Black Lives Matter Is a Homosexual Organisation Using Black Deaths To Push A Homosexual Agenda under The Table!

Black Lives Matter Leaders

Much appreciated to the brothers who have already been blowing this trumpet for the longest while now. The Black Lives Matter movement is a homosexual organisation disguising itself as a cause in favour of the betterment of black folks and they are purposely using black deaths as a mechanism to forward their homosexual agenda by stealth.

They are doing exactly what black folks have been instructing homosexuals not to do, compare the black struggle to the so called “homosexual struggle” as there is absolutely no comparison whatsoever.

Having already destroyed 76% of black society black women have reconvened with their white father and out of yet another unholy conference the Black Lives Matter movement has been birthed.

Created and funded by the white billionaire George Soros the main purpose behind the group is to destroy the remaining 24% of black society that remains intact via pushing for the acceptance of the decadent and dysfunctional lifestyles of homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism amongst black folks.

The reason why they have placed black women namely black lesbians as the leaders/mascots of the group is because black women on the whole are extremely homosexual friendly and thus already being financed by the state to hold position as the dysfunctional leaders of black society, they can introduce this agenda with ease, effeminise more black men and thus ensure that their leadership positions are not threatened by heterosexual black men.

I talked about black women and their incessant desire to effeminise and psychologically castrate black boys as per the instructions of their white father and proprietor the State in my book Negro Wars.

Black folks with sense and intelligence ought to distance themselves as far away as possible from this degenerate leviathan. As per usual don’t take my word for it, visit the Black Lives Matter website for yourselves and read about the abominations that they stand for and wish to introduce as norms into black society under the guiding principles section of the website.

If you are going to stand up for black lives then what does the sexual orientation of black individuals have to do with anything? A black life is a black life, sexual orientation has nothing to do with the equation, that is of course unless sexual orientation is the real focus and the ultimate agenda being pushed through stealth and black lives are simply being used as cannon fodder and cover in order to ensure the true plans and blueprints continue to go unnoticed.

This is exactly what is happening with BLM, large portions of black society are once again being tricked into leading their support towards a movement that genuinely does not have their best interests at heart.

Putting black women over me as my authority? Pushing a homosexual agenda under the table while pretending to be for black causes? Attempting to topple the natural God made order of the man being in an authoritative position over the woman?


Research “black lives matter summer of chaos emails”, “George Soros black lives matter”. Stop being played and bamboozled by these disingenuous buzzards. The fact that you have a white billionaire funding a supposed black group should at least have black people asking some serious questions.

Of course most black women will continue to support BLM because them being the ultra liberal feminists that they are do not have any problems with homosexuals, lesbians or the homosexual lifestyle. Today you’ll notice that there is a disturbing trend growing rapidly amongst black women as a group, the more decadent and degenerate the activities, the harder they will push for them to be accepted as norms in black society.

Today’s modern black female has no moral compass whatsoever, to her anything goes. She prides herself on how deeply she can dive into reprobate behaviours, sadly the more dirty, filthy and malevolent the act, the more proud and accomplished your average black woman will feel.

Update: Be sure to check out 2 more recent articles I have written concerning black women, their love and promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism within black society and how the black Lives Matter movement further fits into the agenda , the links for those articles can be found below:

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

32 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Is a Homosexual Organisation Using Black Deaths To Push A Homosexual Agenda under The Table!

    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, the type of deep rooted feminism black women have embraced has literally given them extreme masculine features. Non black women are a better and more viable option by default, at least they look like women.

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  1. This is something to keep us fighting one another as always. And if black women have destroyed76% of black society,who did the other 26%. ??????????


  2. Yall are out of your minds if you think black women are not beautiful, and have more beautiful women worldwide compared to any other woman on this earth. If you had a valid point , it was lost after that idiotic comment.


  3. The unmitigated gall of this Black women bashing article. I am appalled and very disappointed. You are entitled to you opinion and no I don’t agree with it. I hope you find Becky, Natori, Lupe, and Mei Linh and others to fulfill your ideal woman. Since you and some of the other respondents find us so distasteful and “destroyer” of the race let them fight police brutality and the other myriad of social ills affecting our community. Please propagate with them and augment the “other” category. Self-hatred is what I glean from your article and I genuinely feel sorry for you and others like you. I am so happy I have a Black Man who loves me and loves me as a Black woman.


    • Delois,

      You will not be receiving a card of victimhood here at Slaying Evil, this is one of the main reason why black women stay losing. You are continually reaching for the victimhood status, you point black refuse to take any responsibility and accountability for anything you do and you never learn from your mistakes. Black women don’t fight against police brutality, on the contrary they are the ones handing black men over to the police where they can be placed into the judicial washing machine for processing and thereafter be transferred into the prison industrial complex.

      You black women never fail to amaze me with your alternative definitions, self hatred means just that, a person hates themself. Self hatred does not extend out to others. Sorry, me despising dysfunctional black women and their devil spawn seedlings does not equate to self hatred. It is always the case that whenever black women are being scrutinised and examined they will deliberately suspend their understanding of the English language.

      Your comment illustrates yet another huge problem within black society and one that I talked about in Negro Wars, the fact that black women who claim that they are decent, upstanding individuals will still jump to the defence of black female scum. You know the saying, if you defend scum bags you become a scum bag yourself.

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      • Why are you so worried about black women if we are so stupid (yet we lead in degrees and certifications) Since we’re destroying the black community (yet no one would raise you if we didn’t because most of your fathers bounced) I guess we should of placed all of our male children in the foster system since showing up to parent doesn’t count for shit. If black men didn’t have Oedipus complexes and would stop approaching their spouses who are equal partners (though different functions) like the parent child relationship they had with their mothers maybe they can lead and stop being America’s gigantic baby boys. There’s no excuse to not get an education or take care of your children but black men just cannot stop being Adam and blaming his woman. Stop the bullshit Adam. Do better. And if you’re so concerned instead of being a keyboard thug and writing this bullshit article why don’t you do something for the new slaves of the day (the black man) and help. FOH


      • Sheeka,

        Worried about black women?? This is my website where I talk to thinking black and non black men alike, if I was worried about black women I would be visiting their websites and flooding their comments. Black women are educated up to the hilt yet they still aren’t intelligent enough to avoid getting pregnant by the low brow bums and the unproductive dregs of black male society. It just goes to show that education and intelligence are not one and the same.

        Black women deliberately choose bums who they know full well are not fit for fatherhood nor interested in it, then turn around and say “look, these black men don’t look after their children”, what a joke. No, black women choose to be single mothers as per the edicts and the philosophies of feminism aswell as per their contractual obligations towards the state.

        It is a breach of their state contracts to allow a black man to lead them, when most black children the majority of whom are being raised by dysfunctional black women come out dysfunctional themselves, the party responsible must be held to account. The “blame game” Kansas City shuffle won’t work here, black women just don’t like the fact that more black men are saying enough is enough and are starting expose black female skull duggery.

        I understand, “quit crying” translates to “stop exposing us because we cannot defend ourselves. Note that even though you stated the article was trash you still weren’t able to refute any of the points raised.

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  4. Wow these comments are disturbing. Had no idea this is how we are viewed. If a black woman didn’t hate herself before, she sure died after reading these comments. Smh


    • Courtney,

      Black women have been treating black men like trash for the past half a century and you as a group still expect black men as a collective to view you favourably? Based upon the endless destruction black women have brought upon us, that expectation is completely unrealistic.

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      • Quit crying. If raising you and holding your kids down alone is treating you like trash then you deserve every bit of hate this world gives you. Loser.


  5. Nigga, go suck a dick if you hate women that much. Ain’t nobody trying to prevent you from living out the anti-woman fantasies of your dreams. You ain’t got to create a whole plethora of idiotic rationalizations to defend your aversion to women you clearly ain’t into.


      • You don’t like Black women. That is clear. Don’t fuck a Black woman! Problem solved. Go suck a dick. Do you. You don’t need to do this fam. Come out the closet!! Walk in ur truth brotha. Don’t wanna fuck/love a sista, ain’t nobody forcing you. Go on and love on that dick or that pink pussy that apparently ain’t “extremely homosexial friendly” whatever the fuck that means. Ole simp ass


      • Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

        You actually want me to read something called, “how-black-women-worship-and-interact-with-whitey-their-god”


        I musta died and woke up in Uncle Tom’s cabin next to step n fetchit and Alan Keyes


      • Warrior,

        I hate dysfunctional, destructive masculine, feminist black women as there is nothing to like about them. I don’t have any problems with feminine black women who know their role and their place, myself and they get along just fine.

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      • Nigaaaaaaa

        YOU is a muthafukkkin lie!

        You got a whole post titled “Black Women, Their Love Of Homosexuals, Homosexuality And Lesbianism”. It don’t say masculine/butch/Black women, it says BLACK WOMEN.

        YOU have a problem with Black women period. YOU are also obsessed with gay shit! ALL your write about is “homosexual” shit. Either go fuck a dude, or go fuck a white gal. You don’t like Black women and you obsessed with gay shit.


      • Warrior,

        You think and talk just like a black woman, no logical retorts, just knee jerk emotionalism and logical fallacies. I noticed how you didn’t want to read the article, too much truth for you, never mind. You’re a typical pro black joke, flying the black woman’s flag and licking her muddy boots all day everyday while she is busy sleeping with thug Negroes and white men and giving you the middle finger.

        Duh, the article is about black women and how they engage in and support homosexuality so of course homosexuality is going to be mentioned, who raised you bruh? Just like a black woman always trying to question a black male’s manhood whenever he scrutinises your behaviour. You pro black simps are a joke, you stay masturbating to porn while your so called “queens” are getting dicked down on the regular by Tyrone, Dequan, Paul, Simon and John, you get nothing from them all day everyday.

        Besides, why are you here complaining? Since I don’t deal with them that means there is less competition for you…….oops, I forgot, they don’t want you anyway.

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