More Propaganda From The Feminist Propaganda Machine On Behalf Of Black Women!

Feminist Propaganda

This is the latest trash to come out of the feminist propaganda machine on behalf of black women. Since marching in 2016 makes no difference anyway, go ahead and stop marching for black men then.

However, as I have stated many times before, black women only ever march to bring attention towards themselves, they relish black death because each life lost gives them an opportunity to play the role of court jesters in the streets in front of rolling cameras.

As I have stated before, black women have a job to perform for their white father in ensuring black society remains broken aswell as keeping black men trapped and enslaved to the system, BLACK WOMEN AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE!

You have to laugh really, black women talk about black men calling them bitches and hoes yet they bump music that refers to them as the same, and yet they have no problems with this?? Also black women forget to mention the fact that they are the ones who refer to each other as “bitches and hoes” more than black men do, in fact young black girls and boys are taught to refer to black women by these terms because that is all they hear their mothers calling other black women.

Remember what I stated in my previous post, how black women only care for themselves and how they hate black men period, even the black men who praise, exalt and defend them on the daily. Please remember that the black men who show black women respect and talk to them in an honourable manner black women will openly admit that they are not attracted to those types of guys and have no time for them at all.

The fact of the matter is black women for the majority part enjoy being called “hoes and bitches”, they thoroughly enjoy being disrespected by Thug Head, Lug Head, Bean Head, Stone Head, Crack Head, Ray Ray, Pookie and Skittle, black women wouldn’t have things any other way. If you are a thug, a gangster, a rapper, a pimp etc black women will allow you to disrespect them, you are permitted to spit in their faces because of your “swag” and “status”.

Black women are habitual liars, don’t believe them for a second, if they didn’t enjoy being called bitches and hoes then they would be trying their utmost to separate themselves from those terms. They also wouldn’t be using those words so freely against their fellow black women and they would immediately reprimand any person who addressed them by any of those titles.

Notice that this meme isn’t making a separation between good black men vs no good black men, no, black women are openly stating that we black men will all be treated the same which goes back to the point I made in the previous post and the one before that, black women hate black men period, even the black men who support them through thick and thin.

Some final food for thought, since the overwhelming majority of black men who refer to black woman as bitches and hoes are thugs, gangsters, pimps and rappers, if black women are so offended by these words then why is it that they still choose to deal with these unsavoury characters over black men who would treat them with decency and respect? Haven’t you ever noticed that the thugs, the gangsters, the pimps and the rappers never seem to have a shortage of black women to choose from, I’ll just leave that one there!

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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