Black Men Vindicated Once Again – The Vegainator Goes In On Jacob Michael Mason!

It seems that black women(in this case the swirling brigade, bitter sisterhood of black women) simply cannot leave a man alone in peace. Black women still scorned and wounded from being told by one of their white gods aka the Vegainator that he does not swirl are still flooding his comment section with disparaging and derogatory comments. Apparently black women are also now saying that they don’t care about the Vegainator and his opinion because they have Jacob Mason to fawn over and worship.

I’m sure you all remember Jacob Mason, the white guy who “likes chocolate girls”, the same white guy whom black women in the comment sections of his picture and his posts were begging him to date them and to “give them a chance” before he met his current girlfriend, the same white guy who claims that he is now homeless and short on money, the same white guy who pretty much excuses black women on their dysfunctional antics, the same white guy whom we black men have been calling a fraud for the longest while, yes that guy.

As I stated in one of my comments on the Vegainator’s recent video entitled “Swirling Gods – Jacob Mason Compared To The Vegainator”, if he is indeed homeless and short of money as he claims, Mason ought to set up a GoFundMe because with his current status as the black woman’s lead god, they would practically throw money at him 10 times over. Mason(as I have been stating since he arrived on the scene) has an endless pool of resources with black women on his team. Just in the same manner as black women part ways with billions of pounds/dollars giving their money to pastors, so called “black leaders” and anybody else who will tell them what tickles their ears in place of the truth, Jacob Mason would have absolutely no problems persuading black women in sponsoring him to partake in a high on the hog, ivory tower type lifestyle, being the unintelligent individuals that they are, black women would be more than willing to cough up and part with their easy earned cash.

I have to rate the Vegainator, he has spoken nothing but the facts and the truth in relation to black women and swirling. Vegainator has also made mention in his latest video that black women have now been telling him that white people are inbred, weak, full of genetic problems and mutations etc. Now, he as a white male could of easily fired back with a plethora of issues that are plaguing black women, black men and black society as a whole, however instead he asked the question, “if white folks are indeed all the things that have been mentioned, then why are you black women chasing after one and worshipping him”? The Vegainator also made mention of the inferior health status of Jacob Mason when compared to himself using Jacob Mason’s own accounts that he has put out on Instagram.

This is logic 101 and is a very valid point, black women are claiming that white folks are inferior and defective, yet here they are(especially the swirling bitter sisterhood of black women) spending the overwhelming majority of their time chasing down white men, worshipping them, honouring them, propping them up, exalting them and paying them maximum admiration. Can you clearly see yet another reason why I label black women as the dumbest and the most stupid individuals on the planet?

The truth of the matter is this, if the Vegainator had launched himself as a pro swirler black women would be paying him exactly the same attention and admiration as Jacob Mason, it is only because the Vegainator has made his preference NOT TO SWIRL public, that black women have decided to take it upon themselves to berate and disparage the Vegainator’s character to the maximum degree. If only he had consulted with black men first, we would have informed him of black women and their deep insecurities and the fact that it would have been better for him to keep his preferences a secret. However on the flip side he has gained many subscribers to his Youtube channel as a result of this drama that black women have stirred up, so in that sense I suppose that it has been worth it in his eyes.

 We black men had already been saying that Jacob Mason is a fraud who has taken it upon himself to jump on the “merchandise the black woman” bandwagon. Remember how I wrote in the book Negro Wars how black women will give away their money to any individuals who make them feel happy and who don’t hold them accountable. Black men are included, just take a look at the bootlicking, shoe shining, placating Negro male known as Derrick Jaxn. Your colour simply doesn’t matter, tell black women a bunch of lies, make them feel special and they will pay you for it. Again, take a look at the many black pastors who have infected black society with their presence, they are living quite well being sponsored by black women.

You really have to marvel at black women and their mental instability, everybody else in this world whether male or female accept that some folks just aren’t going to like them, however in the case of black women they will always feel the need to force people to like and accept them, failing this they will persecute and harass the individual in question, who on earth does this……………………………black women do.

Here is the Vegainator’s latest video. To be honest the way that black women are, where the Vegainator desires to move on to other topics, black women I suspect won’t allow him do so. The swirling squad at this moment can be compared to a rabid wounded dog, even though they have been crushed and defeated, they still refuse to put this issue to rest and are pulling every trick out of the book to redeem themselves and bring Swirl city back to life. Sorry, that not going to happen, swirl mountain has officially fallen and the after effects are soon to be felt by all:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “Black Men Vindicated Once Again – The Vegainator Goes In On Jacob Michael Mason!

  1. BWGTO is set up and run by Nicole Little 39 years olds (but still thinks she is highly fertile LOLOLOL) wants to swirl but no white dude as of yet,has a huge gap between her front incisors and disciple of Christelyn birth ‘no more black males’ Karazin.

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    • Arkadeus,

      The overwhelming majority of black women stay delusional. From swirling to BWGTOW it’s all a big joke and a farce. As I wrote in Negro Wars, most black women will never be given the opportunity to swirl.

      A 39 year old black woman believing that she can branch out and catch herself a white man has to be smoking some form of high potency synthetic pot, unless she is an exceptionally good catch, that is never going to happen.

      Christelyn Karazin is also washed up, claiming that swirling is a better option for black women yet we never see her so called “husband” anywhere, what a joke.

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  2. Jacob Mason IS a genuine beautiful human being. If this guy doesn’t care for interracial dating that’s HIS prerogative but he shouldn’t cast his “convictions” about “sticking to your own” on those of us who prefer other races. And as far as comparing himself to Jacob Mason, sorry but Jacob is more handsome, more mature and just a much nicer person than this guy. Hands down Jacob is a great guy who means well and no closet Supremacist should be doing their level best to “out” him. For what reason. Cause he makes you realize you need to be a better human being? Just saying.


    • Bonita1973,

      Jacob Mason may look good to black women, however he is just as much a devil as anybody else who decides to merchandise them. This is the problem with black women as a whole, because they have rejected black men they have left themselves vulnerable and open to be used and abused freely.

      The Vegainator told black women what black men have been telling black women for years, the truth. White men go for their own women first, they will never prefer black women over white women, it isn’t going to happen.

      Christelyn Karazin and Jacob Mason are both selling black women packages of lies and black women have no problems lapping them up because they line up with their fantasy of one day scoring themselves a white man.

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  3. You must not have seen the Check out the Vegainators latest videos. He duped the MGTOW by having a chocolate girl on his lap after taking their money. It’s hilarious! CK did not lose subscribers but they ran from him in droves lolololololol. He laughed all the way to the bank making a fool out of you all.


    • You Got Trolled By The Vegainator,

      That whole thing with the black girl was a set by Vegainator in order for him to get his revenge on the same black women who caused him to lose his job. As per usual black women didn’t see the Okey Doke coming and fell for the scam hook, line and sinker because most black women are stupid. Vegainator was never paid by anybody, this was a silly rumour that was deliberately manufactured by Christelyn Karazin. Black women and to my disappointment certain black men ran with the rumour without first verifying the claims.

      Vegainator openly admitted that he didn’t receive any money from anybody, however this hasn’t stopped black women like Karazin from continuing to peddle such propaganda:

      On the contrary, the only person who is actually laughing all the way to the bank is Karazin as she continues to sell black women the illusion and the idea that they can simply cross the fence and bag themselves a white man and stupid black women continue to put money into her coffers. This is one of the main problems with black women today, anybody who makes them feel good and who doesn’t hold them accountable they will freely sponsor. This is why black women are an excellent source of money for scammers, pimps and merchants.

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  5. I simply think black people are so undervalued in society an acceptance from anyone is seen as a huge blessing. Black women fawning over the veginator guy is the same as a black man with a fat white girl.

    We need to do an article on how Barrack complimenting and telling Michelle how beautiful she is more important than him actually mismanaging the country. Under Bush 8% of SBA loans went to black. Under Obama 1% of SBA loans went to blacks. But all anyone wants to talk about is Barracks love.

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