Western Women Continually Advertise Themselves As Sluts, Then Get Upset When Men Treat Them Like So, Really???

Sluts And Proud

Feminism continues to rear is ugly head in many forms. The stupidity of the modern-day western woman is right on display in the above picture. On the one hand you have the woman second from the left holding a sign which says “Slut And Proud” yet to the right of her you have another woman(2nd from the right)holding a sign which reads “No Slut Shaming”. The modern-day western women is a walking contradiction, didn’t these two numbskulls bother to convene with each other beforehand in order to confirm that their signs didn’t contradict one another? Which one is it western women, are you proud to be sluts or are you ashamed to be?

All over western society women have taken it upon themselves to march through the streets declaring their slut status. Mind you, don’t forget that these are the same women who have been complaining about an increase in sexual molestation and rape at the hands of Muslim immigrants. Is this supposed to be some king of joke? If you advertise yourselves as sluts then you must be prepared to accept the consequences of that slut culture whether they be positive or negative. The problem is in western society women have been coddled so much and for so long, most know nothing about responsibility and accountability.

Large portions of women deliberately agitate men’s libidos on the daily by dressing in a sexually provocative manner, yet at the same time have the nerve to talk about “their skirt having nothing to do with me” as is clearly illustrated by the woman in the picture on the far right. The equation is very simple, if you deliberately introduce elements into an environment that makes sexual molestation and rape more likely to occur, then you deserve what comes to you undiluted, at full strength.

If I am dressed in expensive clothing, drape myself in expensive jewellery from head to toe, wear expensive footwear and walk through an impoverished neighbourhood, I am asking to be robbed and stripped of my clothing, there is no getting around this. I would most likely arrive at the other side of the neighbourhood beaten, robbed, naked and barefoot. I deserved it because I advertised myself as a meal ticket amongst poorer people. I would be a fool to believe that there wouldn’t be some folks within the crowd who wouldn’t take advantage of the situation.

The same goes for western women, some people don’t abide by the law concerning rape, molestation and sexual abuse, if you dress in a sexually provocative manner and enter into their vicinity, they will also take advantage of you advertising yourself as a meal ticket. When you dress yourself in short skirts and skimpy clothing you are advertising yourself for sex whether you are looking for sex or not, that is the bottom line. Western society has made it acceptable for women to dress irresponsibly, however the laws of nature haven’t changed at all.

So western women can continue to enjoy their slut culture and revel in the decadence of slack practices, however if you happen to stumble across the negative consequences associated with that type of culture then shut your mouth, don’t complain, take it on the chin and move on, you would have received your just recompense and you will receive no sympathy from me. It seems that most western women are hell-bent on continuing to act irresponsibly and most of them are going to learn their lessons in accountability and appropriate conduct the hard way.

By the way, single motherhood = feminism, don’t ever forget that.

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Most High Bless

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