Black Women And The God Complex – Stupidity And Blasphemy At Its Height!

Floods In Louisiana

In 2016 there is a grand amount of folly and stupidity being peddled within black society, the majority of which is stemming from the pro black, black nationalist, back to Africa, red, black and green squads aswell as the simp/mangina/white knight crews. The term “queen” has been used by them for a number of years to describe the black woman, of course black women have had no problems accepting this title of nobility even though the visible condition of the modern-day black woman is worse than a serf and a slave.

In recent years the pro black squads in their effort to salvage the black woman’s already abysmal reputation have decided to kick things up a notch and deify her. In 2016 the pro blacks are now declaring that the black woman is “god”. One of their main arguments behind this position they say is her ability to produce and grow a baby in the womb ie she has the ability to create life. You really have to wonder, do these numbskulls even think before opening their mouths?

There are obviously at least three main problems with this particular position:

1. The man’s seed is always requirement for conception, in other words she is unable to produce a child without some sort of outside influence and input.

2. Black women are not the only women who can conceive a child, the last time I check non black women possess the same ability. Are they now gods aswell?

3. Many females in the animal kingdom can also conceive offspring(with seed from the male of course), what, do we now turn around and start deifying animals aswell?

The argument that the black women is god falls flat on its face when you really begin to cross-examine the theory from a very simple perspective. No, the modern-day westernised black woman(especially the African-American female) is a complete and utter failure, she claims to have the highest education levels yet in the aggregate her median net worth is only $5. She claims that she is strong, independent and doesn’t need a man, yet in reality she is being heavily assisted by her artificial husband aka the state. Isn’t self sustainability one of the key attributes of a god?

Please look at the picture above, here yet again we have a so called “god” being assisted by two men. Since when does “god” require help and assistance from beings she created? Let us take a look at another “god” being assisted by men:

Each time a natural disaster takes place in black society, you will notice that the so called “god” is always the one being provided with help instead of providing it. If this black woman is “god” as these pro blacks claim, then why doesn’t she use her god powers to bring remedy and immediate relief to the affected areas, in fact shouldn’t the “god” have foreseen the disaster coming and prevented it from taking place?

There are many other issues that can be raised in relation to this fragile theory, for example why is this so called “god” extremely efficient at seeking out the lowest dregs of black society, procreating with these same unsavoury individuals and producing bastard children at a rate of around 75%? What, is this god that dumb and stupid? Let us talk about the abortion rate within black society, the so called god is murdering on average over 1800 unborn black children every single day. In fact in the US things have gotten so bad that the black population there is beginning to fall. Why is this so called “god” attempting to eradicate her own people via genocide?

When you think about a god, one of the first thing that comes to mind is cleanliness and purity. Does this look clean and pure to you?

Face Tattoo

Balding black woman

Weave Mould

There are many more examples I could show you in order to demonstrate that the modern-day black woman is far from pure and clean. What about the fact that the black woman has now become the most promiscuous woman on the planet, coupling that with the fact that she carries the most diseases out of all races of women. How can the woman who is supposed to be “god” at the same time be the most contaminated individual on the planet? Also, since when does a “god” attempt to look like another being by wearing hair on her head that is not part of her DNA structure?

The god complex for black women falls flat on its face at every turn, it is one of the most idiotic mantras to be birthed out of black society and the pro black squads and black women have festered and cultivated this Looneyville environment in order to salvage the black woman’s image which quite frankly is already in the toilet and cannot be redeemed. As I have stated before, the westernised black woman cannot be defended on any level, for these pro blacks to attempt to do the impossible is a laughable sight.

And the end of the day, gods always prove themselves and their authenticity through actions not words, the modern-day black woman has more than proven to everybody around her that she is nothing short of a bumbling idiot who couldn’t run a bath yet alone her own life. The black community has had 50 years of rule under the authority of this so called “god” and she has managed single-handedly to successfully destroy 76% of her own “kingdom”. Pro blacks look extremely retarded attempting to defend black women in the wake of their perpetual failures. The black woman is no god, the black woman is a complete and utter dunce and this god complex nonsense is some of the latest delusion rhetoric to be churned out by the feminist propaganda machine.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

4 thoughts on “Black Women And The God Complex – Stupidity And Blasphemy At Its Height!

  1. BWGTO = Black Women Going To Obtain Weave.
    It does not help that the wannabe voodoo priestess Breukelen Bleu AKA Kendall St Charles is feeding black women are God mantra yeah so Godly they cannot stop having babies out of wedlock or wearing wigs and weaves black women are paying her $50 a hour to be told how they are en mass secretly revered by non-black men the delusion and mental illness is strong in this one. Wannabe dark goddess voodoo priestess Breukelen Bleu AKA Kendall St Charles is being gassed up by the alcoholic Christelyn ‘birth no more black males’ Karazin


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