So Black Men Are Now Paying Racist White Men To Go After Black Women – Really Witch????

This is the latest feminist propaganda spewing forth from the mouth of a delusional black female Youtuber who goes by the name of The Black Goddess, according to her theory she strongly believes that black men are now paying racist white men to go after black women. Of course never forget that these are the same retarded black women who are quick to label black men in their own words as “broke ass niggas”.

So which one is it, are we paying racist white men to go after black women or are we “broke ass niggas”? The ridiculous theories and delusions of grandeur continue to abound from black women, they simply couldn’t accept the fact that a white male by the name of the VeGAINator expressed his preference towards his own women over black women.

This is to be expected and is a natural part of life, every race of men gravitate towards their own women FIRST, why on earth do black women believe that a white man would choose them over his own women? Ah ha, remember what I talked about in Negro Wars, how black women because of their conditional acceptance into the system coupled with their love, worship and admiration for white men now believe that they can and will be chosen by white males over white women?

One thing that this dysfunctional, decadent black harridan talked about that I wish to address is when she stated that black men claim that they don’t care about black women yet they are still making videos about them. Err no heifer, the reason why black men are still talking about black women is because black men have only recently been given a platform to air their grievances, plus there is a tremendous backlog of issues that black men need to talk about and get off their chests, this is not an overnight process.

Black women forget how they have been whipping and lashing black men using the media arm of their white father for the past 40 years, yet they expect us to deal with and dispel all of the lies and the inaccuracies about black men that they have propagated in 1 day??? So yes, black men will continue to talk about black women as long as black women remain defective beyond repair and as long as there are lies, false statements, propaganda and dodgy rhetoric that needs to be addressed.

Now, briefly addressing BWGTOW(Black Women Going Their Own Way) movement which is a blatant copy of MGTOW(Men Going Their Own Way). What’s the matter black women, you couldn’t formulate your own title for your new movement? You have to laugh really, exactly where are these dysfunctional mutant Negro females going? Don’t they realise that no matter where they go until they are ready to deal with their dysfunctional antics, men of all races will still reject them en mass?

No, black women wish that they could date interracially as freely as black men, they are extremely jealous of the fact that black men wield much more power than they when it comes down to interracial dating. At the end of the day black women are also bitter at the fact that more black men are refusing to allow black women to shaft them on behalf of their white father.

As I have stated on numerous occasions aswell as in my book Negro Wars, black women have a contractual obligation towards the state to keep black men enslaved to the system by all means possible and the state is more than willing to fund this operation in order to ensure that black men are unable to break free from the chains and shackles that have been placed upon them by a system that is clearly racist at its core.

BWGTOW is a dead horse, this is shortly to be realised, however when this mockery of a movement fails do not expect black women to return to black men and correct their dysfunction, on the contrary, black women will simply dream up another path of insanity and roll with that until it crashes and burns in the same manner as the previous failure. BWGTOW is simply part of the swirl movement but under a different title, the swirl movement is already a crumbling temple, BWGTOW will follow the same path.

As for the rest of the dribble that this so called “Black Goddess” talked about, to deal with each one of the points she raised would be an insult to my intelligence, I honestly cannot be bothered. You blame black men for the fact that you are a fat tug boat, really witch??? Here is the link to this delusional black woman’s YouTube channel if anybody cares to take a gander:

A last note, on this so called “protection” that black women claim black men are obligated to provide them, in case you black women have forgotten having signed onto government benefits and welfare in place of maintaining and keeping together the black family you have now become the property of the state, it is now the state’s responsibility to protect you, through your traitorous actions black men have now been relinquished of this position. If you require protecting I would be more than happy to point you towards the nearest police station or government building.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “So Black Men Are Now Paying Racist White Men To Go After Black Women – Really Witch????

  1. Babatunde,

    So wow. I found this article because I saw the acronym BWGTOW, and I hadn’t the slightest clue as to what that referred to, so naturally, I googled it. This is the first article – or reference, at all – that I’ve ever heard about this topic.

    To clarify, I’m a white guy, which might play a part in why I’ve never heard of this. Then again, I’d never heard of MGTOW, either.

    Yes, you spelled “delusional” correctly – Tai is probably one of the types of people who misspells “their / they’re / there”. There are some grammatical errors, but honestly IDGAF. Most people aren’t linguists, like I was. Overall, this is a good post.

    I assume that, since you have comments open to the public, that it’s perfectly acceptable for me to submit my two cents? I hope that I’m not crossing any boundaries, by publishing my opinion here.

    The one thing that I’m noticing is the deeper, underlying sectarianism driving the feelings expressed in this post. It becomes clear that you identify strongly with the phrase “black man”. I also notice, under the “Church Beast” tab, that you’re a Christian, while labeling “other” Christian groups as “false teachings”. This indicates that you identify strongly with whichever Christian sect that you subscribe to. Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that you have two strong group-type identifications: “black man” and “true believer”. This, of course, is what’s driving you to be pitted against other groups: “black women” (in this post) and “false teachings”.

    I guess I’d challenge you reflect on that – the sectarian, social identity – which drives you to be offended by what people say, so much so that you were led to write up this blog post, defending the identity that you clearly hold close to you.

    For example, I could be classified into four different “groups”: secular humanist (atheist), socialist, veteran, and business student. However, I don’t actually classify myself as any of those things, while some people do, which I find to be useless. I understand why some people engage in groupthink – humans are social animals, and so a “sense of belonging” fits in well with our nature. However, I’m an INTP personality type, and 140+ IQ, which I think has contributed to my lack of desire to “fit in with the herd”.

    I’ve been criticized by the Alt-Right Republicans, who call me a “race traitor” and a “self-hating white”, because I don’t give a damn about whiteness, or any other skin color. We’ve all evolved varying degrees of melanin. I’m not blind; I see that some people are light-skinned, some are moderately colored, and some are dark-skinned – simply put, I don’t care. The Alt-Right crowd like to declare that Donald Chump is a “victory for whites”, but I wouldn’t shed a tear if they all had heart attacks and died. They label me a “cultural Marxist” (which originates with the Nazi term, “cultural Bolshevik”).
    – This is a clear contrast between how you and I identify with the color of our skins.

    I’ve been labeled a “self-worshiper” by some fundamentalist Christians and Muslims – who are, by definition, misusing the word “worship” every time they say that. They also tend to misuse the word “atheist” and “religion”, when they try to tell me that my “religion is atheism”. Atheos means godless. Religion stems from the Latin “religio” and “religare”, which held connotations of being associated with a deity. Someone who is fully atheist (not believing in any of the gods) cannot have “religion” (which requires belief in a god), but the fundamentalists don’t understand that. They “group” me, “classify” me, and label me, based upon their misunderstandings of words. I do not subscribe to their misunderstandings, nor do I identify with any groups.
    – This is another contrast between you and I (currently), in how we choose to identify with what we believe.

    My intention, of course, was not to simply type out my life story to you. For me to say all of this would be pointless, if I didn’t follow it up with an alternative perspective. You might feel that I’m trying to tell you what to do, or how to think – instead, my intention is just to leave you with an alternative perspective, that you might find some peace. I can’t convey feeling or intention through a typed message, so I wanted to explain that.

    Here is what I’d like to suggest, instead:
    * Acknowledging that whatever color you were born with, that’s just what you are, and in no way does your skin color define you – even if some morons on YouTube want to throw bitchfits.
    * Acknowledging that whatever you believe in does not define who you are. Beliefs can change, but that doesn’t change you, as a person.
    * You are not any of the groups that you associate with, since groups are formed, and later disbanded.
    * You are simply who you are. “You” are not your name, since getting your name legally changed does not change who you are. “You” are not your body, since losing a limb does not subtract from who you are, either. “You” are just “you”. Cells die off from your body constantly, and are constantly regenerated. Your mind is constantly learning and taking in new information, as you continue to exist.

    No matter who discriminates against you – whether it’s a white man, or a black woman – they cannot speak for you. “I am that I am.” You are who you are, and only you can speak for you. Whatever types of comments people are spewing is irrelevant to who you are.

    You can just ignore and forget all of this, but I hope that it means something to you. When I learned to think like this, I typed it out, and re-read it several times, to help me to really understand.


    • Root,

      Thanks for the message, you certainly did wrote a lot. Much appreciated for your input. At this stage I simply go with the flow, I realise that there are many issues that need to be dealt with and the current folks who have set themselves up as leaders over black society are not doing their jobs properly.

      Nobody is going to change who I am even though many(especially black women) are forever trying. This is why I say “Stay Individual” at the end of every one of my posts, it doesn’t mean stay alone and don’t associate with anybody else, it simply means retain your own personality, don’t give up who you are for any group. My goal is to stick to being myself and to continue proclaiming the truth, that way I cannot and won’t go wrong. Take care.

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  3. so basically the same White Man figuratively speaking…use to Rape Black Women during certain time periods, leading to different shades of black in our race…people post moronic shut like this all of the time ,its moronic and its a personal opinion…you are rooting for it and pushing it as a fact…you are not the final dictator over any person but yourself…the judging starts at home first!!! you are so dumb and hurt by a black woman throwing you away and abandoning you that you’ve turned against all…lol do you think all white women want you…Its some women and men who are white that still engage in KKK riots…Did you ask them what they think about black pepple as a whole?….Probably not because you know you gonna get a bad review lol…but you pick a person who hates black women to try and strengthen your argument and source your hate via qwerty emotions…There are interracial couples all over and you are so stupid to realize black women marry other races and black men all of the time…do you remember Emmett Till …youre siding with white men who put down black women lol they killed a boy for whistling at one of their own…meanwhile you throw rocks at yours,those are mostly the same white men who think they are better than you also…dont be dumb and hurt…and why not ask this same man what he really feels of the black man? I’d love to hear that!

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  4. I see the comments section is already started to be infiltrated by these stupid Black bitches. Their comments ought to be deleted on sight. Fuck them.

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    • Jay,

      Lol, its the Black Men Walk Away From Black Women – 12 Good Reasons Why article which is going semi viral again, they’re coming in because of that post, hopefully things will calm down in a few days. I hear you but their comments are useful in that they continue to tell on themselves and provide me with more ammunition.


  5. Some African Americans are messed up, y’all hate each other for no good reason. Should learn something from other blacks like my self


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