Respect Black Women? What About This?

Black woman on the bog

And black women have the audacity to complain about a lack of respect coming from black men, yet check out this character right here. This black woman is happy to take a picture while being seated on a toilet doing her business. She even posted this same picture on Facebook for all to see.

How on earth do black women expect to be respected when they cannot even show themselves any level of decency and respect? Where is the respect for once self on display here, how can this kind of behaviour possibly be excused?

This type of slack handed attention seeking must always be shunned and rejected. I come across this kind of material on Facebook everyday, unlike what has been claimed in the past, this kind of material falls into your lap, you do not have to go searching deeply to find dysfunctional material like this. It is not hard to find black women engaging in slack behaviour as they are already looking for any and all attention.

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One thought on “Respect Black Women? What About This?

  1. You know what the sad part is? This is an honestly pretty attractive woman. Not that I’d want for a woman to just be hit on by random thugs or anything, but I’m sure several dudes wanted to get in those Calvin Klein panties. I mention this all to say, why? Why would such a cute woman need to do such a thing to get attention? Hell, if nothing else, men probably at least asked for her number, I’m sure some guy would have given some type of non-carnal companionship and loyalty.

    If anything, I’d say that she was raised around and by typical black women, who generally, AREN’T very cute, and have to resort to outright whoredom to generation male attention.

    Maybe I’m just shallow, thirsty, horny, whatever you wanna say, but it really is sad that such a pretty woman engaged in such dysfunction. Of all the ugly fat faux trannies that black men usually impregnate, THIS woman had to beg for attention? Just a damn shame, and shows you how black men are raised BY THEIR MOTHERS to react to, respect, and revere a blatant whore. If a woman keeps her panties on and doesn’t turn around to twerk, most of these dudes don’t even know how to respond.

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