The Average Life Of The Negro Male Rapper – Short Post!



Hiphop in 2016 is quite frankly a pile of nonsense, the overwhelming majority of the rappers today have no skills simply because most of them did not grind and come up through the hiphop culture as artists. Most of the rappers today are either drafted from prison or picked from a long line of low life hoodlums who do nothing but loiter outside of Arab, Indian and Lebanese owned cornerstores and petrol stations all day. Haven’t you noticed that the topics that these modern day rappers talk about are more or less all the same, expensive cars, material possessions, money, slinging drugs, having sex with multitudes of women, jewellery, clothing, large houses/mansions, shooting other black men, expensive alcohol etc, the list of the mind numbing stupidity goes on and on.

Of course the savage numbskulls that the single black mother has created gravitate towards this type of rubbish, in their simpleton mind state they lap up and absorb the songs of these rappers as if they are blessings falling straight from the heavens. Most of these rappers seems to rap sentences no more than 3-5 words per line, there is obviously no talent present yet they are able to woo and swoon crowds of thousands even millions with the cryptic gibberish spewing forth from their mouths. Yet these clowns are paid millions upon millions of dollars to be the bread and circus minstrels that they are, what on earth is going on?

See, at least back in the 1980s and the 1990s you had more of a variety of hiphop to choose from. East coast, west coast, gangster rap, conscious rap, underground rap, alternative hiphop etc. Today however the story is very different, south is the trend at the present and with this south style hiphop has also come a bizarre shift in the music, it can no longer be recognised in its robust form. For starters today’s hiphop is extremely effeminate. I say this based upon the clothing of the rappers, the type of dance movements that are now associated with this new breed of music and the overall atmosphere of the culture in general. This is in comparison to the hiphop of the 1990s which could be easily be identified as masculine and assertive in its nature.

When these rappers in 2016 brag about their wealth I am quite frankly not impressed because I know that they are not giving up the full story, many people are unaware of the “sacrifices” that most of these rappers have to make in order to land it big. Your average rapper will brag and boast about how much money he possesses, yet he will fail to inform his listeners that as part of that record deal he signed he had to bend over and hand the man behind him a tub of vaseline in order to be sodomised. That’s right, the majority of these commercial rappers have to suffer this form of humiliation in order to have their names shining in big neon lights. You do not make it big in the music industry without first making a big sacrifice. Can we really be surprised that the hiphop music industry is filled to the brim with homosexuals?

This is one of the many reasons why the overwhelming majority of rappers are covered in tattoos from head to toe, the violation, the pain and the shame of being buggered is psychologically damaging them and they are attempting to cover over that wound via tattooing. You will also note that alot of these rappers will wear sun glasses or shades when conducting interviews, this is also an attempt to hide the pain that might be seen through their eyes, thus they cover them to prevent their shameful expressions from being viewed and interpreted. You can also extend this to singers, comedians and other entertainers, however we will stick with the common black male rapper for this post. Many of these rappers in turn do the same thing to other up and coming artists as part of their “initiation”. This is the reason why many rappers turn to drugs and sex, they do this in their attempts to numb the pain of being violated and engaging in dysfunctional behaviour:

We already are aware of the fact that Jewish people run the music industry, having already been identified as the synagogue of Satan in the bible these types of occurrences should come as no surprise. The music industry today is all about contaminating the average artist, from being sodomised, to getting the individual hook on drugs, to sex parties, to rapping or singing about the most low brow, bottom of the barrel topics etc, these Jewish overlords feel the need to fully pollute and violate the music artists whom they reside and rule over. This isn’t really a problem when dealing with your average Negro male because he typically has been raised in a filthy, violent, gutter environment by a single black female, thus he has no problems rapping about the same having already been accustomed to such a lifestyle.

And of course where would the already contaminated rapper be without the modern day black women lurking in the shadows always ready to take advantage of the situation and merchandise the same man whom she claims to be in support of. Notice that the majority of these rappers have “baby mothers”. You will also notice that the overwhelming majority of these baby mothers are black women, most certainly black women of a low standard such as strippers, prostitutes, escorts, plain old ghetto hood women etc. As I stated in my book Negro Wars, the comradeship black women claim to have with black men is an illusion which is kept in place by black women in order to keep black men blind sighted so that they can continue to be used, abused, merchandised and financially raped by both black women and white men. This is why I refer to black women as modern day witches and sorceresses as I have already stated on numerous occasions.

If black women really had the black man’s back then we would see this clearly being demonstrated in their actions, however this is far from the case. I personally believe that these same Jewish folks organise events that these rappers attend and purposely bring in black women who are within their window of conception. The average rapper having been raised by a single mother through emotion instead of through logic and common sense, and thinking with his penis instead of with his head dives straight in without giving the situation a second thought, 9 months later he becomes a father and he is also forced to pay the mother child support.

This I believe is the idea, to ensure that the average rapper has nothing to pass down to his children, his children’s children etc. This I believe is part of the conspiracy to prevent black folks from accumulating tangible wealth which they can then pass down to many generations. Haven’t you noticed that the wealth of rich black folks typically only travels down 1-2 generations and thereafter is lost? On the flip side of the coin when we look at many wealthy non black people, they are able to trace their wealth backwards aswell as forwards for many generations.

In closing the music industry is not all what it seems to be. The music industry is truly a house of deviltry. They especially hate rappers and other music artists who decide to give them the middle finger and roll along the independent highway. The Negro male is open to the kind of abuse that takes place within such an organisation because he typically has been raised by an abusive black mother who has emasculated him to the highest degree, thus the ground has already been prepared for others to step in and take advantage of:

By sure to pick up my book Negro Wars where I talk about the modern day black woman and the open conspiracy she is involved in with her white liberal father to prevent black society from rebuilding itself and re-establishing its dominance within the world. When I state that the black woman is the key to understanding the unravelling of the black nation I mean it 1000%. Negro Wars is available now on Amazon.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


10 thoughts on “The Average Life Of The Negro Male Rapper – Short Post!

  1. I will be checking your book out. The article you wrote is very true. Most black females don’t understand the absentee of the father. How with out the father there is no family at all. What you stated about the industry is so true.

    There is a book called “The Lake house” by”: James Patterson spoke a lot about this. In his book he talked about how the rich elite did not care for celebs’ at all. How they have these mansion parties and do some crazy things. It is sad that the black male has been reduced to such low standards not even with the desire of trying to pick himself up.

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    • Danielle,

      This is indeed true, these rappers, celebrities and entertainers are only being used to draw each subsequent younger generation further into debauchery and decadence. As soon as their usefulness has ended each one of these groups will be discarded of very quickly. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of westernised black women have bought into the “independent woman” feminist propaganda hook, line and sinker. As I stated in the book Negro Wars black women have subscribed to a mutated form of feminism which is far deeper than the feminism that was given to them by white women in the 1960s, not even white women and other non black women have gone this far with the feminist creeds, edicts and philosophies as modern day westernised black women have.

      Black women in their mentally damaged and their mentally unstable mind state continue to go along with this madness instead of turning away from it in order to bring about true healing and restoration, this is the saddest part of the situation.

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  2. I believe that the whole concept of hip-hop and rappers has become so bastardised, brutalized and sodomised that it just isn’t believable or enjoyable anymore. Now being from the Caribbean I never really grew up on hip hop but as I got older and with the advent of youtube and doing extensive research, I found that the hip-hop of the olden days had a much better quality than alot of the garbage we hear today. It seems like every black guy wants to be a rapper, so much so there seems to be a shortage in terms of creativity. Not only when I comes to the names (lil jeezy, lil breezy, lil heezy, lil b, lil this and whatever the fuck else they’re lazy minds come up with) but also with the lyrical content. Also another thing, when people like Vanilla Ice, Eminem aka Slim Shady, Iggy Azaelia etc became rappers, we knee it was the beginning of the end for hip- hop because we’ve always known I to be an exclusively black experience but as with all things black (that are of good quality) once whites get involved it begins to lose that potency, that strength, that kick. I know, off topic but I digress. So that’s it for now with my rant. Ma balash…

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    • Nids,

      To be honest I would go back further to the mid to late 1990s. Right when hiphop was at is pinnacle height they decided to bring onto the scene P Diddy or Puff Daddy as he was formerly known. As soon as he opened his mouth on his own tracks I immediately said to myself that this guy can’t rap to save his life. Nethertheless they continued to put him out there and I believe it was at this point that hiphop began to morph and change for the worst. Now the door was open for all of these “lil” clowns as you call them aswell as many other crapper rappers.

      If you want to find decent hiphop in 2016 you have to look towards the underground artists or independents. Even though I personally cannot fault Eminem on his skills as a lyricist, I do see that he was brought into the music industry to usher in a era of rebellion against authority. However to be honest black folks have partly done this to themselves, the overwhelming majority of rappers are still black and the same goes for most of these rappers who have no skills and quality content.

      I would more place the blame upon the Jewish executives within the music industry for deliberately destroying what was once a great genre of music. They have purposely brought in folks who quite clearly have no skills or talent. Now everybody believes that they can “have a shot at it” so to speak. A sad state of affairs indeed. I hardly listen to hiphop anymore, if I do its underground or hiphop from back in the day before these modern day idiots ruined the flavour.

      All of this just to push forward an agenda of decadence and debauchery upon black people in order to destroy us because they know who we truly are as a people.

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      • You are right about P-Diddy, although the only good track I enjoyed from him was Missing You with Faith Evans. That was a big hit back in the day and I still listen to it from time to time. Yes these Jooish clowns are really hellbent on tarnishing anything good that we try to build.

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      • Nids,

        That shine bone Mase was a no good rapper aswell. According to Diddy’s ex butler Diddy and Mase were sleeping with each other. I’ve heard quite a few rumours about Diddy’s exploits behind closed doors. Christ rightly called out these Jewish people the synagogue of Satan.

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      • I’ve heard people saying that Diddy is funny and not in a ha-ha way. The last time I heard anything about Mase was probably over a decade ago, when he decided to become a preacher and he appeared on TBN and was gallivanting and making a pappy show of himself and then shortly after he went back into the industry and released a song called “Welcome Back” or something of the sort.

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Yep, I’m afraid so if you want to hit the big time like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug etc, bending over and passing back the vaseline is a requirement. This is why these modern day rappers are paid so much money.

      This is why you will see a lot of these rappers wearing sun glasses during indoor interviews aswell as covering their bodies with tattoos. They deliberately hide their eyes from view and graffiti their bodies from head to toe out of feeling ashamed and violated.

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