Who Are The Real Coons In Black Society?


I continually hear a certain sector of black folks labelling other blacks who hold to different opinions as “coons”. However who is the real coon according to the correct definition? As I have stated before the word coon is now dead because of its continual misappropriation and abuse by black women and their pro black, Hotep, simp/mangina/white knight advocates. In any case let us deal with the term under its proper definition, identify the real coons and put an end to this hap hazard slinging around of the word.

The proper definition of the word coon is as follows:

“A black person who behaves in a stereotypical manner in order to appease white people with the aim of making them feel comfortable”

Therefore according to this definition, we can identify coons as those black people who behave in a stereotypical manner to appease white folks in order to make them feel at ease. We can also declare that white people feel uncomfortable with black folks who are organised as opposed to disorganised black folks who pose them no threat whatsoever. The next question we need to ask is what or who is causing the most disorganisation and chaos and is currently the most dysfunctional element within black society? Without a doubt the answer would have to be the modern-day black woman.

The next question is where we can begin to identify the real “coons” of black society, who are the people within black society allowing black women to perpetuate their dysfunction and thus the continued destruction of the black nation? Well, we can start with black women themselves, black women engaging in destructive behaviour and other black women that support them are coons, after all isn’t their destruction of black society making white folks feel more comfortable?

Pro black, back to Africa, Pan-African, Hotep blacks can also be classified as coons, why, because they are witnessing the black woman’s destruction of black society right in front of their eyes, instead of checking her on this destruction they instead choose to praise and exalt her by bestowing upon her labels such as “queen” and “god”. In not doing their jobs to bring this woman into order they are openly promoting the continuance of disorder and thus allowing white folks to sit back, relax and chill.

Simps, manginas and white knights would also fall under the same category as they also praise black women aswell as spoil them with money, gifts and expensive material possessions. Dysfunction is not to be rewarded, however this group of miscreants are not concerned and have no problems licking the boots of reprobates and delinquents. Again, aiding and rewarding black women in the ongoing destruction of black society and thus making whites feel comfortable, another set of coons identified.

The same can be said for black pastors, black leaders, black activists and so called “community leaders” who also allow dysfunction to continue within black society as they too refuse to check the black woman. These like many others are generating money hand over fist from the ongoing chaos within the black nation, they aren’t about to abandon their meal tickets on moral grounds anytime soon.

So there you have it, the real “coons” according to the correct definition have now been identified. As many have correctly stated before me, cooning is not an opinion, cooning is behaviour/actions. Next time one of the above attempts to label you as a coon, be sure to use this article as a reference in order to put their dysfunctional backsides straight. By the way, always remember that the word coon and the word sellout are interchangeable.

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