Christelyn Karazin Goes Into Damage Control In Order To Salvage Her Crumbling Swirling Temple – The Saga Continues!

The heat has gotten incredibly unbearable for the black high priestess of swirling known as Christelyn Karazin. After inviting a white male by the name of Vegainator onto her show who expressed his preference not to date black women, Karazin and the bitter sisterhood swirl brigade wasted no time in their attempts to smear his name and his character, labelling him as a racist and a white supremacist because of his dating preferences. As I have explained in my book Negro Wars aswell as in other articles on this site, when it comes down to dating, in the minds of black women men(especially black men) are not permitted to hold to dating preferences that exclude them.

Christelyn Karazin is a disingenuous buzzard and a liar who cannot be trusted on any level, her and her rug rat cohort swirlers have deliberately labelled the Vegainator as a racist and a white supremacist in their attempts to trick black men into coming to the rescue and fighting for their cause, however the overwhelming majority of black men I am pleased to say have not fallen for this trick bait and have instead remained steadfast in their positions reprimanding, roasting and cascading this woman who has built an entire platform that spits in the face of black men. Always remember, she invited the Vegainator onto her show in order to give him an opportunity to clarify his position.

I do not like liars and deceivers, in her latest attempt to continue her smearing campaign against the Vegainator’s character aswell as an attempt to bait black men into fighting for her cause, she has now released a chopped up, captioned and heavily edited version of the original google hangout she had with the Vegainator, yet the original unedited video on her YouTube channel she has now put to private. If you have nothing to hide and are telling the truth then why wouldn’t you allow people to watch the original unedited Google hangout video eh Karazin? In this heavily redacted video she continues to smear his name in order to save face from the embarrassment of such a crushing defeat.

We have to remember that Karazin has already gone public with the fact that she suffers from severe psychological issues and is currently taking medication in order to deal with these problems. Your latest video is rubbish Karazin, you will never be able to bait me into defending you or your cause, you are going to have to crash and burn by yourself. This is the bed that you began to make many years ago and now you must lay in it. It is extremely annoying how black women are constantly trying to evade the consequences of the stupid and ignorant decisions they make.

Anyhow, I happened to download the original Google hangout she had with the Vegainator before she put that video to private which is 1 hour and 9 minutes long. Here are both videos for you to make the comparisons for yourselves. Releasing a heavily redacted video while at the same time making the original video private, shaking my head in disgust, this witch must have thought that I was born yesterday. Be sure to pick up my book Negro Wars where I break down the dysfunctional and degenerate mindset of the modern-day black woman. Negro Wars is now available on Amazon:

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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