It’s Not All – We Know Its Not All, Now Deal With The Points Or Shut Up!

One thing that is particularly annoying is the fact that when dealing with black women and their dysfunction, without fail they will always introduce one of the most common phrases to proceed from their mouths, “not all black women are like that”.

Having never stated that “all” black women are dysfunctional, I have no idea why any black woman would utter those words. Well, let me be honest, actually I do. Black women enjoy defending the scum buckets of their sisterhood because more often than not the dysfunction is something they can relate to having an element of it dwelling within themselves also.

Black women also have a very serious problem with putting forward reckonings, ideas and theories that are not present, whether it be in a comment, a blog post or a person’s speech. In other words they will jump to wild conclusions with little to no evidence to substantiate their claims.

“Its not all” is not a genuine response from black women, it is simply a knee jerk reaction in order to prevent the examiner from laying out the unsavoury truths about their dysfunction on the table for all to see.

This is the main reason why I no longer converse with black women who reach for the “not all” line, I am fully aware of what they are attempting to do, they are trying to stall and hinder the conversation in order to save face from embarrassment.

What I also find discouraging is the fact that black women would rather reprimand the examiner who is merely reporting on what he/she sees as opposed to dealing with the actual individuals who are engaging in degenerate antics. This is the backwards behaviour that I talked about in the book Negro Wars, those who actually engage in dysfunctional behaviour are viewed and exalted as heroes, whereas those who merely voice their opinion in opposition to the dysfunction are looked upon as the scum of the earth.

This is part of the backwards and illogical thinking that black women have woven into black society and most of them are proud of this achievement. Since most black women lack the ability to be honest and responsible, I recommend that black men avoid having conversations with them lest they become frustrated unnecessarily.

“Its not all” is not winning you the argument, deal with the points raised. If on the other hand you are unable to, simply admit your defeat, shut your mouth and move on.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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