So Black Men Cannot Lead Black Women Huh???? More Rhetoric Spews Forth From The Feminist Propaganda Machine!

Black Asian Couple

Its funny, I hear black women repeating the mantra, that black men are incapable of leading them. While there is some truth to the statement, it is important that we look at the reasons why black women are right in some cases. Of course black women are never going to tell you the truth, they can never deal with historical facts and true statements which is why they are constantly rattling off lies, rhetoric and propaganda from the machine of feminism attempting to get their falsehoods accepted through emotional pleas.

The first observation that needs to be pointed to is the fact that black men who date and marry non black women have little to no problems taking up their positions as leaders. If according to the rhetoric of black women back men are unable to lead then how do they explain black men successfully leading non black women?

You’ll also notice when black women make the statement about black men not being able to lead them, they conveniently omit the fact that they (black women) purposely go out of their way to frag and destroy the minds of black boys from a very young age. How on earth do black women expect a young black male to grow up and be a leader when all he has been exposed to is a continuous barrage of insults, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emasculating and effeminising verbage? This is typically how the black male child is raised in a single mother household.

Black women namely single black mothers deliberately manufacture black men who cannot lead. Of course we must never forget the fact that black women have a contractual obligation towards the state to keep black society and the black family structure broken, in order to be able to continue indulging in the treats and the goodies of government welfare, programs and benefits. Black women have been placed in a position of artificial leadership by their white boss and they must maintain and hold onto that position at all costs in order to remain relevant to him.

The truth of the matter is this, black women do not want black men to lead at all, the black woman’s new husband aka the state allows her to roam the yard, unsupervised and bestows upon her a free rein to act irresponsibly without any recourse. The main reason why black men cannot lead black women is because black women deliberately obstruct and hinder them, black women are the overseers and slave masters of black men, hence allowing black men to lead them would mean that black women would be forced to relinquish their power, as we have clearly seen that is never going to happen as long as black women are still standing and have their white father to financially support them.

This is yet another reason why black women purposely avoid choosing good, decent black men, they deliberately choose the vagabonds, the bums, the tramps and the lowlifes of black society because they are fully aware that black men with their heads screwed on and all of their faculties in check will never accept being lorded and ruled over by a woman, and rightly so.

So the next time black women tell you that black men cannot lead them, be sure to reference this article and hit them with 21 barrels. Black women would have you believe that the problem is simple and clear-cut, however as I have shown you in this short article, nothing could be further from the truth. The modern-day black woman is the enforcement arm of white supremacy within black society, she has a job to perform on behalf of her white father, to keep black men locked down and enslaved to the system and the state has given her the financial means to do so.

However, she only has the power to enslave those who become involved with her. This is one of the main reasons why I am encouraging black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere where they can be themselves and most of all where they can lead without obstructions being thrown in the way. Black women on the whole are disingenuous and dishonest to the highest level, the audacity to claim that black men are incapable of leading them while at the same time knowing full well that they are under instruction to deliberately hinder black men from stepping up to the leadership plate, I am shaking my head in disgust and anger right now.

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Most High Bless

7 thoughts on “So Black Men Cannot Lead Black Women Huh???? More Rhetoric Spews Forth From The Feminist Propaganda Machine!

  1. Personally, the only man I see as fitting to lead me (as a Black/Brown woman) is a Black man. Good article. The feminist movement has done so much to destroy the Black community and family, sometimes I wonder if our race can ever overcome it.

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    • I meant to add, Black women complain about having to be strong and independent. Well, if they would allow Black men to lead, maybe they would be able to take the cape off. Men are natural leaders. This is not to say a woman can’t lead when necessary, but the natural order of the planet is that ALPHA MALES run the pack. Not alpha females. It’s out of order, and this is why The Most High allows women who can’t operate in order to suffer unnecessarily–same for effeminate males who won’t step up and who enjoy taking from and living up under a woman so he doesn’t have to get a job or pay bills.

      It’s wrong on each side, but many (not all) Black women have an overwhelming problem with not being able to submit to a Black man’s authority. This is heavily ingrained via slavery…this is why “massa” subjugated Black men so much (chopped off feet for running to freedom, whipped and tortured for standing up for what’s right, sold off to another plantation for trying to protect his wife and child(ren))…the white man did this in order to become the surrogate leader of the women. As you have stated in your articles, this is now continuing with the prison industrial complex (sending the Black man away) and the state (white man) steps in as provider in his place. This is the main reason why many Black women will not allow a Black man (even one they are married to) to have proper authority and leadership within and without the home.

      In colonization, if you get a nation’s women, the entire community will fall soon thereafter. Genghis Khan and many other prominent figures in ancient history made this very clear with the way they brought entire cultures to their knees via taking wives and making them their own. This was done in American and European chattel slavery. The women were not made wives, but property and were forced to produce for their masters.

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  3. These women seem out single motherhood. You actually think they can be reasoned with?

    So black men are living up under black women and not paying bills? Who’s letting that happen? If these black women were so great, they wouldn’t deal with hoodrat men. They love em though!!

    White women who have bad boy phases tend to grow out of them by 25 at the latest. Black chicks will dare thugs into their 80s and yet still complain about thug symptoms.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’ve got yet another article coming out on Friday in relation to black women and their love for thugs. Black women never snap out of the bad boy loving phase which is one of the reason why they are such failures when it comes down to choosing men for the long term.

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      • I literally have a cousin as old as my mother whose still running the damn streets, and bringing young people with her as she embarks on her n1gg@rdom.

        These women never stop being dysfunctional, it’s why these black families are al headed by old as dirt black women who refuse to call out what goes on, yet wants to be respected and revered as the “big momma”.

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