Christelyn Karazin Lodges False Copyright Claim Against Her Apology Video On Slaying Evil!


This is one of many reasons why I have no hesitation labelling Christelyn Karazin as a dysfunctional black witch, having not been able to handle the heat that was dished out as a result of her embarrassing crocodile tears rampage video entitled “Christelyn Karazin Apologizes”, Karazin decided it would be best to flag down the video on my site. I of course counter claimed her nonsense so we will see where this goes. This is one of the major problems with modern-day black women right here, they cannot take criticism of their reckless and irresponsible behaviour and so they will always seek to silence their critics aswell those who chose to closely examine their actions.

The majority of black women are ultra liberals in every sense of the word, they wish to have the right to free speech reserved to themselves alone, anybody else speaking freely as far as they are concerned should not be given the right to under any circumstances. As I stated in my counter-claim against Karazin, she is a public figure who deals with the topic of interracial dating from a controversial standpoint ie that black women should completely abandon black men in favour of non black men. While I have no problems with black women dating whom they choose, I do have a problem with Karazin’s attempts to silence her critics via sneaky, underhanded tactics.

Christelyn Karazin is a notable character that I could speak about without any of her off the fringe videos on display, as I have stated before she is a merchant and ignorant and gullible black women are her merchandise. She is selling black women a fluffy pipe dream the likes of which the majority of black women who subscribe to the now defunct swirl movement will never see. Most of these swirl subscribers will never be given the opportunity to swirl and Karazin knows this full well, however in order to continue drawing in revenue she must keep this fancy and fluffy illusion going.

This is why I entitled my book Negro Wars, because of uncouth, deceitful black women like Karazin who are continuously warring against black men and forever using the same system they are constantly claiming is oppressing black men, to shaft and stab black men deep in their backs. Black women themselves for the majority part would rather support one of their fellow comrades who is obviously taking them down to hell on an express ticket rather than listen to words of wisdom from black men who have been declaring for the longest while that Christelyn Karazin has a hidden agenda and is merely using black women for her own personal gain. I have said it before and I will say it again, Christelyn Karazin is a merchant and has made vulnerable, ignorant and desperate black women her merchandise.

This is exactly why I go in on dysfunctional black women harshly, most black women in 2016 are defective beyond repair, they have past the point of no return and their sole desire is to make everybody else’s life around them a misery. This right here is exactly why I wrote my book Negro Wars in critique of the modern-day black woman, most black women have now turned into unrecognisable creature who seeks to inflict as much hurt and damage upon black men and black society as they can.

Its funny, when black women exclusively had the floor from the mid 80s to the early 2000s to throw black men under the bus through the media with no recourse nor counter balance, this as far as they were concerned was all fine and dandy, however now that black men have been given an instrument through which they can voice their side of the story, black women are trying their hardest to prevent black men from clearing the air and dissolving the many lies and falsehoods that black women have put out concerning them.

Many black women will quickly claim that “not all black women are like that”, however decent, humble and feminine black women in 2016 are too few and far between, some folks would even argue slim to non-existent. Black men need to place close attention to what is going on here, this is yet another of so many examples that illustrate how black women do not have black men’s interests at heart. The modern-day black women is your enemy, the sooner you take the red pill and accept this is the sooner you can begin to turn your lives around for the better.

Lastly, have you ever noticed that though Karazin claims to be married to a white man, you never see him in any of her videos? If her marriage is so great and white men are the positive way forward for black women, then why does her husband never participate in her ministry? It is my contention that she is now divorced, in fact a number of Youtubers have suggested the same thing and some have even claimed to have in their possession the evidence of this.

Interracial marriages between black women and non black men are on the decline, the reason for this is obvious, black women have devalued themselves through their embracing of the dysfunctional edicts and the philosophies of feminism. In 2016 the value of black women has sunk into the negative, yes they may claim to be the most educated class of women, however in the aggregate men are not looking at a woman’s academic status when choosing a mate, men look at the woman’s personality and additionally seek out qualities that indicate that she could be a good mother to the man’s future children.

Black women continually bring forward and boast about the qualities that are the least attractive and least useful to a man, how much they are educated, how much they earns and what possessions they own. Black women who are feminine and functional however focus more upon who they are as a person and what personal qualities they can bring to the relationship to help it grow and flourish. In closing, those black women with common sense and logic ought to distance themselves from Karazin as far as possible, this escapade with the Vegainator is one of quite a few episodes that have exposed Karazin for who she truly is, a fraudulent snake oil merchant selling black women unrealistic dreams and fantasies.

Be sure to pick up my book Negro Wars where I talk about Christelyn Karazin and her fraudulent swirl movement aswell as the many other problems attached to westernised black women in these modern times. My advice to Karazin is the following, if you cannot take the heat then keep your mouth shut.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

5 thoughts on “Christelyn Karazin Lodges False Copyright Claim Against Her Apology Video On Slaying Evil!

  1. BWGTO = Black Women Going To Obtain Weave.
    Christelyn Karazin too stupid to know you cannot copyright a person name government name she also to stupid to know you cannot sue someone for having an opinion just like her lawyer friend David Michail told her that on her google hangout, nor can you stop them using clips of her video under fair use.

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