Black Women Now Going After Youtuber Mad Bus Driver For Encouraging Black Men To Expand Their Dating Options!


This is exactly what I talked about in my book Negro Wars, black women simply hate seeing black men happy and out of their reach, they especially hate the fact that more black men are beginning to see the modern-day black woman for who she really is and are taking appropriate measures in order to evade her evil clutches. For those who may not know Mad Bus Driver is a young black male YouTuber who brings information to black men in relation to expanding their dating and marriage options, in light of the continued destruction black women have brought upon black men and black society as far as I am concerned his videos are much-needed.

MBD wears a knight’s helmet in all of his videos to protect his identity, because we are dealing with a dysfunctional black community and the fact that he deals with this controversial subject(controversial within black society only), I can fully understand why he has adopted this approach. We only need to observe what happens to other Youtubers such as Tommy Sotomayor, Sotomayor has been doxed(his personal information has been released on the internet) on numerous occasions, Mad Bus Driver is a married man with children, he cannot and understandably will not put his family in a vulnerable position. Besides the helmet isn’t the focus, the information he brings to the table is what people ought to be concentrating on.

Black women love flagging and reporting black men’s content on social media, this is how they circumvent having to deal with the facts and true statements pertaining to their dysfunctional and destructive behaviour. Black women are the number one enemies of free speech, they so wish to be the only ones with a free voice, they most certainly do not want black men speaking up and speaking out, hence why they are frequently running to their white father to have a black man’s Facebook page or YouTube channel shut down, indeed MBD has had some of his YouTube channels shut down in the past by bitter black women who hate black men exercising their right to free speech. My previous page on Facebook called Negro Wars1 was also recently shut down by bitter black women who went crying to their Facebook father.

One of the latest bitter black queans to express a disdain for MBD’s videos is a black female Youtuber who goes by the name of NellieB3000. In one of her latest videos entitled “SWIRLING BM MUST BE STOPPED!EXPOSE HIM!MADBUSDRIVERx”, she talks about how interracial dating is “diluting the melanin”, how we as black people need to keep the melanin pure and how MDB must be stopped from influencing black men to expand their dating options and thus prevent the black race from being diluted.

As per usual black women chose to deliberately omit certain key points that would bring a clearer understanding as to why black men are now beginning to walk Interracial Avenue. She kept talking about the race being diluted through Interracial dating, yet why isn’t this women dealing with the 1876 abortions black women are performing in abortion clinics everyday? What, aren’t these abortions affecting the black race?

She talks about how whoever a person wants to be with is their business, yet is going after Mad Bus Driver and other black men like him who are choosing women outside of her which is none of her business, this woman is a walking contradiction. Can we date who we want to date or must we be stopped in order to prevent a diluting of the race? Which one is it Nellie?

She also talked about how black men ought to be going after MBD because “he is diluting the race”, yet this black woman never bothered to talk about the dysfunctional behaviour of black women which is forcing many black men to have to look towards other races of women. Unlike black women black men are dating outside of their race due to an extremely hostile environment black women have created, this is a matter of survival for black men, black women on the other hand for the most part swirl out of spite and hatred for black men. You continue to talk about genocide of the black race, yet why aren’t you dealing with the ridiculously high abortion rates amongst black women Nellie?

Black women stay hypocritical, they want to retain all of their rights to date and marry whomever they please, yet they do not want black men to be allowed to exercise the same dating and marriage freedoms. Also, why is it that in the mind of the black woman interracial dating for black men only means seeking out white women? How many other non black women are there on this planet? Black women are always calling out white women because that is who they are jealous of the most.

As I stated in my book Negro Wars, black women do not wield the same power as black men when it comes to interracial dating, already being the least desired women on the planet they know that black men are the only ones who will date them en mass. This is why black women will purposely go out of their way to spread old wives tales, urban legends, fables and myths pertaining to dating non black women,in an effort to scare black men into staying with them. Black women don’t have a chicken leg to stand on, they have devalued themselves into the negative, at this stage they are not even worth a bar of soap.

Besides black women do not value good black men, they deliberately choose the vagabonds, the thugs, the bums and the low lifes of black society as these types of men they can control. No black man with a level head would tolerate the black woman’s dysfunctional antics and black women know it. NellieB3000’s video proves what I have written about in Negro Wars when I talked about the fact that black women will force themselves into your space but then claim that you are harassing and bothering them, this is the mental damage and the mental instability of the modern-day black woman on display right here. The black woman has become a menace, a curse and a pestilence upon black society, black men with sense and intelligence should distance themselves from this woman as far as possible. Here is the video from NellieB3000 and Mad Bus Driver’s response video below it:

Be sure to subscribe to MDB’s YouTube channel:

P.S MBD, keep up the good work and keep doing what you are doing, your interracial dating ministry is a much-needed one.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Deprogramming Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

13 thoughts on “Black Women Now Going After Youtuber Mad Bus Driver For Encouraging Black Men To Expand Their Dating Options!

  1. Yeah. What about the videos/channels of black women talking about go get a white man instead of a black man. why are they not taking those videos down? this is called double standards. But fear not white men are starting to wake up to the truth. white men like vegainator and sand man are ringing the alarm on black women and their bull shit

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    • Akuma Ryu,

      As far as black women are concerned in their minds they are permitted to exercise their dating preferences to the fullest, however with black men they must only choose black women. Indeed, the double standard is incredible.

      The Vegainator has put a serious dent in the swirl movement, Karazin has been severely wounded by this blow and she is on the ropes bleeding heavily. As it stands at the present time, black women are in more trouble than the Titanic.

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  2. This is the bipolar behavioral practice of North American nigger bitches or known as the big booty bimbo bitches. They been practicing this insane behavioral mindset since 350 plus years ago brother’s.

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  3. Black women are gone. This has always been funny to me black women clearly do not want us unless we bow down to them but as soon as you date out of the race they come calling with BS you cannot handle a strong black woman no black woman wants your ass anyway some of the comments i received when i tell black women i do not date them. I tell black men you do not owe black women anything i know many black men who are miserable in their marriage and relationships with black women. Now some stay because they do not want to get killed with child support one of the black woman main weapon against us but i tell them you need to be happy you do not have to be held captive by these demons. Black men leave now i am telling you going on 10 years since i have dated a black idiot woman get out while you can they just want to use you and drain you dry financially and emotionally. Please get away from these wild Hyenas sorry Hyenas at least they have strong family bonds which black women no nothing about.

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