Black Women Now Turning Against Pro Black Hoteps – The Very Men Who Uplift And Exalt Them!


This is yet more garbage and wastage spewing forth from the feminist propaganda machine. The definition of a Hotep given in this photo is completely incorrect. Hotep pro blacks do not blame black women for any of the troubles within black society, in fact isn’t it these same pro black Hoteps that are now referring to the black woman as “queen” and “god”? How can the Hotep be misogynistic while at the same time be exalting and praising black women at every turn, which one is it?

On the contrary, pro black Hoteps will consistently get on the backs of black men and hold them accountable for every calamity that occurs within black society in their efforts to appease their new lord and saviour the black woman. Hoteps NEVER hold black women accountable for the skullduggery they have inflicted upon the black nation with help from the state.

Hotep pro blacks ought to be very angry, livid and extremely disappointed right now, after all the effort they have put into bootlicking and brown-nosing for the black woman, this propaganda right here is how she has chosen to repay them, lol.

This definition is also a sneak diss aimed at black men who are non-partisan, in other words those black men who are responsible and will lay the blame at the feet of those culpable whether they be black men or black women. I have been trying to show you black men that black women do not like you no matter what your chosen designation.

Negro Wars is a must read for those looking for a better understanding of the modern-day black woman and her ultra feminist mindset. As I have stated before, the modern-day black woman is a contaminated and pestilent individual, she cares not for anybody but herself. The above meme is a spit in the face to the very black men who defend these same black woman from day-to-day.

I wish that some day you pro black, black nationalist, red, black and green Negro brigades will finally accept the fact that black women do not like black men period and those black men who constantly exalt and uplift them they hate even more than the rest. Understand that this modern-day black woman is only about feminism, the only people who benefit from feminism are WOMEN who practice the religion. Once again black men, black women do not like you and the above picture is yet more proof of this.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

5 thoughts on “Black Women Now Turning Against Pro Black Hoteps – The Very Men Who Uplift And Exalt Them!

  1. These hoteps need to utterly reject them back! These black Women wil play that misogyny card, not realizing that no one looks at them nor pities them as women.

    99.9% of black chicks are ardent feminists, and completely unfit to build with. Let them be thrown to the wolves at this point. Defective models are retired. Let’s make sure these aren’t recycled.


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  4. Wow this whole article is TRASH simply because it is false, starting with black women hating all black men (we hate the ones who call us queens but then want to control our every move or trash talk us when we don’t give them the right) and most black men in my opinion confused a feminist with a feminize; a feminize is a woman who wants to get rid of the black men a feminist wants to be equal (but I will say this we can never be equal to a black men but instead need to learn to accept things.) This is arrogant bullshit! and a real proclaim Hotep would be furious at your article because not only is it making them look bad it is degrading their “queens” and making them seem like monsters; I went on another website defending you using these exact words “if you look at the way society portrays black men you can easily see if the woman is single she’ll have a better life without the black man (as far as finance goes; everybody knows that money makes the world go round, that or Mary Sue feminist being portray on TV constantly with women being alone constantly or brought down by men and sorry to say that is for blacks and whites.”) So if I were a man I would be mad too” as well as “P.S.
    oh and I’d rather have a man who is at least disturb when seeing a black woman sexualized, broken, and downright insulting them than one who degrades a black woman purposely and has no problem with a black woman being sexualized but thinks it is sexy and will just cuss a black woman back out for insulting them or better yet hit them” and yes this is coming from a self proclaimed “feminist” that surprisingly looked at it from both ways and disagreed on a woman’s constant need to put black men down but sadly you proven the Hotep hating women’s point becoming my BUT! part of the comment I gave “BUT!
    I don’t particularly like Hoteps either because they are hypocrites or at least the ones that have a voice are; the man I mentioned earlier called himself a Hotep because he wanted to see how other blacks would respond and because he believed and the Hoteps moral but didn’t like how they would call a black woman a queen and trash talk them nor how they talked about ancient Egypt so fondly as if or maybe they did forget they were ancient Africans living in African the same time they roamed the Earth (that build 10X more pyramids, traded with them, also had powerful kings and queens, and even had the same religious beliefs, were also downplayed from history.”) You are literally making me want to take back what I said in the comment making me want to become a feminize and not just be a feminist, as the definition of one has been misread by most black men especially Hoteps that feminist want to end all men and hate them (especially BLACK MEN!) that is utterly insane we gave LIFE to you there is absolutely no reason for us to hate you and end you; that is why your article is a complete in utter BS that would make a true Hotep repulsive around you.

    Also I want to leave this one last thing with you
    not every “Hotep” is a hypocrite and high ego gay hater macho masculine man I’ve met one and he is a self proclaim feminist (sadly so much that he thinks Jehovah is a female not a male spirit or one of the same) and he calls little boys and little girls from all races princesses and princes Why? it is simple he thinks and I quote (answering an asian girl’s question to why he called her a future queen) “the first people on the Earth were black and they had descendants you are one of them and they were kings and queens so that means right now you are not just a child but a princess and when you are older you’ll be a queen so that is why I called you a future queen because my love you are”.

    So how about your fake want to be Hetop ass suck on THAT!


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