Is Interracial Dating Self Hatred?


Being on Facebook and many groups therein I have the opportunity to see firsthand what is going within black society and the many issues that black men are having to deal with on the daily. One subject that continues to raise its head is the topic of interracial dating. There are two main camps on this issue, there is the pro black camp which believes that dating interracially is a sign of self hatred and that black men should stick to dating and marrying black women only. Then there is the more liberal camp who argues that black women as a whole are no longer suitable candidates for dating and marriage due to a plethora of reasons.

Having written the book Negro Wars I would most definitely have to agree that black women in general are not the same women of 60 years ago, they have changed for the worst and as a black man dating a black woman in 2016 comes with huge risks attached. People seem to believe that I have a problem with black women, I have a problem with dysfunctional black women, this is evident in my posts and the type of black women that I address. I have absolutely no problems with feminine black women who know their place. The problem however is these quality black women are very few and far between, almost to the point of non existent.

The pro black camp is extremely dishonest when it comes down to the issue of interracial dating and marriage, this is one of the main reasons why I refuse to take them seriously whenever they raise the topic. For starters there is clearly a problem with black women, their defections are out in the open for all to see, they are not hidden from view. I document these many defections and anomalies at I document the many problems with black women from all walks of life, unlike the mantra the pro blacks are putting out, dysfunctional black women constitute the majority of black women today and are across the board. This is one of many reasons why black men are choosing non black women over black women.

Pro blacks continue to push the false narrative about the issues with black women only covering a small percentage of them when they know beyond any doubt at this point the overwhelming majority of black woman have been contaminated, this is the main reason why black men are finding it extremely difficult to locate good stock amongst black women, the old needle in the haystack analogy comes to mind.

Another issue I have with the pro black camp is the fact that they only ever hold black men to the grill when it comes down to interracial dating and marriage, black women are never scrutinised and examined for their part in this whole affair. The fact of the matter is black women are much bigger proponents of interracial dating and marriage, far more than black men. As I have stated before, go on Youtube, type in “interracial tag” into the search bar and see what couples come up the most. That’s right, black women and white men. For further proof that black women are the biggest cheerleaders of interracial relationships, I challenge you to go on Amazon, type in “interracial romance” in the search bar and see what comes up.

That’s right, 1000s upon 1000s of books written by black women fantasising about being a sex slave to a white man(more often than not a rich one). At least 98% of the interracial romance books on the market involve black women being sex slaves, mistresses and side pieces to white men. Why aren’t the pro black squads addressing these traitorous acts and more? I find it comical that black women are the biggest supporters of interracial dating, yet the pro black squaddies will only reprimand and go in on black men. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

The fact is black women with their increasing dysfunction are pushing black men into the hands of non black women, black men are now beginning to realise that they no longer have to tolerate the grief, the drama, the violence and the overall stress that black women typically bring to the relationship table when dealing with them. However, as far as the pro black squads are concerned, that dysfunction is worth it in order to continue the black nation which is actually a joke and in reality perpetuates the failure of black society as these relationships cannot function correctly with dysfunction in the midst.

It is clearly evident that black women hate black men, it is also clearly evident and undeniable that black women worship white men and if given the chance would jump at the opportunity to interact with white men on a deeper level. Don’t believe me, I present to you exhibits A, B, C and D:


This is the other side that the pro black camp refuses to talk about. See how open and friendly black women are to white men, yet they will address a black man with words such as “nigga, bitch, bitch nigga, homosexual(if they disagree with you)”, etc. Pro blacks worship the black woman as a deity, this is why they point blank refuse to call her out on dysfunctional and hypocritical behaviour. Don’t even attempt to cascade me for wanting to date non black women yet your black side refuses to deal with and call out these bootlicking black women above, I don’t want to hear any of it. By the way there are plenty of videos like this on Youtube.

Until the pro black camps begin dealing with the modern day black woman and her many issues, their opinions concerning interracial dating and marriage are simply irrelevant and should not be taken seriously at all. You cannot deal with something that is defective, if a car is giving you problem after problem, eventually you are going to get rid of that car, purchase a newer and in some cases a different model. I don’t fault black men in the slightest for dating outside of their race, for us given the circumstances we face we have been given little to no choice. Unlike black women black men date outside of their race as a matter of necessity and survival, not out of spite and hatred for their own people as is the primary motivation of the black woman when she engages in interracial relationships.

Because of the current dysfunctions with black women many black men are not getting their sexual needs met either, decent, well to do, intelligent black men are being requested to jump through 2001 hoops in the hopes of getting sex while the dregs of black society like Tyrone, Ray Ray, Delroy, Leroy and Dequan are given the opportunity to empty their sacks 24 hours a day. It is a fact that black women on the whole value low life, thug Negroes over those who would make suitable partners for the long term. How as a decent black men are you supposed to reconcile and deal with a situation like this outside of interracial dating? I have yet to hear the pro black squads address this important question.

You will frequently notice how the pro black simps are constantly pressuring black men into “keeping it black”, yet they never offer up any solutions on how to deal with dysfunctional and degenerate black women. No, in 2016 with the problematic black women conundrum at hand, dating and marrying interracially in place of walking into the lion’s den is a sign of self respect and self preservation, times have changed. How can you be expected to still deal with an individual who has been warring against you for the past 50 years? The majority of black men who are still holding out for that “special black woman”, in light of how heavily black women have been contaminated will be waiting for eternity.

Stop listening to these pro blacks simp/mangina/white knight, back to Africa Negroes and falling for their underhanded shaming tactics, this is the same technique black women use in their attempts to discourage black men from exercising their dating options to the fullest degree. Stop believing that you are beholden to an individual who does not have your best interests at heart. Stop believing that you are obligated to repair black society when the leaders and those at the forefront of it are deliberately ignoring pertinent issues via excessive focus upon others that are non important.

I have already told you here aswell as in my book Negro Wars, there will be no progress within black society until the black woman and her continuous dysfunction is dealt with properly. Until the proponents of black only dating and marriage begin to call out their own women for their slack standards and questionable mannerisms, date whomever you wish to date. At the end of the day it is YOUR LIFE, not theirs.


The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



18 thoughts on “Is Interracial Dating Self Hatred?

  1. An entire essay about black women. Yet another dickless cornball Sotomayer wannabe writing crud for hits. Tell us, is your employer aware you do this in your spare pointless time Babatunde??? Abuse and attack women online? You don’t even have the option to date outside your Race. As it was pointed out in the previous comment’s section no woman in their right mind would want to swap fluids with a fucked up head case like yourself.

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    • RMT,

      Another bootlicking shine reading a post that clearly isn’t for them. You black women and your simpleton advocates stay losing and you hate that fact that increasing numbers of black men are no longer falling for the garbage that black women spew and bring to the table. I don’t attack black women, I expose dysfunctional black women.

      Already have been dating out for 8 years and I haven’t looked back since. How anybody can stay loyal to a bunch of evil tossers is beyond me, keep taking those L’s.

      Self employed, I’m my own boss. Keep trying in vain to defend that which cannot be defended, the westernised black female, the lowest common denominator of woman on the planet bar none.


  2. HA! The only person that keeps taking L’s around here is you Babatunde. You claim to be ‘dating outside your race for 8 years now and never looked back. Really? So why waste your life bashing black women on the Internet and ranting on a blog about them? What’s the end game here? What do you hope to achieve? Are you hoping to make a lucrative living off the back of bashing black women? Or do you plan to take your “findings” to western governments , in the hopes of convincing them to bring in legislation where all “westernised” black women are exterminated? LOL

    You rant on like a lunatic about the evil’s of the “westernised black woman”, don’t you have women in your family who were born and raised in the West? They are no doubt contaminated and sluts too, no? You better dose them bleach then you nutcase.

    You claim to be self employed. HA!, So in other words you are unemployed. Is your non black partner helping you to survive financially while you type your daily hate speech with one hand and twiddle her twat with the other?

    Your sex life can’t be saying much all, if all you do is sit at your computer all day and night banging on about the same subject matter a like a mad man.

    You rant on about “exposing” black women. You really are an imbecile. LOL. The only person being exposed here is you. There are people out there who visit this space and will agree with your ridiculous posts, which is their right. However many are probably by now shifting uncomfortably in their seats and can also see that your hateful and comical bile is coming from a place of rejection and misery.

    But do continue to keep us all amused Mad Hatter.

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    • RMT,

      The term “bashing black women” is dead, it doesn’t work anymore. You black women and your simp/mangina advocates have run out of tricks, your attempts to shame those who examine and scrutinise your degenerate behaviours are failing.

      On the contrary, I have a life hence why my posts are spread out. There is no money to be made from exposing degenerate black women, the money resides in lying to them, however I see you are not over where those folks are reprimanding and giving them a mouthful. Pastors are pimping black women hand over fist on the daily yet you won’t say anything to them now will you, interesting.

      I’m simply putting the information out there for those who are looking for answers. Black men deserve better, they certainly are not obligated to tolerate the same old rubbish that black women are bringing to the table. Your attempts to personalise the situation changes nothing, the truth is the truth whether female family members of mine fit the bill or not. Nobody is exempt from scrutiny, not even family.

      Full time employment, part time employment, self employed, unemployed, it makes not difference to the current bottom of the barrel state of westernised black women. You have no defence for the black woman, hence why you continue to bring up irrelevant information attempting to trigger an emotional response instead, it’s not working though you are more than welcome to keep trying.

      I don’t see how you can tell me that I am at my computer all day and night with an infrequent posting pattern on this blog. As I stated in Negro Wars, there is no defence for the modern day black woman, your ad-hominem attacks and attempts to shame have proven that beyond any doubt.


  3. ‘Black men deserve better’ – LMFAO!!!. If you are so concerned with black men’s needs then set up a dating site for men who are just as disgruntled and angry as you. Or just pimp yourself to them.

    You are simply just putting the information out for those looking for answers? Any sane thinking black man looking for answers from a bat shit reprobate like yourself should seek counselling and Jesus ASAP!.

    There is nothing to defend here. You are a man who has a serious mental disorder now reduced to this after years of rejection.

    Get a job!

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    • RMT,

      For somebody whom you have declared to be an unemployed nobody, you seem to be spending an awful lot of time and effort conversing with this same individual.

      There are black men already dealing with the dating department, my function here is to help black men decontaminate themselves from the endless garbage and filth that black women have infected them with.

      Again, name calling and ad-hominem attacks does not better the situation for the black woman, she is still a decadent degenerate trundling downhill regardless of what you decide to call me.

      Keep talking, even if folks may not agree with my position, one thing they will not be able to deny is the fact that the black woman has made herself indefensible and your lack of an argument in favour for them is proving me right everytime.


  4. Look at you… here to save black men, Hilarious. Black men have more important issues to concern themselves with. The last thing they need is assistance from King Fuck Boy. I mean do you even hear yourself??? LOL. Seriously seek help BabaFOOLde.

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    • RMT,

      I don’t understand why you are so concerned about what a nobody is doing for black men? You are acting as if this personally affects you. Harping on about what grown men are doing with their own lives, arguing with strangers online, what on earth is wrong with you? You are making yourself look like a laughingstock right now.


  5. HA! Laughing stock? Well that makes the two of us then. Why do you concern yourself with what black women should be doing and shouldn’t be doing. Why don’t YOU focus your attention on your “non-black” (WHITE) woman and get a job, instead of harping on about sexual habits and contamination like some unstable bitch. Get that dysfunctional cocky of yours working and shut the hell up for good.

    But it’s a new day BabaFOOLde. Take your first round of medication and have a good one. 😀

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    • RMT,

      I have standards. Degeneracy and decadent behaviour I will not tolerate. The same low brow behaviour black women have been bringing to the table is no longer acceptable.

      Why are you here attempting to dictate what a man whom you don’t know should and shouldn’t be doing with his own life?

      I’m not talking to black women, I am talking to black men about black women and what other options they have available to them.

      Still no constructive argument to defend the black witch huh, pathetic. Jog on.


      • Wow hi verbs long time you two are really going at it now RMT I know for a fact verb does not have a mental disorder what he states is 100%true not all of our women are like this but 8 out of ten are many black men reading verbs post can agree there is a problem with the attitude of our women I married a black and Latin mixed we have our days everybody does in a relationship but our women being in the position we are in and we are the most high chosen have been spoken of in the bible about her traitor behavior towards her man and children by the most high she was once a revered women we fell into these curses slavery ect the enemy has token crafty consel against us and made our women our enemy to us a race cannot rise higher than its women the elite knows this they watch us everyday making plans to fully destroy us yes us the Hebrews the true Jews they read and know and study the bible to plot against us zika virus ebola virus legion air disease racewar attempt controled media ect ect all for us and our women participate in helping the cause of self destruction everyday with the highest rate of abortions murder in the womb of blk males and females at these plan parenthood places all set up in Hebrew hoods the self hate is evident by the weave put in her scalp everyday the hair is cursed the Indians men and women sell this sacrifice to there demon gods to the Chinese then it winds up to beauty Solon in uptown Harlem also animals hair racoon ect are on the crown of our women so don’t wonder why she acts so crazy when they are fighting in McDonald’s like beast and this is what the most high cursed our women with a scab of baldness I mean I Dont hate our women but she has too be called out on her cause and effect 2 third of our women are not married two third of our women will be destroyed before the Hebrews will be put back in the Holy Land in the coming tribulations 10 of our women will take hold to 1 Hebrew man begging to take there name in marriage in these last days it show you that the target as it was always is to kill and destroy the man many of us will die she will be left unprotected then she will see she was tricked by our enemies duped by having that high postion job and ect only set up for failure and destruction and shame will come over her for her betrayal of her man when she realize it will be too late yes RMT our women will pay from the judgment from the most high only about 16%of them and the 16% if the men will be the elect that the most high will save in the wilderness in Syria Mt Hermon when the world is at the highest level of Jacob trouble


      • Charles Hemming,

        Its been a long while sir, good to hear from you. Black women are contaminated and the worst thing about it is they actually enjoy wallowing in their decadent state. They for the most part don’t want to be redeemed at all and the simps and manginas that support them don’t help the situation either when they defend the skullduggery.

        There is little to nothing we can do for them now, they must be left to perish in the wilderness where their carcasses will provide food for the ravens aswell as other beasts.

        The modern day black woman on the whole is a lost cause, it is time for black men with sense and intelligence to separate themselves from the contaminated lest they also become corrupted.


  6. Any black man who says the world is against black people, dark skinned ones especially, it would be self hate to marry, have sex with, and procreate with anything but a non-black woman! If white people hate “darkies” so much, and since you obviously have no interest in moving away from whitey, you should want to create the furthest thing from a darky and redeem black genetics.

    Think about it: all the black male shooting cases, none of them looked like El Debarge, Al B. Sure!, Colin Kaepernick, Jesse Williams, or hell, even John Legend! Conversely, most of the twerk queens and ghetto brawl women look the farthest thing from Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Rashida Jones, Dorothy Dandridge, or Lena Horne.

    These are also the “blacks” that are considered more attractive physically, not only in a sexual manner, but also in terms of which blacks professional businesses would rather have around to represent blackness if they simply MUST have black employees. These blacks also do not typically inhabit the ghetto and fill it to the brim, but blacks who do not look far removed from the slave ships do.

    Keep in mind that blacks generally have lower iqs than most non-blacks, so this would also benefit our children’s base intelligence, which is very much hereditary.

    Once again, if blacks wish so hard to live in a white society, then mixing our blood to the point of higher physical and mental attractiveness would be love for our people, not hate.

    Call me coon and Uncle Tom all you want, I’d rather have a
    successful group of yellow skinned, curly haired green eyed mulatto blacks that have an actual stake in this world, than a group of purer blacks who are the longest running joke in the world.

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  7. Interracial dating is only “self-hate” and “Conditioning” when Black men are with pretty Non-Black women. Those same talking points never seem to surface when Black women are able to get with Non-Black men. Black bitches are stupid and they are hypocrites, fuck them. #SYSBM

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