Black Women Continue To Embarrass Themselves And Grovel To Their White God Despite Him Rejecting Them!

This is exactly what I talked about in my last post aswell as in my book Negro Wars, black women will be treated according to how they portray themselves in the public arena. Since modern-day black women prefer to portray themselves as top class Jezebels and harlots, they cannot be surprised when others do not place any value upon them past being sluts and whores. Just take a look at this black woman above, she is not the only black woman I have seen advertising herself as a willing sex slave for white men.

Yet these same black women have the audacity to complain about “black men not showing them any respect”. Please explain to us black men exactly what there is to respect about advertising yourself as a piece of sexual “nigger meat” ready to be used willy nilly by white men? Since when are whore and sluts to be respected? What side of the bed did you wake up on this morning? Even though black women have recently been given their wake up call by god himself in the form of the Vegainator who informed them in no uncertain terms that he is “not down with the swirl”, black women continue to trundle along wearing full blinkers refusing to believe the decrees their god has laid down for them.

The photo above illustrates the fact that black women subconsciously know that the majority of white men only view them as fit for the bedroom and nothing more. This is how black women appeal to men in general, they believe that their vaginas are a gateway to a land flowing with milk and honey, this is all they have to barter with owing to their low self-esteem and limited mental capacity. Black women need to understand that white men are watching closely, they are taking notes on how you are throwing your own men under the bus to appease them, this behaviour demonstrates clear and blatant disloyalty aswell as an untrustworthy nature.

And you wonder why white men do not value your black sides? As I have stated before interracial dating and marriages amongst white men and black women are on the decline, this comes as no surprise to me seeing how black women have flushed their image down the toilet with their own two hands and have instead decided to climb Whore Mountain. I have never come across white women holding up signs asking to suck the penises of black men calling themselves crackers, honkeys or any other derogatory titles, if anybody else has seen different please forward me the photos, I will be happy to stand corrected.

This is why I continue to state that black women are taking huge losses on the daily, the evidence is abundantly clear, nobody wants them. Even the defective black men whom black women have produced as their fall back in the event of swirl failure are beginning to walk away from them recognising that “something just isn’t right with these women”. We black men have been telling you black women for years that you just aren’t desired en mass by other races of men, yet you continue to throw black men under the bus believing that somehow you are winning just because you have more flexibility and advantage in this western system.

Black men, don’t believe that these types of black women are limited to what is commonly known as “the bedwench”, black women in general are the enforcement arm of white supremacy within black society, killing over 1800 unborn children per day in abortion centers is genocide which is part of white supremacy, placing hair on your head that is not part of your own DNA, choosing to dacker and put to shame the very image of blackness thus promoting the European image of beauty as the standard to attain to is part of the white supremacist agenda. Aiding the western system in enslaving black men at every turn is part of white supremacy.

Raising your young boys to be thugs, thieves, criminals and gangsters instead of raising them to be responsible, honest, accountable and wanting to strive for the higher things in life is part of the white supremacist agenda. Subscribing to feminism and choosing to raise your children without fathers in the home is part of white supremacy and don’t even bother with the “black men abandon their children” nonsense, the CDC in their report already proved that the deadbeat father mantra is a myth. A link is provided for the refreshment of your memory:

The modern-day black woman is dead and I will continue to advise you black men to look for love and companionship elsewhere whether you like it or not. There is no commitment switch within the overwhelming majority of black women, jumping from penis to penis is the absolute norm for them. How much more evidence do you require before you will finally acknowledge that this black woman in 2016 is not only the most stupid individual on the planet but is also a complete and utter failure on steroids heading straight down to Hell? Stabbing your own men in the back for another who is just as much your enemy as ours, how foolish can you be black woman?

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “Black Women Continue To Embarrass Themselves And Grovel To Their White God Despite Him Rejecting Them!

  1. I am just at the point where I don’t even pay bitches like that any attention, just cast them aside and keep it moving……

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    • Nids,

      I’m hearing you loud and clear. The other problem here is this mindset is pervasive within most westernised black women manifesting itself in various forms.

      Some black women indulge in degrading behaviour like this whereas others will demonstrate their love and loyalty towards the white man through service to his system.

      Putting black men on child support is one of their favourite strikes or putting black men in jail for failure to pay is another.

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  2. Notice how the ones worshipping the white man the most are generally the darkest ones. You don’t see women who look like Alicia Keys doing this!

    Honest to God, amongst all of the benefits marrying and procreating with women of other groups, one major one would be the creation of mixed children (namely daughters) who come prepackaged with the features that the non-mixed black women are so insecure for.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, the darker skinned black females are the worst offenders for this Caucasian male worship, this is one of the main reasons why I am advising black men to stop dealing with westernised black women altogether.

      In view of how damaged black women have become, it would be wicked and irresponsible of myself to still recommend them as a group worth forming an alliance with.

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  3. If you get caught treating a black man badly the white woman will steal him from you every last one if that isnt racist then tell me what is these white men dont get that there women arent truly faithfulness or loyal to them white women make it perfecrly clear that they are on the black mans side and no one can get that slut to move one day the world will be mixed so white man give up

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  4. The correct slur for black females is: nig*ress. A nig*er (nig*a) (nik*a) etc. is a male. If one must use derogatory terms, use the correct one.

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  5. I hear many men talking about black women in the western part of the world. One must remember that the USA hair weave cult has spread outside the USA. USA black women are dominant in spreading their bad behavior to black women outside of the USA.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      As a man living in the UK I can attest to this hair weave epidemic, it has gotten way out of control. Indeed, the black woman of the US is the mascot of destruction that many other black women around the world follow.

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  8. All of those black men lied on the CDC study. It was a survey. Black men leave all races of women as single mothers.


    • QueenBeat,

      Keep on telling yourself that, single father rates are much lower than single mother rates across the board especially in black society. You sluts and whores are sleeping with the same small group of men but then attempting to implicate black men as a collective for the transgressions of the few gutter trash black males you love to have sex with and get knocked up by, smh.


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