Meet Aysha Bee, The Self Professed Feminist Black Witch On Facebook!


Meet Aysha Bee, she is getting quite a following on Facebook with her militant feminist standpoints. She claims to be an author yet has written no books, apparently they are coming soon, lol. This right here gives you an insight into the dysfunctional mindset of the modern-day black woman. Who on earth announces that they are an author with no books en tow? Don’t take my word for it, he is the link to her Facebook fan page:

You can clearly read in the about section of her page the words “books for purchase coming soon”. I’ll just leave that one right there. Anyway Aysha Bee has had quite a bit to say in relation to the death of Korryn Gaines, how black men have been “throwing Korryn Gaines under the bus” by not coming out and supporting her situation and how black women as a response ought to withdraw their support from black men, not march for black men and not get involved in black men’s causes.

This disingenuous buzzard right here. The difference between black men and black women is that when a black man does something stupid and irresponsible, other black men aswell as black women will rightly call out his reckless actions for what they are and will immediately condemn them.

However, when it comes down to black women and the stupid decisions they make, they still expect black men to support them in their buffoonery and will get mighty upset if black men do not subscribe to and cheer them on in their insanity.

I do not support nor condone stupid, irresponsible, ignorant, reckless and foolish behaviour…..ever. As a black woman you will receive no exemption to my rule, accept it or kick rocks. Don’t ever ask me to support stupidity and irresponsibility, ever.

Black men, do not fall for this “withdraw support from black men” rubbish, black women do not support black men to begin with, they only march in the streets to draw attention towards themselves.

Besides, never forget that black women also have a contractual obligation towards the state to oversee black men and to ensure that they remain enslaved to the system, black women aren’t going anywhere.

Of course the dysfunctional feminist black witch came onto my Negro Wars page and brought her gang of female hoodlums en tow. She was unable to deal with any of the points I raised and so she and her cohorts resorted to the typical behaviour most black women always lean upon when they are unable to deconstruct an argument, they start reporting and flagging the post concerned.

Like the typical feminist Aysha loves to assert the position of victimhood with any opportunity that makes itself available. Her posts are poorly put together, weak and as a result are so easily deconstructed, however I wouldn’t bother going onto her page because her brigade of bitter black queans(not queens – look up the word “quean” if you are not familiar with it) would simply report me to their white father at Facebook. This is also the reason why I am starting to post more of my material here as Facebook has simply turned into a pro feminist, anti free speech haven.

Aysha Bee is one of those typical obstinate bitter rug rat queans who dealt with the wrong kinds of black men, predictably got burned and now has chosen to embark upon a mission to promote the non support of black men as a group. Remember what I stated before in relation to the “stop marching for black men” meme, she is making no separation between good black men and black men who are bums and thugs, no, as far as she is concerned black women should not support black men as a group period, even black men who openly show support towards black women.

This is the typical black woman that I am encountering on Facebook each and everyday, I very rarely come across a black woman with all of her faculties straight who openly disowns the dysfunctional behaviours of her fellow black female peers. I challenge those who continue to say “not all black women are like that” to show me some black women who do not fit the decadent and degenerate demographic of the black women that I frequently talk about, I’ll wait!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Aysha Bee represents the typical black women in 2016, women like her are no longer exceptions to the rule within black society. As I stated in my book Negro Wars, most black women are feminists by trade, this is how they live their daily lives.

Take a look at Aysha Bee’s Facebook fan page for yourself. Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I take you deeper into the jagged and dysfunctional mindset of the modern-day black woman.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “Meet Aysha Bee, The Self Professed Feminist Black Witch On Facebook!

  1. This is an irritating bit of hypocrisy if she indeed affirmatively stated that they should withdraw support from black men. That’s why I can’t with the majority and just worry about me and mine. I got me a good (black) woman, and I know this because I can point to ten within throwing distance and see that they’re losers. They’re the ones who’ll play stupid games, get a stupid prize.

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      • As much as I would want to disagree, facts don’t care about my feelings. I work in the school system and see this firsthand! These women are goofy and lost; woefully oblivious as to why they aren’t locked down. Aside from the fact that there’s a disproportion of men to women, they done ran off any half-decent dude in their prime days! Now they used up with a knucklead or two in tow, looking at someone like me (who was once “lame” to them, mind you) to “save them.”

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      • C.Philmoore,

        I am seeing a growing trend of young black boys opting for non black women from a very early age. Just the other day Nia Long came under fire because she posted up a picture on Instagram of her son with his white girlfriend. Mind you he isn’t the only one taking that route. Even young black boys now recognise that something just isn’t right with the overwhelming majority of black females.

        Black girls these days are extremely loud, violent and masculine, it seems the only ones who will take them on are Dey Dey and Tyrone and even then these guys just use them for sex. I agree, if they thought that you were a lame before they why should you save them now? Single black mothers and dysfunctional black women in general should not be saved, they must be left to stew and marinate in their own failures.

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  2. So glad an intelligent brotha can call out these degenerate black-men hating hoodwenches and their illogical behavior. Far too long th black woman has become uncontested in her bashing of black men because white daddy, other black women, and mangina simps always have silent approval or cosigning her rubbish. Black men need a voice and I’m glad he’s speaking the language of an unapologetic black man.

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