not fit the description of the type of black woman you are describing in this article. The purpose of #blackgirltears was not to tear down black men. This was about how our tears do not matter, how we are taught as girls that we are not protected, that we are not allowed a space to be feminine, soft and free. Our community puts an enormous amount of expectations on us and there is very little return. I recall when Angel came onto the chat. There were women saying hurtful inappropriate things. CK and the guest moderater called these people out on their bad behavior. CK and the moderater spoke highly of Angel. In truth, I feel like this was a woman’s space. There are a lot of wounded people and it was emotional for many. I don’t think Angel should have ever tried to come into this particular chat. In closing, I want to ask both black men and women, please stop the madness! Stop tearing each other down. Live and let live. Love who you wanna love. I date white men, so what. I’m not tearing anyone down. I have black guy friends and men in my family who are dear to me. If you are a black man who dates out, so what. Love is a beautiful thing. If you can find someone in this world who truly loves you and wants to spend the rest of their life with you and the feeling is mutual-grab it, hold onto it and never let it go. I don’t care what color they are. I’m sending this message in a spirit of love and peace.

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    • Lana Leigh Taylor,

      Its typical for black women to seek “healing” via all the irrelevant paths while at the same time purposely avoiding the obvious and the only path that will be successful and will genuinely bring about redemption.

      The hatred was originally crafted by black women when they decided that fatherless home welfare policies aswell as the edicts and the philosophies of feminism would be better suited to them rather than sticking by black men in order keep the black family structure strong. In view of such a colossal betrayal, I can fully understand why there is such a heavy resentment for black women coming from black men.

      Christelyn Karazin is a devil who sits at the right hand side of Satan himself, you shouldn’t be so gullible in believing her cover story for black girl tears, Karazin always has a hidden agenda that nobody else is privy to. Black women in the west are among the most protected individuals to date, this talk about not being protected is utter rubbish, look around you.

      Most black women do not have feminine traits within them, feminism has made them masculine and they pretty much enjoy trying to mimic black men. The so called “black community” is a complete and utter disgrace and black women have single handedly made it that way as per the instructions of their white father.

      As I have stated before, Christelyn Karazin is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, she doesn’t fool me in the slightest and Angel Ramirez Jordan is a fool for thinking that he is somehow in her good graces. When she has had enough of him she in typical black woman fashion will not hesitate to spit in Jordan’s face and kick him to the curb.

      Black women for the most part have brought their woundings upon themselves by refusing to do what is right and by adhering to decadent and dysfunctional behaviours. When black women repent for their innumerable transgressions and turn from their wicked ways only then can there be true healing, however we already know that black women are having so much fun shafting and stabbing black men in the back in exchange for various state treats and benefits. Therefore black women instead will have to be punished and completely broken as a just recompense for their iniquities.

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  3. You sound like one of those weak millennial black men that wears his heart on his sleeve. Black women are among the most educated in this country and the number is still rising. Please stop with that stereotype. I KNOW you wouldn’t want me to start with that bias and stereotypes of the black men. Not even going to go there with you tonight. Please get some education outside of Google and Huffington Post….

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    • Toy G,

      Education and intelligence are not one and the same. Its actually Asian women who are the most educated, however even if we give this miniscule trophy to the modern day black female, their so called “education” is not reflective upon the black community at all, its clearly evident that as black women get more educated black society trundles downhill at an even faster pace.

      There are no more stereotypes involved when talking about and dealing with black women, now there are only truths and facts. Any “shortfalls” of black men you can point to can directly be traced back to black women as it is black women who have been the ones raising black men alone for at least the last 40 years.

      Defective products off the factory line are always the result of shortfalls on the side of the manufacturer. We have defective black men in black society because black women created them that way. Always willing to call out black men on their dysfunction yet without fail black women will never look in the mirror and stare back at the originators of that dysfunction.

      By the way I don’t use Google and the Huffington Post is one of the many media mouth pieces that speak up for and support black women, not black men.

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  4. I just wanted to let you know that youre a loser and ao is your slutty wife two losers deserve each other black men delusional and cocky can have slutty brainwashed bbc worshipping white whores

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  6. Who hurt you? Your mom is black your daughters are black you aunt’s sisters grandmother and the pussy came out of is black woman. You down black women, you are downing yourself. There’s is. No other race that down their people like you are doing. You were in a black woman’s body for 9 most God forbid, and you have the audacity to down us. We are all one and the same regardless of gender. Black people need to learn to stitck together and embrace ourselves because we are never going to be anything but black.


  7. Despite how you feel about black women, I’m taking nothing to heart but this: you are the one type man I’d never consider dating and I don’t care what your race is or how pathetic your parents are/were. You’re giving all black women this stereotype yet you’re the one who exhibited all of them in both your article and your responses to your readers. I don’t hate you brother and don’t know who you’re with but whomever she is if she’s black I’m really hoping you’re not verbally heck nor physically beating her. Not all of care about swirling; most of us are swirlers ourselves all because we’re also tired of BMS too.


    • Terri,

      This is why I rarely if ever converse with the overwhelming majority of black women anymore, you point blank refuse to remedy your faults and always blame outsiders(black men) for the shortcomings you brought about upon yourselves via your own hands.


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