Christelyn Karazin’s Swirl Towers Have Fallen, The Swirling Movement Is Officially Dead – Black Women Running And Fleeing In Panic!


Christelyn Karazin’s swirl movement is officially dead and it was decimated by the Youtuber who goes by the name of the Vegainator. To be honest the swirl movement was a dead horse out of the gate, Karazin using the crooked empire she has built to spit in the faces of black men attempted to bring some enlightenment towards black women about the pleasures and the benefits of interracial dating FOR BLACK WOMEN ONLY. She and her bastion of the bitter sisterhood of swirlers would use any and all opportunities they could to disparage and denigrate the image of the Negro male.

Mind you, black women consistently fail to mention the fact that they are the ones who have single-handedly created the failing black males in black society, they have been raising young black boys by themselves for at least the last 40 years and the results have been nothing short of a disaster. I have to laugh everytime black women are quick to highlight the failures of certain segments of black ale society, the question that immediately comes to my mind is “who raised these black men to be this way in the first place?” I talked about this very subject in my book Negro Wars.

Black women are exactly like their white father in that having deliberately woven dysfunction and destruction into black society, they will stand on the sidelines and point to that same dysfunction as if they had nothing to do with its conception. Well, now the chickens are coming home to roost, we black men have been stating for the longest while that white men will always choose their own women first over women outside of their race, the same goes for other races of men including black men. However the black woman in her twisted and delusional mindset refused to heed our advice, in her disjointed mind she still believed that she could replace the white woman as the as the number one choice of the white man and the merchant Karazin had no problems taking advantage of this discombobulated mentality.

However, Swirl towers was brought down and put to rest by one white guy who expressed his preference NOT to date black women, the Vegainator is not down with the swirl. I observed how black women attacked the Vegainator and to be honest I am not surprised in the least as the moot attack talking points were textbook. Criticising his looks, his social and economic status, calling him a racist and a white supremacist simply because his preference is not to date black women is disingenuous, intellectually dishonest and pathetic to say the least.

Now, do not get it twisted, the Vegainator is not the friend of the Negro, as with all white folks he is for his own people first and last, however since this moment is here let us take advantage of it while we can. I fully understand that in a few weeks once the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared the Vegainator will return to his life and we as black men will return to ours. There is no permanent team up here, the Vegainator has simply raised an issue that we black men have been talking about for the longest while, it would have been foolish of us not to highlight his position.

Of course black women were extremely jealous of this because they honestly believed that they and their white father were on the same team. For a white man to come out and openly state that he doesn’t date black females as far as black women are concerned is a statement equal to heresy. Sorry black women, despite the creamy pipe dream the swirling enchantress Christelyn Karazin has sold you, the truth of the matter is this, most white men feel the same way as the Vegainator, they are not interested in black women and most of those that pay black woman any attention are only doing so for purpose of sexual gratification.

Black women genuinely cannot handle the truth, reality is anathema to them. This is exactly what I stated in my book Negro Wars, the fact that black women wallow and bury themselves in a deep, dark pit full of lies, fairy tales, falsehoods and fables, this is the only way they can manage to get through their miserable day-to-day lives.

I don’t feel sorry for the sisterhood of swirlers and most black women in the slightest, this is the contaminated bed that you black women have made and now you must lay in it. I most certainly have no sympathy for the swirling black witch Christelyn Karazin, she has dedicated her life to deceiving black women and selling them a dream which for the majority will remain just that……..a dream. Abandoning feminism, changing their attitudes, ridding themselves of weaves and all other fake attachments black women have grown addicted to and controlling their sexual prowess are much more realistic options for black women as opposed to swirling. These practical changes would give black women a far higher advantage in finding a decent man of any colour rather than failing to deal with their defections and seeking out non black men in a dysfunctional state.

Swirl towers has fallen, black women are in panic mode right now and Karazin has been on a serious damage control mission releasing a plethora of crazy and puzzling videos in her attempts to salvage what remains of her Swirling Castle(which at this stage has been turned into ashes and rubble). It’s too late for Karazin and her swirling cohorts, the Swirl Express has derailed and hit the sand drag. The illusion was good for black women while it lasted, however all good things must come to an end.

Of course Karazin will still attempt to carry her swirling dead horse, however over time the real effects of this devastating blow will manifest themselves and she will begin to look like even more of a mad hatter than what she does now. R.I.P Swirl Movement!

P.S Be sure to pick up my book Negro Wars, a book which exclusively deals with the modern-day black woman, her dysfunctional mindset and the destruction she has brought upon black society as a whole. Negro Wars is available on Amazon and at all leading book stores. Also, feel free to donate. The donate button is on right hand side of the page, much appreciated.

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20 thoughts on “Christelyn Karazin’s Swirl Towers Have Fallen, The Swirling Movement Is Officially Dead – Black Women Running And Fleeing In Panic!

  1. HALLELUYAH! somebody finally got it right, You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free John 8:32 Now pursue your spiritual and historical nationality shebrew I mean Hebrew sister aka daughter’s of Zion.

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  2. Incredible! Although I haven’t read information at “beyond black and white” for some time, I read material on that site some years ago. From a historical context, Christelyn Karazin needs a reality check! Races of the world, as a general rule, support their own race! My view from Brazil is that there is a huge contradiction deeply embedded in consciousness-raising efforts of Afro-Brazilians. At the end of the 19th century, Brazilian whites openly promoted a policy of amalgamation with the objective of the eventual elimination of the black race. Although it didn’t happen, the ideology of “whitening/improving the family” through mixing with persons of whiter skin is still EXTREMELY strong among black Brazilians. Even within so-called Afro-Brazilian militancy circles, a large number of activists are married to whites. As such, for me, Afro-Brazilians, in general, still cannot grasp what “black power” really means! Because Brazil is perhaps the best example of how amalgamation can be used as weapon. It creates racial confusion, neutralizes pro-black political ideology and is a generation by generation method of transferring any black gains to a whiter looking community. This is the main problem I had with Karazin’s promotions of IRs on her site because it seems that she seeks to “Brazilianize” the African-American community. Even if there are a few people who think differently out there, as a general rule, white people support their own kind. When will black folks learn this and begin to do the same?

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    • Gatasnegrasbrasileiras,

      To be honest one of the best ways forward for black men in western countries is to start dating and marrying non westernised black women. I suggested in my book Negro Wars that black men ought to be looking for black women in non western countries as westernised black women are too contaminated and too deeply in bed with the government to work with. Karazin is the epitome of the modern day westernised black woman, she has aided the state in the destruction of black society and is attempting to help black women like her escape the wrath to come by encouraging black women to jump the fence to non black men.

      I honestly do not have a problem with westernised black women dating and marrying non black men as their personal preference, that cannot be helped. The problem however is that most black women in the west date interracial out of spite and hatred for their own men, they complain that black men are defective yet they fail to acknowledge that they have been the ones who have created these problematic black men to begin with.

      You’ll find that westernised black women in general have the same mentality as Karazin, as in the same case as Brazil even those who claim to be militant and pro black. They desire to get together with non black men so that they can in their own words “have children with good hair”. As I wrote about in Negro Wars, westernised black women will easily and readily abort black children, however they will almost always birth light skinned and mixed children.

      I also mentioned in Negro Wars how this problem is an international one. Just take a look at this Jewish gentlemen who supplies sperm to black women so that they can have mixed children, the self hatred is real:

      It is a sad situation what is going on in Brazil with the black women there, the white washing has begun to take its toll on their minds.

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  3. BWGTO is set up and run by Nicole Little 39 years olds (but still thinks she is highly fertile LOLOLOL) wants to swirl but no white dude as of yet,has a huge gap between her front incisors and disciple of Christelyn birth ‘no more black males’ Karazin.

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  4. BWGTO = Black Women Going To Obtain Weave.
    Christelyn Karazin to stupid to know you cannot copyright a person name government name she also to stupid to know you cannot sue someone for having an opinion just like her lawyer friend told her on her google hangout, nor can you stop them using clips of her video under fair use

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    • Arkadeus,

      Black women in general make up things in their heads and believe that they are true just because they say so. Karazin thought that she was slick bringing that lawyer onto a Google hangout, however he simply proved that she is a fool with no knowledge.

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    • I said the same thing…I am like, really…???? I knew by the end of it, (my wife is a legal expert), that she was just going to make herself look stupid.

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  6. Rather hypocritical to blast the swirlers on the one hand, then suggest in your book that black men should search out non-westernized black women. Are you not espousing the same type of rhetoric? I suppose if the swirlers suggested that black women should dump the westernized black man and seek out black men from Africa, Nigeria, etc., i.e., non-westernized black men, that would have been ok? Moreover, I think it is unfair that you would blame the black woman for the plight of the black men of today simply because they have been raised primarily by women. While it’s true that there are some black mothers who have allowed their sons to skirt responsibility, to have no respect for them or authority, etc., we must take into account the absence of the father–that male influence–as a major contributor to this plight. You cannot turn a blind eye to that any more than you can blame the black woman solely for the nonexistence of black men in black homes. And, while I agree that many women have and continue to demoralize themselves, allowing themselves to be used sex objects, you speak as though this is done for the pleasure of and by white men only! If I turn on a rap video right now, I see black men with their black women parading around them half-naked…but I guess that’s that black woman’s fault for allowing them to do so, right? Well, that’s only partly correct? It is also the mindset of that young black man…that black man who thinks it makes him look hard, cool, real, or gangsta if he does that to women… not realizing or perhaps not caring at all how he is disrespecting that female. Why does he have that mindset? Is it his black mother’s fault? Perhaps. But, she cannot and should not bear the brunt of the responsibility. Part of it must be placed on that young man’s father, who is very likely absent from that man’s life. The black woman AND the black man’s accountability must be taken into account. One cannot be addressed or discussed without the other. Going back to the swirlers, don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t agree that we should denigrate and devalue black men and encourage black women to nix them and begin dating exclusively outside the race. However, black men shouldn’t do the same to their black women either. The more this cycle—fueled by the blame game—continues, the further apart black men and women will become. And, one day that chasm will become so wide, it may be too late and the distance far too great, to be brought back together.

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    • AC,

      The two scenarios you pointed to are very different, they are far from the same. Black women through many reckless choices have destroyed most of black society and many of the men within it at the behest of their white father aka the state. Hating black men and all things black they are attempting to swirl for 5 main reasons:

      1. Swirling is the black woman’s attempt to escape from her blackness.

      2. Black women as a collective love and worship white men.

      3. Swirling is the black woman’s attempt to circumvent the consequences of her reckless decisions ie dodge the defective black men she has created with her own hands.

      4. Black women love, worship, swoon and fawn over light skinned, mixed race and white children, yet they hate black children.

      5. Black women believe that they can replace the white woman as the white man’s number one choice for a mate.

      Black men are not actively working with the state against their own people, black men in dating out are simply applying solutions in light of the above problems and more ie what black women are doing and how they feel about black males. Black men are beginning to date out as a matter of survival and preservation, our reasons to date out are not motivated by spite and hatred unlike black women, as I stated before the two scenarios are very different.

      You cannot blame people who are not involved, that is ridiculous, that is like yourself being involved in a car accident and trying to blame random people who had nothing to do with it. The folks involved in the accident are the only people of concern. Likewise when we look at how irresponsibly black youth are being raised, in the overwhelming majority of cases the black mother is the person responsible because she is the person present ie involved.

      It is absolutely illogical to attempt to place blame upon fathers who are not present. Not being present means the father is not involved, you cannot blame parties who do not have an involvement in the raising of the children. Besides, we already know that most black women deliberately choose black men who they know full well will not take up their responsibilities as fathers, this is part of their government sponsored assignment, to keep black society broken and flat on its face.

      This is why it so easy to place the blame of today’s crumbling black society upon the women, black women are the origin of today’s problems. If defective products are coming off an assembly line the manufacturer is to blame for the defections, you don’t turn around and blame the defective products themselves.

      You cannot blame black men partly for most black women wanting to behave like whores, if black women had any moral standards then they would automatically reject any and all whorish behaviour. It doesn’t matter what black men place upon the table, the woman still has a choice whether to accept it or reject it. It seems to me you are attempting to negate the woman’s ability to choose as if she is some kind of automaton or invalid.

      The black woman’s ability to choose is not predicated upon anything a black man does, she either chooses to behave in a slutty, slack handed manner or she rejects such behaviour. Unfortunately in 2017 most black women actually prefer the former, they enjoy the whore lifestyle and I have written a few articles on this, here is one such article for your perusal:

      You simply cannot form a union with these types of women, it would be highly irresponsible of me to still recommend westernised black women to black men seeing as most of these black women hate us and have flushed their moral values down the toilet. Like I stated before unlike black women black men are dating out as a matter of preservation and survival.

      This “blame game” talk itself is a Kansas City shuffle that has been erected by black women themselves in their attempts to stall the conversation pertaining to criticism of their out of pocket behaviour. Black women use the “blame game” rhetoric as a mechanism to attempt to escape responsibility and accountability.

      Black women departed from black men and black society 60 years ago and as long as they have their white father to supply them with their financial needs, they have no intentions of ever returning. Most black women today have no interests in reuniting and being lead by black men, to them the white man is their god, lord, saviour, father and master.

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  7. And if the truth be told, many of these women who allow themselves to be used for others’ sexual gratification did not have their fathers— uplifting fathers, or positive male influences in their lives who could speak value into them and a love for self.. their fathers..the first man in their lives who should be the most influential, are absent from their lives. So many women lost out on their daddy’s love, and that’s the truth whether you acknowledge it or not. By the way, I wonder where the black man was when the first black woman was being demoralized and sexualized by non-black men…because I’m sure that very first time was not with her consent…I’m sure she didn’t volunteer for that. Have you ever thought about that? To be quite honest, if we truly dare to look deep enough into the matter, we’d find that so much of the ills that plague black men and women can be traced to slavery and the mindsets that were deliberately ingrained in both black men and women. But that’s much deeper than you may care to go.

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    • AC,

      Again, its the same statement that I made before, the people present are to blame, not the people who are absent. Again, black women are the ones who deliberately embrace single motherhood because of their subscription and dedication towards feminism. History has shown us how black women have always lusted after non black men in some form or another, therefore we can safely assume that most sexual interactions between black women and non black men has been and still are consensual.

      This issue has nothing to do with slavery because we had an intact two parent household rate of over 85% between the end of slavery up until the 1960s. If indeed slavery was to blame then we would’ve seen the same conditions amongst those who were closer to the emancipated slaves, however this is not the case. No, to blame slavery is to be ignorant and is a blatant cop out, black women, their embrace and acceptance of feminism aswell as fatherless home welfare policies is to blame for the current plight of black society.

      This is yet another reason why I advise black men to look elsewhere for women, black women as a collective refuse to accept what they have done to black folks and are forever unrepentant for their transgressions. You simply cannot form a union with a group of women who never believe that they are wrong even when they are in the thick of it.

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  8. Black Americans refuse to study history, whether it is secular history or theological history.

    Let me begin by stating a few facts.

    1) the offspring of every creature on earth remains close to their mothers for nourishment, protection and to learn survival skills.

    2) the id (morals) of every human is shaped by the mother. 95% of the id (morals) is developed by the age of five years old. This is the time when children begin school. This is the meaning of weaning a child.

    3) The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the world is universally accepted. It is the mother (root) of every society (tree) and TAMPER with the root is to tamper with the fruit.

    5) The black American woman would have people to believe both men and women shape the id (morals) of a child and that is her attempt at diffusion of responsibility.

    CONCLUSION #1…When have anyone witnessed a man carry an infant into an automobile repair shop and teach an infant how to pull a transmission?


    The Willie Lynch letter is a CIA leak using slavery as an allegory to describe how they reversed the natural roles of black men and women.

    If one was to read the entire Willie Lynch letter, they would discover it’s thesis is “making a slave” but, it’s anti-thesis is making an independent black woman.

    This allegory suppose to have been written in 1712 and uses sophisticated psychological phrases but, psychology did not become a science until 1870.

    CLUE….when did black women claim to be independent?
    ANSWER…1968, strong, intelligent and independent


    EXODUS 1st chapter said kill all the new born males but save the females alive.

    CIA Willie Lynch letter said torture the black male in front of the black female but, do not harm the black female.

    TODAY…Black men are lynched in broad daylight on film…Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Scott, Crawford, etc.

    Do you see the correlation in Exodus, Willie Lynch and what is happening today?


    Blacks had unity and collectivism which equaled power and gained voting rights along with civil rights in 1968.

    White women stood by and condoned Jim Crow, lynching, beating and terrorizing black America from 1612 to 1968. They watched four little black girls murdered in Sunday school and didn’t say a word.

    After blacks gained civil rights with unity and collectivism, here comes white feminism with “individualism” and “independent”. Divide and conquer.

    Black americans do not understand psychological manipulation is just as deadly as a noose and why should a people use force when psychological warfare accomplish the same results and is efficient. Individualism and independent replaced unity and collectivism

    CONCLUSION…linquistical manipulation of the word “independent”. Satan said, if you eat of this tree, ye shall be as (g)ods Humanity thought Satan said (G)ods. Read it for yourself and you will notice the small “g”. That was the first episode of linquistical manipulation in history.

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