Bashing Black Women???

Dead Horse

The term “bashing black women” is now dead and black women aswell as their simp/magina/white knight advocates are the ones who have collectively killed the term through continuous abuse and repeated misappropriation.

Nobody views black women as victims anymore, the feminist propaganda is failing. Many folks are now beginning to see and clearly understand that black women have deliberately inflicted themselves with calamities and disasters, the vast majority of the time in the hopes of bringing some sort of attention towards themselves.

Besides, the term “bashing black women” is not dealing with the points raised in relation to the substandard behaviour and daily gross misconduct black women happily place on display to the general public being the court jesters that they’ve made themselves to be. Change the record.

Facts and true statements pertaining to black women and their dysfunctional behaviour does not equate to “bashing” them. You cannot bash somebody when you are declaring the truth about them. Black women have literally flooded black society with illogical folly and idiotic thought patterning.

Negro Wars Book

The Decontamination The Deprogramming Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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