A Black Witch In The Flesh!




I’ve been floating the term “black witch” for quite some time now, many black men and black women have been laughing at me comparing my term to something out of a Harry Potter movie. Most folks do not take these terms seriously at all, indeed we live in a world where we have been taught and encouraged to dismiss the spiritual and instead embrace only the physical.

Yet here we have an admitted feminist and black witch by the name of Aysha Bee, yes the same Aysha Bee that I have exposed on my Negro Wars page(which currently has been shutdown by Facebook), the same Aysha Bee who has been gathering quite a following, yes the same Aysha Bee who is now openly instructing black women to not support black men or their causes. You can check out her YouTube page for yourself:


I told you, black women are the right hand side henchwomen of the devil himself, read the comments in the screenshots. I will also post the link below to the original post. I told you that black women are literally tapping into witchcraft and magic in order to keep black men oppressed and enslaved to the system as per the instructions of their racist white father. As I have stated before, black women have been given the task of keeping black society broken and ensuring that the black family structure remains fragmented.

Aysha Bee is an admitted Satanist, who is going to laugh at the term “black witch” now? Black men had better start looking at what is going on with black women and black society from a spiritual standpoint, otherwise they will perish in their ignorance. Supporting black women and making positive posts about them does not change the fact that they are a wicked bunch of individuals who are determined to see the utter destruction of black men and black society, in fact I would go one step further and say that black women have now become the most wicked individuals on the planet.

Don’t forget how I wrote about black women and their ultra strong alliance with the dark side in my book Negro Wars. I told you, most black women simply use Christianity as a smoke screen in order to continue with their destruction of black men and black society uninterrupted. As I mentioned in Negro Wars, most black women are Satanists, though most do not openly admit their pledge to Lucifer, their devotion to the dark side can clearly be seen through their fruits/actions.

I deal with Facebook nearly everyday helping black men break out of the spells that have been woven into them by dysfunctional black women, I see how black women treat black men with complete contempt and complete disrespect, I see how these same black women who are “nice” one minute can turn into bloodthirsty savages looking to take a slice out of your neck the next. The modern-day black women is not the friend of the black man, I’m sorry, any black men who still believe that black woman are for them are heavily misguided.

From this point forward I am going to be posting most of the stuff I post on Facebook on this blog aswell since Facebook has turned into such an anti free speech site. You can judge the character of black women for yourselves and see what I experience on the daily. When I wrote Negro Wars I hadn’t yet been exposed to Facebook and the nasty characters that lurk within it, from dysfunctional and vindictive black women to the delusional simps/manginas/white knights that support them. Facebook has merely confirmed what I have written about in Negro Wars, in fact being exposed to what I see taking place on the social media site, I could easily write a Negro Wars part 2 with no problems whatsoever.

By the way just in case you were still in doubt about whether black witches are for real or not, maybe this video here will convince you otherwise:

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

3 thoughts on “A Black Witch In The Flesh!

  1. Everything about the titles of her videos were sad. Please believe me brother when I say……she is not the majority. Especially when it comes to us Brujas. LMAOOO…..Also please believe me when I say I understand your position. What she is doing is dangerous….but remember her circle is small. It’s only dangerous to the droids who are listening to that white mans logic. Have faith in your Black/African/Indigenous women. Remember change your mindset, change who you attract. Do not give her anymore power. Don’t give any woman who is reciting that garbage power and it will all disappear from your life. You life will start anew with black women who are on the same frequency as you are. We are here…..you just need to find us. We can only be seen by those who seek us. Blessings sir. I wish you continued success in all that you do…..once you life the veil.


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