So Men Must Pump Gas For Women Now, Really????


The feminist propaganda machine continues to work at maximum revolutions churning out some of the most ridiculous and illogical concepts known to man. This time the ludicrous propaganda is in the form of attempting to shame men for allowing women to fill up their own cars with petrol/gas if travelling in the same vehicle as a passenger. I’d love to see firsthand who the person is at Feminism Inc dreaming up such lunacy. It is a pity that my book Negro Wars came out before I found out about this “concept”, otherwise I would have most definitely dealt with this topic in addition to the others.

The first question that must be asked is since the car belongs to her, why am I as the man expected to “pump gas” for the woman? Does she not have two hands, is she disabled, has filling up a car with petrol become that difficult of a task that it now requires a man’s hand in order to get the job done? Of course not, filling up the gas tank is child’s play, open the flap, unscrew the petrol cap, insert the nozzle into the receptacle, pull the trigger and out comes the petrol. In fact from what I understand, in the US you can lock the trigger in position and it will automatically disengage once the tank is full.

Women ought to feel deeply insulted by this crazy concept, however as per usual many have embraced such madness and run with the insanity instead of shunning this stupidity. For women who claim to be so intelligent this meme is actually painting you as the complete opposite, in reality this meme is saying that a man has to do such a simple job as pumping gas for women because women are that stupid that even though the job is far from complex, women might still get it wrong and do something calamitous.

For those men and women who would argue that it is common courtesy for a man to do this, it can equally be argued that it is quite rude and insulting to ask a man to pump gas for a car that doesn’t belong to him. What next, will you ask him to chip in and contribute towards your electricity because he visited your home and stayed there for over 30 minutes?

This concept of men pumping gas for women is completely unheard of in Europe or anywhere else for that matter, whoever owns the car is the one to fill up the tank, this is common sense. Remember in Negro Wars where I wrote about Feminism and the never-ending mind bending adjustments one must make in order to “fit in”. Of course the lunacy never stops as feminism is constantly evolving and taking on board more politically correct insanity by the day. Fellas, don’t fall for this latest nonsense to roll off the feminist propaganda printing press, women are quite capable of pumping their own gas.

Also be sure to grill and roast any simps/manginas and white knight who attempt to shame you into following suit with such garbage.

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