White Man Tells Black Women The Truth And They Don’t Like It – Swirl Movement Is Crumbling Fast!

Christelyn Karazin


The truth of the matter is that most non black men simply aren’t interested in black women. Out of those that are the overwhelming majority of them are not interested in anything in relation to black women past a sexual encounter. For the overwhelming majority of non black men their first choice for a mate and a companion will be their own race of women, this is simply the way things work in life, however dishonest and disingenuous characters such as Christelyn Karazin have been deliberately deceiving black women into believing that this is not the case. Karazin who runs the website http://www.beyondblackwhite.com aswell as a YouTube channel by her own name has embarked upon a journey of attempting to persuade black women that they can do better for themselves in terms of dating and marriage by dealing with non black men(especially white men) in place of black men.

Recently Karazin went on a crocodile tears spree in one of her videos entitled “Christelyn Karazin Apologizes” in which she expressed extreme disappointment at the fact that a white male Youtuber by the name of VeGAINator used her platform to express his views on why he does not “swirl” ie date black women. I honestly don’t understand what the problem is, we black men have been stating for years that black women simply aren’t desired by white men and other non black men en mass. Black men are the only men that date black women en mass, however with the black women treacherous past aswell as her cosy, comfortable and convenient relationship with the state and the fact that she in conjunction with the state’s financial backing is keeping black society broken, this dynamic is slowing starting to shift, more black men recognising that the black woman has become their enemy are beginning to jump ship.

VeGAINator has recently posted some videos in which he has expressed his reasoning behind only wanting to date white women(him being a white male himself), he has also been addressing the backlash he has received from black women who have gone after him in their droves for daring to speak the truth of how he lives his life. As I stated in my book Negro Wars most black women hold to the dream that one day a tall, dark and handsome white man will ride up on a white horse and whisk them into the sunset, however in reality most black women will never be given the opportunity to climb Swirl Mountain, it just isn’t going to happen. The VeGAINator by telling them the truth has shattered their dreams, black women have been forced to stumble back into reality by the very god they love, adore and worship, the white man.

The fact of the matter is Christelyn Karazin has set up a temple and a shrine dedicated to the worship of non black men(the pinnacle of this being white men). In essence Karazin is deceiving black women into believing that they can somehow escape the defective black men they have produced with their own hands aswell as the destruction they have wrought upon black society for the past half a century. For this crime Karazin is one of the biggest transgressors amongst black women, not only because she has sold black women a lie but also because she is keeping this lie in place in order to continue generating revenue. The truth is this, for what black women have done to black men and black society they have a heavy judgement coming the likes of which they have never seen before nor will they ever see again, from this recompense there will be no escape, black women must be punished for their treachery and they most certainly will be.

As the VeGAINator stated in one of his rebuttal videos, Karazin is a cunning woman and I happened to agree with him, persuading a large group of woman that they are somehow all of a sudden desired en mass by a different race of men other than their own is incredibly cunning and deceptive. However, it comes as no surprise to me that black women would fall for this garbage, as I stated in Negro Wars black women are the most stupid individuals on the planet. Intelligence, common sense, reasoning and logic overwhelmingly comes from men and since black women have not only shunned and rejected black men but have also created an entire new breed of black men devoid of the above, black women’s serious lack of intelligence and delusional mindset can now be better understood.

Karazin’s crocodile tears rampage is not fooling me in the slightest, the VeGAINator brought the truth home and black women didn’t like it. Not surprisingly Karazin stated how she was surprised how no men(especially black men) have jumped to her defence. Of course black men are not going to defend you, not only because of how black women have treated black men in general but also because you Karazin have set up an entire platform dedicated to spitting in the faces of black men, why in the world would we defend you or any other black women like you for that matter?

As I have stated on numerous occasions, black women are fully aware of why there is a growing hatred and resentment for them coming from black men, they know exactly what they have done to fester this type of hostile environment, however like the typical feminists that most black women are they must always put on the mantle of victimhood and pretend that they have no idea what is going and why. Sorry, nobody is falling for this Kansas City shuffle anymore, the spells have been broken, we now see the modern-day black woman for who she is, a traitorous witch who has joined forces with the state embarking upon a mission to destroy black society completely in exchange for carnal treats, material wealth and possessions.

No Karazin, you will not be able to save black women from the wrath to come, black women must and will be punished for their crimes against black men and black society. Since most of you black women want war I suggest that you prepare for the battle to come. For those miniscule amounts of good black women left, I would strongly suggest you separate yourselves from the scum buckets lest you also be contaminated and consumed in the fire. Here are some of the videos from both parties involved. Please note how at the beginning of the video presented by the VeGAINator, he illustrates how typically whorish and slack the average black woman is, enjoy.

Since Karazin has now lodged a false DMCA notice against me concerning her video, for the meantime I have provided a link below where part of her apology video can be found through Qes Soul-N-Black’s commentary and break down of it:

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

148 thoughts on “White Man Tells Black Women The Truth And They Don’t Like It – Swirl Movement Is Crumbling Fast!

  1. You’ve fallen so low, it’s sad. You revel in the women of other nations, and call Black women gutter trash. But when Black women date outside of their race, as YOU advocate for Black men, they are even lower scum. Your last 6 posts are about Black women. We get it. You hate Black women. You want all black women to die a horrible death because somehow, they are the reason for all the ills in society…and the world. I don’t remember Black women commanding the armies of Israel. Black women weren’t the reason for the fall of Israel. The daughters of Zion are dreaming dreams as spoken of in Revelation. As you mentally masturbate to the destruction of Black women, there are REAL communities of Hebrew men and women moving forward. Together. Making progress and making melanated babies and learning to love each other and their communities. Hebrews like you are, sadly, going to be left behind as the REAL men of Zion start stepping up. The ones who don’t revel in the destruction of Black men and Black women. I feel sorry for you. Especially when I read your earlier posts. Now it’s just some weird hypocritical ranting from you. Just because you hate your own people and wish destruction against them, doesn’t make it so. May The Most High have mercy on your soul. Pray that you catch up to the rest of us Hebrews. I went to a LOVELY Sabbath service in California FILLED with Hebrew people. Over 100. Men and Women. This is going on across the country. The great awakening is happening. And all you coons who want to sleep with Massa and Massa’s daughters will be left behind. As the TRUE Hebrews rise. TOGETHER. Not with men and women of strange nations. You seem to think that Black women won’t be saved….even though you have NO biblical basis for that belief. Maybe you come across nothing but scum because YOU are outside of the Body of Israel. As you make Tommy Sotomayor videos…don’t you ever wonder why you don’t come across decent Hebrew women? Maybe because TMH doesn’t want them tainted by you. I’ve seen plenty of righteous women on social media….but..if you look for feces, you will find it. And you seem to be searching diligently. And despite your hatred, Black women and men will be building kingdoms together…as it should be. You won’t hear these words because you have lost your anointing. I can see it in the denigration of your posts. Unlike you, I don’t revel in someones downfall. It’s actually quite sad. Shalom. And try to stay away from Heathen women. You may hate Hebrew women, but Hebrews women don’t have anything on the cave beasts you love. After all, they birth and nurture the white male patriarchy system that has decimated the whole world. Or was that the Black woman? LOL

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    • Darqbeauty,

      Wrong, completely incorrect on all counts. I have absolutely no problems with functional, feminine black women who know their place, all of my posts dealing with black women are aimed solely at the degenerate, decadent demographic of black women, the very ones destroying black society as we speak. The problem is black women such as yourself who “claim” to not be like the scum still choose to identify with them, hence you get caught up in the crossfire, however that isn’t my fault, that is yours. Stop identifying with scum bag black women and you will be fine. I do not and would never identify with degenerate black men, why on earth would I identify with those who are detrimental to my life?

      Yes, black women who have joined forces with the state and who are actively seeking the destruction of black men and black society need to die a horrible death because they are clearly nasty and spiteful individuals who mean the black nation harm. Exactly what do you expect me to do with this women, praise them? As I stated in the first paragraph, I do not have a problem with functional, feminine black women, the problem is not many of them exist today.

      We are not dealing with the fall of the past, we are dealing with the recent fall of black society. Despite being persecuted from the end of slavery right up until the civil right era, the black family structure was intact, more intact that the white family unit. It has been selfish and greedy black women who have torn the black family structure apart in their quest to satisfy their lusts for government benefits, welfare and material possessions. Nearly all the Hebrews I have seen are calling out degenerate black women on their dysfunctional behaviour, I fail to see why you are behaving as if I am the only one doing this.

      No, this is the Most High appointing me a task to perform. there is no point in Hebrew history where the Most High did not appoint a prophet or some other individual to talk to his people about their transgressions or in worst cases cascade and reprimand them for their iniquities. In case you have forgotten, the Most High always begins judgement to his own house first before dealing with outsiders. Genuine Hebrews who are building do not have problem with my message because they recognise the need for somebody to blow the trumpet.

      Again, you must stand corrected, I hate degenerate black people who are destroying the black nation, if you wish to still identify with them then that is your business, however as the saying goes, “when you jump up to defend scum you become scum yourself”. Just remember that the next time you come running to the rescue of people who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.

      Christ stated that he came to bring “division and a sword”(Matt 10:34, Luke 12:51), he did not say he came to bring unity or peace, what bible are you reading from? The Most High stated that he is the one who will bring Israel together, he did not state that this would be done by Israel itself. It is good for genuine Hebrews to come together in fellowship, however at the same time do not believe that all Hebrews are for the cause. In hard times and scarcity you will begin to see who is who.

      Sotomayor does not have the exclusivity on the truth about black women, there are quite a few black men highlighting the problems with the black female including myself, Sotomayor just happens to be the most prominent individual of the bunch. I have had nothing but leviathans and dragons coming after me on Facebook, good black women in 2016 are very few and far between. Dysfunctional black women are now the standard within black society, which is the main reason why more black men are choosing interracial dating.

      If anyone will build it will be black men because women are not builders by default, women are automatic benefactors of the kingdoms that men build, however feminism has made a large portion of women forget this fact and they seem to believe that they can do things by themselves with no assistance from men whatsoever. They conveniently forget that they are achieving in a system that has been set up by men, in fact everything they do is because men have already made it possible for them.

      You keep on talking about about patriarchy as if it is a sin, yet the very bible that you claim to believe in clearly states that the head of the woman is the man, the head of man is Christ and the head of Christ is the Most High. Since you have such a problem with the natural order of the man being the authority over the woman, it is safe to say that you have a problem with the Most High who established that order himself(Genesis 3:16 1 Corinthians 11:3). Which God do you believe in again?

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      • I am a Black woman. I agree with Verbs2015. I have had to disconnect with most of my Black female “friends”, the majority are single women who constantly complain about Black men, mostly who complain that there are no “good” Black men. A few got caught up with a few Black and other races of men, only to get hurt. These are the same women who tried to “clown” me when I opted out of their lifestyle of so called exploring their sexuality, by engaging in sexual intercourse with various men, including married men. I was not looking to be used as a semen receptacle for various men, I wanted a loving, responsible man as a future husband and future father for our children. I did meet that man at 17, and married him at the age of 20. 28 years of marriage, and two amazing adult sons later, I’m glad I chose to ditch those women as my friends, back in the day. I honestly tried to maintain friendships with these women, however, their bittnerness over having allowed themselves to be used by various men, and the oow pregnancies by men who did not love them or their kids, while implying and outright saying that my husband was no better than the men they were sleeping with, that all men cheat, and that I would get my wake up call, was my cue to clean friendship house. Too much negativity. The ones who were sleeping with married men, their attitude was, well I’m not married to her, I don’t owe her anything. Around the time I became pregnant with our first child, I talked to my husband about my decision to disconnect from these women, the last thing I needed was to be aggravated while carrying my child. All these years later, I have run into a few on occasion, they’ve given their lives to the Lord, one said she was married to Jesus. I just smiled and nodded a little, I honestly didn’t know how to respond.

        Sometimes, its best to let people go, when they become too emotionally toxic to deal with. I’m at peace with my husband and the two emotionally stable, likeminded friends I met some years back. No drama, just old married ladies with grown kids. We’re patiently awaiting our children marrying and giving us some grandbabies to love and spoil….the spoiling part, just a little bit.

        As for some of the comments here, I just don’t know how to respond. I can understand how some of our men have just thrown their hands up, and given up. I feel for them. But there is some light in the tunnel, my older son recently asked his girlfriend to marry him, she accepted. I think they are good for each other. I wish the same for my younger son.

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      • Patriarchy is a sin. It is a myth created by evil sexist men who falsely claim that men have authority over women by natural order. You misquote the bible. When it talks of head, it does NOT mean dominance or control, head means source of love. What it is saying is that men are the source of love for women and Christ is the source of love for men and the church. As to your claim that women aren’t builders, that is utterly false. Both men and women need each other, and both sexes equally build society and system. Neither would exist or could function without the other.

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      • Devan,

        In typical devilish fashion you black women stay true to your father Satan, questioning the scriptures and attempting to twist any obvious interpretations that point to the man being an authority over the woman. I don’t really see how you can twist Genesis 3:16 which clearly states that the husband is to rule over the woman. Rule over means rule over, get over it, stop trying to bring your lies to the table.

        Women don’t build or create anything, I don’t see women brick laying, road building, constructing buildings and offices, manufacturing planes, trains, cars, mobile phones, laptops, computers, televisions, sofas, beds, clothes, shoes etc.

        I find it funny how you hypocritical buzzards claim to rail against the evil patriarchy yet you have no problems partaking in its fruits. Everything in your house/apartment is man made including the home itself, keep your mouth shut as you have nothing constructive to say woman.

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      • There is no “black nation.” All men (mankind; human beings) are of one “blood” (genotype).
        But to non-black eyes black women in general are unattractive. This is not that there is anything wrong with women who are dark-skinned and who have “negroid” facial features and physiognomy. They’re just ugly, unless they have much non-black in their ancestry.
        Unfortunately this has carried over into black men, probably due to having white and yellow (Asian) women held up to them as attractive.
        How to change this? How about black women avoiding looking as if they are Jabba the Hutt’s sister? Lay off the third helping of chitterlings.


      • Lekeshia Harris,

        Black men don’t have a problem leading non black women, black women have an agenda in place to prevent black men from assuming their roles as leaders, this is why black society has remained stagnant and is going to the dogs. No man can lead a group of ultra liberal feminists which is exactly what the majority of black women today are.

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    • I know , this author is serverly confused and biased. Statistically blacl women are the most educated (graduated)demographic in the country .

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      • Where is this happening? I live in the deep south and I am approached by White men everywhere! My ex husband was white and I am checking for brothers who also approach me but I see white men checking sister all the time. There is a 400 yr history of white men desiring black women…don’t fool yourself to think these boys today don’t have they granddaddys same itch…don’t believe the hype

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      • Queen,

        Stop trying to use exceptions to prove your point because you can’t. Exceptions do not buck the general trend. Your EX husband was white, that says it all doesn’t it, proving the fact that marriages between black women and white men are on the decline. In other words your white father is slowly discarding of you. You black women are sex toys in the eyes of white men, nothing more.

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    • Preach sister! This is the most delusional article I’ve ever read. This author needs pyschological help. I’m a mixed woman, biracial. . Black mother.. so it’s false to say black women are not appreciated /wanted by white men. The millions of bi racial ppl in the world. Furthermore, ppl I grew up around including my family have 30 plus yrs marriage both black. It’s clear the author has serious mommy issues/abuse to form such a generalization. Just bc one white man “tells it like it is”, doesn’t speak for all . Ridiculous

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      • Khalessi,

        I wish women like you would learn something for once, you cannot use exceptions to disprove the general rule. Another thing that you need to learn, yes, I am permitted to make generalisations once a trend begins to form. Again, black women and black men married to each other for long periods is not the norm within black society today, and you had the audacity to claim that I have mental issues. Do you ever stop to hear yourself speak or think before you engage your fingers to the keyboard? Besides, black women make general statements about black men all the time, you need to take 10 seats with the rubbish.

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      • Just another arrogant, rebellious woman. Doesn’t matter what color she is; she’s a rebel. What man, white, black, red, yellow wants one of these.
        A man wants to be welcomed and comforted when he returns to his “castle” after a long, hard day fighting dragons, not be met at his door by a firebreathing dragoness.
        Woman was made to serve man, not to be his equal or to rule over him.
        Man is to care for, protect and breed the woman.

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    • The guy is a very sad representative of who and what a real black man should be. Black women, don’t believe what he says. Those of us who really know who we are, know we are superior, the mother on civilization. We are loved by many men worldwide. However, many don’t think they are worthy enough to be with us because, We demand the best from men, because we are the best.

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    • Well spoken and well said. My thoughts exactly. Denial of our history is to deny the solution. He is clearly a product of what white society aimed to cause between black men and women during slavery. Hatred and distrust. I pity his soul for there is no prize in despising your own flesh.

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    • You are a daughter of devil you brainwashed wicked witch. Chosen people are mixed families, black men and white women couples with beautiful, strong beautifully blended united human blood children. God loves us mixed families and our unity. You only represent devil and he will claim you. Fact.

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    • Cleopatra was the fall of egypt through her love of the deceiving julius ceasar. From there the rest of black sovereignty started to crumble.


    • Black women are not Hebrew. Jewish men, indeed most non black men would never consider dating Black women. So few black women are educated and cultured and have good careers. No White Lawyer or Doctor would ever consider black women for a partner. Indeed. unless you are in the church, black women have very little chance of getting married. It’s true.

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      • You are 100% correct. Just because this generation of black women has decided their future is no longer with the black man (he did likewise a generation ago) she expects white men to suddenly be interested in here when as white men, we NEVER quit wanting out own women as black men did to theirs! Just a little slow on the uptake sistas! ~Whitey

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      • When you men, seduce a girl or woman, impregnate her and then abandon her and your child or children, you created this black woman that you all now hate. I know all of you are not like this,but enough of you are. What you have now forced the woman to fend for herself and her child. Then you wonder why a large portion of black women strive to do better with people of other races. This white man knows nothing about a black woman, so why are you all agreeing with him. Has he lived with one, does he know someone who has lived with one. I do not think so. Did he go to school to study black women. Why is it when a black woman fending for herself need to be buried. You all wish we would turn into these weak stay in her place puppets, but that ship sailed many many years ago when black men decided we were just worth a good fuck and thats when women started to turn on black men.

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      • Yvonne Washington,

        The deadbeat father mantra is a myth and black women and their advocates need to stop using it:



        Most black women cannot get with non black men, the Vegainator aka the black woman’s god has finally told black women the truth. this guy is allowed to have a dating preference, why are black women having such a hard time accepting those preferences, oh yes, because they worship the very god who has now rejected them.

        The “weak, stay in her place woman” is the feminine woman which I will take any day of the week. Since you black women love your feminism so much, you can keep it, however black men are now realising that they are not obligated to tolerate rebellious, violent, difficult, belligerent, coarse, masculine women. Therefore I would rather chase after that ship that sailed years ago through non westernised black women aswell as non black women.

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    • I know , this author is serverly confused and biased. Statistically blacl women are the most educated (graduated)demographic in the country .

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      • I agree, “black” women in general are very intelligent, smart, and quick witted. But women in general are very intuitive and smart people. I don’t think it’s right to put down a whole race of women in generalities. I think the author was hurt or had a terrible relationship with his mother. People should be able to date whoever they want, but I believe interracial dating is not so good at the moment because of all the racial issues and interracial dating will not solve the problem, they are deep and systemic issues. But to generalize all women of African descent as “most stupid” is very ignorant and it sounds like it’s coming from a racists, which this person could be, racist against his own race, or a particular segment of his own race, very complicated, but most likely it stems back to a troubled childhood. To say that he wants women to be in their place is also ignorant and is actually a western cultural idea it is not an African idea. In ancient Africa, women were just as equal as men, in fact no where in the ancient world were women more equal than men than in Egypt (North East Africa). So basically, this guy us trying to suppress women of African descent by utilizing a western cultural paradigm while being upset that they date men from western culture. Clearly he has issues and women of African descent, know that you are beautiful, who can appreciate it, that’s good and who can not appreciate it, do they really worth your energy engaging in such argument? Peace!

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  2. Only when we’re all threatened by a common outside force capable of annihilating our specie will it dawn on is that we are ONE race, humans! Until then, ignoramus race-mongers will always post decisive thinkings like these.

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  3. Black woman are the most educated group in america. We will continue to thrive with or without a man. this planet started with a black woman and more than likely it will end with one. We dont need a black , white or blue man for tht matter. It was actually a time in ancient history where we created our own children without the help of a man. So ya argument here is MEANINGLESS and honestly u sound so bitter almost as if a black queen broke ur heart ..im sorry for tht .. But hating us wont chance tht 😘😘

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    • Tiffany Shaw,

      Even if we accept that black women are the most educated group in the US, this is still no reflecting upon their general everyday lives which are observably abysmal failures. Women build nothing, they create nothing nor do they protect, all women need men in some form or another. Just because you may not need a man directly that does not mean that men have completely been excluded from your life. Men created the education systems that you black women so love to brag about, they are also the ones who have created the jobs that you black women enter into after graduating.

      Keep dreaming, without men you women are nothing and would have nothing. Created children without men???? The mental illness of the modern day black woman is right here on display for all to see with that statement. Reckoning that somebody “broke my heart” is not deconstructing the points raised, I hope you realise that. Emotionally and carelessly throwing around the word “hate” is not winning you the debate either, again, either deal with the points raised or simply admit defeat.

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      • You keep dreaming you sexist idiot. Women and men both equally build and create society, the education system, protect others etc. Both sexes need each other and without women, there would be no society, education system or anything else. Without women, men wouldn’t even exist. You are such as sexist, arrogant moron. You men are NOT superior and never were, get over yourself. You and yours are the reason why there is hostility between the sexes and why feminism is necessary.

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      • Devan,

        Men do not need women, it is you that need us. Stop being delusional, women haven’t been responsible for the construction of anything significant because women are not builder/creators by nature. The education system is man made, stop lying woman. Men are superior to women overall because that was the way that we were created, we were created by the Most High to be the creators and the builders of the world, get over it and take a seat.

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    • Tiffany Shaw your comments have no fact based in either the Bible or scientific record, so how do you even say such things???


  4. Dig your own grave you lie in it, How can black women live so long and be so stupid, not to know that white men see them as a “good time” and nobody want’s to marry a “good time”. Hopefully this will wake your simple minded ass up.

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  5. The person who wrote the article is full of hatred towards the black women. With that kind of hatred toward us, how does he believe the black community can be united. Enough with the bashing!

    How about look at numerous qualities that black man and woman possess and achievements made. What about the focus on how much we need each other. Our children, families, communities success depend on us. Believe it or not one couple, marriage at a time can change everything. Lets start loving and appreciating each other.

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    • Wendy Cade,

      Emotionally and carelessly throwing around the word “hate” is not winning you the argument, nor is using the word “bash”. Deal with the points raised or simply admit defeat. If you have a flat tyre you don’t sit there and focus on how beautiful the rest of the car looks, you get to work and change the tyre.

      The same goes for black society, focusing on whatever good qualities there are is not dealing with the problems which are now drowning out the good. The black women is currently the problem within black society, until she is dealt with there will be no unity whatsoever.

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    • The article was well written.A very detailed history of facts are produced in this article. Can you be specific on what you consider hate?

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    • That’s what I detected too. Some bitterness there. Must’ve had failed relationships where black women left for white men and hurt the ego. Also, who doesn’t know that most ethnicities marry within their race the majority of the time? As for the VEgainator, who cares who he dates? I couldn’t care less whether he swirls or not.

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      • Carli,

        Deal with the points raised or simply admit defeat. You black women can never deal with and deconstruct the facts and true statements, your reckoning and guessing about a man’s personal history is still not dealing with the points raised in the article, again, black women stay losing because of this.

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  6. I couldn’t even read your full article, as it saddens me too much. Just as I am saddened by all black peoples who suffers from self hate… Including the bleachers and swirlers. You sound eloquent and intelligent, so I have to assume something happened to you to turn you so bitter and twisted. And I can only pity you and hope you recover and find peace and love for yourself and all black people.

    Black people definitely have problems, much of which is the residue of our past. But we are also strong, beautiful and resilient. What we should be doing is supporting each other, but the divide and conquer method of keeping us weak, is evident in your writing.

    I really hope you learn to love yourself and your origin. Peace!

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    • Patricia,

      Self hate is an ACTION, not somebody declaring facts and true statements that may be harsh to some people’s ears. Swinging around the same “somebody must of hurt you ” line is not dealing with the points raised in the article, this is one of the main reasons why black women stay losing. If you took your car into a garage repair shop because you were having problems with it and asked the mechanic to investigate the problem(s), once he came to you with his findings you wouldn’t turn around to him and say “you hate the car, you are jealous because you don’t own this type of car, you must have been hurt” etc. You would accept the findings of his investigation and decide what you wished to do from there.

      This ought to be the same approach when it comes down to examining defective black women, however black women and the truth is like vampires and sunlight. As I have stated before in other comments, I have absolutely no problems with feminine, friendly, humble black women who know their place. The problem is these types of black women in 2016 are practically non existent. I wish you would turn your sadness towards those who are actually destroying black society as opposed to those merely talking about the destruction.

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  7. This is a farce! That MUTHAFUCKA wouldn’t exist if enslaved women killed their babies! RECLAIM YOUR MANHOOD FROM THE WHITE MAN, NOT THE SKIN, BACK AND DIGNITY OF BLACK WOMEN. SORRY MUTHAFUCKER.

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  8. Then please tell me why research proves that interracial marriages between Black Women/White men lasts the longest out of all the interracial mixtures studied–White/Asian (the largest mixed group); White/Latino; White/Other? Also, mixed marriages are growing by leaps and bounds. The census has already provided multiple boxes for their offspring.

    And what Black men are you talking about who hate Black women? In the inner cities? Where? The only Black women or Black men worried about who the other dates are the insecure ones. I don’t know any.

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    • Carli,

      The marriage longevity is not the issue, the issue at hand here is the fact the overwhelming majority of white men and other non black men for that matter do not desire black women. Sure, black women/white men relationships do last longer, the problem is mixed marriages between black women and white men are few and far between and actually are on the decrease. On the flip side however, marriages between black men and non black women are on the increase simply because when it comes down to interracial dating and marriage, black men have far more power in this sector than black women.

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      • where are you getting this “overwhelming majority of white men” mess from? unless YOU have interviewed THOUSANDS of white men who have dated or lusted after black women to gather information, EVERYTHING you are saying is based on assumptions and personal opinions

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      • Craig,

        Interviewing 1000s of white men is not a requirement. You can use other forms of data in order to determine the trend, observable data being one and information from dating websites being another.

        Besides 1000s is still a drop in the bucket when compared to the total white male population. Stop attempting to argue against what is clearly an observable fact, most white men date and marry their own women, this is the standard for any race across the board, this is not an “opinion”.

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  9. You broke this down in a way that even a child can understand it but yet like always black women can’t stand the truth. They always will use ad hominems and attack your character and not your argument. For that matter I no longer will date an African American women and I’ve cut ties with a lot of my female relatives because they simply don’t like the truth that they have with the help of government destroyed the black community. They claim to be the most educated but their net worth value is $5. How can they be so “educated” and not have any value towards themselves?

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    • Glenn Smith,

      Black women are like spastics/retarded children. They always have an excuse for their own faults, better still they always blame somebody else for their own wrong doings. By not dealing with westernised black women you have immediately saved yourself from years of grief and have added many years onto your life. This is exactly my point, black women’s so called “high education” should be reflecting in their general lives, however we see the complete opposite, failure upon failure. As I have stated before, the modern day black women value has now sunk into the negative, in 2016 she is not even worth a bar of soap.

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    • What’s the average net worth for black men? I’m guessing it’s not very much since the average black man earns about $37k a year. Also, about 40% of married black women are the primary breadwinners. Since the article so eloquently states that ain’t nobody checking for us, but black men I don’t even have to mention whose big grown, sorry arses black women are carrying.

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  10. For all of you claiming the black woman is in bed with the government…what solutions have you provided so that she does not have to rely on the government???? Sitting here complaining about an issue does not resolve the issue. As someone stated you cannot woo a woman, impregnate and abandon her and not expect her to do what is necessary to feed her child. Further, more whites are on the government handout system than blacks but i don’t see you bashing them the way you do black women. I work in retail and i can say with a degree of confidence that there are far more whites on the system. So why is it only black women who have this relationship with the government. The deadbeat black man is NOT a myth. If it were there would not be so many children without fathers. You fail to realize black men are incarcerated at 3 times the rate of any other ethnic group which contributes to fatherless families. This is largely due to the fact that black men would rather hustle than get an honest job therefore they become victims of the prison pipeline and useless to society in general. Seems to me black men need to be ostracized from black society until they can get their act together and provide for the mess they have created. Dont throw rocks and hide your hands.

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  11. Such hateful rhetoric. How sad. If black women are not seen as desirable by you, that’s your opinion only. Your problem is making generalizations to extremes. Just because you may have had problems with relationships does not make you an expert on the intelligence or capabilities of most black women. Maybe you chose some black women thinking you could control them and they turned the tables on you for assuming they were stupid. You have no idea what the experiences of most black women are in terms men from diverse backgrounds approaching them and wanting their time and attention. Putting black women down is not going to boost your value, no matter how hard you seek to validate yourself at the expense of black women.

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  12. I met an italian guy who said that he was only interested in black women and that he wasnt attracted to white women. We became friends and I allowed him to cut my hair. He went to petland to buy a dog brush to groom my hair.. He said I had poodle hair… and thought his opinion was ok!


  13. I have seen some vile articles about sisters before, but this one is by far is the worst! You sound like a jilted and jealous lover who was left standing at the altar by a sister for a white man. You falsely label all sisters and negate the fact that black men bare some responsibility in the behaviors of sisters, as well as White Supremacy. Which is where the blame clearly lies. Your “facts” and statics are baseless! As a matter of fact, you can make statistics say whatever you want, the media does it all the time. The fact that some sisters chose white men for whatever reason is their choice and they must live with that. People have a right to choose whomever they want.

    Furthermore, you can’t tear down sisters for dating outside their race without tearing down brothers who did it first! How many sisters have stood by a black man while he was in the trenches, only to watch some white chick reap the rewards later? How many brothers are quick to say black women are gold-diggers, and they chose a Becky who started and perfected the art of gold-digging? Since we talking history, white women were the first to be kept women. They were the first to marry for dowries, and other forms of wealth. Beckys nowadays go to college to find a husband, not for an education. How many of their asses are so quick to quit their jobs to be a mommy once hubby starts making six figures?

    I can’t believe that you would consciously blame black women for all the garbage that is going on between black men and women without giving black men some culpability in any of this. Remember, is was the black woman that held it down when black men were thrown in jail, killed, or just ran out on their families. No a sister cannot raise a man, but she damn sure tried! Remember it is the black woman that has always come to the aid of black men and stood with them through the marches, raid on the Black Panther Party, the murders of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Dr. King. We carried on through it all.

    Who is leading the fight now on police brutality? Who created “Black Lives Matters” to bring attention to what’s going on with the murders of our sons and daughters. You don’t condemn and speak ill of black women because a chosen few are confused, battered, and feel unneeded. That is a problem sisters must deal with! Your job is to raise the brothers awareness and keep them in check! Teach them how to be a man, a provider, and a protector! Once brothers start doing their part, then maybe sisters will start doing theirs. Right now it is a collective problem. Sisters are not to blame for ALL the problem going on between black men and women, just like brothers are not to blame for all the problems between us. Shame on you for indicating this! You are no better than the sister peddling swirl to the masses!

    And for the record I am a black woman, married to a black man that i have been with ever since our first date 15 years ago. I am a lover of my people, and do not take kindly to any type of degradation towards them of any kind by anyone, but especially by bitter black people.

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  14. First and final period, why would I, a black woman, listen to VeGAINator, a white male, about my status and worth in the world. He cant neither understand what it means to be black nor a woman in the world. So his period, “the value of a woman is her worth and desirability to men.”is an opinion because clearly there are men of all races that love and respect black women.

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    • Those who believe “the value of a woman is her worth and desirability to men” are living in a fantasy world where they think women need their approval. Women with a sense of worth are not impressed by such arrogance. The narcissistic nature of such ignorant and self-centered people who think the world revolves around them, makes them feel entitled to control others. Any self-respecting women will not allow anyone to define her identity based on whether most men find her attractive. The terms of interaction between most people need to be reasonable if sanity is to prevail. The world is a mess primarily because of men with limited self-control who lack adequate emotional and ethical intelligence.

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  15. Stop dating men! Especially Black men! They are toxic, disease ridden degenerates who seek to be like white men! Black womyn, the only people you can love are yourselves!

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  16. I can’t even dignify this garbage with a response…that’s exactly what the writer wants…someone to get bent out of shape, like he obviously is…you get what you deserve, believe that….karma is a bitch you’ll be familiar with soon enough….

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  17. Black men have no true tangible power in the world. They don’t feel adequate to white men. The only power they feel they have is in the size of their penises and their athletic abilities. They want to be equal to the white man so bad, that they have become white men in blackface.

    White men are in control because they strategically put themselves there. They have shown themselves worthy of being in power by first protecting their women, children and land. Unlike black men, they understand that in order to stay in power, they must produce more white people to pass that power down to. So yes, they may desire to sleep with women of other races and not marry them because they have been reared to understand that they have to procreate with white skinned women to keep whiteness going.

    With limited resources, opportunities and support, it is inevitable that poor communities will produce desperate individuals who will rob, lie, steal and kill to survive. The system was built by design.

    But racism is keeping us separate. If not for this caste system that was created, we wouldn’t be so obsessed with race. We need to remove the indoctrination that was ingrained in us so that we can see people for who we are by our actions and not base those actions on the color of our skin. It has to start somewhere. Love those who earnestly and honestly want to love you back and remove the rest of the toxic distractions from your life. You can’t live for other people. Especially people who don’t know you but still want to control and destroy you. I mean a person has to be complete demented sociopath to demand attention, reform and accountability from complete strangers who have done nothing to personally harm these individual nut jobs and are living their lives unaware of these psychopaths plotting against them. It is a sickness to want to control and destroy people.

    Black women don’t fret over these resentful black men who have made it a career to destroy black women. Obviously a lot of us are doing something right. Thieves don’t break into empty houses. And even if we are at the bottom, like they’d want us to believe, it says a lot about a person who would kick somebody while they’re down instead of using their power to pull them up.

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    • Louise — You make many legitimate points. What you wrote is very well-said overall.

      However, you cannot completely blame black and brown men for not being in a position to protect black and brown women and children given the violence and ideological programming imposed on people of color by white people since early American history. As more black and brown people become conscious, they are emancipating themselves from the slave mentality and rethinking the ideology of white superiority and presumed black inferiority.

      I also think you overestimate the presumed nobility of the white male mentality. Many of them are like robots and more miserable than ever on some level. Notice their mounting anger as they grasp for the return of old days when white men were on pedestals and never questioned or rarely held accountable for their crimes against diverse others.

      So I disagree with your point that white people have proven themselves “worthy of being in power.” No, they have used violence to dominate and destroy others. That makes them brutes, not worthy of respect or admiration.

      Many people want to co-exist peacefully with diverse populations, but sociopaths force confrontations where violence seems the only option to stop the oppression when those in power refuse to be reasonable and are unwilling to compromise.


      • Anonymous Black Chick by me using the word worthy I don’t dismiss what white people have done to put themselves in the position of power. The atrocities they have committed are not excusable. What I am suggesting is, if white men are willing to protect their community, women and children, then they deserve to be in a position of power.

        History has shown us the great lengths black women have went through to help get black men some sense of power. Black women have fought alongside and for black men, funded them, and sacrificed their mind, body and soul so that black men can be seen for their humanity and greatness. No one understands bm better than bw because we are one in the same. We understand their pain because we feel the same pain. What affects bm also affects bw.

        History has also shown us the sacrifices and the lack of sacrifices black men have made for black women and children once they have achieved that power. I can look at the media alone as an illustration of what black men do when they get power….like social media for example. Or look back on all the black shows and movies where black men have made black women the laughing stock of the world.

        Black men are white men in blackface. And I mean it too. So you are absolutely right about how they are influenced by ideologies that were forced upon them. But they also pick and choose what they want to be influenced by. I’m not going to make excuses for these bm. They have had chance after chance with the platforms they were given to do right by the black collective and a lot of them blew it.

        Throughout these types of discussions, no one brings up the history of white men and black women. White men have been lusting after and raping black women for centuries. It’s no secret. There are a lot of white men who strongly desire black women. Because of the sins of their ancestors, they are socially conditioned not to desire black women. Black men are also socially conditioned to not desire black women and they are the ones who are more encouraged to date and marry inter racially. That is why the media promotes black men with white women more so than white men with black women. Even though wm/bw relationships do exist and because it’s not promoted, you have to go searching to find it.

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    • It sounds like you love the very white men who put themselves above black people as a whole, what kind of black person would be proud of that. Sociopaths and psychopaths will always put themselves in a position of power because they will kill any man, woman or child who stands in his way. I will NEVER turn my back on black men and especially not for a pale pasty ass white men. I won’t let a self-hating buttlicking, buckdancing, coon men like Tommy Sotomayer.


      • No I don’t love white men I have never dated interracially. I believe that black men are no better or different than white men.

        This blogger apparently is a sociopath. He is basically wishing and encouraging wrath to come down on black women who are dating interracially and who have moved on from them. You can defend the likes of them all you want to. That is your choice. Just don’t expect the same from the likes of them.

        Speaking of Tommy Sotomayor, I just watched a video of him cussing out a black woman he had an accident with. His hatred for black women is so palpable, that he took it out on a black woman he didn’t even know. These black men are losing their minds. They are out to destroy black women and are no different than the racist white men out to destroy us. That is what I mean when I say that bm are wm in blackface.

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    • Thank you! So much of what had being said reflects the slave mentality that we have yet to free ourselves from! It breaks my heart to see black men and women degrading each other in this way, just the way the master taught you. Be smarter, be better!


      • A Davis,

        This is the problem with people of your mentality, you believe that you can skirt over the major problems within black society by just ignoring them hoping they will simply disappear. That is not the real world, problems have to be dealt with. Also I notice that “being smarter and better” is only ever brought up when black women are the ones being examined and scrutinised by themselves. In 2018 you be smarter and better, deal with the problems instead of ignoring them.


  18. I didn’t read the entire article but I believe there is some truth to it. I’ve tried on line dating sites and I’ve been approached by White men. But they are usually past their prime or some type of a counter culture person. With that being said, I don’t think it’s unheard of for a non Black man to love a Black woman. It’s not really an unusual occurrence. I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to date within their own ethnic group. I love Black love but Black women don’t have a very deep dating pool so I think Black women need to be open minded about finding love.

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  19. I skimmed the rest of the article and the writer doesn’t seem to like Black women very much. I’m wondering why he cares what Black women are doing and with whom they are doing it. His tone is abusive. His sentiment is “No one else will love you so you’re stuck with me.” Regardless of if you are single or not that is not acceptable. Black women face more domestic violence than any other group of women. Black girls are molested more than other girls. It’s probably because of the type of mentality on display on this blog posting. No matter what. No one is called to be the victim of any type of abuse or mistreatment. PERIOD!

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  20. Ok, why are people saying white guys don’t date black women like black women would want a small dick, no rhythm in his stroke and a dick that look like it got his ass beat after I fuck it. The only reason a black women would want a white man is strictly for financial reason ONLY, no more or less. Plus, I need a man who will protect me and my family with or without a gun. If white girls wasn’t the biggest whores on the face of this planet we wouldn’t have to worry about going outside of our race, of course our men would screw anything with a pussy, so that doesn’t help. I would rather be single for the rest of my life then to date or marry a white guy. Once you had the feel of a strong black men, nothing else can compare, sorry it’s the truth.


  21. All I’ll say is this, as a young black male I was drawn to this article for its blatant inflammatory message. How the writer could suggest black women are the least intelligent of all races is forever mind boggling but beside the bigger point. Reading through the comments what hurts me most is that the main quandary the average black female respondant has to the article is that they are not disired by the white man. COME ON! Is that really all you take from this! He’s talking about the deconstruction of black unity and all you guys care about is if white boys actually find you attractive. There are So many talking points in this article and I by no means agree with all of them however, by fixating on that element of his argument – don’t you just prove what’s he’s trying to say. The division between races is only going to grow stronger and quite frankly I fear for my brothers and sisters because more frequently I see blackness and all things black not just stigmatised but rejected from those that bore us.


  22. HOPE FLOATS. JUSTICE ENDURES. TRUTH RISES. Racism, sexism, and colorism are mental illnesses founded and grounded in narcissistic, self-loathing, low-self-esteem fueled–in males–by the bottomless pit called “the male ego.” Most men suffer from one or all of the aforementioned mental illnesses. This black woman has risen to a level of consciousness where I have no need, nor any desire to take a mentally ill man home–of any shade or persuasion–and put him in my bed. Why? Simply, because he wants to f**k? LMBAO

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    • Brenda A Nero,

      You’ve risen to such a high level of consciousness that you couldn’t even deconstruct the article and deal with the points raised, lol. Black women stay taking Ls.

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    • Char Willie,

      Much appreciated. I can chill and relax simply because of the fact that black women cannot defend the destruction, the bloodshed and the death that they have brought upon black men and black society. Notice how out of all the black women who have commented in opposition, none of them has been able to deconstruct any of the points that have been brought forward.

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  23. Thank you Babs! Black Women who are productive and wish to build with our black men understand the true definition of submission. We respect that submissiveness is not inferior to our role or biological and physiological genetic engineering. We have mastered balance between God, marriage, responsible procreation, family, and career. While we seek to protect the sanctity of marriage and our femininity there’s many who believe its superior to be independent. The acceptance of Government funding, once shameful along with birthing bastard babies has now become an acceptable destructive social norm that’s destroying the black community. The genocide committed through abortions has black women with leading percentages with no regrets or sorrow for their lack of discipline over their bodies. Many are failing as Parents when they choose the father of their child to procreate with but only find fault in the other half of the child’s genetics.

    The list can go on addressing the issues with The modern day Black Women. I’m not offended because we can’t fix what we don’t acknowledge is a problem. We will never get to a solution if we are forever in a constant state of denial or constantly expecting someone to treat us like we are incompetent when we claim to be the most educated. The most educated should fix abortion rates, fix bad attitudes, poor customer services, fix black male emasculation, fix accepting government assistance, fix child support fraud, fix feminism, fix children born out of wedlock, fix low marital rates, fix loud obnoxious behavior, fix lack of self control, fix young black girls self-esteem, fix personal hygiene, fix common courtesy, fix the stereotypes, fix themselves before they fix the black man!

    We need this light shined on us! Someone must hold us accountable for our daughters and our nieces to have young black men to marry and if not then Happiness is relevant to Homeostasis, one will seek and find what brings stabile and functionality.

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    • Tru2myself365,

      I’m glad that you stopped by to witness how far gone the overwhelming majority of black women are, this is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars in relation to black women embracing degenerate and destructive behaviour instead of shunning it as they once did in the past. This modern day black woman having been filled to the brim with the edicts and philosophies of feminism sadly no longer knows what it means to be a woman. This is one of the main reasons why I am constantly advising black men to start dealing with non westernised black women and non black women.

      Just look at the comments, you’ve read them for yourself, how on earth are we as black men supposed to form a union with such reprobate hoodlums? All of the problems you have listed most black women are not even phased by, most of them enjoy wallowing in their own filth. It is always refreshing to converse with black women like yourself who understand what is going and who chose to embrace a higher standard.

      Through these actions you show that you not only have respect for good black men but that you also have respect for yourself. Of course as you know already most black women will not heed your valuable advice, they will continue to engage in dysfunction and thus set themselves upon a course of irreversible destruction. That is not how I am living my life, I and black men in general are not obligated to take on board the dysfunctions of your average modern day black women, however they feel very differently, hence the reason why so many of them are ticked off.

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      • You know what is amusing, is that you have devoted a life to what you claim to despise. But there is a saying that “whatever annoys you is where you are anointed.” Black women’s behavior irks your soul to the extent where you have anointed yourself as ambassador and exterminator of ridding the world of these type of low life women. No different than a plumber or a trash collector. It’s a dirty job but hey….someone’s gotta do it. So in one form it’s noble of you but it’s also distasteful the way you go about it. You are cleaning up the filth because the filth reflects you. I get that.

        So will it make you feel better for all bw to affirm your grievance with them? Ok let’s go. Yes, there are black women with low self esteem, daddy and mama issues, angry, prideful, egotistical, attitude, conceit, bitterness, envious, hateful, vengeful, deceitful, selfish, evil, conniving, spiteful, insecure, manly, unhappy, stupid, violent, trashy, slutty, nasty, vile, worst mothers, jobless, husbandless, users, abusers, trifling, ratchet, gold diggers, manipulative, whorish, filthy, dirty, and worthless. I hope I didn’t leave anything out. Is that enough affirmation for you? Does that make you feel better?

        Black men can’t see past their own jealousy and resentment of black women that they think The white boy Vegainator is an ally. White men hate you black men. Just because they pay you to play their sports and create beats and allow you to sleep with white women does not mean they love you. They use you to keep the wealth you accumulate with your God-given talent in THEIR community. You will never be one of them. He sees you as a slave…easily influenced and gullible. But instead, you rather take it out on black women.

        Black women can be submissive, do everything a black man want her to do and that doesn’t mean anything to some black men. Black women go above and beyond to be desired by black men but it’s not good enough for some of you. This is nothing but a game to some of you. Competitiveness is part of your nature. You get off on exploiting black women and the presumed power it gives you. Black men who have no true power use their power to oppress the already most marginalized group….Black women. Black women shows strength, resilience and independence (because guess what, history has shown us that some men don’t stick around) and you throw in kryptonite. It’s weak and redundant.

        Why are you so threatened? Black men love to bring up how black women are running black men into the arms of non black women because of our independence, attitude and feminism. They think white women are the answer but never take the time to notice that white men are running to non white women in droves also. White men date outside of their race more than anyone else but you don’t see them making social media accounts running their mouths about white women. They don’t talk about it they be about it. But black men love to dedicate their precious time and energy talking about how miserable black women are making them.

        If black women are so worthless why do you devote so much into devaluing what you already see as valueless. I’m confused. I swear! Black men will sell their souls for crumbs!!

        Sometimes I want to believe that black men like yourself do this because you want to better black women by showing them tough love. Sadly, it’s just the distasteful way you go about doing it. You can’t use abuse to fix the abused. You can’t keep breaking the broken and expect them to be whole. Hate only brings more hate.

        It’s not my job to deconstruct what other bw are doing. I can point out the dysfunction, I can lead by example. But It’s not my job to reconstruct anyone but myself and I seek healers to improve my life. I don’t listen to inflictors or wound openers. Anyone with common sense knows not to surround themselves with abusive substance when they are trying to relieve themselves of it. People who want to heal will not do so by listening to the likes of you or Tommy Sotomayor. Only abusers who seek to abuse will listen to you. Now the broken and down trodden may be motivated to change their lives because of your abusive tactics. And for that, you have done your job. But there is no honor nor merit in how you are executing it.

        Each individual is responsible for their own self improvement. They have to want to change their behavior. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink or think. And if you are leading them to water, make sure the water is pure. No one can cleanse themselves in unclean water.


    • There is no need to fix feminism, there is nothing to fix. Women have equality and have a right to this, if you don’t like it, tough. Submission is false, sexist nonsense. Neither sex is to be submissive or dominant . Evil male chauvinists try to push submission because they are selfish, spoiled and want to control others.


  24. I have to say that the article has some key points. My opinion for the why most non black men do not like black women is a few reasons:
    1. They are simply not attracted to the majority of black women. Most of them want to have a trophy on their arm and not a girl that looks like hood rat in a nice dress. Having tattoos everywhere and different color hair in your head is not attractive.
    2. Non black men are not going to take care of another man’s seed regardless of how he feels about her. Most of our women have a kid or several kids from different men. It looks bad to his friends, family and people at his job.
    3. Non black men are into status and how their lives look to other people. About 90% of non black men will date and marry a lighter skin black woman that is universally beautiful to all races.

    I date men of other races especially Latin and European because i am fascinated by t
    them as a culture and they dont feel some type of way bringing me home to meet their families. Maybe ive been lucky with the types of been around. Ive been engaged 3 times and all were to non black men and to say they will not marry a black woman is ludicrous.

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  25. It’s a pity so many of the women writing on here are so caught up hearing their own voices that they continue to fail to hear the devastating problem. SMH. Stop hating the messenger and make sense from nonsense. There is a whole lot of TRUTH being said here. Just skip the parts where the author goes off a bit.

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  26. I will proceed to prove here just how insane this idiot is and how his diatribe isn’t based on any factual evidence:

    HE WROTE: “most non black men simply aren’t interested in black women. Out of those that are the overwhelming majority of them are not interested in anything in relation to black women past a sexual encounter. For the overwhelming majority of non black men their first choice for a mate and a companion will be their own race of women”.

    MY RESPONSE: Of course all people of any race, tribe, nation are usually attracted to and form relationships with their own. Duh! But that fact certainly hasn’t stopped or prevented black males from dating and marrying out ever since the time of Frederick Douglass in this country. Many black women are only now discovering that they have been desired by other races of men because they have been brainwashed into believing that they are supposed to be beholden to black males. That’s the main reason why there has been very little dating out and marrying out on their part. It has absolutely never been proven that white males or other races of males are not attracted to black women. In fact the opposite is true and any black woman that you meet will tell you that there has been white men and races of other men who have in fact shown interest and more often than not it was the woman who said no. The vast majority of white men will tell you that they do find black women attractive but are afraid to or don’t know how to approach them. So once again this idiot is talking out the side of his neck.

    HE WROTE: “most black women hold to the dream that one day a tall, dark and handsome white man will ride up on a white horse and whisk them into the sunset, however in reality most black women will never be given the opportunity to climb Swirl Mountain, it just isn’t going to happen. The VeGAINator by telling them the truth has shattered their dreams, black women have be forced to stumble back into reality by the very god they love, adore and worship, the white man”.

    MY RESPONSE: He just contradicted himself. If most people are attracted to the people of their same race, then that would mean that black women are as well. So if that is the case, then why would he state that all black women are dreaming about a tall dark white male riding up on a white horse? Once again his contradictions are glaring. If anyone dreams about the white man more than anyone on Earht, it’s the black male who wants to be him. He proves it by consistently showing that he wants to imitate what white men have by being an imitation one and striving to have a white woman on his arm. The black male is constantly looking up to and wanting to imitate the whit man in his capitalism, by advancing patriarchy and furthering the oppressive agenda against black women they have established as a matter of course, toward black women, By doing so, he shows that all he wants is a seat at the white man’s table. He certainly hasn’t shown loyalty to the race the way black women have when it comes to dating and marrying out. Not by a long shot.

    HE WROTE: “Karazin is deceiving black women into believing that they can somehow escape the defective black men they have produced with their own hands aswell as the destruction they have wrought upon black society for the past half a century. For this crime Karazin is one of the biggest transgressors amongst black women, not only because she has sold black women a lie but also because she is keeping this lie in place in order to continue generating revenue. The truth is this, for what black women have done to black men and black society they have a heavy judgement coming the likes of which they have never seen before nor will they ever see again, from this recompense there will be no escape, black women must be punished for their treachery and they most certainly will be”.

    MY RESPONSE: So now I see he’s a Hebrew Isrealite or some other whacked out nut job. He is lying, as they always do, as the only thing that produced these ignorant ass fools out here now are the streets, their peers, the black males who produce, perform and direct their own negative stereotypes and thug imagery and the black males in their families they try to emulate.The fact is that black women have actually sustained the race and sustained black families in whatever way they could to whatever degree they could in whatever form they could, DESPITE the black male and his abuse, neglect and destructive behavior. Black women have had to battle all the way just to keep an intact family, even with the destructive actions and abuses of black males in and outside of the home that have run rampant.

    They are not loyal or honest. They neglect and abuse children. They are number one in drug slinging in black communities. They are number one in shooting up black neighborhoods and putting black women and children in fear and at risk. They are number one in domestic violence against black women, They are number one in gang activity in black communities, They are number one in rape and sexual violence and exploitation against and sexual trafficking of black women and children. They are seldom if ever faithful to their black wives or girlfriends, They bed hop from woman to woman and some even to other males. They use any black woman they can find for their own selfish purposes and they are not loyal to the race at all when it comes to marrying and dating. So if anyone has some serious karma coming down on their heads, it is without question the black male.

    In fact, if it weren’t for black women fighting for survival in every conceivable area of life, in the home, in the street, doing community organizing, working with victims, working with survivors of domestic violence, doing social work, providing childcare and on and on, the black community to whatever degree it exists now, wouldn’t even have a chance in hell.

    So he needs to stop trying to rewrite history. What’s really ending is the patriarchy and the oppressive black patriarchy, (OBP), along with it They are on their last gasps of air. This is why the types like him are so desperate that they have to make things up. All Chris Karazin was doing, in her own way, whether we all agree with her way of going about it or not, at it’s core,was attempting to liberate black women by letting them know know they don’t have to conform anymore or remain beholden to black males and they have a right to exercise their options just like black males always have. There is no karmic payment required on the part of anyone to do that.

    HE WROTE: “As the VeGAINator stated in one of his rebuttal videos, Karazin is a cunning woman and I happened to agree with him, persuading a large group of woman that they are somehow all of a sudden desired en mass by a different race of men other than their own is incredibly cunning and deceptive. However, it comes as no surprise to me that black women would fall for this garbage, as I stated in Negro Wars black women are the most stupid individuals on the planet. Intelligence, common sense, reasoning and logic overwhelmingly comes from men and since black women have not only shunned and rejected black men but have also created an entire new breed of black men devoid of the above, black women’s serious lack of intelligence and delusional mindset can now be better understood”.

    MY RESPONSE: Yet he displays not one ounce of reasoning or logic in this diatribe. So if this idiot is an example of the richness of black male thought, then it’s no wonder they are behind in everything. He certainly is in no position to judge anyone as he presents as a person with an IQ of less than 100.

    I also don’t see how he can continue to contradict himself so blatantly and say Chris has tried to induce black women into believing they are “somehow all of a sudden desired en mass by a different race of men other than their own”, when he doesn’t show anything but hatred and contempt for black women. So how is it that he shows any desire for black women by referring to them as the “most stupid individuals on the planet”? Is that the “desire from their own” he is referring to because I don’t see any shred of it.

    I’d love to know how that in any way shows that he desires black women at all by making such false claims and stating a bunch of unfounded nonsense with no facts to back his claims as if they are true. One would also have to wonder why he would be worried about who any black woman dates or marries if he he considers them to be so lacking in all of these areas. Why even go so far as to even write a book about them if he doesn’t give a damn about black women and thinks of them as such screw ups? Clearly there is not a drop of reasoning, logic or common sense emanating from this bitter reject.

    HE WROTE: “Karazin’s crocodile tears rampage is not fooling me in the slightest, the VeGAINator brought the truth home and black women didn’t like it. Not surprisingly Karazin stated how she was surprised how no men(especially black men) have jumped to her defence. Of course black men are not going to defend you, not only because of how black women have treated black men in general but also because you Karazin have set up an entire platform dedicated to spitting in the faces of black men, why in the world would we defend you or any other black women like you for that matter”?

    MY RESPONSE: This part has me really laughing. I mean is he for real or on some psychotropic drugs? The black male doesn’t even come to the defense of black women who are all about black males, when they are shot down in the street or in their homes by white cops. So why would anyone think they would come to defend her? Trying to lie and say that her actions are what caused them to stay away from defending her against a white male, is a bunch of bull. The black male doesn’t even come to the defense of the black women who are dragged out of their homes by cops even after these women have show that they ride for the black male even over other black women. They don’t even show up at rallies for black women when they have been killed. So it’s a laughable joke to even think that Chris’s position on dating out had such a profound affect on them, that this reason alone made them stay away from defending a black woman. Please with the craziness.

    HE WROTE: “As I have stated on numerous occasions, black women are fully aware of why there is a growing hatred and resentment for them coming from black men, they know exactly what they have done to fester this type of hostile environment, however like the typical feminists that most black women are they must always put on the mantle of victimhood and pretend that they have no idea what is going and and why. Sorry, nobody is falling for this Kansas City shuffle anymore, the spells have been broken, we now see the modern day black woman for who she is, a traitorous witch who has joined forces with the state embarking upon a mission to destroy black society completely in exchange for carnal treats, material wealth and possessions”.

    MY RESPONSE: Okay so I see what it is. He’s trippin’. I won’t even reach for the typical tactic that black male misogynists use by asking “Who hurt you?” because that’s the lame nonsense they resort to when they have no real response to what is being said when the truth is spoken by black women. There is no truth being spoken here however. He just plain wants to blame and shame black women for a hostile environment that black males create as a matter of course, no matter what black women are doing. He basically wants to scapegoat black women for the behavior of black males.

    He also doesn’t have any facts to back up his claims. The vast majority of black women do not identify as feminists, even though they would be a lot better off if they did, reclaiming it as their own. So he is once again making things up. He, once again, as per usual with these misogynistic types, is trying to use the word feminism as a stigmatized buzz word and make excuses for black males who harbor hatred resentment and hostility based on their jealousy of and their failure to control black women It’s just another example of his illogical, irrational, low IQ, stupidity. Funny how he accused black women of that. He must be projecting. .

    HE WROTE: “No Karazin, you will not be able to save black women from the wrath to come, black women must and will be punished for their crimes against black men and black society. Since most of you black women want war I suggest that you prepare for the battle to come. For those miniscule amounts of good black women left, I would strongly suggest you separate yourselves from the scum buckets lest you also be contaminated and consumed in the fire”.

    MY RESPONSE: So what we are reading here are the words of a sewer rat who is basically psychotic and will be locked up soon. Trust and believe we can’t wait. It will be just another violent and insane black male that black women won’t have to deal with. He is clearly a danger to black people. Anyone who advocates for violence and destruction of the entire race, which is what a slaughtering of black women would actually result it, can’t possibly be for the advancement of black people. So not only do his statements exemplify the words of lunatic steeped in patriarchal religious fantasy but a self hating one at that. I’m quite sure his mother is impressed. That is if she hasn’t beat her down or taken her out. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

    Sorry but those insane ideas are based on made up, cultish, patriarchy pushing, bull and none of it is factual. Not that this nut job would know anything about facts. He’s still living in the 1st century and is just mad because he can’t keep up in the 21st. Jealousy will get you nowhere but locked up in a cell or a psyche ward. Something I suspect this nut case is quite familiar with. It’s just too bad the people who buy into this madness of his don’t realize it.

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    • Ree Parker,

      Duh, what does that mean? Most black women in 2016 no longer accept the concept that each race of men will home in for their immediate counter part first over others, black women on the whole now believe that they can replace white women as the number choice for white men, this is why they are going out of their way to please their white god. Desired by who, what race of men desire black women en mass? Did you knock yourself on the head getting out of bed. There is no mass attraction of white men towards black women, a few exception here and there does not negate the general trend of non interest. Sorry, white men on the whole do not find black women attractive, especially in their current state.

      I say “most black women”, you somehow translate that to “all”. Is English your first language? So no, there is no “contradiction”, the problem is your reading skills. How you figure that having a white woman as a partner is wanting to imitate white men is beyond me, that is the most ridiculous concept I have ever come across. Patriarchy has nothing to do with white men, patriarchy is the natural order for men and women which most black women choose to openly rebel against, hence why most black women are feminists regardless of what comes out of their mouths. The actions are what determine and confirm the subscription to feminism, not the words. So, how should we view black women and their incessant addiction to weaves, if anybody is trying to be white it is observably black women.

      Hebrew Israelite, what does this have to do with the topic at hand? This is why I label black women as the dumbest people on planet earth, they introduce topics that are completely irrelevant to the discussion believing that they are making valid points. Black women have sustained the race, really? Is this your idea of sustaining the race?

      You black women have produced the very black males whom you disparage for their destructive behaviour, I deal with the manufacturer of faulty products, not the faulty products themselves ie deal with the problem at its source. Black women fighting for survival? In a feminist system that hands women everything on a plate, where women are favoured way over men? You need to take 10 seats with such a stupid statement. Black women stay stuck on stupid with this “oppressive black patriarchy” talk, rather than simply admit that feminism has profited you nothing, you choose rather to continue doubling down in the foolishness. Black men have never been in any position to oppress anybody, black women and their nature to prolifically lie is on display right here.

      Labelling me and my commentary as idiotic is not winning you the argument, you black women cannot seem to understand this yet you do this all of the time. You believe that slapping a label on something will help you win the debate. Using labels, words, terms and phrases is not dealing with the points raised. You are proving me correct when I call black women the most stupid individuals on the planet, black women prove me correct all day everyday through their actions. Everybody can see the open foolishness black women put on display, it isn’t hidden. The things that I talk about can clearly be observed.

      I never wrote my book for black women, I wrote Negro Wars primarily with black men in mind, I have no interest in what defective, dysfunctional black women do, good black women already know the score, they do not get offended by the material because they are intelligent enough not to associate themselves with the trash and filth, they most certainly will not defend them either.

      Of course black men are not going to come to the defence of black women who are using the the same system that they claim is oppressive to the black race, to oppress black men, wake up, this is logic and common sense 101. To be honest I cannot be bothered to respond to the rest of your nonsense, you just like most black women introduce things into literature that are not present and then go down a completely new path thinking that you are gaining new ground and winning.

      As the saying goes, when you defend scum bags and trash, you become a scumbag and a piece of trash yourself. This post is dealing with scumbag, defective black women, just seeing how many black women have commented in favour and defence of the scum and trash reveals so much about the state of black women today, thus my positions still stand strong. Most of you black women cannot seem to understand the fact that you vindicate the words of harsh critics everyday through your actions.

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      • You can run from bw but you can’t run from yourselves. Many non black women are seeing black men for the frauds that they are. I have seen and read countless testimonies from non black women talking about how they were abused and played by black men. You see, all your issues within yourself come out wherever you go. Black men take their frustrations out on their non black mates as well. Until you deal with your own internalized demons and stop blaming everyone else but yourselves, you will never be whole.

        I don’t know where you are to observe all of these things you claim about bw or how it’s humanly possible for you to even know MOST black women, but from what I see, these characteristics belong to women of all races. A lot of Asian women are treated terrible by Asian men and are looking for exscape routes, yearly there are 1000 Indian women in India who’s faces are being disfigured by acid toting psychopaths. Everywhere in the world women are being abused by the patriarchal hands of the men of their race. Men are abusive everywhere in the world because yea…Patriarchy. And they use abuse to control women. Men abusing women is nothing new. It’s been going on since forever just like blaming women for their abusiveness has been going on forever. Men are the destructive abusive force in the world period!

        Black women between a specific age range are more likely to die at the hands of a black man who she is an intimate partner with. I have observed black men gleefully watch black women fighting each other in the street and never was man enough to step in and break it up. Just a big smile on there face hoping a tittie will pop out. I’ve witnessed black men sexually assault bw. I have witnessed black men terrorizing bw. I guess black women raised their Sons to do all of these things.

        Men like you are liars and frauds. Women in general are sick of you men using manipulation, intimidation and physical abuse to control. Black women want to get away from black men who don’t value them. There are exceptions just like you stated previously but the collective image of black men have always devalued black women. So why would you be mad if black women are going where they are valued? Why would you care if they are doing what they need to do to get out from underneath your abusive control? Bm, when given any power and opportunity, have shown that they can’t handle it because they have never done right by black women because of their own selfish desires. Bm don’t build to liberate bw, they build to liberate themselves. A lot of you black men are terrible. Black men are not who they are because of black women. You are who you are because of each other. You learn these rules from other men. By your own words, you admitted that you wrote this book for men. Bm teach other bm how to treat women.

        It is apparent that you hate black women and white men and especially if they are paired together. But bw don’t need permission to love and live outside of the confinement of bm….especially if they’ve never been valued by bm. Everyone deserves to go where they are celebrated and they shouldn’t have to hide their happiness because other people are threatened by it. You don’t own black women. Not their bodies, thoughts, emotions, ideals, decisions or actions. Step out of abusive patriarchy… You may get somewhere.

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      • Patriarchy is NOT the natural order, it is unnatural and EVIL. Feminism has profited women plenty, it has given women, who previously had no rights, equal rights. Women are not handed anything either, that is a lie and bull. Go back to the first century you evil, insane, woman hater.

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      • Devan,

        This is why I stopped dealing with you black women because the overwhelming majority of you worship Satan and as a result you are cursed and destined for hellfire. Black women overall have profited absolutely nothing from subscribing to feminism. Black women have been running black society for the past 50 years, the mess that black women have made is a blatant illustration and example as to why women should never be put in charge or be placed in any positions of authority.

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  27. I guess Christelyn Karazin got her wake up call. Is the swirl movement dying??? God I hope so. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned. But this is what happens when you want to mate with cave beasts. I don’t have that problem. I know what these albino cave dwellers are all about. They haven’t changed in 500 years. You lie with dogs..you wake up with fleas.


    • Kushite Prince,

      Regrettably black women and their current dysfunctional nature is pushing black men away towards non black women. Most black men would much prefer to settle down with a black woman, however in 2016 the pickings of decent black women in the west aswell as westernised black women in general are slim to none.

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      • BWGTO = Black Women Going To Obtain Weave.
        Christelyn Karazin to stupid to know you cannot copyright a person name government name she also to stupid to know you cannot sue someone for having an opinion just like her lawyer friend told her on her google hangout, nor can you stop them using clips of her video under fair use

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  28. It seems that Willie Lynch’s work is almost complete. We Black folks have been complicit in dividing ourselves in every manner imaginable-light skin/dark skin, white collar/blue collar, West Coast/East Coast/Dirty South, Rural/City, HBCU Graduate/White College Graduate, Old School/New Black, Crips/Bloods, middle class/working class, millennials/gen x’ers/gen y’ers…and now Men/Women?

    What in the blue hell is wrong with us? This thread takes the cake in its level of absurdity and stupidity. What do Chritelyn Karazin, Tommy Sotomayor, and other peddlers of their ilk have in common? You guessed it. They hate themselves. The question that begs to be asked is why are we letting people, who care very little about our race, take the lead in destroying our race? If we are the proud Black man or woman, that we say, we shouldn’t march to the beat of these race traitors.

    As far as dating goes, get with whomever makes you happy and loves the complete you. Disparaging your own race, for your potential mate’s comfort, is a tell tale sign that you are in the wrong relationship. Don’t blame anyone else for your past relationship failures, except yourself. If you heed these words, and learn from your mistakes, your future relationships will flourish.

    We wouldn’t accept it if white people were to insult us in this manner. Why are we allowing the coons to do it?

    Wake up!!!

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  29. We need to stop this nonsense, it takes two to tango. The blame is on both sides of the fence. Yes, I’ve seen black women do some despicable things that I abhor. But where did this all Start? On the other side of the fence, black men have treated women abominably, and I have had my share of shabby treatment from black men, but I’m definitely, not into this interracial dating mess.

    It’s time for healing; we need to stop this he said/she said, he didn’t/she didn’t foolishness. someone needs to be man/woman enough to step up and say enough and start the healing process. We are going to need each other sooner than we think. A nation divided is a nation heading for destruction.

    If we feel we can defy The Most High without consequences, we better think again. We can deny it all we want, we are answerable to a high purpose. When black men or women date outside other races, you can be sure, there are some serious mental issues underlying that choice.

    For a start, we have no right getting into any relationships without dealing with our mental issues, hurts and disappointments. It is detrimental to carry around such debilitating baggage, worse take it into another relationship.

    Get your minds right, pray to TMH for deliverance. As a race of people, we are in serious need of this; we have taken this too far, it’s embarrassing and annoying now.

    Please find Shalom sooner, rather than later.

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  30. Two worlds for black males, rather, four: DONALD TRUMP and POLICE KILLINGS. Those are your probs, LOL.


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  32. This hatred between black men and women has a hidden hand controlling it. There is an agenda to make sure that blacks don’t populate because whites are dying faster than being born and they have decided that we will disappear with them…not other races….us. They have several mechanism in place to achieve that: homosexuality, swirling, whites and police murder of blacks, prisons, vaccinating diseases(AIDS, & Ebola) into us, feeding us GMO processed foods, in some black neighborhoods not just in Flint MI, Jackson MS, East Chicago IN and a town Florida etc. with tainted water. White music producers encouraging black rappers to promote violence and killing to their community which is imitated by the youth etc etc. etc. As long as we are divided, this is going to get worse and you will be forced to come together to survive.

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    • Mary L McDonald,

      A hidden hand is no longer a requirement between both sexes, black women have now become completely autonomous in their hatred for black men, I have proven this over and over again through the many articles I have on the site.

      Before all of those mechanisms you mentioned, there is one very important one that trumps all of the above in terms of black lives lost, abortion. Black women are assassinating over 56000 unborn children every month in abortion centers, none of the above combined are wiping us out as efficiently as the black woman and her desire to spill the blood of the innocent.

      You cannot form a union with a group of women who are hell bent on destroying their own people. Black women simply hate black folks period.

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      • you are right about that,,cannot form any good union with a people who are hell bent on destrying their own


  33. But, the white man who did this lied, tricked black men to get their money, and was dating a black woman the entire time. He made a subsequent video and showed the black woman he is in love with. The joke is on black men, as black men are a joke worldwide.

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    • Jenna,

      This business about him being paid by black men was a lie that was manufactured by Christelyn Karazin. Vegainator admits in one of his videos that he didn’t receive any money from black men:

      In relation to the black woman he is supposed to be in love with, if this is the case then where is she now? You’ll notice that she doesn’t appear in his videos anymore. Even though you have more of an advantage in this western system, black women are still on the bottom. We are nowhere near where you are.

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  34. In 2010, based on the census taken that year. WM/BF marriage shows, by a factor of 2x, that the marriage will last vs BM/WF. The percentage of WM/BF is up to 8.2% of all interracial marriages and is on the rise of between 10-23% every year. Which means in less than 15 yrs, the rates of WM/BF marriages will be higher than BM/WF. Information taken from census.gov if you wish to verify.

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  35. Just checked the breakdown by region of the country… am TOTALLY shocked… West-22%, South 14%, 13% NorthEast, and 11% MidWest. Totally shocking that the south was the second highest location of mixed marriages.

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  36. First and foremost I will say that I am a white man who loves black women. I don’t love black women for sex I just have a natural attraction towards them. Who the hell cares if a black woman prefers a white man. I’m a white man who prefers black women. From this blog article it seems like both black men and women are equally destroying each other. I don’t care if a black man and woman date nor do I care If a black woman wants a white guy. Truth be told it is hard for a white guy to find a black woman who finds us attractive. Most back women are loyal as hell to wanting a black man.
    You have a lot of nerve to sit here and say that all a white man wants from a black woman is sex, considering that many black men look at bagging a white women like a trophy. This kind of rhetoric on both sides undermines both bw/wm & BM/ww relationships where both truly love each other. Black women are NOT the ugliest women on earth. Black women are the sexiest most gorgeous women in the universe. No race of woman comes even remotely close to matching the beauty of a black woman. Anyone that is hating on their own race needs to stop and examine themselves. We are all individuals free to date and love who we want. I plan on marrying my black girlfriend very soon. So not all white men are looking for a sex toy just like not all black men think of white women as a trophy. Speaking in absolutes undermines your credibility. A black woman didn’t do that to you. You did that to yourself.

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    • I agree with you. I love white men and always had crushes on white and Latino men. I’ve never really understood why society/the elite wants people to prefer black men over white men and non white women over black women. Most women outside the US prefer white males but American society f*cks with everyone’s heads.

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  37. I am Afro-Caribbean Haitian, I am still trying to figure out why African American Men and Women Hate each other so much? This type of hate and dysfunction doesn’t exist in other black/african societies .

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    • Marsha Saint Hilaire,

      The answer to that question is simple and one that I talked about in depth in my book Negro Wars. Afro American women are actively working with the US government to destroy their own people. Therefore Afro American men are having to fight not only against the state but against their own women aswell.

      That is not entirely true, many African women are now beginning to follow the ways of the Afro American females(wearing weaves, butt implants, heavy make up, being violent, rebellious etc). The difference between Africa and the United States is African governments don’t subsidise the dysfunctional and irresponsible behaviours of their women. Africa leaves no room for women to act recklessly and irresponsibly and be paid for it.

      By the way, the situation between black men and black women is the same in all western countries, black women accepting state handouts in exchange for working against their own people.

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  38. “There is a 400 yr history of white men desiring black women…”
    For semen dumps, yes. But for marriage, family, children, not hardly.
    The existence of mulattoes testifies to that. But how many mulattoes are from a white father who is a black woman’s actual legitimate husband?
    Real 100% blacks smell bad. They can’t help it; it’s natural. No amount of friendship (yes, blacks and whites can be friends and friendly acquaintances!) will mask the black stench. OK, Asians don’t like whites’ stench either; it’s not as strong as that of blacks, but to Asians, the least stinky of humans, whites smell bad and blacks worse.


  39. It is hard, to be honest in fairness to black men. Hey, I also would like to share this new fake ultrasound design from fakeababy. This is very funny. The most amazing stuff that will make you laugh so hard. This is the best for gags as well.

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  40. This author is a psychopath. How many black men work against black women? Black men are always seeking the approval of white men, and they will throw black women under the bus. I do not care about acceptance from black men: they will always bitch and moan about the white man. Black women prefer sex with white men because they do more in the bedroom. Plus, white men have the absolute power. I will not waste my panties on a black man who will betray me in the future.

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  41. I used to always wonder why when I would speak to black woman they acted very rude an malice to me. Now I see that the African American black woman has now firmly pushed a genocide on the African American Black male. Her having a allowance from the government has now created a death cycle an genocide for African American males in today society. Black woman in America is the full enemy because the book is right we or none desired by her anymore in this country is a proven fact.


    • King Stevo,

      You were never the one at fault, it was and still is them. The Afro American female is working hand in glove with the government to destroy her own people, she positively hates black men and will stop at nothing to see us completely ruined. However, we as thinking black men have an even better weapon in our arsenal, ABANDONMENT. If we stop dealing with then at least for ourselves and within our own circles we can end the cycle of destruction. #SYSBM


  42. Never mind the hate or mistrust that exists between the sexes within the black community. I’m an attractive white woman who recently attended an “all girl” party at a fashionable suburban home. Most of the women were between 25-35 and well educated. I would say that of the nearly two dozen of us there six were black woman and all were very attractive and could be described as very well-developed if you know what I mean. I knew most of the white girls there and know them to be “straight” so I was in total shock as I watched the six black girls start to sexually seduce one white woman after another and the relative ease at which it all took place. In most cases it startled as a compliment about the white girl’s hair or her clothes. The white women were well put together but the black women were all built beyond belief. I don’t think a single one was smaller than a 42FF yet I couldn’t get over how their complementing of the other wise well put together but lesser developed white women was used by the black girls to get their “white prey” seduced. Much to my shock I watch as the sexual aggressiveness of the black began to win over one white girl after another. The whites seemed easy pickings for the black and a great deal of interracial lesbian sex took place that night. I couldn’t believe how many white women were playing with and sucking on the breasts of the busty black and how many of them the black had in compromising positions up their skirts and between their thighs. Is this the new plan of black females to seduce the white girls?

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    • Karen Knox,

      Most black women today because of their devoted subscription to a hyper mutant form of feminism have become ticking time dykes by default. As more black and non black men begin rejecting black women because of their extremely dysfunctional natures, they in turn will and have begun cannibalising each other as well as other women around them. Feminism seeks to throw off femininity and instead embrace masculinity, it was probably the faux masculine spirits that those black women radiated that was able to seduce those white women into engaging in lesbian sexual relations.

      Black women as a collective unlike their non black female counterparts fully embrace the spirit of Jezebel, thus it is easy for them to lick and finger a vagina here and there. You’ll also notice that they are very bold and borderline aggressive with their lesbianism. I’ve written at least 3 articles in the past demonstrating how black women are the biggest proponents of homosexuality within black society, perhaps these will aid you in broadening your understanding as to what took place that night:




      The black witch seeks to contaminate all those around her with degeneracy and debauchery, what you experienced that night was black women exercising low level witchcraft via the art of enchantment, this is one of many reasons why I refer to the modern day black female as the black witch. I’ve been laughed at and mocked many times before and people have compared what I am saying to Harry Potter, however even you yourself described what you saw as seduction which in itself can be viewed as a form of minor witchcraft.

      Now under the right circumstances ie a man and woman who both consent to sex seduction is not a bad thing, however placing that same tool in the hands of most black women is a recipe for disaster. Its the same as how many folks view guns, the guns aren’t the problem, instead it is the evil folks who wield them and use them for their own wicked ends.

      So in a nutshell the black woman’s aim is to infect everything around her with her janky Jezebelian debauchery and she honestly doesn’t care who her victims are, however I would say that she takes extreme pleasure in contaminating white women and girls due to her deep seated jealousy, envy and hatred of them. Thus expect to see and hear more about these stealth types seductions taking place and black women being the instigators of them.

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